Japanese Punk Lolita girls gallery



“Gothic lolita ” style is recently pervading in Japan. If you are Japanese culture mania, you have heard or seen the existence of them, as “Goth Loli” clipped word of Gothic lolita.

Certainly there have been “Goth loli” style few years ago. But recently suddenly Goth loli increase. and not only that, but also the branch style of Goth loli also increase. For example, “Kuro(means black) lolita”and “Ama( means sweet) loli” and “Ero( no need explain) loli”and “Elegant(it is english) loli” and Cos (means costume playing ) loli.

this time, I introduce “Punk lolita”. I don’t know wheather they are really categolised as a “Punk lolita”. but for me, they seem punky. even though they are lolita. So I call them Punk lolita.

If you see these pictures, you maybe undersatand why I call them “Punk lolita.”

Feel they punky in them and enjoy Punk lolita pictures.


  1. Masa!!! It’s been a few days since you’ve posted. I was beginning to worry about you!
    ======from MasaManiA
    Sometime I make a effort. I will die soon.

  2. d0m says:

    nice pictures of lolita / elegant goths, do they custom make their clothes or can u buy it over there in japan, in australia its very rare to find that kind of clothing line, and most are custom made.
    even so its mostly made for girls then guys
    im a guy myself and i mostly custom make my clothes, tho its very hard the end results are sometimes good ^^
    do only the girls in japan wear those clothes? or are there guys too? we all know you like JAP PUSSY, but why dont you take some pictures of guys too? or is there none?
    ===================from MasaManiA
    Dont worry, I also have some pictures of guys cosplay or something. I will post in near future.
    and there are some gothic lolita cloth shop. and there are also some custum made shop. you can buy and order gothic lolita cloth. Of course some people made it themselves.

  3. d0m says:

    wow, thanks for the info about goths and lolitas, i sure hope u post some pics of guys up in the near future! i need some inspiration for my new dress sense!
    keep up the good work and dont get caught by the police!
    your work express’ the true life of japan and the only interesting things in it! ^^

  4. Vidar says:

    masa, if you know something about PHP (or if you know someone with that skill) you can ask him to create a small script that you would put in your website that would not allow xxxxxxxxx to see your site at all.
    Everyone else would still be able to see the website.
    =============from MasaManiA
    I must study to do that.

  5. d0m says:

    Vidar, i saved the pictures for my collection in my computer ^^ so i consider myself lucky
    ==============from MasaManiA
    I hope you save it for good intention.

  6. cow_2001 says:

    What happen? Did someone set you up the bomb?
    Seriously, can you explain why did you decided to hide the photos? I don’t understand the explanation above.
    =============-from MasaManiA
    problem was resolved

  7. oliver says:

    need punk lolitas in usa!!!

  8. d0m says:

    masa of course i saved it for good intentions ^^, i needed some reference when making new clothes, it would be an inspiration, dont worry, i wont do anything nasty with those lolita girls in mind

  9. cherryb says:

    thanks for the pics, i truly enjoy your style of writing. I perfer to see the men dress up, especially the j-rock himself, Mana.
    Masa do u like mana-malice mizer-moi dix mois? somehow i think not. hahaha
    —–peace and love

  10. Fuck Hello says:

    I will use the japanese word:
    The girl sitting down with the pink hat is soo cool!
    The lolita-fashion is interesting; grown women wanting to look like little children or dolls. This wanting of the immature and child-like look and mind has become popular in Japan I think – younger and younger become popular…
    Before, sexual object was the OL (office lady), now it is the highschool-girl…
    Soon, sexual object will become elementary-kids?
    But the lolita-clothes are way cool!

  11. cow_2001 says:

    Frilly. >0-)

  12. DJ Mei says:

    hahah weird and really freaky but who am i to common about their styles haha more than 1 girl does it meaning its popular i guess

  13. Minako says:

    You find them punk?
    ^^; I don´t find them all punk. Some of them only.
    Anyway, great pictures. I´m happy to see them. *always happy to see yoyogi/harajuku*

  14. coffeebot says:

    O Masa girl, you hero me! carefully coffeecup girl to my coffeeshop

  15. R. Elgin says:

    Masa, do these babes do nothing but pose? They have no social role, just posing? I was looking at this photo series just now and the contrast is severe: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/picture_gallery/04/asia_pac_geisha/html/1.stm
    I hope you get to do a series on geishas just for something different (sometime).
    That cigarette in No. 3 (in pink) really sets the style. Yecch!

  16. def selector says:

    the question that begs asking here is WHO ARE these girls? are they outcasts, driven to their radical look by the pressures of society? are they reacting to bad family situations or chastisement at school? do they have some sort of maturity complex that leads them to adopt a child-like image and behavior in order to resist responsibility? are they actually making a statement or are they playing dress up? surely the money that pays for these outfits comes from somewhere, so the behavior must be approved by those parties (most likely absent salaryman fathers and lonely housewives). are these girls screaming out “help me!” or “fuck you!” ?
    =============from MasaManiA
    You are thinking too difficulty and complicatedly. They just enjoy and I also enjoy. this is Japanese style. No plicy No dogma, No reason.

  17. pope says:

    masa. my dad wants to visit tokyo this fall. so i forwarded your website to him. i told him it was the real tokyo. wonder if he still wants to go? thanks a lot. i enjoy your site.
    =======from MasaManiA

  18. Lilith says:

    “You are thinking too difficulty and complicatedly. They just enjoy and I also enjoy. this is Japanese style. No plicy No dogma, No reason.”
    Sorry to contradict you and everything Masa, but if these girls are just dressing up ‘because they feel like it’ with no policy or dogma behind it, why does one of them have what looks like self-inflicted cuts on her knees? Is that just for show too?
    Over here (in the UK) we get persecuted for being ‘goth’ or ‘punk’. People don’t like it, sadly. (we are in the minority)
    ============from MasaManiA
    Of course, they are minority in Japan. But each jap dont care about them each other. please refer this entry.
    we never care what happen to each other. and we dont have any reason.

  19. Toshio says:

    I had a friend who once told me about Japanese ladies would be like serving tea,wearing kimono,and walking around the flowery bamboo house. I think I will continue to believe in his words though. haha:)

  20. Yixie says:

    girls this day already are all poisoned by Hello Kitty laew. don’t flirt near them because they will give you highkick or a bite in your neck. Want a good jap girlfriend must find a countryside kind of girl

  21. Casperi says:

    In 2 pictures the jap girls are making “V” sign with 2 fingers. What does that mean?
    =======from MasaManiA
    No meaning, No reason.

  22. Sisyphus says:

    They sure smoke alot…

  23. hardyandtiny says:

    If I were a young japanese person I’d meld the hippie and cosplay look together.

  24. J.E. says:

    Ugh, I don’t like the goth lolita look. Though I do think some goth girls are sexy the goth look is getting way too common these days.
    In the USA and here in Puerto Rico we have a chain of stores called “Hot Topic” that sells goth and punk clothes. And ever since that store opened at the mall it seems that EVERYONE is goth and/or punk especially dumbass teen girls.
    I used to dress punk before that fucking store opened and now the people who thought I was weird for dressing that way are shopping at that store.
    Fucking posers!
    ============from MasaManiA
    Oh, i wanna see Puerto Rican Goth people !

  25. trish says:

    I think it’s really weird to see these people dressed as innocent lolitas and smoking at the same time. But, I guess Japan doesn’t have the same stigmas associated with smoking that the US does.
    ========from MasaManiA
    This is the reason I call them punk lolita

  26. J.E. says:

    Puerto Rican goths are probably the funniest!
    I’ll try to take some pictures with my digital camera but I think they would mind.
    Plus I wouldn’t know where to post them.
    But I’ll try….
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Please send it to masamania@hotmail.com

  27. Gabe says:

    That one with the black bunny ears is imminently fuckable. God bless ’em.

  28. amber says:

    hey masa! are you male or female? by the way i love your site!!!
    ========from MasaManiA
    See the F&Q

  29. nutsackninja says:

    yo, why are they all SMORKIN’, that’s ill.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    This is the reason this is Punk lolita

  30. 41x says:

    =) Japs are very crazee! They dress up at funny costumes, this tradition is really unusual for me!

  31. doghotpot says:

    Jackpot. Another fine set of pics Masa. Thank God we live in a time before thought police can bust us for even thinking about what we’d do!!!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Your saying is too difficult for me. Is it slang phrase sir ?

  32. chr says:

    You’re just giving them what they want, Masa. I’ve seen this so many times it’s not funny anymore…

  33. chr says:

    “That one with the black bunny ears is imminently fuckable. God bless ’em.”
    I do share your dislike for Japanese people’s pointlessness, but I probably hate those fuckin degenerate otaku gaijin who exploit Japanese girl’s naivity ’cause they can’t get laid in their fuckin country of origin due to their sheer fuckin butt-ugliness, even more. Maybe you should write a blog about them sometime…
    ===========from MasaManiA
    I certainly dislike many Jap as you say, and your way of thinking is similar such Jap. I think you are being hate something wrongly.

  34. chr says:

    Actually, forget it, they’re too painfully boring to even contemplate…

  35. chr says:

    Well, I’m saying in the end, I hate gaijin even more than Japanese. (I think you misunderstood.)
    maybe you feel differently because you’re Japanese & I’m gaijin myself?
    (I’m getting too serious, I know…)
    ======from MasaManiA
    I am confusing sir.

  36. chr says:

    I’m sure you are, sir. ^-^
    Best leave it at that…
    =========from MasaManiA
    I am not so good at English understanding, so I am afraid that I cannot understand what you want say completely.

  37. Rusty says:

    These girls are so cute. Do u think any of them would like to be spanked by a middle-aged American man?
    ========from MasaManiAS
    I dont know

  38. Darcy says:

    I will be in Japan in June – I wnat to photograph these girls… WHERE DO I FIND THEM… STUNNING!!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Harajuku on Sunday, you can see them and maybe me.

  39. R. Elgin says:

    Masa, I found this link which, I think, should go with your posting here in: http://www.jbox.com/IMAGE/a31rp
    Best . . .

  40. Cyril says:

    I understand the point of chr. I think that kind of Gaijin is called something like Charisma Men. But if they behave well with girls I don’t have any problem with them. It’s just that men can reall be fucking pervert and girls fucking bitch. And, so I hate also the guy that abuse from girls, sexual tourism and things like that.
    But don’t believe that Japanese girls are innocent shy girls abuse by sexual pervert gaijin. So don’t cry for them. And for the nice girls that get abused by gaijin, you have also nice gaijin that are abused by Japanese girls (I have experienced that). Nice and naive people are very often abused by irrespectuous ones, that’s our world. It can be fucking unfair but we have no other choice than to live with it.
    So don’t hate those guys, just fuck our fucking unfair human society.

  41. terry says:

    Obviously this is the bridge near Harajuku station. On tsuki-something street there are many many shops that sell this stuff at very expensive prices. How do you get the girls to pose for you? I think it is because you are japanese. I am white. I say “you are cute, may I take a picture?” and they look at me funny or say no. How do you do it?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Just keep asking. It’s not matter of Jap or white.

  42. Angel says:

    Heven’t seen that many cosplay girls smoking here in the US…, not like here… http://www.sexyasianangels.com

  43. Dick says:

    Anticute becomes cute and so on….

  44. Jose says:

    Very Beautiful all of them!

  45. Chris says:

    (In response to Cyril:)
    I agree, and I know a lot of those gaijin’s mouths are actually bigger than their actions, but I’ve had my fair share of close experiences too (you probably wouldn’t believe me when I told you) that more than justify my so-called ‘extreme’ attitude towards gaijin. There’s a big difference between naivety and bitchyness/pure stupidity. Some of these girls, I’ll shed not a single tear for, true, but this sort of abuse (physical as well as mental) is nowhere near as prominent, and at the same time ignored, as in Japan (by my knowledge), and I think there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong when it actually becomes a cultural stereotype (the whole charisma men thing).
    Well… just maybe, it’s not even the issue itself that gets my blood boiling, but the sheer machismo/boundless sexism these mentally debilitating berks manage to display whenever they open their asinine mouths… I just wish at any point I could be sure they actually -are- completely harmless.
    “nice gaijin that are abused by Japanese girls”
    Hmmm, ‘abused’? There is the odd exception assumedly, but I don’t know if I feel particularly sorry for them either, to be honest. Gaijin get dumped in their home countries too, so I don’t really see the big deal. They’ll get over it, eventually.

  46. Cyril says:

    Ok, let’s forget about girls about girls abusing for guy, it’s not really what I wanted to say (I am not English natural speaker). So obviously it’s just mental abuse in the case of girl and anywhere it can happen. The fact is that in Japan gaijin and not gaijin guys abuse from girl physically. The girl friends I had there told me that often they were forced by their boyfriend to have sex. Girls remain very submissiv in this country, and gaijin that go there want to enjoy this. And I hate that kind of peolpe too. So I agree with you in the big part.
    Here is a shoking experience I had: a gaijin that told me one day: “if a Japanese girl come to your place, do what you want with her she will never complain about being raped. You’ve got all the right on her if she accepted to come in your home.”
    So, you are right to say fuck to that kind of people. It’s obviously shoking, no respect for human beings in their way to behave. Too many people are like that and Japanese society is really wrong about male/female relationship. I am with you, Japanese feminist girls and guys. I am with you all over the world feminist because there is still a long fight to obtain a more fair world for women.

  47. Chris says:

    Thanks… And, yeah, they should just learn how to say ‘NO’, probably… get rid of that inferiority complex. I wonder where that comes from, anyway… (A deeply rooted history of female submission in Japanese society? I wish it was that easy.)
    =======From MasaManiA

  48. KiLLerY says:

    this is bullshit !!!! put on some nud and some scary peoples this is not punk this is bullshit

  49. Disappointed says:

    What the hell…I think Japanese chicks are ugliest among all Asians

  50. Peter Payne says:

    Haha, these are some of the best Gothic Lolita pictures I’ve seen. I immediately said to myself, ha, only a Japanese could take great pictures like this, since the girls would be shy around gaijin.
    Incidentally, the leading Gothic fashion magazine is Gothic and Lolita Bible, which we sell at J-List. In case there are people looking for it but don’t know where to find it. They also have patterns in each issue.
    Do something on the FRUiTs girls, next!

  51. Chris says:

    Yeah, it’s done to death too, but Fruits is a bit more fun I think.

  52. luuis says:

    ========from MasaManiA
    Your comment seem not perfect

  53. dethstone says:

    some people never go insane,
    what truely boring lives they must lead

  54. James says:

    Hello from Canada!
    I was born here and got interested in Japan from the martial arts, and then into other cultures.
    I also connect with the Japanese when it comes to sexual fetish and goth. I enjoy Japanese women in hojojutsu, and breathplay, and some fetish that seems mainly Japanese.
    The word is freedom. We need to be free to be who we are. If we like to be in bondage, that is ok. If we like to be spanked, that is ok. Everything is ok if it makes up happy and doesn’t hurt us mentaly, or hurt other people. What two adults do is up to them.
    What is wrong is one person using another person for selffish pleasure. Both people playing together must have fun.
    As for grown women dressing as girls? Who knows why? It is really a reason for each person, their own reason. This style is really unique to Japan, we do not have this baby girl style much.
    Also for general goth, who knows why. Some goth have personal/social problems with the world. Some are very nice people who are honest enough to admit that we all have a dark side.
    DO NOT think that a man in a suit, or a family with children is normal. Many accept this as normal but many wrong things are done by people who look “normal”.
    I welcome emails from Japanese people about sex and goth. If you are racist do not email me. If you have a bad image of non-Japanese people do not email me. As different countries, we are both good and bad.
    Thank you for letting me speak here on these topics.

  55. La La Ru says:


  56. bt says:

    hey masa WTF are those url in the trackback !
    remove them that’s horrible
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you for telling me. i am always really tired of removing spam comments and spam track back.

  57. Tahra says:

    Hey man… I love your site! Totally rad! Love these pics!

  58. OBLEDUT says:

    Just come back from Japan,and I MISS IT BIG TIME!
    So so so.

  59. Carrion says:

    how about you stop using derogatory terms towards japanese people? their culture and their way of life is and always has been superior to your and our american / european bullshit culture and way of life… ( jap = derogatory term) so .!.o_O.!.

  60. dethstone says:

    japs are cool

  61. bijin says:

    ok, any activity of this nature is WRONG
    it is not happening just in japan… arabic cultures abuse their women greatly…
    japanese women also suffer this fate from time to time it is a statistic but WE don’t need to be these kind of people! Treat other people with respect and live a life of LOVE! before it’s to late!!!!

  62. Antonios GR. says:

    Actually, it is…strange!! You dont find this easily in Greece. I wonder if they really enjoy what they are doing! It looks pretty funny and sexy at the same time!

  63. La La Ru says:

    I’m from Greece, too. I can understand what Antonios is saying. Ha ha ha!

  64. Chrissee says:

    Bijin: I see why you might think that, but these girls very much choose to look like this… (and it’s not like they’ll look like this going to school or work) They’re just trying to have fun dressing up (some might do it to get attention perhaps, but I don’t know).
    You’re forgetting all about Japanese people’s notoriously low inhibitions when it comes to fashion….

  65. angel says:

    pongan fotos de ninas desnudas

  66. dethstone says:

    also the (cum fuck me boots) are very sexy!
    the site of them causes my glans to become engorged with the constant flow of hot blood through my arteries filling my throbbing man muscle exposing the thick blue veins aching for the soft submissive flesh of sweet sweet jap pussy

  67. JenJen says:

    Actually there are girls into gothic lolita worldwide , Japan started it and it just spread

  68. jenna says:


  69. emilie says:

    O_O going to japan in august…. MAN THAT’S FREAKIN’ OUT! are all the city like this?!?!????! geeeeeeeez, i’m not sure if I still wanna go…….. girls who show their breast……no wayyy!!! >_<! anyway! like your site! it’s nice and cool to see what a citizen really see and show us things that are not always necessary but interesting to know. AND FUCK ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SAYS THAT YOU’RE BAD IN ENGLISH!!!!!!AND FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE WHO THINKS THIS SITE IS NOT ABOUT NICE THINGS!:P

  70. Miaush its me Bellenger says:

    MIAUSH Japanese Girls there are the hot girls i ever know there are nice,clean and psychedelic minds i do everithin to have one,cool take care bye.

  71. the girl with bunny ears <3<3<3<3<3<<3
    i loved her!!!
    wow i love your site
    is cool
    i will support it!
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  72. black haru says:

    this website is fucken sick.. i love it.. there isnt any girls here that dress like that i guess there to uptight.. i cant wait to go visit japan no one cares for the way u dress and they dont judge u.. we need girls like this in the U.S really bad …fuck it oh well

  73. Ian says:

    こんにちは. I hope i have written this correctly? your web page is very interesting,some of the comments by other visiters rise the eyebrows!!!,but we all can’t be perfect.I have been to takeshita-doori,hagajuku station and managed to have my photo taken with a couple of the punks.
    I am from england but now living in new zealand.I to was in the punk scene back in 1984,psychobilly or as in japan rockabilly anyway i still like and listen to the music and now i’m 38. I think it’s cool you enjoy the scene, you may not like the goths,punks or rockers of the western countrys but who cares! that is why you dress that way and that go’s for me to, as a psychobilly i didn’t give a fuck what anyone said. if they don’t like it they are the one’s who are fucked up! if you can’t live in societiy where people are different they have the problem. Anyway keep the site going it’s good and maybe i will see you when i go back to takeshita-dori. Gambate
    ==========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  74. mandybaz says:

    Lovin the photos! Im studying japanese street fashion for a uni assignment and was wondering what anyone who dresses in the gothic lolita style could say about why they dress the way they do. I understand the whole culture is about expressing themselves, but why little girls? I understand it may not be as deep as some may think,but maybe it is, which is why I wanted to hear from people who dress this way. I make no judgement, Im just curious and interested in a fashion culture that seems so crazy and fun!

  75. tommy says:

    Hey d0m I also make my own clothes (and am a guy) would love to see some examples of the stuff you do for inspiration.

  76. 42 says:

    Black Haru,
    1) For the doll look, the ‘baby doll’ dress was popular in the US for quite some time…I really need to learn to sew my own clothes-I could never find clothes I liked in the stores. Either hooch or cutsie 90% of the time-I can’t stand either one.
    2) For the Gothic look, try an S&M club, like Dungeon in Hawaii. Try looking up clothing stores with odd names (like Submissions). Then ask them about clubs for people that get into the ‘scene’. It worked for me…

  77. meaghan says:

    What do most japanease girls wear
    ========From MasaManiA
    your question is difficult to answer

  78. meaghan says:

    What do most japanease girls wear

  79. china says:

    japanese girls are doing fine to show they are independent now,they are not just a part of her man, they do what they want,they wear what they like ,and they say,they fuck what they choose ,congratulations,these pixs are only a drop of vast culture sea of japanese ,man love woman ,dick love cunt ,so,so ,bye,

  80. loli says:

    ==========From MasaManiA

  81. SEL says:

    THIS STYLE ROXXX!! the USA definetly needs to open up a park somewhere…and a Black Peace Now store along with a Baby the Stars Shine Bright store!! why hasnt this style come to the USA???!

  82. amanda says:

    i dont have money and i need clothes i`m a punky girl well i`m trying if i cant get help i dunno what to do cuz i dont have much cash

  83. bay leaf says:

    Amanda! clothes don’t make the person, and you know this. if your’re a real punk then your still a punk if your wearing polo or just naked. Liberate your mind and fuck the material garbage. Also as much as I love goth-loli fashion, most of the peolpe, although courageous for wearing waht they do in public, aren’t that original; the punk-goth-lolita peps I think have more of a unique style, but the classical goth folks are pretty much wearing exactly what the peolple (except with lots more sex appeal) from whatever victorian age the clothes origanlly came from. What I’m saying is that at one time this style of clothing is what everybody wore. Plus their is almost zero relation between clothes and overall long-term state of mind.
    At least not anything major. the pepole that comment on and study these nice goths as if thay all suffer from some mental disorder need to look at themselves a little deeper first.

  84. albarn says:

    To Masa: What are you like? Just discovered your website today and you seem … interesting. Of course you don’t have to share your background if you don’t want to … I’m just wondering.
    To Carrion: Jap is a derogatory term for Jewish, not Japanese. (Jewish-American-Princess, stereotyping second generation Jewish as rich spoiled brats) For Japanese it’s just an abriviation. So don’t get too offended. ^__^
    ============from MasaManiA
    Please see the FAQ

  85. 42 says:

    In WWII, many of the Allies referred to the Japanese as Japs. It was meant as a derogatory word, i.e. ‘Slap a Jap, Buy War Bonds’. Masa uses it as an abbreviation. I admit, it threw me off for a bit, but that’s only because Jap is not really used much in the US and many people still tend to associate it with old anti-Japanese propaganda.
    Whether a word is meant as derogatory can be determined by the context. Apparently some people here must think I’m racist because I refer to some people as black or white; however, when I use these terms, it is merely a means of identification, i.e. ‘the black guy over there’ is used in the same way as ‘the guy in the blue shirt’. It’s all about the context.

  86. dethstone says:

    in most american cities it is considered a crime to be a (j-walker)
    -and you can be ticketed for the offense
    a J-walker is the term given to a pedestrian that crosses the roadway at a point other than the cross walk
    – my question to anyone that might know, is…
    where did the term j-walker come from ?

  87. morlune says:

    Nice photos masa.
    I maintain a website with mostly western gothic lolita fans, its under my name, maybe you like it

  88. DAN says:

    Little girl in pink dress smoking. like to bust her cherry. Sure is fuckale

  89. Tinka says:

    Konnichi wa Otakus;
    das ist die geilste seite echt!!!!!
    Im a japanese girl who lives in germany….if there somebody want to know me….I am here.
    My english is very bad sorry….but my german,japan and russian is very good.
    Mata ne

  90. kokiri says:

    those girls look terribly ridiculous trying to look cute and innocent makes me wanna puke! he he and smoking! oh and the wanna be dark and gothics he he totally stupid, bakas :p

  91. Orandajin says:

    My god i’ll fuck so many of you sick fucks up when i’m in Japan, especially Americans. We’ll blow up all American bases and make sure non of you punkasses pollute Japanese soil ever again.

  92. ImA_RiKaN says:

    uff i dint know goth on japan means dressing like clowns and smoking cigs

  93. Zel says:

    Wow! Their look pretty sexy.. though hate this Malice Mizer thing, glad that their are women 🙂
    To Tinka
    Privet ya iz Rossii, s radostyu budu s vami obshatsya, pisite mne!

  94. Marcus says:

    Hey, I got a nice pic of a cute Nazi chick in pvc – if you’d like me to send it on, get back to me!

  95. Natha says:

    Oh they look great!I wanna have a dresses like that to!

  96. asdf says:

    You |do| know that “Jap” is a racist name towards Japanese people right? Don’t use it.

  97. pm says:

    You say you are going to die soon,do you have AIDS or something or were you joking?

  98. Veri says:

    Great pictures ^^
    ~>> Tinka:
    Tach, ubrigens, dein Link geht nicht, falls es einer sein sollte…
    ^^ Mail mir mal, thX

  99. shiroi says:

    jajaja…son lindas y a la vez malas WoW

  100. Haruta says:

    There are different types of Lolita [Gosu Rori], but only ‘true to heart’ Lolita’s don’t approve of having pictures taken. The people in the pictures are ‘COSPLAYERS’. The TRUE Lolita have great, beautiful dresses, not like the ones here. Also, there is a certain way to combine looks, and wearing ‘fish nets’ isn’t one of them… Be careful on telling the difference between Lolita and Lolita Cosplayers.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    My picture’s lolita is all true lolita.

  101. Naota says:

    As always, nice pics. I wish there were more open cos-players in the U.S. but alas, their only seen at anime cons. Do you think they would be as good as the U.S. cos-players if they did it as much as the Japanese?

  102. Nao says:

    Haruta –
    Um, actually, that IS how true Lolitas dress, and they don’t mind having their pictures taken. I would know, I live in Japan and my sister is a Lolita.
    As much as I don’t approve of the content of this site, great pics.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  103. Jim Jaremko says:

    wow they really do look like dolls, very interesting style i have to say, being into the goth scene myself, but from a more cyber-techno point of view, but this is some really good stuff, alhtough i dont see the punk influence, but i may be missing something, and i aggree with what most people said about the mis-treatment of girls IT IS WRONG , come on hasnt anyone ever figured out be nice to a girl and shell WANT to get it on 😉

  104. It amazes me…
    If you can’t find anything like cos-play in the US, then you are not looking. Remember, Americans may not use the term cos-play, but it does exist under other names. Just look in the XXX stores-they wouldn’t sell french maid, nurses, and other outfits if there were no demand. Simple economics.
    Not to mention, Halloween is basically a cos-play event gone nationwide.
    Maybe it’s time to get your eyes tested.

  105. Dragon says:

    dude…i see no punks…

  106. naku says:

    xD wui! Im an american gothic lolita (lol) well u.u I just have one dress o_0… what ever :p! nice pics

  107. dementia says:

    I love goth loli. Now I know there is another kind called Punk Loli! Thank you!
    =============from MasaManiA
    Not only that, norse loli, shiro(white) loli, kuro(black) loli, ama(sweet) loli etc… lots of kind.

  108. Katie says:

    why are all of you male commentors such fucking perverts?

  109. Makkura says:

    I love this fashion. Largely it is attributed to Mana-sama of Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois. Masa, have you ever heard of these bands? And if so, what do you think?
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Yes. Lots of Visual-kei girls start their cosplay from him. It’s great band.

  110. Sugar says:

    Gothic Lolita is so CUTE.

  111. KurtCobain says:

    I think this is a great glimpse into what rebellious japanese people are wearing. It shows how much the U.S. is L7 or Square. There is also another thing like this that i have seen before, it is a wicked book called fruits. But this pics are pretty slammin.

  112. Kurk Cobain says:

    This is an awesome style that we don’t see in the States. I love this so much i’m gonna pull a Michael Jackson and becime a Japanese citizen just so i can be in Gwen Stefani videos and sites like this!

  113. JeSs says:

    XD…I want to dress like them…here, in Calgary, the clothes aren’t interesting. But the style in Japan is AwesomeneSs!
    Ppl say i dress really odd and unusual…but when you compare to gothic lolita, it’s nothing…i wanna look stranger and wicked!…Let’s Go Japan Fashion!

  114. cedsoe says:

    putain de merde!!!
    il y a des coups de bite qui se perdent.
    elles sont pas forcement belles mais bordel ce qu’elles sont bandantes!!!!
    faut que j’aille au japon moi…

  115. Mildred says:

    hey i just discoverd your site and i think its amazing. Plus the clothes u wear is sooo cool
    =========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  116. KurQ says:

    These girls sure are cute, but the costumes are not so fantastic as the real gothic lolita ones are.
    Here in Finland some of girls like to dress up like gothic lolita girls, and they all make their dresses by theirselves. Often these are just the Finnish Otaku:s.
    The annoying thing is that some people don´t know why we are dressing like that so they think lots of perverted things and that sucks.

  117. kasjona says:

    i love gothic’s style! 🙂
    CASTLE PATRY in Poland RLZ! 😉

  118. Supersado... says:

    Alas, Americans don’t have castle parties. We always made due with a club (redecorated for one night), businesses that needed the money (like a certain motorcycle dealership in Hawaii), or an old abandoned warehouse. Decorations were made from black garbage bags, empty spools of cable taken from construction sites, furniture that people threw away, and specially made items (like cages and racks).
    I wonder what it would be like to go to a castle party…

  119. nici says:

    i love gothic lolit clothesthey are so beautiful, i buy mine off ebay,theres a couple of good ebay stores 🙂 such as “refuse to be usual “

  120. miharu says:

    From reading nearly every reponse on this page, I am pretty much both applaud and disgusted by some of the people who actually commented just to be *shocking* or disgusting on purpose.
    In anycase, I have studied Japanese fashion for while and I noticed gothic loli has become a major factor for the Japanese. Ganguro style is OUT and now gothy loli is back in.
    But to be honest, gothic loli style isn’t the main FASHION style of Japan. Remotely, most Japanese teens still dress normally. So not everyone is gothic loli as some of these folks think.
    ========from MasaManiA
    I think Ganguro and Goth-loli is completely different kind people.

  121. Man u r blind says:

    Man, hell no this isn’t gothic at all. They all look like old ladies and their heads are fat and they have tiny coin slot eyes. Man, why do guys like such ugly retarded looking rat people? This is getting weirder and weirder everytime. Guys if your looking for a real woman look forsomeone that doesn’t look like they’re dead asleep. BAD PICTURES AND WEIRD FUCKIN CHILD PICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Jessie-Lee says:

    these ladies are beautiful. i saw a group of goth japanese when i was in japan, and i wish i had taken a photo of them. as for some people who want them to change their ways, hear me out: i know a lot of japanese people. they have very rough, hectic and busy lives, what with friends and family issues, jobs and school. they have to study hard to be the best, have to earn the money to keep them in school, and so on and so forth. many of my friends, i discovered, hurt themselves due to this stress. what i really want to say is ‘leave them alone if they want to dress a certain way.’ they live in a stessful, demanding, tradition-bound world, and free though it may look to us, they are still people with real life issues. cut them some slack and leave their clothing choices alone. its their way of saying ‘i dont want to conform’. and seriously, stop the whole ‘i wanna fuck some hot asian chick!’ cuz thats just hideous.

  123. Lady Jenie says:

    ciao^^from Italy

  124. Xvampire says:

    the worst thing from the rest of the world is ppl dont appreciate others ppl self honest expression,
    thats why lots of generalization exist, trends exist and created, by the fucking stupid company such a Gucci, Vercace, Quicksilver, Giordano, ETC
    and dominator mass media such as FTV, fashion mags ………
    I hope anyone should start to be more open minded, accept each ppl self expression, let them wear what they like (as long as not go to work in the office of course).

  125. jesse says:

    i’m from australia and i think gothic girls are very pretty

  126. human scum says:

    Beautiful girls
    well dressed

  127. Elaine says:

    Interesting pictures. I’ve seen some gothic lolitas at anime conventions here in the U.S., but of course their costumes are not nearly as varied and interesting as these Punk Lolitas.

  128. sum retard says:

    man none of these girls look strange or crazy they look pretty normal me……

  129. Ronald says:

    Hi ….I am from USA ….pretty women! 😀

  130. kasi says:

    These girls don’t seem to have pretty faces in my opinion. There are muuch better looking women in Japan

  131. BenBen says:

    The stupidest looking people on earth are Japanese Goth/punk/freaky people. Their not really that much different then other stupid looking people, except they seem to think they are extremely cool >_>

  132. Beata says:

    I hate punks!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Tommy says:

    I said it on another of your sites, some of these girls are first-class boner material. I really like the look on some of them. Are these girls mostly teens? They look young but with all the makeup who knows. You don’t see this look too much in the USA, I only really see stuff like this in underground clubs…Thanks Dude!

  134. Ophelia says:

    just simple goths…
    aren’t they too small? some of them with sigarettes seem to be 12 or so… I’ve heard that Japanese are crazy with gothic culture too?..

  135. Zoe Enstone says:

    I’m an student at Oxford University, studying the global Goth scene for my undergraduate dissertation. I wish to find aout about the Goth in Japan.
    I love your photos, and the comments are very informative! I have some photos from my recent visit to Japan here: http://zoespics.fotopic.net/c637394.html
    I have a brief survey on my web site in English and Japanese, and would really appreciate any information you guys can give me! If you would like to participate further, please email me 🙂
    ゴスについてのアンケートを日本語に翻訳してもらいました. お手数ですがご記入下さい。ご協力、宜しくお願いします! ご協力を有難うございます!

  136. lulabelle says:

    im actually what you might class as gothic lolita, and its untrue that you cant find us in England, (even though the social stigmatism around it) we’re in camden, especially round old dear market. Your also confusing gothic loli with just plain loli. WE ARE DIFFERENT TO THEM, (spitting on there name) Also can you guys stop with the fuckability thing, i mean i no we’re cute and all but….. do you have cookies??
    spreading magic and love with lacings of cyanide.
    good luck

  137. taratata says:

    Bush its a shame as a person and for his country.
    here in Europe we always had good relationship with the U.S.
    untill that stupid Bush came,and started to give bad reputation of his country with his violent and arrogant way of act.
    he should know,that in politics there is a word named DIPLOMACY.
    but i seriosusly think that this kind of word its absent in his dictionary.
    me,as citizend of the European Comunity,will still love and respect America and the American people,couse they are our friends.
    but not a stupid ass hole like Bush.
    the problem in this world are not the U.S people.
    the problem is their President.

  138. SirRealistic says:

    Picture #7 – Girl in black with Lamb? doll and b/w stripe socks . . . you make me crazy and I want you to be my doll. California boy. I go to Japan for you!

  139. mirkhorshid says:

    please for me send children & lolita porn pictures. thank you

  140. Sayoko says:

    Hi!! I am a Gothic Punk Lolita :P! And is an style very interesting and make me feel great…

  141. Terri says:

    I’ve always loved the gothic lolita style. Particularily amaloli or sweet lolitas. The style is very pretty and lovely and innocent. Its nice to see young women dressing in ways that are very beautiful but still innocent.
    My girlfriend often dresses amaloli, she is very beautiful, innocent and I love her.
    I am offended by all the people who posted negative comments here.

  142. ClosetGoth says:

    love this website, i make stuff from Gosu Rori, i make the top half of dresses to wear with jeans, probably get shot if i wear my full gear here in the UK.
    Dressing up is just fun, wish i could go to harajuku in my gear! love the bunny girl.
    stuff all those people with negative comments, bed karma to them.

  143. Adrastia says:

    I have a skirt similar to the one in the top pic but it’s a little longer. It’s very pretty. One od my favorites.
    It’s nice to see more feminine clothes sometimes. I’m not into the sporty stuff. Alot of clothes for women in america are rather slutty and too tight.

  144. beezelbob says:

    I wish I was in Japan. I wish I was anywhere but here. Thank you for your time. I will visit your site again. You should add a paypall banner so I can give you money to support your site.
    Stay positive.

  145. Li says:

    I love this site, its great, i love the Japanese fashion sense!

  146. pinkkiller says:

    I don’t like the Gothic & Lolita-Style, but this is so cute XDDDD
    Gothic Lolita is not just in Japan popular ^^

  147. dave says:

    g they look so freaky . 🙁 (^_^) 0(-_-)0

  148. andrea says:

    i love them there awsome!!!!!

  149. Douglas says:

    GREAT pictures, very refreshing.

  150. fuck u says:

    thug love throw up the bunny

  151. kazkaz says:

    i like gosu rori as i like visual kei =D
    eventho not all of them are pretty but i think the style itself is sow pwetty XD
    i got ma friend become a gothic lolita model in KERA maniaxx
    if u wanna see their latest fashion show just visit here :
    http://www.mainichi-msn.co.jp/entertainment/geinou/graph/20051023/ (if u cant read jpnese u can just click the pictures) xD

  152. cocolulu says:

    Erm..it’s really great! i love it. But hope dat will be more pictures of these Punk Lolita! Thanks! (^,~)

  153. unknown says:

    nice pictures i love them!!

  154. Bia says:

    Hey Masa, I think these photos are not from PUNK LOLITAS. They are ANYTHING but Punk… Goth, Sweety, Salty, Tacky Loli… but not punk!

  155. perry says:

    As an american, I like to know why there are many chinese here and not many japanese ? Once when I had a japanese girlfriend at SFSU, she told me it has to do with WWII and the fact that japanese love their country.
    Thank you

  156. peter says:

    I believe most japanese girls, and these girls here, are so beautiful. Also I have full respect
    for japanese, since they have dedicated so much to the world in technology – perhaps more than any other country. I was born and raised in San Jose- CA. and wish had a japanese female friend.
    Thank you

  157. I know you girls hate it when I admire your beauty but I do.. very pretty indeed, just don’t kill me now!!

  158. Morgul says:

    Oh my…
    In Poland we haven’t any GLs (beside cosplayers on m/a meetings). People looks at me strangely even if I wear t-shirt with my fav band _^_

  159. Sakura no Ippai says:

    I don´t see the PUNK on this!

  160. emilie says:

    i just want to say that the japan girl are so cut i’m a french girl i learn japan, i want to leave France to Japan i respect so much this poeple !!

  161. EMPULSE says:

    do these people just hang about on the street?

  162. andrea says:

    when i wear my stuff as in t0day people say i look like a french maid but no if any thing i look like a bar maid

  163. Atreus says:

    Masamania are you a male or female and do you dress that way?

  164. Yogi says:

    How can I find some of them outfit. Like the ninth picture

  165. MASA!!
    Are that girls smoking???
    well maybe it´s ok, but look like child

  166. MASEVO CONGO says:

    Yo man thanks for put up this web site it teach me a=lot abaout Japan.I been to Japn 1 month this year and i go again a second time for 3months so now i can speak nihongo and now i know about real Japan becasue of YOU!THANK YOU MASAMANIA GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. xavier says:


  168. paleo says:

    I think these girls are manipulative little devils. They know what men want (submissive and sexy woman) so they PRETEND to be that. I’m sure most of them are exactly the opposite of what they appear. It’s like a disguise to trap or put a MAGIC SPELL on men. Witchcraft??
    Hey Masa, do you think witchcraft is getting more popular in Japan?

  169. Bellina says:


  170. Fabisz says:

    beatifull, sweet girls , mniami 😀

  171. AndYZan says:

    Konnichi wa,ijust want to say i like it alot…think some of the girls look really sexy in these outfits,nice pictures masa.=)..Itte kimasu,Sayounara.

  172. Milenka says:

    Hi,, i wanna to be punk lolita, im twelve and im cool!

  173. gilles says:

    i’m gilles from France
    love your site
    want to meet gothic girls in japan !!
    see my blog: http://blacktotoro.skyblog.com/
    go in japan in march/april 2006 for sakura and tekno/gothic nightclub of tokio
    wnat to go in liquid room for example
    search a real gothic girl wnat to make music with me, and have baby !!!
    see you
    Gilles (JIL)
    my adresses:
    msn: foxwood34@hotmail.fr
    yahooooo: foxwood34090@yahoo.fr
    hope to meet you
    i’m cool

  174. kao says:

    hey, i lreally love this style, just started getting into it acouple or days now. the girls are really cute in those outfits.

  175. Sunny says:

    Hey, anyone know where I can find some Japanese girls in Calagary?

  176. steve says:

    i’m a 60 year old australian guy who wears camo. pants’ red converse and sleevless t-shirts. that’s my style and i reckon the goth/punk girls in you pix look great and are entitled to their style/expression, as much as i am, without getting bagged by narrow-minded and racist comments. honestly, some of you people REALLY need to get a life.go buy a beige leisure suit and toyota camry and leave people who want to be a bit theatrical and self-expressive alone, will you.

  177. Supersado... says:

    I enjoyed reading your comment. I’m about to turn 30 and I cannot wear the style I would like to wear due to Army regulations (i.e. haircolor, hairstyle, piercings, location and style of the ink I want, etc.). It’s good to know that someone who is no longer a teenager can still dress the way you do. There may still be hope for me when I finish my time in the Army.

  178. Liz says:

    This site is really nice, i love the lolita style. I think all of those girls are really pretty and i hope to go to Japan sometime (i am hoping to go to collage there) i sometimes wear this style but people look at me weird her in the U.S lol they think im weird. I am going to a cosplay and wearing a lolita outfit that i made myself.
    I dont like the negitive comments on this site at all shame on you people!!

  179. gilbert says:


  180. Eric says:

    WOW, these girls are HOT!

  181. steinar helland says:


  182. StevieG says:

    I want them all…can you send me some please?

  183. vivian says:

    hi,i am a chinese girl
    i love punk style.
    sorry,my english is not very good.
    i hope make friends to you.
    my email:lovewei08@163.com

  184. kioko says:

    wow’em so sweet.your beautifull………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  185. vodka says:

    i have a questoion.everyone talks only about clothes and i wonder what kind of music they listen to lolitas,i mean a punk lolita listen to punk..? i thougt it counts what music u like,but here is more about the clothing,this is a fashion site?or this style is all about fashion?

  186. Luna says:

    hei i need kuro lolitas in westgermany!!!
    who comes to mera luna???
    in black bow^^luna^^

  187. Troy says:

    Cool pictures. I teach English to Japanese in New York, but I have no Goth Lolita students.. Nice to see something different.

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