Genious is always lonely

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In Japan , it ‘ s easy to find genious. The psrson paid no attention by anybody is genious. See the picture, Jap geniously ignore this genious singer. Why people ignore him ? Because he is genious. Tokyo is so crowded but only this area is blanky. Yes, this is the evidence of his geniousness. This time I ready for the this genious performance movie for you !! And if you see the movie, you really understand what I mean.
Unfortunately Jap cannot admit anything without arthority. Jap has no brain to think aobut or admit what is genious. They just follow the big name blindly. You mush have heard about Jap who rush to Gucci sotre, Luis Vuitton store or Chanel store or named bland shop. Or if TV program introduce some shop, next day, people go there. If TV program introduce bad taste restaurant, peple rush to bad tasete restaurant to eat bad food. So cunning people make use of power of mass media by paying high reword, and then almost all mass media forget what they should do. This is the reason, now in Japan , Fuji Television, a core member of the Fuji-Sankei media empire, is about to be taken over by cunning young generation.
Anyway, almost all Japs never stop to enjoy his street performance. Hey, let ‘ s see the movie of his performance, it ‘ s a geniously bad singing. Yes, he is genious !

Check his act, really amazing performance. I cannot find any other word except “Genious”. Geniouslly strange ! THis is movie, 2.64 MB


  1. snuskfarbrorn says:

    That is truly bizarre.
    I especially like the single audiencemember sitting totally unmoved by the performance….
    Thank You Masa!

  2. mainichi sukebe says:

    This guy is funny.. he like to shake his head around like he shake is dick after shonben… Life in Tokyo is hard so he getting money from people who walk by. Masa you are genious too…. Fuck you 😉

  3. tadashi says:

    Thanks for the cool clip.. I think what you write is true. Most people only go where everyone else goes, thinks what everyone else thinks..
    Have you heard the expression: “Only dead fish follow the stream”
    I think that applies to your text.
    =======from MasaMnaiA
    THank you for nice phrase
    One thing I noticed about the pictures. Both the girls sitting infront of the performer are wearing the same kind of shoes. And sitting in the same way. But with diffrent hair color and diffrent clothes. Is that the same person?

  4. Philstert says:

    You said, “If mass media introduce bad-tasting restaurant then next day everyone goes to eat there,” wouldn’t this be the opposite? Do you mean that no one would eat there?
    =======from MasaManiA
    No, They go to bad taste restaurant, it’s true.

  5. Fuck Hello says:

    the guy’s a fucking crazy artistic genious!
    He should replace SMAP…
    mysterious about the girl/girls – different haircolor, same shoes. same sitting.
    one of them must be a ghost.

  6. Napurenon says:

    I think the girl must be part of the act because you can see her leopard skin coat by his bag in the second shot.
    Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.
    – Angela Monet

  7. gremlin says:

    What an unfortunate singing voice. Thank you for filming that, Masa, I’m going to send this clip it to my Japanophile friends in hopes of snapping them out of their Japan-obsessed ways. (Just so you understand me, Japanophiles are rather pathetic American kids who think anything that comes from Japan is great)

  8. zelly bell says:

    Here in the USA, too, mass media defines what is trendy: where people should go, what people should where. I suspect that it occurs in most metropolitan cities around the globe. I don’t understand it really, so many young ladies I know will spend several hundred dollars on designer bags… wft? Anyway, the singer made me laugh with his crazy head banging…

  9. Dannier says:

    I should be the same girl, she just dressed that coat which is lying on the ground in the second photo, but i don’t know where the hair comes from.I think she must be together with the genious because her dressing has the same colour than his hair. It’s a genious couple

  10. R. Elgin says:

    Ummm . . . Here in Seoul, *many* follow, few lead. Koreans are mostly content to follow certain media trend setters as well. It does not seem to be as well organized as in Japan though. The media here in Korea contains some of the worst types in business. Two years ago, the police were investigating bribery in all the major Television stations and, as a result, ALL TV producers shut and locked their offices and no new musical CDs were released until the investigation was over.
    Masa, I thank you for the pictures and movie for it has given me yet another crazy idea for something different, somewhere else . . .
    ==============from MasaMania
    Thank you for your Korea report !

  11. Philstert says:

    Why is it that when the orange-haired girl leaves the singer has her coat (and folded)? Did she leave it with him?
    ============from MasaManiA
    It is mistery.

  12. kenji says:

    haahha! best movie ever!!! maybe he/she/it got kicked out of a karaoke booth for singing so fucking shittily (new word).

  13. Adhesive says:

    These are two separate occasions. The orange hair girl appears when the pop-idol is using a flat black mike stand, and the black haired girl watches when he whips out the chrome mike stand. Duh!

  14. Smapzy says:

    Hi Masa!
    Love you fucking site man! Did you take these pictures at Shinjuku JR station? I remember the My City department store. I’ve been in Japan like 4 times and just love it, will go again like next year! Can you make a topic about bath house in Tokyo? I always wanna go, but just don’t know where 😉
    Keep up the fucking good work!!!!!
    ===========from MasaManiA

  15. Tita says:

    hoooo, if you are having a bad day and watch this I think you won´t be so sad anymore^^ I want to grow up just like that:D and keep up the good work, this site kicks ass!

  16. Shansa says:

    Well, he gets an “A” for effort.

  17. jp says:

    I agree with you. The best music is played by street bands. I don’t like what I see on tv (Hamazaki Ayumi, Orange Range, SMAP and the likes)

  18. Skull Rabbit says:

    I wish I had shoes like that girl. I like them.

  19. Etruscan says:

    You, Masa, are the greatest of geniuses on the Japanese internet – and you’re not lonely at all! Sometimes geniuses attract cult followings, and I am a humble member of the Masa Cult.

  20. Richard says:

    I love that you misspelled “brand” as “bland”. It gives your statement another layer of meaning and makes you appear more witty than usual–was it intentional? That’s why I like to keep coming back. Cheers!
    =========from MasaManiA
    I want to understand completly the miss writing meaning changing as a native English speaker.

  21. vir-jin says:

    the question remains… am I genious :-)?
    all I know is you get a lot of energy by swimming against the stream.
    Thanks for the energy, Masa, it’s floating my screen- awashes my room- I am bathing in it- I am drowned by it- HELP!!!!!
    vir-jin’s ghost wrote:
    thank you anyways! paradise is not bad 😉

  22. joe says:

    Name brand shop would be the luis vuitton store, but bland instead means boring, so it is fitting for the stores you were describing.

  23. says:

    It’s a phenomenon in the modern age of mass consumerism. However, the concept of conformity in east asian culture is always being challenged by the younger generation, and good for them for doing so.

  24. Josh says:

    Great site. Suck-ass connection. (Do you host it off a fucking 56k modem?)
    Here’s a mirror for the movie if that’s cool.

  25. Craig says:

    Wow, the 7th photo goes with your story perfectly! In the background there’s all these people walking by without paying any attention to the singer as if they’re pretending he’s not even there. Even the people who aren’t walking are standing with their back to him! Then in the foreground you have this one lone girl sitting perfectly still completely fixated on the performance. She’s wearing colorful shoes and a bright rainbow scarf which is completely contrasting to everyone else’s dull, colorless clothing. They look so similar they even seem to blend together. Even though the streets are crowded, there’s a large empty space around the girl as if it wasn’t safe for people to get any closer to her or the singer.
    I think this is a fantastic photo because even without words it tells a whole story and says so much about Japanese culture. It reminds me a lot of when I lived in Okayama and some of the very interesting street performers I met there. I always wondered if it had more to do with performing or with breaking free from the mainstream and the idea that everyone needs to fit in?
    Thank you again Masa for the great work!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report.

  26. Local_Mocal says:

    あら!ちょっと面白い歌ですね ^^;

  27. Kyosanshugi says:

    Grindcore witth accordions? That’s a new one.

  28. La La Ru says:

    Truly unique. I love the way you think.

  29. Leah says:

    Your website, is very very amazing.
    I wish I could hear that person’s music. It must have been so beautiful!
    The two girls look the same…weird…
    I really admire your art. It makes me feel in a way I did not before.
    Please continue…I really enjoy it.
    You have also inpired me to take more pictures. thankyou
    =====from MasaManiA

  30. Cat says:

    hi! iam making a magazine, where i want people who are inspired to help me from all over the world. please your pictures inspire me so much, please become part of my team masa. it would be really great.

  31. Jasmine says:

    Oh, that is so sad. It hurts me to see someone so underappreciated. Masa, you are now making me believe that most Japanese are cold, cold people who are too shy to even sit down and watch a genius. u___u
    ======from MasaManiA
    But it is only one side.

  32. soundstone says:

    rainbows are defining a light sensitive soundwave

  33. Izza says:

    A for effort… I guess. *blink*

  34. PW says:

    I think you are mistaken in what the worg “genius” means.A Marilyn Manson impersonater who has a sily little speaker,sing ing songs to his girlfriend on the streets of tokyo is not genius.
    OK,I understand that YOU may think hes good,But you must understand that no-one else does.Otherwise he would be playing a sell-out show at the Budokan.

  35. naranjita says:

    PW, yes, he’s a terrible singer, but i don’t think that’s the point… he’s a terrible singer, with a crappy speaker, singing to an inexistent audience but he puts all his heart into the performance. THAT is genius.

  36. PW says:

    No,That is not “Genius”.Its a talentless person trying his best.
    When I play football,I try my best but im not very good,Does that make me a genius?No it doesnt.
    Genius,Is doing something that is amazing that no-one else can do.HE IS NOT A GENIUS

  37. la paz says:

    This person is releasing something that is trapped inside of them. That is the true artist.
    It is this sharing of something genuine that I respect, even if I may not exactly understand it.
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  38. PW says:

    Stop being so dramatic.He is probably playing guitar because he has nothing better to do,He wants to show off to his girlfriend and try to make some Yen at the same time.
    The truely ironic thing is:We are debateing whether he is a genius or not,But none of us have heard him play!!!!!!!

  39. jonin says:

    genious is opinion…it may sound like a cliche,but if he cares and trys then thats all that realyy matters

  40. i really like his singing voice! i think it’s awesome!
    but then again…i’m completely tone deaf. U _ U

  41. nhi says:

    hehe i thinkk it is the same person sitting theree… because if you notice in the first picturee… on the side where the speaker is… you see thatt dotty jackett

  42. Squid says:

    I just like his hair…and that girls kinda cute..
    He should eat more squid, and then he will be better! :/

  43. Jim Jaremko says:

    i think it is different people but they all listened to mass media (again) and buy the same shoes

  44. Xvampire says:

    he or shee????
    I thought that the singer is a girl ?? >.
    he or shee????
    I thought that the singer is a girl ?? >.<; …..
    [quote]Grindcore witth accordions? That’s a new one.
    Posted by: Kyosanshugi[/quote]
    btw shakin/headbangin his head like that while hearing accordians? whoaa maybe its kind of new
    but it gonna be more attractive and catch some attention if
    she/he need got GROWling voice and replace that accordians with da Heavy-powerchorded-distorded Metal guitar .. 🙂
    And dont forget to keep that headbangin style (its damn greater than how SliptKnot members did)
    <——- Im pretty sure Police ll come to arrest him/her in 30 mins :p
    anyway what I like from Jap musician is they have shame to copy others, they d rather do the embaresing thing than copying other … salute

  45. norman says:

    why the two women who listening to him singing worn the same shoe.

  46. ryan valley says:

    hey man i think i get what your trying to say,
    like the gurls look like there watching his from your other pix and you think that they are fans, then all of the suden you show a pix where shes just watching TV. i GESS your point is that why dose not the gurl watch the geneus live infront of her but she watches the tv which she can watch at home
    ps… i have poor engrish too
    love your shit FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ryan

  47. Claire says:

    fantastic!,it reminds me of performance art a friend of mine in college did… where he put on big headphones and listened to 80’s music… sang along very loud and danced on the street for a few hours outside the body shop!. He almost got beaten up by people who though he was wierd, but that probably wouldn’t happen in Japan. Only in Ireland *maybe England?
    keep up the good work

  48. pm says:

    masa do you think you could convert this file to play in windows media player? I don’t have apple.
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Hi, PM.
    even if you dont have apple computure, you can play it by QuickTime player that can be downloaded for free.
    i also use windows.

  49. anthony says:

    haha…wow. genious indeed

  50. LouvonLyGin says:

    well u see, that’s the ‘trend’ now.
    for everyone to follow the so-called-trend.
    it’s sad that one day the world’s just gonna turn back to ice age. and all of us have to start it all over again.

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