Stupid feminist ! Open your heart to me

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masamaniaI never heard of understandable reason why woman hide their boob.
“Because it’s ashamed.”
Hey, bitch ! Why ? I can show you my boob ! and I never feel ashamed !
“No, you are man, and I am woman, this is the reason. Showing boob is shamefull thing for woman except Janet Jackson and David Bowie.”
“Why nomal woman feel ashame to show boob ? What’s the reason ?”
“Are you stupid ? Every nomal woman except Madona feel shame to show boob !”
“So, what’s the reason ?”
“No reason ! Everybody feel shame, this is the reason !”
“It’s not reason.”
“from old time, woman hide boob even boob is big or small, juicy or dry out, upright or hanging ! this is custom ! this is the reason, yes, custom is reason.”
“Custom ? What is custom ? Why do you obey custom ? Have you ever sincerely think of meaninglessness of custom? Hey, listen stupid bitch ! Custom creat rasism, custom creat sexism, custom make you ignorant ! and custom make us isolate ! Hey bitch !
Open your boob to me !”
fuck you.


  1. Factory says:

    So.. do you wear pants? 🙂
    ============from MasaManiA
    I can drop off my pants anywhere anytime. I am proud of showing off my tiny dick ! I am a man

  2. Fuck Hello says:

    Waaa, she seems soo mad. Did you lift her shirt up, or did she do it?
    I´m a girl too, and I admit, I don´t wanna show my boobs to everyone either.
    Hey, why don´t we make a deal; you guys show your dicks and we show our boobs. That´s fair!
    ================from MasaManiA
    NO!, You are wrong, Boob to boob, and Dick to pussy, and this is fair. But if it’s your hope, I bravely show my dick only for you heartly. thank you.

  3. tacky says:

    maybe looking at tits is sexually arousing only because of the relative rarity of that event. maybe if tits were hanging out left, right and center, it would be uneventful and unerotic to look at them. i don’t want to deprive myself of the erotic pleasure of seeing tits. viva taboos!

  4. bluejives says:

    16th century renaissance intellectual, sir thomas more, wrote in his book, ‘utopia’ that in highly advanced civilization and sophisticated culture, women can walk around in public showing their private parts without shame.
    we are still very primitive society.
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Yes, it is what I want to say, thank you.

  5. I don’t like the style of the picture, you can not force someone to reveal their breasts BUT at the same time, why is a male chest ok but a women chest not?
    I’m not being silly, I mean it. What is the difference? We both have nipples, we both have specs, a womens is just bigger.
    Does this mean that people with big noses or big ears should hide theirs?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Yes, it’s fucking silly idea to hide boob. let’s rip off fucking brassiere.

  6. Eno says:

    lol, masa is a rapist !

  7. Nikki says:

    because women don’t get horney when they see men’s boobs.

  8. Nikki says:

    Oh by the way. Someone at a club really did rip my shirt off once. It was horrible and I started crying. Then I punched him in the eye.
    Actually, this whole “report” is pretty disgusting. No one should EVER be forced to do something they don’t want to do.
    ==================from MasaManiA
    It’s just a different way of thinking. Don’t be stiff head. Certainly there are woman who really enjoy showing off her boob. and even some male sometime cry when they are dropped off their pants on the other hand, I am really happy to show off my dick.
    But anyway, punching in his eye is good job.

  9. bluejives says:

    hey masamaniac,
    i was just reading what nikki said. i think she has a good point. girls get very disturbed at pictures of another girl who looks like something is being done to her against her will, especially girls who have experienced something like that in real life even though i’m sure the girl in your picture was a friend who volunteered or something.
    i know because i have a girlfriend who was raped when she was in high school. not only that she got molested by family member. even though it has been 8 years since that happened, she is still disturbed and when she sees something on tv or movie that remind her, she cries.
    its just a suggestion. i dont want you to risk alienating your female fans of this site, thats all.
    ================from MasaManiA
    It’s difficult problem. But I think it is bit off the point. or just my saying is not so enough that you misunderstand my idea.

  10. jp says:

    hey, friend of yours? Or did you just walk up to her and say “can you flash your boobs?”
    Anyway, nobody said she had cute boobies! Looking at boobies is one thing but you also have to appreciate what you see!

  11. rasputin says:

    Excellent picture.. middle finger, breasts, cute jap .. thanks 🙂

  12. Philstert says:

    I don’t know you guys are necescairly understanding his point: He’s just trying to question society as to why we have been brought up in a place where breasts are shunned? I mean, who officially said that showing breasts is a bad thing?
    =============from MasaManiA
    thank you

  13. Akito says:

    Am I the only one who finds the shadow of the middle finger kinda funny. It just makes everything seem much more ominous.

  14. kdt says:

    hey rapist masa. no respect for you.
    you should always respect other peoples perspective regardless of what you may think of their ideas. do you want someone rippin off your mamas clothes forcefully? i lost respect for you.
    =========from MasaManiA
    I think showing boob and forcing to fuck is completely different thing. It’s sad to be called rapist.

  15. ColorWolf says:

    Hey, nice site, regarding showing boobs in public, woman clothing shows more cleavage nowadays compared to the past, so it probably wont be long for your “wish” to come true.

  16. syndetx says:

    Masa, your one bad ass pimp ^_^ Don’t listen to these baka’s blabbering about their friends getting raped. It’s all BS. Society makes it’s own victims.
    Keep on going at it salary style and grope away!

  17. Fuck Hello says:

    Christ! Why are you all calling Masa a rapist!? To rape someone is to force them to have sexual intercourse/do something sexual by force.
    He just made her show of her boobs – BIG deal. Ok, so it´s a little umbarrassing, but if she got real mad, she could´ve just beat the crap out of Masa and pulled down his pants!
    I´m a girl, and I don´t get alienated or offended by this ad. As long as you promise to show of a japanese dick sometime, Masa!!
    ============from MasaManiA
    I promise.

  18. Philstert says:

    By the way, how did you get that person to show you her boobs?
    =================from MasaManiA
    It’s my friend.

  19. dorkzomgpolotickks! says:

    Masa! you kick ass! Nikki is a stupid bitch and you shouldn’t listen to her filthy lies. More tits! Create boob justice for all men!
    =============from MasaManiA
    No! Nikki is my friend. It’s not good to call bitch. But let’s persuate her for the utopia. If we have no woman, it is no meaning of boob justice.

  20. vir-jin says:

    I’m a girl and I think it’s great to see a japanese girl showing her boobs in public. that’s even more revolutionary than a western girl that would do it. cheers to you, japanese lady, you’ll have a great life cause you have the courage for life! My best friend and me in high school while changing our t-shirts on a sportsfield were showing our boobs. intimidated were looking away and the others were impressed. nothing changed afterwards and she became a famous medical doctor, I am studying at one of the most famous universities in Japan. That’s freedom. Don’t let anybody take your freedom away. happy to meet such a courageous japanese woman in future- my sisters, I am glad to know you are right out there.
    ==================from MasaManiA
    I regret that I could not meet you in your high school time.

  21. cow_2001 says:

    Masa, did you force her to show her breasts?
    If you did, I lost all my respect for you, just like in kdt’s reply.
    It is not funny to force people to do things they don’t want to.
    If I were there, I would punch you in your nuts.
    ========from MasaManiA
    You misunderstand me, I never do such thing nor I’m not such person who is respected too.

  22. mel torment says:

    I think female breasts are beautiful, and hiding them is a shame.
    But just because someone has a stupid reason for not showing off her boobs to you doesn’t mean you should force her to show them against her will.
    That photo is whack, Masa. It shows you have no respect for the feelings of others, especially that young woman.
    Maybe the reason women don’t want to show their titties to you is because bare female breasts are considered erotic in your culture, and a woman showing them to you wants to send you a sexual invitation. Maybe these “stupid feminists” just don’t want to invite you to plunge your dinky dick into their hairy holes.
    Awww, you’re right, Masa. Fuck ’em. You don’t need smelly ole feminist pussy when you’ve got your left (or is it your right?) hand.
    Congratulations on your membership to the bitter, rejected loser otaku club!
    =============from MasaManiA
    No, I’m not loser. I’m a winner who try to creat true utopia and I know as a challenger that there are always protestant for it. I am a boob lover wining challenger !

  23. bluejives says:

    it’s not that i didnt understand what you were saying. i understood 100% what you said.
    the problem is this: the picture looks like the girl was made to show her boobs against her will. also, it looks like it happened somewhere dark. the expression on the girl’s face looks like she is shocked. it doesn’t look good.
    it would have been much better if the girl had raised her own shirt to show her boobs, instead of someone else raising her shirt, with a smile on her face, and happen somewhere bright.
    many people, especially girls, will have an emotional reaction to that picture. if they have had a bad experience in the past, they will have a negative reaction. the negative emotional reaction to your picture will overwhelm and completely negate the logical opinion that you are trying to make about ‘boob justice’.
    in Utopia, ‘boob justice’ cannot happen unless there is a general level of trust in society between men and women. also, in Utopia, women show boob because they want to, not because men force them to.

  24. Morihei says:

    Masa feminist are every where when I go to work, on the train, bus, whatever! God I cant stand them, like I respect women as total and fairly equal sex but no reason to go around wailing there heads off about women’s rites if we all have the same rites.
    PS: I hope you agree Masa

  25. done says:

    Finally, what’s the real goal?
    You insist in the fact that it isn’t really our will to hide our breast.
    It’s just shamefull thing.
    But i think, it’s an erogenous zone, really sensitive…
    If i show it, it’s like a call of erotism and sex…
    I enjoy to hide it, because it’s really excinting for my sexfriend to discover it.
    And, in another point, remember that it’s mother’s figure too. The milk.
    It’s your first food… 🙂

  26. Blanker says:

    But did you fuck her?
    ==================from MsaManiA
    hahahahahaha just a friend hahaha

  27. Big says:

    The world does not revolve around your expectation…:-(

  28. mel torment says:

    I think Bluejives post is on the fucking money.
    Masa, all you can say in response to my post above is that you’re not a loser? At least you think you’re not.
    You still haven’t convinced me otherwise. Too bad. I used to think it would be cool to meet you in Tokyo sometime. But no way would I want to meet you now.
    You’re not really a loser nor an otaku. To call you that slanders losers and otakus everywhere. That photo above shows that you are a bully, someone who abuses others weaker than him. That’s much worse.
    It’s because of selfish smegma like you on the train that I don’t wear clothes that draw attention to my DD cup (American, not inflated Japanese size — GGG) breasts. Life is hard enough without some otaku sleaze leering at or trying to grab what he thinks the world owes him.
    Now I’m sorry I voted for your site for the Asia Weblog Awards, and I regret telling my friends that this is a cool site to visit.
    But I’m glad you are keeping this article up. You say you are a maniac for the truth. Good. It’s good that people know what seemingly nice chumps REALLY think.

  29. Lisa says:

    I think girls are embarassed due to insecurity. We all have our reasons.
    There are alot of girls who do show their tits and don’t think twice about it. We are just not all around to see and I am sure that even though they are secure enough to do it, they still wouldn’t want anyone around to take a photograph of it.
    All those people calling you a loser or otaku are just over reacting and dont realize that maybe the girl is a friend and dont have the intellect to interpret something past what thier own dinky brains can handle. Just ignorance. Or maybe they are ashamed for some reason about something.
    I trust you and your judgement because nothing else on this site has questioned me to do otherwise. Its just freedom of expression people. The world is not a perfect place, and if you have not accepted that by now, you never will.

  30. Mikey says:

    after carefull spectral photonic psyhic analysis it has been determined that unless Masa-san has 4 arms, he didn’t pull her top off. And the expression on her face looks more like excited than ashamed. I guess if some people see a mans hand on a womans body it is always thought to be a bad thing. Great work Masa-san!

  31. bluejives says:

    mel torment,
    i am sure masamaniac is not loser or otaku. i’d like for people to give him benefit of the doubt. he just didn’t realize that the picture might be offensive to many people.
    you say that you don’t know what is good, bad, right, or wrong. this is honest statement and people can respect that. but when you say you don’t know, does that also mean you don’t care? how can someone who is mania for truth not care about right/wrong or good/bad? i believe rightness and wrongness is fundamental, universal law that cannot be dismissed and it doesn’t change whether if you are in japan, united states, or some small island in pacific ocean.
    let me give you another reason why the picture is very bad. the picture reinforces negative stereotypes about japanese society and particular japanese men. many people all over the world have very bad impression of japan regarding gender issues. there is too many reports in mass media about japan about how there is a division between men and women. then there is also too much bukkake pornography on the internet and anime/manga comic depicting ‘rape-fantasies’. this is how the world sees japan. is this reality of japan? i think it is just bullshit fantasy made up by loser otaku!
    but your picture also reinforces the negative stereotype. so not only is it insulting to women but it is major disservice to your countrymen. do you want people to think of japan this way? masamaniac, you can do better! be different! there is a better way! for god sake, take that picture out.
    i do not consider myself feminist. i just want what is right. i am not saying do not show boob. women’s body is very beautiful and should be admired. many women actually love to show their body, even on the internet. i’m sure many women all over the world will be willing to send naked boob picture to you for you to post on your website (as long as they know that their picture will be posted, then it is OK). they dont have to show their face. maybe they could hold a little piece of paper saying: ‘masamania fuck!!’ and show middle finger too. this is much better way.

  32. cow_2001 says:

    Let me get it straight:
    1. did she agree to let you strip her?
    2. Why does she have this horrified expression on her face?
    3. Who is that guy who’s grabbing her shirt?
    If you’re a friend of her, take a photo of you and her in which she is smilling so we know you didn’t attack her. I know things can be fabricated, but this is the only thing that can prove your status over the Internet.
    Mr. Masa, I hope I’m wrong.
    =============from MasaManiA
    Dont worry. you can know you are wrong in near future by my more exotic picture of her.

  33. AndrewV says:

    Look at her face people!!
    You are seeing the shadows, the dark tone of the picture and the placement of the hands. And because you are not seeing her face clearly, you are filling in the emotion.
    Observe more closely, Open your eyes and look again. There is no fear in her eyes.


  34. Philstert says:

    After looking at this picture more deeply I kind of understand where people are coming from: It shines a bad light on Japanese society. It makes it look like women are battered and tortured. You should have taken it in a room with more light and not such a horrified expression on her face.
    I still respect you for what you do.

  35. Blanker says:

    Hey Masa – All the people on this post who have an issue with this image are morons. BlueJives for example wrote: “how can someone who is mania for truth not care about right/wrong or good/bad? i believe rightness and wrongness is fundamental, universal law that cannot be dismissed and it doesn’t change whether if you are in japan, united states, or some small island in pacific ocean.”
    Philosophical Truth (right/wrong) and Quality (good/bad) are two completely different things. BlueJives entire argument is from the perspective of Truth. Which is most probably the result of her educational conditioning in western society that revolves significantly around the Truth Philosophy. Most eastern country philosophes were built around Quality not Truth and that is evident still to this day in their culture and in their beliefs. So Japan and the United States ‘are’ very different dispite the younger generation Japanese eagerness to westernise.
    An example of a by-product of the Truth philosophy is Britney Spears. Yes she is a pop star. Yes she has sold millions of CD’s. That is Truth (subjective + objective = Truth). However, Quality looks at subjective and objective and anyone with a well educated ‘a priori’ would realise that (quality (subjective + objective) + ‘a priori’ = Britney is garbage). Thought structure almost same same but very different.
    Anyone who made a quick assessment of the image you used and takes offence is conditioned to Truth Philosophy, as they are focused on subjective + objective = Truth. However Quality Philosophy believes the very existence of subject and object themselves is deduced from the Quality event. The Quality event is the ‘cause’ of the subject and objects, which are then mistakenly presumed to be the cause of the Quality! “Quality is shapeless, formless, indescribable. To see shapes and forms is to intellectualise. Quality is independent of any such shapes and forms. The names, the shapes and forms we give Quality depend only partly on the Quality. They also depend partly on the ‘a priori’ images we have accumulated in our memory. We constantly seek to find, in the Quality event, analogues to our previous experiences. If we didn’t we’d be unable to act. We build up our language in terms of these analogues. We build up our whole culture in terms of these analogues”.
    A person looking at the image with Truth and who has taken offence is not taking in the entire event. The Truth person has Image + Prejudice = Truth. While Quality would have (Event (Object =Image + entire message)+(Objectivity = Oneself))+ (a priori = previous Masamania experience) = Quality. With Quality one would not have been offended. I read Masamania web site, I believe I see good intentions in Masa’s words and actions. Masa has already explained that the girl is his friend. Therefore, why would anyone have an issue with the image? Sure Truth is a reality, however is it’s by-product every Quality?

  36. InpraiseofFolly says:

    In Toronto Canada , it is legal for women to take off their shirts in the summer adn walk around bare chested just like men do. Not many women do this however as it usually brings negative attention towards them. It’s not about insecurities as another poster has commented , it’s about protecting ourselves. If men were able to treat women as something other than an object meant for their pleasure , then women wouldn’t be so afraid to show their breats. Most of us aren’t ashamed of our bodies , we’re just tired of men harassing us. It’s not only up to us women to change if you truly want your “boobie utopia” , men have to change their attitude as well.
    You must also consider the fact that , if everyone would walk around with their breasts exposed all the time , you’d witness a lot more sagging and drooping from the lack of support.. Breasts would also loose their erotic properties if you could see them all the time. It would be boring. It’s nice to have one’s own little secrets at times.. Discovery is a great thing.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Even if it become non erotic society, I hope breasts exposed society. This is my dream

  37. Psycho Bun-Bun says:

    People keep repeating themselves.. If they’d bother to read the replies then they would be able to see the truth.. it is a friend, and all he made was a good point about societies taboos.. Althought it is funny reading all the silly replies.
    ================from MasaManiA
    You understand me. thank you. I dont know why many people say same kind of thing repeatedly. we miss constructive aguement to realize utopia. tell the truth, I just wacth boobs for free.

  38. suguishi says:

    hello, people~~ humor site rings a bell?? She looks happy when she’s taking her shirt off. I laughed. masa-san, you have to show us your penis. it’s only fair. XP

  39. says:

    True. Some people do take it a little too personally. But he already said he’s a short dick man. Nothing to see imo.

  40. lil bastard says:

    I don’t think I’m repeating myself here…
    So, if ur friend was cool with being photographed like that, why couldn’t you post a pic of her smiling, in good light, and hiking up her own shirt? Was it her idea to look like a rape victim?
    So, Masa, is yer mum as hot as that girl in the photo above? If so, you should post a pic of you ripping off her bra and shirt. I mean, it’s stupid to cover up her breasts, right?
    And even if yer whorebitch of a mother isn’t too hot-looking, why don’t you post a pic where you rip off her shirt so we can get off on saggy obasan tits?
    If you do that, I will believe you are sincere and that your boob utopia has arrived.
    =============from MasaManiA
    I think you can be US president. but you cannot be porn director.

  41. jp says:

    The people who posted more than five lines on this topic or pretented to be offended are morons. It’s obviously only “innocent” 🙂 fun. Hourrah for boobies!

  42. alex says:

    I think that this girl is very smart, very intelligent because she have a perfects tits. one respect.

  43. bluejives says:

    take a look at this article about japanese in nyc
    that i found in very boring, pretensious,
    sophisticated, major, liberal newspaper of nyc
    btw, keep showing more ((((( . ) ( . )))))

  44. bluejives says:

    Masa, your one bad ass pimp ^_^ Don’t listen to these baka’s blabbering about their friends getting raped. It’s all BS. Society makes it’s own victims.
    Keep on going at it salary style and grope away!
    two words for you, syndetx:
    oink! oink!
    btw, people, in case you didnt know, i’m a fucking guy.

  45. Tom says:

    Hey !
    I have seen a trouble thing in your picture !
    there are four hands !
    I mean that only one got to the girl..
    who was the third person ?
    Two Vs. One ! and the One is a girl ! it’s a shame but it’s for a good cause !
    Masa I love you !
    (PS: Nice boobs, small, but nice.)

  46. jeff says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to agree that the people making a big deal out of the photo are tools.
    Look, the most obvious evidence that the girl was posing in the photo is that she is making no attempt whatsoever to cover up the goods. If it were forced, you can be sure she would be trying to hide her tits from the camera.
    Besides, as a former porn director, I’m sure Masa knows quite a few women willing to flash their tits for the camera.In other words, Masa please introduce me! ;-P

  47. jaggedangel says:

    haha, you can acutally see that girl’s eye and it seems more like she’s drunk than unwilling. anyways, maybe us girls wear bras because it hurts when we run, haha.
    ===============from MasaManiA
    It sound big breast. alleluia!!

  48. Vic says:

    She looks so happy!
    Your friend is great!
    Is she Highschool girl or College girl?

  49. Akito says:

    FemNazis everywhere…

  50. bluejives says:

    Do you know where the word ‘feminazi’ come from and who created it?
    If so, you would not use that word.

  51. nervouk says:

    ha ha… the more japanese girls get their shirts ripped off by japanese guys… the more j-girls decide they want foreign men instead! keep it up, masa! more women for me!

  52. Typhoon888 says:

    Masa, you’re a fucking gifted journalist.
    Reading all many of the posts here it’s obvious that most people see what they want to see.
    They project their preconceptions and prejudices onto Masa’s great picture.
    They don’t want to see that she’s Masa’s friend and Masa is making a statement, with her help, on a societal taboos.
    And “bluejives” you are as soooooooo pussy-whipped.

  53. Akito says:

    Am I the only one who reads maddox..?

  54. someone says:

    The reason why women dont like to show boobs is because it is sexual. Anything sexual easily creates emotional baggage and a lot of other socially sensitive things that can be easily screwed up if not handeled properly. People dont want to walk on eggshells more than usual you know. Those are the rational social reasons why women don’t show boob (or vagina) publically in many many cultures internationally.

  55. JK says:

    In Holland, women are often topless on our beaches. It is fully legalised (as are many things in Holland) and doesn’t shock anyone. I never saw a man walking around with a hard dick because of that.
    I do have to admit that allowing women to show their breasts has two downsides:
    1. You also get to see the ugly 70-year old women’s breasts, all wrinkling and dried out like dried plums.
    2. With too much exposure to nudity and porn, nothing will turn you on.
    ============from MasaManiA
    I never mind. I still hope breast showing society.

  56. Kitfox says:

    I loooooooove being topless. Masa, I’d gladly show off my boobs for you.
    Down with clothing. YES TO NAKEDNESS!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    You are my friend.

  57. chris says:

    when the fuck are you gonna show her naked picc as you promised? or did you really rape that girl?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    she is my friend.

  58. Morihei says:

    Masa what is the age of consent in Japan and what I mean by consent is what is the age when two people are able to legaly fuck?
    =========from MasaManiA
    around 18, but i forget

  59. Julez says:

    Hi folks!
    Although I can understant your worrys about girls being violated and I fully agree with the comments on this topic, I think you do not need to worry about this girl.
    Let us analyse the photo:
    1) The letters at the wall and the light that shines on it at the right and the left side imply that the area is not located somewhere in the public. It looks more like a room in a house. The cushion at the left side at the top contributes to the impression that it is a bedroom.
    Would anyone follow a person in his bedroom whom one can not totally thrust or let such a person enter one`s bedroom? Certainly not. This leads to the conclusion that Masa and the girl have a relation based on thrusting each other. As Masa said – she is a friend.
    2) The girl seens to have 3 layers of clothes on her torso. 1. the white fur jacket, 2. a kind of pullover that the third person grabs and 3. a kind of shirt under the pullover.
    The shirt is the main point. One can see the shirt with a white stripe carefully pushed over the two boobs. This must have been done on purpose; it hardly could have been done with just a quick movement against the will of this girl.
    So the arrangement of the clothes implies that the girl cooperated, too.
    3) The body attitude. A girl whoose boobs are flashed against her will would surely try to hide them. But this girl does not; her hands are moved away from her boobs. If she wanted to cover them, she could easily do this with her left hand.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your analyzing.
    By concluding all these facts, one can clearly see that the girl was not forced to flash her boobs at all.
    This is my opinion concerning the topic.
    @Masa: You are doing a great job. Keep this site updated, it is great. But, as suggested in other comments, you should add an other photo to prevent misinterpretations.

  60. m says:

    Re: point #1: Do you know what date rape is? Does date rape happen more often in someone’s bedroom or in public? Oh, wait. Date rape doesn’t happen because women only agree to go where they feel trust and safety. Right.
    #2. You have too much time on your hands to theorise this. I guess as some poster said above, people see what they want to see in this pic. As well, we only can go on what we see in this pic and Masa’s own claim that she’s a friend who consented to the exposure of her breasts.
    #3. Is it possible that the photo was taken before she had time to cover herself? Why the shocked expression on her face if she was willing to expose herself? And why doesn’t she use her own hands to lift up her shirt if it’s of her own free will to expose her breasts?
    The dark lighting/flash makes it seem like this photo was taken without much staging. The girl’s facial expression doesn’t seem like she was at all prepared to be photographed. If the girl was willing to show off her breasts, why did Masa post a shot that looked like she was caught by surprise?
    Let’s analyze some more…
    The middle finger implies disdain, so Masa is saying “fuck you” to the act of someone forcibly exposing this girl’s breasts. : ) Masa is ok…except for the part about calling feminists bitches.

  61. val says:

    her eyes (er eye) is covered for a reason. maybe masa got concent to take the picture but not show her face?
    anyways it looks like shes trying to do some animal pose or something to me… rawr.
    most people would ‘naturally react’ by trying to cover themselves
    i think the whole dark lighting thing is so that the flash can get the shadow of the finger? maybe not
    Masa, ur friend is hot /gg

  62. das says:

    Fuck customs, fuck traditions, fuck all that the society expects of you and most of all, fuck HOPE!
    There is no hope for mankind. We fucked things up a long time ago.

  63. MaRRaS says:

    I think the main reason to use bras is that a boobs will not get droop. If woman won’t use bras her’s boobs will get droop. You can notice that if you watch some african native females in nude. All they have drooping boobs. Sorry for my bad english.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    If bra is for droop protection, why Michel Jackson dont wear bra on his nose ?

  64. foo says:

    I was much more amazed by the people than the boobs who were trying to create a negative story with prejudice and bias against Masa-san’s will. You guys are totally making a big deal out of nothing!
    And calling Masa-san a rapist is not nice! You should go through all of the his posts then you’ll have sense that Masa-san is not that kind of person.^^
    =========from MasaManiA
    thank you. But tell the truth, I made rape video when i was porn director.^^

  65. Akito says:

    ^ HAHA Masa! We’re still waiting for your filmography.
    ======from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  66. foo says:

    ========from MasaManiA

  67. Genjuro says:

    ehh Masa I hope the Raping was fake/acted ^.^
    Anyway Great Job again! even thoough I still wouldn’t like it if everyone was walking naked especially ugly people..and just because I like clothes and the way the make you speculate what’s underneath it
    but I still agree with your point of view you are absolutely right as always.. and the girl doesn’t look like she’s struggeling at all…these ill commenting bunch are just Narrow-minded FOOLS!
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your understanding

  68. Legolillas says:

    Girls hide their boobs because of men. Men have created the mith that boobs are erotic. Men desire to see boobs, to touch and to fuck them (cum, lick….) so that they hide them.
    If i were i woman, i don’t want 90% of male and some female being looking at me think that kind of things.
    The day people change their mind, i wont mind to do it (o should i go to a Amazona tribe to feel “safe?)
    Don’t fuck me, just see any voyeur website to know what people it’s thinking.
    =======from MasaManiA
    My another site for japanese style voyeur is “”

  69. Johnny Ryall says:

    Dammit you people, it looks to me like the girl is pulling one of those mock scream faces like it’s all a big joke. Besides, she doesn’t seem to be wearing a bra, which would suggest it’s a set-up. There’s no fucking way you could have pulled her top up that far, got the camera and finger in position, all before she had a chance to cover herself/twist away.
    Keep up the good work, Masa!

  70. erostone says:

    women are just life support systems for the “pussy”!
    the comments on this page made by moronic imbeciles pathologically obsessed with “feminist values”
    should be gang raped by a group of homeless men repeatedly until they can see the error of their ways
    baptized in the semen of a thousand homeless men, will help you to understand the faults of your tormented subconscious
    I want to see images of gang-raped idiot poser feminist
    bukkake style by down trodden homeless men

  71. erostone says:

    also, she seems to be very happy!
    I think it looks as if she is yelling YEEEE-HAW !!!!!
    also lots of girls love/fantisize about being taken by force
    more pics like this please!
    fuck the feminist!
    =====from MasaManiA
    I will post more such pic.

  72. Troll says:

    I LUV TITS…Heres sumthin 4 all yall. NjOi

  73. Chrissee says:

    Huh? I heard that somewhere before…
    Whatever the point you’re trying to make: you’re not controversial, but obvious, and sadly, never funny. It’s nothing but inconsequential rant. This is a bloody message board for christ’s sake… no one fuckin cares.
    Whatever. Just keep on perpetuating the same redundant observations. I’m done with you…

  74. erostone says:

    chrissee is my pet

  75. naranjita says:

    ever noticed how most women will put on their shirts first when getting dressed while men usually seem to start by the trousers?
    i think most men would have a complex about walking around with their pubes exposed. and the reason why women keep their breasts covered is men. nobody covers their breasts in womens’ locker-rooms! in some muslim countries women are covered from head to toe so men won’t get aroused. stop acting like horny bastards 24 hours a day and maybe more women will feel like they don’t have to cover their breasts! 😀
    like that one guy (only one? as if!) that posted on the crazy wristcut girl post saying that just looking at the photo made him go masturbate. geez. i don’t think that guy’s ready for the real thing! yeah, stick with the pictures… 😉
    the real question that eludes me is why do people (usually men) like breasts to the point of obsession. why do you like breasts? can anyone verbalize it in a coherent manner??

  76. Jackie says:

    Damn, do you hate women? Seriously, I am concerned. Calling women bitches? Are you alright, mister? And ask why women hide their breats? Well, then answer me why do you hide your dick? It’s just a problem of getting properly dressed or not. I am sure when the “right time” come, man or woman are just as ready to show themselves. Also, have you ever considered how traditions have been repressing women for centuries? But who am I kidding, you, who belong to the other inferior sex, wouldn’t have care anyway. But stop calling women bitches, don’t you know your manner????
    ============from MasaManiA
    You maybe dont know woman.

  77. erostone says:

    we are enchanted by what we do not have
    sort of like the fascination women have with my cock and balls

  78. Jam says:

    Do you like Japanese lady ? Please contact me.

  79. joseph says:

    please, looking at the picture it amuses me how offended people are getting at something that looks so set up (the middle finger looks pasted for a start),secondly, of course mesa’s material seems extreme to the vast majority of us- he’s a porn director- and his material will always be more shocking to the vast majority of us- just like dadaism in 20th century art
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  80. Shu says:

    I like what you have to say. It is true – what is so good about custom? Originally, we covered up to protect ourselves from the cold and heat. How did a matter of shelter become a matter of morality?
    But I wouldn’t show my boobs much. In many parts of the world, it’s still a matter of safety… 🙁 How sad.

  81. Here’s a tidbit for ya…
    I would have to agree with ‘Culture is the reason’. Personal case in point-in today’s ‘modern’ society I would never show off my chest like that. It’s like saying ‘hi, I’m a skank, treat me like a whore, a second class citizen’,etc.
    If I lived in a society were showing myself was no big deal, nothing to make a video out of (Girls Gone Wild), nothing that would raise eyebrows or turn a guy’s head, then topless I would likely be.
    It all depends on the maturity of society, in this case, refered to as custom. I really do prefer people to talk to ME, not my chest.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    thank you for your inteligent opinion

  82. 42 says:

    Whom one can not totally thrust?
    Hahaha, Julez!
    Was that on purpose?
    I think so-it was only the first time you used thrust instead of trust in the post.
    Nice word-play.

  83. Tujuh says:

    Great website here,keep doing what you do.
    The picture was definitely staged; the most obvious reason for saying that would be the position of the hands during the shot, like a lot of posters here have said. When one of your private parts are exposed by another against your will, wouldn’t the automatic response be trying to cover it up with your hands?
    Her hands weren’t tied up, instead they’re way off to the sides like she was trying to hug Masamania.
    I think i’ll be addicted to your site from now on, if only for the insights into the ‘real’ world of Japan, instead of the glossed-over fakeness that non-Japanese people are goggling over.
    Keep the camera clicking.

  84. dfsafsdfdsa says:

    If a woman wants to show her boob, that’s her businesss. But if she doesn’t want to, no one should make her show it…

  85. Mika says:

    “stupid bitch”?
    you seem mad that women won’t willingly show you their stuff. that’s one of the biggest reasons why we don’t walk around topless; too many men think that we somehow owe it to them when we don’t.
    i see your secret cam shots at i hope those women somehow find out and hunt you down, sir! =P

  86. Hayate392 says:

    perverts that stare…

  87. Hayate392 says:

    I didn’t think it would take my comment it never did O_O

  88. Hayate392 says:

    well…now that i think i can post!!!
    i must respond with this!!
    Would a straight man walk through a bunch of gay guys with no pants on?
    (see how men are the link between both situations…wait are you all boys? oops O_O)
    in otherwords if men didn’t look at women the way they do maybe it could happen…
    Nudity should be beautiful not sexy -___-
    and don’t say sexy beautiful….
    …O_O is a violation of human rights O_O
    if someone were to complain they would shut your site down and arrest you…stuff like that is exactly why women won’t show you -___-
    Please don’t reject me…*___*
    =============from MasaManiA
    You are right. but give me chance for dinamic idea.

  89. taro says:

    Just for some perspective here, being naked in Japan is no big deal DEPENDING ON THE CONTEXT.
    I’ve been to onsen hot springs and a large 11-year old kids on a school trip were splashing together naked with their teachers. No biggie.
    Likewise, most Japanese woman—ages 3 to 90— I’ve met in the 2o years will gleefully pose for you if you ask with a pure heart, hee, hee.
    I havea few photos like Masa’s where we’ve been drink at my apartment and somebody decides to liven things up with a digital camera. There’s a lot of “Yada!” squeeking, but no harm. Actually, feminine squeeling is considered the best cute-funny part of the whole deal by other girls watching and those “participating.”
    ===========from MasaManiA
    You know some onsen is gender free. that onsen is called “konyoku”. but recently woman wear swim suit to bath. it’s western culture ! what’s the fuck!!!

  90. La La Ru says:

    I was totally shocked when I read this article.
    I totally agree with bluejives and nikki. And, I really didn’t like how they got bashed for their constructive and mature opinions. I admire Masa for being nice about it.
    Not that my opinion matters, I know I’m going to get into so much trouble and rolled eyes for this but…oh well. =P
    We all need to understand something.
    Every indiviual speaks for him or herself. We speak for our own actions. We all have a mind of our own. You want to do something then do it at your own free will. Don’t put the gun to anyone’s head if they don’t agree with your opinions or way of lifestyle.
    I don’t think it’s fair for me to make you do something you wouldn’t want to do. Would it?
    If a girl wants to show her breasts in public, that’s her choice. Not mine.
    Indeed, I have been harrassed by flaunting pervets. I have no been sexually assaulted because I have brains, I don’t travel alone. It’s very annoying. So, I understand what Nikki is saying. It’s very shameful to be touched by someone you don’t like or know. Whether you’re a sexual person or not, cool. Good for you. Just stop being mean about it. Sex isn’t something to be rewarded for, puppies and guppies do it by the thousand.
    I have a friend that is in Playboy. She’s be posing again this year. She is a glamour model and foreign race queen, too. She’s not a bad person. Her perogative, she’s independant. She flashes. (No, I was not there when she did.) Her body. Her business. It’s not something I would do, I don’t follow her foot steps, but that doesn’t mean I have to be like her. If you don’t bother me with your personal beliefs then that’s fine. I’m speaking for myself. She’s speaking for herself. That’s her business. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. I respect that, just don’t bother me with it.
    So, you’re going to bash a woman that respects herself in her own right?
    We really don’t take these things seriously because we see it as a sex act. “Oh, she’s going to have sex eventually. She has boobs. They’re attached to her body, it’s natural. I’ve got nipples too. And, she gets topless everyday. Big deal. Pull off her top. Quick!” Yeah, but we never think about the emotional wreckage and double-standard damage later.
    To all the radicals: an independant action is a freedom of choice. We all speak for ourselves. Not everyone is entitled to your opinion for it is not a fact.
    Just be more selective about when, where and to whom you do it. When you do adult things handle it like an adult.
    I think it’s sad you’d hurt someone to make yourself feel proud and pleased.
    No. I’m not a feminist. I hate them as much as chauvanists. Both sides are no better nor worse when it comes to ignorance and annoyance.
    True, the breast is a natural thing to show to feed children. Yet, there’s nothing sexual about a mother and child. So, just look away.
    The breast is a private part. It’s grown by harmones. It’s a very appealing and arousing part.
    Would you think the same way if your female family members, elderly people, unattractive people, or children walked around in public topless, just as their male counter parts? Are you thinking about this situation for equality or for a sexual experince?
    That’s what I’m trying to figure out regarding to certain people’s responses.
    No matter how open minded you are, everything has it’s limits to the point were it gets illegal. You need permission to do something.
    Yes, rape and sexual assault are acts of violence. Sex should be consentual and enjoying. Something intimate and passionate. Nothing mean, selfish nor forceful.
    But, I can see what Masa is doing in this article. That girl is his friend. He’s loves women, he doesn’t want to hurt them. He’s just having a dark humor moment with his friends. Masa is not telling everyone to go around and rip female’s tops off.
    Girls Gone Wild is a different story. Are all women like that, should they be like that? Well, should we be like all the people in Jerry Springer? It’s all a form of immoral entertainment, but that doesn’t mean we have to like or follow it.
    So, that’s what I think. 😉
    Lighten up. Don’t get rowdy.
    Good bye.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report and opinion.

  91. La La Ru says:

    Another thing, Masa please don’t be mad at me.
    You’re lifestyle is your business. I respect that. I highly doubt you’d hurt anyone. You just got a dark sense of humor.
    But, choose the girls that say “yes”. Leave the ones that say “no” alone. I think that’s more fair.
    =========from MasaManiA
    Of course. but I am afraid that tradition and custom make people mis leading. I insist girls boob should be shown more same as guy.

  92. drop by says:

    hey fuckers dont u think that if he forced that gurl then her hand should be on her shirt tryin to push it bck down instead of her hands all the way up its like she actually liked it.. and beside she dont look supprise if u look in her eyes and mouth u can see that she’s pretending that shes suprise..anywayz.. let me ask you gurls out there.. if sumone tried lifting ur shirt up.. would u raise ur hand like the way she’s doen it or would u push it down??? of course the answer is that is pushin it bck down… its fuckin common sense.. if she was really being forced or someone lift her shirt up w/out her concent then her hands should be on her shirt tryin to push it bck down…i hope u stupid ass ppl out there get wat im tryin to say…

  93. La La Ru says:

    Masa, you are a very nice guy and very handsome guy. Yes, I mean it.
    What I’m trying to say is it is lifestyle, your website and your business. I respect that.
    If a girl wants to show he boobs it’s up to her. Not to us.
    Thank you for being nice about it. No hard feelings.
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your open mind to accept my opinion.

  94. Radonis says:

    tits…I like tits…
    fucken funny site…
    hello from Russia…
    ============from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  95. Now that I have returned form school, I can share a story with you about something that happened there.
    One of the males asked a similar question, only he asked why people wear clothes at all. I asked him if he really didn’t notice that some men are immature (as well as some women). He said that he did. He mentioned that some males are so bad that only the legal system keeps them from humping random females’ legs like a dog.
    So I replied, “Well, then. It looks like I need something to protect my legs from the mess those males would leave behind”.
    His only response was a shocked look and, “True, I never thought of it like that”.
    So, now, I don’t wear pants, jeans, shorts, or BDU bottoms. I wear bukake barriers. 😉

  96. mali says:

    well its atough situation. But then again there are women who enjoy it as you say.
    there is male molester and female molester. I was groped by a female molester so I support your idea.
    even though this is not about molesting. but its about sexual energy and interest. there are women who want guys to show their dick so vice a versa.
    By the way I like your philosophical mind.
    ==========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  97. ilya says:

    people like boobs..

  98. Randy says:

    I like your idea. Why can’t woman show off thier boobs and privet parts, God gave them to us to show off and have fun. So why can’t woman. Also womans boobs are just a little bit bigger because if they have children they have to feed them. So their just like us men.
    Also do you like wearing more short skirts then jeans or vice vercia.?

  99. Hayate392 says:

    do men wear booty shorts!?
    Randy …men are dogs -___-
    they don’t see it as that
    wtf Randy are you even a girl O_O i’m being ignorant…

  100. T_shay says:

    its not the biggest debate on earth becuase theres simple answers y
    men light boobs but men allegdly taking on the roles of the stronger sex will abuse there postion. this makes woman feel uncomfortable. theres a lot on this subject but im not bothered to go into it coz im lazy lol 😛
    o and im a girl as well and having a bunch of men gought at my boobs is something i wood rather pass on

  101. kasi says:

    wow this is my favorite
    I have also thought about this topic; why are boobs not shown to me?
    I love you Masa

  102. BenBen says:

    Jesus that looks like my ex-gf >_>

  103. regularguy says:

    That girl is horny and all guys are pervert,including Mr.Masa himself.

  104. Of course Masa is a pervert…otherwise, he would not have the job he does. If he wasn’t perverted, no one would want his porn…he would go broke and need a different job. Honestly, who buys the most boring porn they can find?
    Would you want Masa to be any other way?
    There is nothing wrong with a person being perverted, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else by it (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.).
    I never thought Masa’s being perverted was ever in question. ;P Thank you for having a perverted mind, Masa.

  105. MassaMania!
    Masa you are the man, cool!! show us more tits of beautiful japanese woman. I don´t say, go and forced woman, just, go with right woman who likes show her body.
    I don´t care about woman don´t show her breast. Modern times is going more sick and crazy. Anyway, When I want see woman I just play her game of love and try to make them to believe I love her… so I get access to her tits in a couple of days.
    I don´t think brasiere is bad… really make good shape of breast for woman, or do you want see woman with breast in the ground??? Brasiere is sexy and I like pull up of woman.
    Maybe problem is that we want to know anatomy of woman? We have internet and pronography.
    Woman of the world, Keep using brasiere, I love see your breast in right place, good shape, rised up. When fuck, you can feel free, it´s ok.
    But Masa, understand that even I think different, I am your reader and fan number one. Don´t give up!!!

  106. MasaMania!
    What about a little segment of video (mpg) of woman showing tits??
    Show us the porn director in yourself.

  107. Frostbite says:

    I’m female, And I would gladly walk around topless. Infact, I do at home.
    I think its mainly the fact that walking around topless in england would probably get you arreseted for ‘indecent exposure’ that stops me doing it on a daily bases. Well.. There is also the fact that it is fucking freezing outside at the moment, and all the perverted ugly fat males you get..
    Ah well!
    But, back to an earlier post you replied to with ‘boob to boob, dick to pussy’… Well, why don’t you show you man-boobs or soemthing, then it would be fair?
    And the fools up there are being stupid. Accusing you of rape and what-not when they can’t do something as simple as looking at the facts. I’m sure you wouldn’t do something as low as rape!

  108. sinisterpunk says:

    The very fact that you are so very interested in seeing her tits shows that they are a special part of her body. Would you walk around naked if there were hardcore faggots walking around lusting after your asshole, also walking around naked? Besides, some tits are old and droopy and dirty. Guess what nobody wants to see these tits unless they are a perverts. Are you a pervert Masa? You know what? The sexiest girl is the girl that shows just a little bit of her body. Just enough to tantalize. What a dumbass.

  109. The other, other white meat says:

    Did you just ask Masa, a porn director (who seems like he must be successful to me), if he’s a pervert? o_O There are many who appreciate his ‘perviness’, even love it.
    Besides, you could think of it in terms of nature…Aside from pets with strange owners, how many species of animals, OTHER THAN homo sapiens, wear clothes? Other than staying warm in cold weather, what purpose do clothes TRULY serve?
    I’ve told MY purpose in wearing clothes in previous posts, so I won’t repeat myself and make this too long of a post. Just re-read my old posts.

  110. Damn. This boob story was posted on January 31, 2005 and one year later people are still talking about dem boobies!
    Let’s all show our boobies show Masa will show us more pictures here online. I know he has more pix since I ran into him shooting the freakazoids on Harajuku bridge Dec 11.
    Hey Masa, post more meat!

  111. sinsiterpunk says:

    If you consider that every person is a pervert at heart then wearing clothes makes sense with our human nature. It is to protect us from our own insanely lustful nature.

  112. jin says:

    well.. sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. Okay, so you’re proud of your “small” dick. What about something you’re not proud off? Something you keeps in your heart, and you don’t want anyone to know it at all? Then someone blew the whistle, and every one on the public know about that and start to laugh at you, or maybe run away from your. You sure will be pissed off. It’s not about men’s breast or women’s breast. Think about that.

  113. Fuzzbutt says:

    Damn. Where can I find more pictures of small asian tits?

  114. Mira Firefly says:

    I object to this picture becuase i AM a girl, and because that is just a complete violation of her right to self-determinism as a human being. She should be able to make her own decisions; forcing her is wrong.
    On the other hand, i do agree with your point, Masa; breasts are sexy, but then, i personally find boots and feet to be even sexier than breasts. This is very common, and people know that, but they don’t try to hide their boots or feet.
    i have a very simple reason that, as a girl, i hide my breasts: my safety. i may be able to handle my body and others’ bodies, but i don’t know that other people can handle seeing my body maturely. i know there are some people who will react to seeing my body in a way that is harmful to me. It’s sad, but there’s nothing i can do about it – otherwise, i would walk around wearing chestless clothing, breasts proudly exposed.

  115. scooby says:

    hey dude go to australia,
    girls at the beach go topless,
    i once went on a first date with a chick to the beach and she was topless, and she had big tits, i dint think anything of it. Thats why aussies are so cool, we are down to earth. i guess i live in utopia. 🙂
    mind you if i ripped her shirt off and took her photo while giving her the finger i would probably get the absolute shit kicked out of me.

  116. Saylor says:

    hmm I was raised to not show my knockers, I blush about it because I am the only one besides my fucking ex who has seen them, and you don’t know if they’re too small to large and most of society frowns at the exposure of womens boobs.
    consider boobs to be like candy, the less you eat it the more you want the fuckers
    now why the hell did I join this conversation XD oh well

  117. Silas says:

    Did picture seems set up? Did she particpate in the play of letting your tits shown or did you acutally forced it?

  118. Glenn says:

    Much love to you and feminists

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