Not only ignore hadicap, but also election

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I am walking in the crowded city on busy evening.. Yes, Tokyo is jamming city. This situation make Japanese people nervous.
But suddenly my frontgrond was opened up. I was glad. But then, I nealy fall over with wheel chair old woman in front of me. She is the cause of opened up situation in crowded Tokyo city. And to make matter worse, she was appearing people to go to election.
Yes, this handicap lady is candidate supporter. Of course Japanese young people don’t pay attention to her. They sometime have good point for me even though I still hate Japanese.
My favorite stand up comedian, George Carlin say that if you want to complain Government, you should not go to election. I like his opinion, but I cannot agree him. I claim that Election should be duty like tax. If we don’t pay tax, government come to us to deprive money from us. So election also should be same situation with tax. We need not go to election. Election should come to us.
Anyway Japanese people have no interesting for election. So our law say we never have army. But we have army. I hope Japanese people have warm heart to this handicap lady if she is not candiate supporter.


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  6. taro says:

    Ahhh, this lady should be glad to be ignored. Here in Tokyo people STARE and GAWK at me like I’m an alien…wait, wait, I am an ALIEN.

  7. Giles says:

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  8. Shae says:

    Yep.. compulsory turnout to voting. It works in Australia… cant make them vote but at least you can make them turn up…

  9. pajama says:

    Japanese ignore each other, too!
    Man Lies Dead in Apartment for 20 Years
    News Edition: 06/16/2004
    TOKYO– The pajama-clad skeleton of a Japanese man has been found in a vacant apartment building — 20 years after his lonely death.
    The skeleton was discovered lying atop musty “futon” bedding earlier this month when workers domestic media reports said on Thursday.
    A newspaper dated February 20, 1984, was on the kitchen table.
    Police believe the man, an employee of the construction firm that built the apartments in 1973, moved in after the building was vacated when the firm managing it went bankrupt, the reports said.
    The man, then 57 and divorced with children, suddenly stopped coming in to work two decades ago but none of his relatives ever asked police to search for him.
    “I had no idea that the apartment even existed,” the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper quoted a 65-year-old neighbor as saying.
    “After I heard the news, I thought ‘Oh, it’s here.’ It’s as if time had stopped in this one place.”
    =========================from MasaManiA
    In other word, Jap are cool in many way.

  10. La La Ru says:

    Are they ignoring her because of politics? ^^; Gosh! It’s not nice to ignore someone, especially in a wheel chair.

  11. Mei says:

    My sister Kaoruko was in a car accident in Tokyo when she was 15, and she’s 23 now. She has and will always be in a wheelchair. I see her and I feel sorry because, she’s lonely and its hard to meet people to date when you’re like that. Sure, sure there are those wheelchair socials and single events, but those places are just meat markets, people who go there only have one thing on their minds….Doing wheelies. Yeah, they can’t move their legs or anything between them. They haven’t invented paraplegic strength Viagra yet. So wheelies is how they get there kicks.
    Two weekends ago, Kaoruko met a guy, Jiro, over the internet. When Jiro first came to see Kaoruko at our mom’s house, she told him the doors would be unlocked – mom was gone. He saw the wheelchair next to the bed and actually picked Kaoruko up off the bed and carried Kaoruko outside and threw her into a pond, thinking she could walk. Kaoruko looks pretty normal, her legs hadn’t atrophied or anything. When Jiro was sure that Kaoruko could not walk, he brought her back in the house. He then would hold her head down and make her have oral sex, and if she didn’t want to do it he would call her names and tell her that she was not a real woman. Kaoruko complied and they kept seeing each other over the past two weeks. He also would lay Kaoruko on the bed face down, prop her butt in the air, and then ram her with all his might! She said she could not feel a things down there, but I saw bruises. She broke just broke it off when she found out he was cheating with a girl who had no arms!
    Maybe if more people would pay attention to Kaoruko, she would not have to meet bad men over the internet.

  12. Me says:

    I’d like to meet the ass-hole who was dating Mei’s sister.

  13. xvampire says:

    thats soooo mean!!!!!!!
    and look at the picture
    wow what a attitude to handycapped ppl 🙁
    I have to admit that I had ignored disabled ppl on the street. But my best friend give a touching example that changing my perspective about disabled ppl.
    once we went out from the commuter train we saw a blind person, no one taking care of him, I just looking at him with pity feel but no action, then sddenly my friend holding that men, and escorting that blind men to his direction.
    I tought that my friend just escorted him into the exit door.
    when that blind men say “ok thank you very much” but my friend keep asking “where is your direction?” that blind men replies”oh its the station after crossing the road”
    then my friend offered to help him little longer.
    until the next station building. “that blind men really thank to him”
    I really touched at that time,
    I started to realize that you wont see the real happiness if you keep your selfish own bussiness.
    why we cant
    spend a lil time to help them, it may be a lil happiness for us to be able to help them, but for them its a whole happiness knowing that there are some ppl who still care of them .

  14. Datsun says:

    I have heard the complaints from, espsally young, people in wheelchairs about many people at stores, etc. think they are also retardited because they are in wheelchair.
    Most people don’t think a person in a wheel chari can drive anything else than some big van with a wheelchair lift, but that is not so.
    I met a guy who has a sports car with a wheelchair rack on the back! The car had neat hand controls so that he could drive it. That car was so cool, and I bet he really drove it like a race car with skill!
    Mei, your sister Kaoruko, by the heartfelt way you talk about her, must be a really awesome woman. If I were in Japan I would try to date her and give her the respect she deserves.
    If I were her, I would try dating non-Japanese people, if she is into that. I bet they would treat her better.

  15. Nana says:

    so you hate japan and the people? why????
    ren’t you japanese too?

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