I'm not jealous of friends group


One sunny holiday, I went to the amusement park alone. Because I have no friend. When I was walking arond the amusement park, I heard the cheerful voice. That are friendly group. They were just trying to take a memorial photo in front of bear statue.

One clown man were giving instruction of shot to other friend member.

And he jumped.

and he kicked.

at that time, their friend camera man taked a picture of the kicking bear scene.

Other member started laughing.

They seem very cheerful, enjoy and happy.

They seem very very very cheerful, enjoy and happy.

I thought I need a friend to enjoy together.

I was very jealous to them.

But when I went back to home, I felt relieved. Because When I enlarge these picture and made sure wheather they really enjoy or not.

And I found out that she doesnot seem to enjoy at least by judging from enlarged picture.

I think I am not loser. fuck you.

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  1. I think you should have fucked that woman because she looks very depressed. She can’t fool me with her fake smile.

  2. Masa-san sir,
    Head up ! You have friends worldwide.
    Your site open’s my eyes to japan

  3. It’s ok, Tokyo is a difficult place to make friends. I have few friends in Tokyo, maybe I will move to Osaka, people are more friendly in Osaka.

  4. hum, I understand how you must have felt. I know that feeling! They might have fun together but look, you are much cooler! You walk around and don’t hesitate to take such pictures! That is pretty cool and most ppl haven’t the guts to do that!

  5. Masa – where is this amusement park? It looks familliar. If I could, I would go with you, and we could have a good time.
    But I am just a stupid american girl who thinks you are funny. *orz
    =========================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your charity mind. I also want to go to zoo and Italian restaurant.

  6. Don’t worry MASA
    They are probably being nice to each other because there is a camera near by… in reality they probably hate each others guts! 😉
    Things never look as good as they seem…

  7. I think i will go to japan this year or next for holydays. I can be your friend 🙂
    =====================from MasaManiA
    THank you

  8. MASA.
    I know how u feel in this fucking world.
    i am student in chicago. i want more freind. i see friendly group i am jealous. i always wondering if they are really happy. i see they are happy. and i am jealous.
    sometimes i think maybe they not happy. but at least they are better than me. they are un happy, but have friendly group.
    i am unhappy and no friendly group. i am fucking loser.
    come to chicago and we be friend. OK?

  9. fuck you social people!
    fuck you social phobia, why do I have so much fear of strangers? it’s more of what they think, I always have the feeling that people are judging me when I’m out of house. Also I always feel being watched. It’s really horrible. Because of that I act weird, can’t act like I want to because of fear.
    it’s sad.

  10. omg. never have i laughed so much.
    your pictures, your style of writing, your (superb!) english, and your way of thinking. you are a hero.
    please snap some more pictures and write more about your country.
    referring your site to all my friends.. i think we have a winner! B)

  11. masa, this is the funniest site i have been to for a longtime.
    i’ve been to japan, so this kind of stuff doesn’t suprise me, but i’ve not seen a site done like this before..
    your sense of humour is very classic.

  12. Being together in the group does not equal being friends. Don’t be afraid of lonliness, embrace it, you end up leading your own life without compromise.

  13. i will be your friend sir! what temperature is warm day in tokyo summer? here in australia we often get above 38 C degree (celsius)!
    =======from MasaManiA
    Thank you and i dont know about temparature.q

  14. Masa-sama. Don’t be bitter. You got a lot of friends.
    Don’t doubt yourself. 🙂
    You’re not a bad man at all.

  15. hahaha @ what u did to her picture. it’s okay masa u have an amazing mind that maybe average people can’t appreciate. we all love u here.

  16. Damn Masa,… There’s 3 kinds of people. Those who like to be alone, Those who like few, and Those who like many.
    Now I’d say if those in your picture are the ones that like few. Then yeah they probally are very happy. A tight closenit group who may care more for each other then they do their own family.
    And if they are those who like many then no. They aren’t really happy because with so many friends they have no time to build trust or intiment memories with one another. I’ve known quite a few of these types who befriend all and try to please everyone.
    They often can’t recall any feeling’s for an individual such as why im a good or bad friend. They even forget if you once befriended them only to have let them down or stole from them which caused the friendship to end in the first place.
    These kinda people have the friends that aren’t really one at all their are just there by loose affiliation like your co-workers or boss. Or the kids that you talked to at school but never invited to your home.
    These people I see as very week and gullible with no true friends just adversaries in their life! They are allway’s so apsesed with the opinions of others and can hardly think for them selfves.

  17. Awee don’t worry masa *hugs*, when I get to Japan I’ll be your friend (even with benefits if IT’S THAT necessary, lol 😉
    I enjoy very much amusements parks, and what the fuck, zoos can be loads of fun, haha and then we’ll order Italian food IN ITALIAN, I’ll teach you some words, don’t feel lonely, you are not :), most of the population is truly unhappy, don’t feel jealous for those kids, haha, you can see he had to use the clown card in order to amuse everyone around.
    I enjoy your ‘Japanese Culture report’ a lot…
    =============from MasaManiA
    THank you my friend

  18. Absolutly, you have a strange personality, but also people with your personality find friends, maybe you don’t need a friend…….maybe…..a girlfriend!(don’t look for her in costume play! yodan yodan)
    Suerte chaval!

  19. chill out masa.
    you sound like you dont love your own company.
    youve just got to learn to love ya personality and then you will find you wont need to be jealous of others happiness beacause those people will be coming to you for friendship.
    just embrace the positives around you babe!
    take care masa.all my love kingsley.xxxx
    ==========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  20. Massa! you think you have no friends but i read your site and find you have many friends. Maybe you look in the wrong place for friends when they are right under your nose!
    Fuck you my friend – you are a very brilliant photo-journalist!
    ==================from MasaManiA
    Thank you, you are friend

  21. ANSWER ME MASA PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE… and show us a picture of yourself. anywayz you have friends and you don’t need to go to the theme park with friends.it even more fun alone because friend slow you down
    =============from MasamaniA
    thank you

  22. That was hilarious. That last picture makes it look like she got booted in the face.
    Not sure if I got the message right, but you seem lonely. Consider everyone on your website as your friends, and moral support. You are doing these reports for us in a way, anyways.

  23. masa you say you have no freinds but in other articles like “extreme druker damage report” and the instand noodle one you are doing stuff with people. Are thet not your freinds or are have you gotten freinds since this article. Whats the deal masa? Be specific.

  24. Aawww come here you little niponese rapscallion, I give you a big hug. hey Masa as long as you have yen you have friends …here I will go to the zoo with you anytime,now where is your wallet.

  25. Huh?!? What’s your point? Yeah, I got it, you’re alone, etc. but what does the girl’s face have to do with anything??? She looks like she’s having a good time.

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