The most beautiful moment at the summer fireworks

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When we see the beautiful fireworks in the summer sky, ugly security guard’s voice destroy our joyous mood.
We just come to here just to enjoy fireworks. but security guards treat us as if we are devil ! they make us to feel that we are devil enen though we, inocent audience just come to here to enjoy fireworks.
I dont know why security guards can hate us so much.

“Dont stop to see fireworks. See fireworks with walking. If you stop, it’s nuisance for following people. Dont stop. See the fireworks with walking ! ”

Hey, Hey, Hey, Dont come here ! Here is not your place to watch fireworks.

“fuck away, fuck away. Dont stop to see firework, keep walking ! Here is not your place to enjoy firework. fuck away !”

and more security guards came.

It seem that the person who disturbe is not the audience who stop to see, but security guards who scream hesterically.

They never look back beautiful fireworks. Because they are security guard. They are on duty. They are right, and you are wrong. You must obey security guard’s order !

As if security guards seem to say that your safety is guarded by security guards.

In lots of security guards, there is one old man.

He also keep screaming with feeble voice and tired face.

He also dont look back beautiful fireworks.

Tell the truth, his duty is not so serious one. But he is also hardly screaming.

At that time, announcement told that it is climax firework. and the most big scale fireworks was starting.

and suddenly old security guard man stoped to scream.

and he start to spin his head slowly.

Yes, he looked back and see the fireworks first time.

He never scream again but just kept watching fireworks.

He must be wrong man as a security guard. but he maybe ture human.

WHen this old guard looked back, it was the most beautiful moment in this time fireworks.


  1. Ripper says:

    Haha. Sometimes we are so caught up with our work that we forget about the beauty around us. Thanks, the last photo was priceless!

  2. Frenchie says:

    How long was the firework? When i look the pictures, i remember me and i’m asking me ” Wow, i don’t know if they are same beautiful fireworks in Paris.. ”
    This Fireworks looks like this all the time in Tokyo ? How many times Firework in Tokyo on the year?
    Thanks for answering !
    ===================from MasaManiA
    almost all firework is in summer. and in summer, quite lots of fireworks are seen in anywhere in japan. but only at night.

  3. Alex says:

    I would like to use the last photo with the caption: “WTF, we’re screwed now!” It would be so hilarious if posted on a message board…

  4. Kenji says:

    wonderful story , masa

  5. marmalade says:

    hehe masa you make me giggle so ^_^

  6. Anonymous says:

    When I went to Japan, I was surprised at the loudspeakers making unrelated announcements, all the time during the show. And the fireworks were sponsored by Coca-Cola. Such a thing would be blasphemy in the U.S. on the 4th of July.
    But the fireworks were very pretty.

  7. R. Elgin says:

    I hate to say it but you guys should have just jumped these morons and taken their uniforms. What a complete bunch of facist pigs!

  8. pm says:

    no, communist pigs!

  9. Pirate Mike says:

    I think old security guard man was just being lazy. He was hoping that the noise of the fireworks would prevent the other security guards from noticing that he was not doing his heinous job.

  10. Morg says:

    I’ve been to fireworks in Japan too, and I also want to say these people are real MOTHERFUCKERS! They shout, they force you to move, they force you to keep on walking, they look themselves like Gods… Fucking losers, I suppose they have nothing better to do. I can’t beleive Japanese people needs more security than they have, being 200 meter away from fireworks, that’s enought.

  11. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hola Masa…
    here again posting on your blog report…
    Well…Fireworks are now all around the world….firework tu celebrate, summer (in japan’s case), here in Chile to celebrate new year…
    It’s great, but we don’t have policemens screaming all over the crowded street, just watchin that no car goes in the street because street is crowded of people walking…
    Amazing how police works in Tokyo….it’s almost ridiculous screamin while firework are in the night sky….did you hear their voice? o did you hear firework? anyway…i prefere enjoy the beautiful show…
    you re not so lucky Masa…hear all that shitty screams ‘s police….
    well…thgis is it Masa =D
    hasta la proxima ;D

  12. j says:

    maybe Japan government should make a big firework and send it to North Korea…bang… more land for Japanese people!
    Nice story. Those bullhorns look like toys, though.
    =================from MasaManiA
    You are good strategist

  13. Smithsyphus says:

    Looks like they’re carrying lightsabers.

  14. Neill Bryce says:

    Hi Masa, I really love your site. This article made me think of a time earlier this year at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi. There were a lot of signs that told it was illegal to stop anywhere. I went to watch a show from a bridge, there was only like 5 of us on a huge bridge but still a security guard told us to keep moving. I can understand the need to keep moving when it is busy, but there was room for more than 200 people! I think the security guard took his job to seriously.
    In another part of Expo a security guard made us sit down and eat the food which we had just purchased from a stall. I wondered just how far we could push him, do you think he would call for back-up and arrrest us if we didn’t comply?
    Neill Bryce – New Zealand

  15. fishegg says:

    the narrative and the photos are really beautiful masa, i love you so! you also have an excellent eye for truth.
    rock on.

  16. Blaze says:

    Even without the captions, a beautiful story is told.

  17. Datsun says:

    Masa, you are right, it is touching when the older guard stopped to watch the fireworks; it does show he is human. Maybe he remembers the good times when he was young and watched fireworks with his family. You know, people never miss the simple things like watching fireworks with loved ones until that time has passed and will never be again…
    Maybe the high per-capita rate of security guards in Japan comes from some sort of feeling for order and control in society. Maybe, as such, the guards in your report and the comments by other site guests feel they are duty bound to enforce the rules and keep order for the good of society.
    Do security guards in Japan drive police looking cars with light-bars? They do here, and it becomes hard sometimes to tell them from real police cars until you are really close.

  18. jOE_POETICO says:

    that beautiful. To see that old man see truth of world. like Rene descartes. but with Big kaboom! Masa maybe you make more old men see firework. change world for better! have nice day remember!!

  19. James says:

    I loved the fireworks in the photos, they’re really nice! Here in Singapore, we only get fireworks once a year during the National Day Parade…and they’re bad compared to the ones I’ve seen in other countries.
    Is it true that they always set-off fireworks during the natsu matsuri? I’ve always wanted to go for one of these festivals…

  20. Michael says:

    Most people can’t see the fireworks until they get old. You know how teachers sometimes prevent two kids fighting by simply reaching down and laying a hand on their heads, so that their tiny arms flail uselessly and can’t connect? That’s what God does to us by making us old — stops the useless flailing of our nothing ambition.
    But there are some people who can look directly at the fireworks, and those are the ARTISTS. They never grow old. Artists accept death and therefore see the beauty of the moment. They don’t have to be gray, time doesn’t have to have passed to give them perspective, they don’t need memory or nostalgia. Beauty is all around them, where no one else can see it. They attract these magical moments naturally through the intensity of their looking and feeling.
    Very few true artists like this are doing their work on the Internet. One of them is Masa, the other is Tom Green. And that’s about it.

  21. ヘンナ外人 says:

    Japan is URUSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everywhere: trains, dept stores, cinemas, stations, buildings, elevators, even in some temples…
    That´s why i say:
    Japanese are robots! And the announcements are the remote control to keep them moving in the right direction (and keep them electing LDP corrupt bastards)…

  22. fat_otoko84 says:

    I almost in tears watching these photos,the photos tells it all.
    As usual,nice beautiful picture Masa.

  23. john says:

    my girl loves fireworks too. she has nearly the same beauty marks. (i’d like her to send some but she’s shy, and at times jelous)

  24. Jonathan says:

    The thing that always strikes me about Japan is how many people there are “organising” stuff in public places. If you go and park you car in multi-story carpark, there are about 20 old men in uniforms “helping” you out. For every one workman digging up the road, there are about three traffic-organising old men waving you on. Who the hell pays these people? Are they volunteers? Where do they come from?

  25. Juicio says:

    I did not know Japanese security guards carry light swords like in Star Wars.

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  27. jBrian in Texas says:

    it touches me deeply that one old fucker out of all those fuckers found his human heart when the fireworks were too beautiful to ignore. and his other fucker friends… what will they say when they go home and their children ask them “how beautiful were the fireworks daddy?”. maybe in jap land only the old and tired jap fucker can find the truth.

  28. andrea says:

    hes lovely i would try n ride him like a donkey >_<

  29. fuzz says:

    A beatiful moment…poor guy.

  30. Deki says:

    IQ of security guards is identical around the world!!! 🙁
    Congrats Masa! Wonderful story!!!

  31. Clementine Avitabile says:

    Good share dude Thank you

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