Cool Tokyo street performer

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There are fucking lots of street performer on the Tokyo street. Even though tokyo street is very boring because almost all street performer is same style.
one person play fork guiter and sing a song about how to live. fuck !
the other are band group. they have expensive speaker, amp and electlic guitar. But their music is so cheap and fucking poor.
If you walk on the tokyo street, you start to want ear-plug.
But these guys are completly different. They are really cool. I garantee it. and this time, I upload movie also !
please enjoy. and tell me your opinion comparing your country performer.

This is movie of Break dancer 6MB

THis is movie of speed drumer 18MB

This drummer name is Padra. His Web site is
Enjoy !


  1. trueplayer says:

    Awe man… where is the movie?! Those guys look bad ass! I wanna see the movie. Fuck!

  2. trueplayer says:

    Never-mind… I saw the movie and those guys are indeed bad ass.

  3. Ricky Ricardo says:

    The drummer is working up a trance. If someone were to sacrifice a chicken nearby, Baba Loa would descend for a drink.

  4. Dannier says:

    You think that your country is boring because there are always the same performances, but my country doesn’t have any performances besides for classical music.

  5. the huntergatherer says:

    I see those breakdancer guys in Shibuya a lot. They’re OK… but once is enough.
    The drummer, haven’t seen him before. Where is that, Shinjuku? I can&t believe it was one person playing all that. What it that weird distorted static sound that’s playing every second or so?
    My favorite is an American drummer that plays in Shibuya on Fri and Sat nights at around 10 or so. He does awesome funk cover songs with this ratty old beat up drum set.
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Drummer is in Ikebukuro or Yoyogi park or Kichijoji. You know about Tokyo well.

  6. Joe Lebowski says:

    “There are fucking lots of street performer on the Tokyo street. Even though tokyo street is very boring because almost all street performer is same style.
    one person play fork guiter and sing a song about how to live. Fuck !”
    > I guess it’s better than here in france, with drunken old men who play “la vie en rose” of edith piaf with their cheapy violin…
    but there are less and less street performers in paris… I think paris became a lot more boring than tokyo… urayamashii T_T

  7. coby says:

    haha, the “breakers” look like theyre in some kind of asian thuglife boyband..

  8. epoz says:

    Well in Amsterdam we mostly have people who look like bums, playing acoustic guitar badly and doing American pop cover versions. Bleh. Lately there has been a lot of eastern-europeean people playing accordion and violin too.

  9. Topy says:

    Here we have: people playing the guitar (some of them playing their own songs – OMG!! >_________

  10. Benimaru says:

    Masa you take some real cool pics, what type of camera are you using?
    And are there any black people living in Japan?
    Just curious.
    ==================================from MasaManiA
    I use degital camera. Almost no black, white and brown people in Japan. only yellow.

  11. Alex says:

    Boku wa Amerikajin desu ga nihongo de rapu utau koto ga dekimasu. Tokyo ni iite toki ni ongaku no sutajio de shigoto shimashita. rai natsu ni tokyo ni kaete toki ni onaji basho de rapu shimasu… hai shibuya de ^^ sorede moshi anatatachi wa boku uta ga kikitai datara e-mail shite moii desu soshite cheku shite onegai~

  12. Brody says:

    Not too bad Masa, but I am used to the street performers in New York City, and we have the best in the world. Large groups of black guys from Harlem will go to Times Square and do break dancing like in your video, only much more impressive. You should come to NYC, I’ll show you!
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    Yes, I think so. I want to see it.

  13. HMC says:

    I don’t think that’s called “break dance”. But it’s okay, I guess. It reminds me of Justin Timberlake for some reason.
    The drumming movie wouldn’t work for me.

  14. Bec says:

    Hi from Sydney,
    Found your site and I like your style of writing.
    I miss living in Tokyo now!!

  15. Talia says:

    There are some impressive street performers in New York City too…there is a naked cowboy, who plays the guitar…well..he has undies on ^_^; haha…but the Naked Cowboy makes a lot of money…he has no other job and takes off during the winter b/c he gets cold…
    ===================from MasaManiA
    I heard that he came to Japan also and did that performance too.

  16. Ronni says:
  17. barkstone says:

    in america we have people that are known as “tree-huggers”
    in picture #10, this guy is hugging a pole!
    are there no trees in tokyo?!
    is this guy known as a “pole-hugger”?
    is he trying to start a new trend?

  18. Tujuh says:

    The drummer guy is super-fast. Maybe he’s into trance music?

  19. Pole dancing perhaps?
    (Picture #8) Someone-I don’t know who, I was still a little kid at the time-gave me the strangest Christmas present one year. It was a funny looking hat with a stuffed frog head on the front. The frog’s mouth was open and a long tongue curled down all the way to my chin. I kept it for a while (to be polite) and finally sold it at a garage sale one day. It almost looks like someone removed the frog head and gave it to the band member you took pictures of. I wonder if he actually likes wearing that ugly thing…

  20. crm software says:

    The drums boy is awesome!!! the fastest I’ve ever seen!!

  21. goaty says:

    There are too black people working in Japan. Mostly they stand in the street in Ikebukuro or Kabukicho. I don’t know what they are doing there. They don’t bother me, and I don’t bother them.

  22. Alexander says:

    Konbanwa! I should go to Tokyo and become a street performer instead of a Wall Street finance guy. Let’s see. I’m crazy and you?

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