Heal yourself, Fuck you prayer

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Yes, I went to Rock band concert. Lots of cool band play rock music. It was really exiting moments……..until one band start to play, and pray.
Praying heal you, and calm your mind, but seeing praying just make you fucking irritate.

This band was really cool ! nice sound, speedy tempo and exiting rythm. I fucking exited. My tention get high ! Oh, yeah !
But suddenly, my joy was disturbed !

That band’s music started slowly and silently with praying.

suddenly, he streach out his two arms into air. ( he shaved his arm pit hair )

and he start to praying again.

while praying, he bow.

after finshing bow, he was still praying.

Oh, yeh. at last, he stoped praying. but start to stare celling with boring back ground rythm.

after several minuts, he start to pray again.

Oh, god ! he stop to pray. he streach out his arms toword celling. and the sound become big and fast tempo.

Oh my god. his music finished. What’s a boring band ! He just keep praying.

Hey, what are you doing sir, in rock band concert ?
I dont care wheather you belieave god or not. but Please dont show off your shaved arm pit and praying.

I really hate this kind of cheap performance. Hey, what are you praying ? Next time you want to pray something, don’t come to rock concert. Here is not Britain Concert hall where lived by John Lenon who pray world peace repeatedly. Here is Japan where there are people who atack USA without notice. Jap are dengerous people. We need not ENYA. fuck away healing man ! fuck you !


  1. Brent Cooper says:

    Yeah, they have the same bullshit here in the U.S., it’s called Christian Rock! It is horrible music!

  2. Kashi says:

    And what he praing for?
    Myabe he think he looks cool?.. jork

  3. Wannabe Ninja says:

    nah, Christian rock is just really crappy imitation Rock music.

  4. Sean says:

    I think xtians should be crucified, I think catholics should burn in flames and any other religion that believes in a bullshit god. That’s my fucking opinion.

  5. Amano says:

    Cool pics once again but seems very boring 😉 Hope u didn’t pay too much for that!
    Anyway you seem to say that the first part of the concert was good: do you have any good way to know about rock concerts events in Tokyo (a website, a magazine or something?)Not BIG concerts but more like smal indies one? Thx in advance and keep the good work Mass Media Killer 😉

  6. kaudio says:

    He does not have any instrument in these pics. I think he can not play any instrument. So he is praying for getting an ability to play the instrument.

  7. Brandon says:

    Who cares if he was praying? The real problem? He shaves his arm pits! Damn metrosexual! lol

  8. nick says:

    He is praying to the wrong god. Everyone knows the Devil is the god of rock.
    PS. Japan attacking USA without notice……fuck away healing man…….Masa, you sick funny bastard.

  9. Topy says:

    Wow, i’ve heard before about drunken singers in rock concerts or lead singers smashing guitars or cursing at the crowd…things like that …but never ever heard of singers praying in the middle of a rock concert (i mean a real rock concert not that stupid thing that u call christian rock)

  10. Marc says:

    i got my nose bleeding and lost a piece of my tooth at the last concert i where at ^^
    this guy is really boring : /

  11. aborg says:

    i love how u can give the fuck you finger to anyone there. when i gave the fuck you finger to someone here they chase me in a car, but i was on bike and went into a narrow passage and got away

  12. Talia says:

    lol..praying at a rock concert is weird…rock concert= muusssic…

  13. Lewis says:

    Do the Japanese have punk rock music?
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Next posting, I will show you Japanese punk rock scene.

  14. suckstone says:

    this band sux
    they seem unoriginal, and they suck !
    is he praying for inspiration ?
    or maybe he is just praying for talent
    pray at home while you are alone, or at church if that is what you do
    but do not bring your sloppy ideas of prayer onto a stage during a music event for the unwanted and unexpected expierence of your unknowing audience
    then again do what ever the fuck you want, its cool !

  15. australia says:

    wHY CANT THEY JUST bite the head of a chicken or smash some guitars or give an audience member a blowjob or something normal like that??

  16. Terri says:

    If you believe, as many do, that music is a gift that God gives us for His and our pleasure, then certainly a prayer of thanks in the midst of the music is not inappropriate. I assume that when the band was booked, the promoters knew they were a Christian band and praying is a given at Christian music concerts and among Christian musicians. So, you should direct your anger not at the band but at the promoters. Also, to the person who thinks Christian bands are somehow less talented imitators, all musicians, no matter how talented or untalented, sing about what is important to them. The subject of the music doesn’t define the musician’s talent; it simply tells you what he cares about, be it slapping women or praising God. Oh, by the way, God bless you all. Terri
    ==========from MasaManiA
    So how do you think about his showing off of his arm pit and give off strange smell ?
    anyway i have no idea he is christian or not.
    In japan, Not only Chirstian but also Buddist also pray.

  17. myugenjin says:

    I saw Marilyn Manson (on camcorder video) praying in christ’s name before a concert. Thats not really Christian music persae. Thats “My music aint good enough to make it” music whether it’s rock, pop, rap, or gospel.
    I personally think god is sending a message to these performers which is why they never make it mainstream unless they make normal music. Like country stars or P.O.D & Evanesance.
    Once again from a christian perspective this is bringing attention to yourself and not your god of worship. Just like the Missionarie, televangelists.
    Besides I hate live performances unless the people really know how to perform!

  18. 42 says:

    Umm, myugenjin,
    Marilyn Manson is a Satanist. He was MAKING FUN OF Christians.
    So, does your god text message or send e-mails?

  19. The Bouncer says:

    #1 Why in the world would you freakin idiots go to a christian concert and not expect praying?
    #2 Forget what you half-baked retards believe!! Prayer is the best thing we have in this world!!
    #3 All of you faggets need to learn how to type and actually make sense of what your saying. Right now, i bet you couldn’t tell a boy from a girl!! Or do ya’ll even know what those are?

  20. tonya says:

    why so much hate for christians? must be hard to live with a heart of stone?

  21. Edviziuz says:

    Heh, I just found this article. Reminds me of certain comic I read some time ago.

  22. bob says:

    What the fuck, that has nothing to do with the story ,its just christan propagnda. Fuck you motherfucker.
    Today I saw 2 people fucking in the park. But didn’t stop to watch in cas they see me and try to beat me up.

  23. Edviziuz says:

    “What the fuck, that has nothing to do with the story ,its just christan propagnda. Fuck you motherfucker.
    Today I saw 2 people fucking in the park. But didn’t stop to watch in cas they see me and try to beat me up.”
    I know, but since people here started with the christian rock stuff…
    And how were those people fucking?

  24. jason says:

    Christian rock is cool and someone praying is not a dumb action. If you want hardcore christian rock listion too underoath or As I lay dieing. And rock is not the devils music its Gods.

  25. Val Cain says:

    You fucks think you know God I understand you can’t help what you believe but I wish you could come down to where i am there are real christians like myself who are hated by everyone including these so called face christians your probably talking bout and you want to talk about rock stars being tough i never seen a rock star cruxified by his own government i wish you could see the world i live in its dirty than anything you could imagine this shit is real and if you think God is fake I Promise in the name of Jesus Christ if you respond to my comment by bashing something you don’t such as God Jesus Christ or the Godhead he will give you the same life and pain he gave me you don’t want to see what i’ve seen and if you think this shits fake then go ahead and do that shit its not gonna hurt me

  26. L41n says:


  27. Ed says:

    I think gods full of shit & his mother was a whore praying never helped anyone all it does is give these dummies a fault sense of hope & makes them thnik they did something with their time, but what they really did is nothing. Poeple just never learn, in world war II the jews prayed as they were taken to the ovens, they could have ran or tried to fight back, thats better then sitting on your ass praying. Then there are the Christains, they think they are great people, most of them are made up of drunks, & dope addicts, even the preists are no good most of them been in jail & are fags they love them little boys how sick can you get? Then theres them born agains, real losers they act like it a good thing to be born again, well I never did anything like any of them so I dont need to be born again, born again losers are what they really are. Years ago the Christians were fed to the lions, I dont think that was too bad of an idea, hey lions got to eat too dude!

  28. g0rk says:

    G’day, thats what telstra payphones say…..
    christian rock bands suck gigantic elephant balls.

  29. cindy says:

    I once saw to people fucking in the park and i screamed, harder!

  30. Uncle Blood says:

    This happenen all the time in USA he is trying to remember lyrics to sing. He forget all the time poor bastard he really is in the wrong business

  31. Celestial Knight Omega says:

    You know, for a reason I got to this web site. I’m a christian, and let me tell you, this is more than a religion(no, this ISN’T a RELIGION!! It’s a lifestyle)
    That’s why we can express ourselves in this way, and we DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT US, because what JESUS did in my life, is worth much more than you can even begin to imagine, or whatever you can say to me. We do not sing rock just because we like it, but because we can Worship JESUS with it; that’s because GOD created music (so satan is not the god of Rock n Roll, in fact, he’s not even close to a god), and we use it also to send a message to those that don’t know how much JESUS loves them. He gave his life, only so that you wouldn’t have to go through all he went, because of all your sins. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to Judge y’all, but to tell you that there’s much more to this life you know. All of that stuff that you “think” only you know about that you did, and that’s wrong, He’s seen it, and knows that you are going to an eternity (not one day ,or a week, not even 1000 years) to Hell. You don’t care? DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU KNOW HELL!!? Is it like the songs you’ve heard about it? IT IS NOT!! iT WILL BE A CONTINUOUS TORMENT, DAY AND NIGHT, and The devil, yes he will be there, but he won’t be there to help you, ’cause he will also be suffering for all he did, filling your mind with lies, and having you blinded. Right now you are totally trapped in his web, and don’t know about it. But I’m telling you, Jesus want’s you to live, and awaits your return to him. I know and YOU KNOW there is stuff in your
    life that you wouldn’t like anibody to find out, and that there is stuff that you can’t leave, like drugs, booze, and as much as you try, you see it impossible to stop all of that. That’s because you have chains in your spirit (WHAT? YOU THINK THAT THERE’S ONLY WHAT YOU CAN SEE? THAT STUFF JUST “HAPPENS”?, THAT THE SPIRIT AND SOUL ARE JUST INVENTIONS? well.. NO!) and you are blinded by your own sins. and as long as you are like that, and can’t believe that JESUS can help you get through it your destiny awaits. You only have to decide: 1.- Live a better life, with a solution to every one of your problems, and a promise from GOD, to go to heaven when your time comes; or 2.- KEEP LIVING YOUR LIFE, WITH ALL THE SADNESS, BITTERNESS AND PAIN YOU SUFFER WHEN YOU’RE ALL ALONE, AND HAVING TO GO TO HELL, JUST BECAUSE YOU REFUSED TO ACCEPT JESUS IN YOUR LIFE. I know you don’t want any of the stuff that makes you suffer anymore in your life, but you think of the other people, what will they say, or think. Don’t give more value to that over your life. You shouldn’t have to go through all the stuff that you live, Someone wants to help you.
    Maybe you don’t understand this music, but when JESUS comes to your life, it’s like there was something in your eyes, and He takes it off, so that you can now see how bad you were, and you decide in your life: I WONT LET SATAN RULE MY LIFE AND HAVE ME TRAPPED!! I WILL STAND UP AND SET HIM UNDER MY FEET,HE WILL NOT STOP ME FROM GETTING ALL THAT GOD WANTS FOR ME!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!
    Jesus doesn’t want’s you to have a religion, he want’s you to have a life. And He wants to be a part of it, the most important. He cares not only for your spiritual life, but for your social, financial, familiar life, and every part of your life. Everyone in the world has a wrong concept of GOD, but he wants to change that, by showing that you can be with GOD and live a life you only imagined. Religion is an instrument of the devil to give GOD a bad rep, but that’s not what GOD’s about.
    THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ANYONE THAT READS IT. If you want to know more about that life that JESUS gives, there’s my e-mail: razinual_oguh@hotmail.com
    I hope you think about your life first, then what ohers think about you. Sorry if anything I said hurt you, but is what GOD gave me. I also needed to have my eyes opened, and JESUS was quick to help me. Don’t try cursing me, or saying anything bad about me, ’cause i simply DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU SAY. I just want you to know the truth, and if you want to know more about it and don’t want anyone else in the forum to know , e-mail me, and we’ll talk things over.
    See ya.

    That is Rock

  33. Sumimasen says:

    Now Japan is able to speak their opinions,I understand the frustrations and confusions of Japan.
    America is not perfect!
    I understand why Japanese teens are rebelling against Goverment and Authority figures.
    Japanese youth and American youth have one thing in Common they want FREEDOM and RESPECT!
    In America African americans fought for equal rights…..That opened a new door for women’s rights, which led to children’s rights,then animal rights,then Enviromental rights, which led to Ancient Traditions of Nature and Mother earth Spiritual awareness.
    Now Japanese women and Japanese youth are fighting for equal rights and respect!!
    Music is one of many ways they can exppress their opinions.
    Sex is better than war!
    Music and sex is the UNIVERSAL Language, all cultures understand that.
    Release your frustrations on a Punching bag , or thru music or excercise aything except hurting each other!
    I am an American Indian Shaman simply exppressing my opinions,im not religious, nor do I promote any religions, But I respect peoples right to be religious, Just dont PUSH RELIGION To others.
    Peace to you all!
    Sun Dog,
    From Hawaii!

  34. Samu says:

    Yeah thats pretty gay that he started praying during the concert.>< BAKAYORO

  35. pippi says:

    gosh. good person who likes pantera!! go you. go you. they are of course..GOODS!!
    well yes. that’s my line for today.
    to be honest i’m not into the whole christian/catholic mumbo jumbo. i was brought up as one by my mother. but kind of had it forced on me. so you know. i kinda figured it into my head that it was just another one of her ways to control me. you know like, if you don’t tidy your room god ill send you to hell and all that shit. well now she can’t control me so fuck her aye? alcohomohol is a good. and gin is the drink of the gods. hehe.
    tut tut. i am drinkerising at this hour!!
    anyway. you all seem to be american and japanese and i feel oh so lonely with my englishisms. so i’ll be running off now.
    p.s stop getting at manson. he is wonderful and beautiful and godly. ha! there’s your god for you…

  36. jet says:

    fuck you all!!!!!! christian rock music is the coolest rock music of all!!!!!! you better be cool like british rock bands!!!!! GOD IS COOL!!! GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Kitsune says:

    “Fuck you all!!!” Does that include god? A rocking and cool god fucking him self? Leaving Mary the virging a virgin you may have a point…

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