Street car racing in Tokyo night sky, Roulette-zoku


If you look up at the Tokyo sky, you can see lots of highway if you are not on the highway. But the reason why we call it highway is not for the position, but the price of toll. Yes, we never say freeway. Do you know why Japanese highway tall fee is so high ? Because we can enjoy really high grade labyrinth atraction. It’s really so complecated.
And central highway are called Metropolitan expressway. and in it, there is inner circular route. and it is not called racing circuit, but it become racing circuit on Suterday night.
Amature street racing is very popular in Japan. and we call such driver, “Hashiriya”. some Hashiriya enjoy speeding. Some Hashiriya enjoy drifting technique. some Hashiriya enjoy customise. some Hashiriya enjoy cornering technique.
In case of Metropolitan inner circular route, Hashiriya keep going round to enjoy time trial. So they are called, rullet-zoku(group). They are really fast. They are incredibly speedy. So it is easy to become top among them. Just drive within legal speed. and you can be top because Metropolitan expressway is circular.
Dont police do nothing in such situation ? Yes, or actually they do too much. Police set up the tons of speed trap. and police keep to patrole whole days. so if you speed over bit, you get arrested in a express way. The meaning of express is applied to arrest.
But Hashiriya never be scare of police. They memorise exactly where speed traps are setted. and they have special divice to detect police car approching. and of course, they are too speedy to be catched by police. They are also professional of not to be arrested by police.
Today I introduce you Suterday night’s Tokyo street racing.



  1. Manalover says:

    Wow cool pictures Masa Love your site they help me see what Japan is before I go on trip to live there. Keep on taking good pictures 🙂

  2. Ranting Sweed says:

    so they let you ride in the’re car and take pictures?
    did they let you do it because one of them knows your site, or just because you’re so obviously awsome?
    ==========From MasaManiA
    nobody know about me in japan

  3. zeonx says:

    with all those plenty of photos i call you “otaku of photo” !
    keep it up !!

  4. Hiku says:

    COOL pictures Masa, there are really a lot.. worth the time waiting 🙂
    soo many cool cars, i wish i had one.. i really admire your dedications.
    Tell me, how do the police detector device works? some kind of radar or something?
    greetings from Indonesia!!!
    =============from MasaManiA
    it catch police wireless band wave

  5. starpause says:

    this batch was really in excess! i like concise journalism. this report was a pain. too many pictures which are almost exactly the same.
    not all of them even loaded (my internet browser shows a lot of broken links) so if there were any interesting ones later on, i missed them in the flood of rice burners.
    maybe i’m just not interested enough in cars. when you had flix of all the different street fashion that wasn’t as bad to me. maybe the batch was smaller that time as well.

  6. Spike23 says:

    Cool nice pics man i dig it. =)
    I wish i could go ride in a car of the fast Hashiriya ppl \^___^/

  7. _placebo says:

    cool pictures btw,i guess you can take more pictures of the cars engage in racing with each other and its better take pic of the modefied cars.saturday night is really happening out there ya,is it in tokyo wangan?
    thanks for the pic masa, take care dude

  8. Dae Dae says:

    Damn some of those cars are so cool. Thanks Masa-san

  9. hey masa wazap, great picture as always man, and those cars are so cool, but i have a question, if you get arrested how much time do you have to be in jail? and by the way, wich was the maximum speed on the car that you were inside? well, g2g but congratulations for your awesome site. Nos vemos bye
    ===========from MasaManiA
    it’s depend on which law we violate. maxim speed is also depend on car

  10. Ruisu says:

    They must be rich people, right ?
    ===========fron MasaManiA

  11. MukeChin says:

    Great entry Masa-kun! Gosh those some cool looking rides… So how fast were you going?
    Masa’s obviously “well-connected”! Come on man, you don’t think just anyone gets to be AV director, no? It’s obvious Masa’s got buddies all-over the underworld. Thank goodness he shares the truth!
    Keep up the fucking good job Masa… Gambatte!

  12. micky says:

    Next, please report on “怒?E

  13. Missy says:

    I love you Masa.

  14. Fung Kook says:

    Thank you for your report. However, I have looked deeper in to this. The reason why Hashiriya speed in their cars is because they are small where it counts. Here is a photo of a few Hashiriya discussing whose drive stick is smaller:

  15. j says:

    Thank you, sir. Excellent story.

  16. rolly says:

    I love the “high technology” radar detector. My father had one back in 1985. They don’t work well in America nowadays, because police use lasers to measure speed instead.
    I love the front-wheel-drive cars with a rear spoiler. Only rear-wheel-drive cars benefit from spoilers. Ricers…what can you do about them?
    Also, 188 pictures is too many.

  17. amuzed says:

    Nice pictures. Though I don’t really like streetcar racing, I’m looking forward to see the movie Initial D with chinese and japanese stars, it’s based on a manga involving streetcar racing. Is that movie being screened in Japan too?
    ==========From MasaManiA
    Initial D is Japanese anime

  18. There’s a movie in HK called Initial D, I think is based on this

  19. Sausage says:

    I dont like the chinese initial D movie. Oversimplified plot. Might as well just give us non stop video of feet hitting the gas pedals.

  20. amuzed says:

    Yes, it originally was a Japanese anime, but they now also made a movie of it with real actors and actresses like Anne Suzuki, Jay Zhou, Edison Chen in it. I guess the movie isn’t promoted in Japan, but it is in China, Singapore and other east-asian countries. Jay Chou is a famous chinese singer/songwriter who did the movie-themes. And you probably know Anne Suzuki.

  21. Ahmed says:

    Why are the pictures green? Is there something wrong with my monitor?
    =================from MasaManiA
    To take a clear picture in dark night situation, i use special camera. this is the reason the picture is green.

  22. joseph says:

    i cant see the pictures! could you possibly break them up into seporate reports next time so my browser can actually load them! thank you!

  23. ScareBabyForDie says:

    Schweeet! Exposing the hairy underarms of Japan to the world! I love the cars. Maybe you can get some video footage of a race?

  24. Spatial Ed says:

    Peeps, if your browser doesn’t load all the pics on the first try…just try reloading the page…usually it’ll already have the first try pics in the cache and then just have to download those it didn’t get the first time. Worked for me.
    Thanks for the cool pics Masa…one question though…why no mitsubishi eclipses?…are they not in Japan?
    ===================from MasaManiA
    I cannot take photo of completely all cars.

  25. JoeyD says:

    @Spatial Ed – there was atleast one Eclipse I noticed, of which Masa took several pictures on different occasions.. This is one of them 😛
    Anyways, nice work Masa.. I just discovered your site and plan to become a regular visitor. Keep up the good work! n_n
    (Japan > All)
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Visitor never know how hard to take these pictures. it’s dangerous and driver dont want to be taken photo. yes, i took pitures on many different situation.

  26. Bel says:

    That is a lot of car pictures. They are cool cars. I do not really know much about cars & car racing. Racing on highways must be exciting. So it is dangerous to drive “normally” on a Saturday night in Tokyo?
    ================from MasaManiA
    not so dangerous.
    but to take a picture while driving is dangerous

  27. boombasstic says:

    nice report masa.
    here in france we dont have hashiriya, but oshiriya…… driving assholes
    ===============From MasaManiA
    You know japanese language.

  28. FiL_under7 says:

    What about drivers attitude? They allow you to take pics or they shout: GO AWAY PUNK!!
    Go Masa!!!
    ============from MasaManiA
    THe reason they hate to be taken photo is that they are afraid of being arrested. so they are very suspicious for shooting. Police sometime use such picture or film as evidence for arrest.
    So you can know how their attitude will be to me.

  29. Filipa says:

    Masa, I love your fucking life

  30. Awsome report masa, by the way is it possible for you to post a link of my site on your website? i will do the same on my website and please feel free to post any picture over there 🙂

  31. lol jesus says:

    What type of camera did you use to take these pictures at night? I’d like one.
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Sony F828

  32. milie says:

    O_o…….freak, all the big stuff inside the car to know if polices are coming! They really enjoy it…. Does it have a high price? must be…high >_<!

  33. Spatial Ed says:

    Yo JoeyD, you’re right! I didn’t even recognize it with the mods it has on it. Looks nice though.

  34. R. Elgin says:

    You can take out the green tint and get close to acurate colors if you use Photoshop. It’s easy.
    There are so many cars like this that it makes me wonder what would happen if these guys took up providing a **fast** taxi service in Tokyo. Wow . . .

  35. Dorifto says:

    What happens when someone crashes during on of the freeway runs? Do the other car go back and check on them, or just speed away and leave them?
    ============from MasaManiA
    Police and highway staff come.

  36. Danny Howard says:

    Thanks MASA!!!

  37. Ripper says:

    Hi Masa, i would like to know what filter you used to take these photos. By the way, are you using a sony digital camera? Which model? Am i be able to use it on my Canon Digital Kiss XT? Anyway great article and thanks for the great pictures. Now i can start doing it here with my toyota corolla 😛
    ============from MasaManiA
    Sony F828. But now we can buy more good quality camera that we can shoot at night if you have money.

  38. RedStage says:

    Masa-san, thanks for posting these pics. I lived n Yokohama for 10 years, been gone for 2 years now. These pictures make me home sick 🙂 Are these taken near the C1? Arigato gozaimasu.

  39. Emily says:


  40. Mosquito Moe says:

    Do you know there’s a Playstation game called “Tokyo Extreme Racer”? It’s about exactly what these guys here are doing- racing Tokyo’s highways at night. I had no idea.
    Here is a video of it that I hope works. You might need to try it again.
    =============from MasaManiA
    Exuse me, but you seem not to know that game is made based on these street racing.
    My picture is real. game is virtual.

  41. Mike says:

    Masa, how fast were you going in the cars on the expressway? What is the speed limit there? 100km/h?
    =============from MasaManiA

  42. barf says:

    Hello from New Zealand! here we have lots of Japanese cars like these ones.
    but when we go racing we drive out the city to the mountains because the police arrest us here too and have faster cars.
    The Hashiriya are called ‘boy-racers’ and ‘hoons’ here but its the same love for cars! i think petrol will cost alot more in the future; so drive fast before it runs out!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report.
    Hashiriya is not only city hight way, but they also drive mountain area and more.
    I will report more about other type of Hashiriya.

  43. Billy Bobb says:

    Arigato, Masa-san!
    From the worldwide fans of Gran Turismo, fucking great work!
    Taking pictures while the night racers are breaking the law-outstanding!!
    (my favorite picture is the Subaru rear shot with the “No Peugeots” sticker…WRC rally fans get it)
    =========from MasaManiA
    My pleasure.
    I know some people will get exite these car pictures.
    They are never pro-driver nor racer. They actually do racing on the street ilegally. so they really hate to be taken photo.
    these pictures is really really difficult to take a picture.
    these pictures is really special and rare shots!!!!!

  44. koi says:

    those photos’re so cool!!
    and also the cars.
    really nice masa
    two thumbs up!!!
    ===============from MasaManiA
    hahaha, thank you

  45. bob says:

    Does anyone know what kind of car is in the following pic
    If the link does not work copy and paste it into your browser

  46. The Animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hola Masa…
    Wow….i must say that you surpirsing with this report…amazing cars….it reminds me the “fast and furious ” movie and surely one of my favorite playstation game “ridge racer type 4″…really….
    Well..about the cars, i like the design that the japanese have for their car, it impressed me very much, i like some design and how their owners customize some parts of it.The truth i’ve never been a fanatic’s car, but sure someday i would like to drive one of those cars, breakin the law, to feel the adrenaline rush in my veins…or at least been sitting in the cockpit of those cars(like you) and feel the high speed…
    Here in Chile, that kind of stuff are for “rich ‘s boys” only who have a lot of money and obviously a car (it’s a basic thing to race isn’t?)…but…they only stay there, with a uncustomize cars, they can’t customize their car because car’s part such nitro or cool-looking tires are not so cheap like in USA, it’s a very expensive “hobby” but it’s still cool watchin them racing…
    Personally, i prefere watch those races (or playin it in my psx)…but one day, as i wrote, maybe i will drive one of those cars..who knows…
    Anyway, i like your pics, my favorites are night pics, specially yours…the nocturn sky of Tokyo with the “high”ways, i really love it, in fact i’ve took somes of yours from one of your first report to set them as wallpapers in my desk’s pc…great views, you know i would travel there just to see and drive through that huge carnival of lights and roads…
    Well…that’s what i have to say this time…as usual, i’m always glad to posting in your site…it’s great, i hope you dont die because your site was down for several days and i almost think you’ve been busted by police or yakuzas or some bad guys….but clearly you’re back with that such awesome report…
    By the way…i’m postin from other pc, because in mine i couldn’t see your pics, i really wonder what’s goin on…it seems my internet hosting have some problems with your site maybe, i dont know >_< anyway i can post from my GF’pc =D
    well that’s it…
    Cuidate Masa =D
    =================From MasaManiA
    In Japan, we can buy car without moeny. Correlctly saying, lots of young people buy car by loan. not all Hashiriya is rich people.
    But certainly it’s really expensive hobby.

  47. Masa reader says:

    Interesting article. Racing in Japan has caused a huge culture over here with young people modifying their Japanese cars for racing (some people call them ricer vehicles).
    Here, that culture is looked highly apon with many young people, and its associated with money, women, speed and danger. Its pretty facinating.
    Do racers get hot young girls in Japan? Is it a huge pop culture deal along with your anime and video games? Japanese pop culture has had a huge impact around the world.
    ================from MasaManiA
    No, Hashiriya(Japanese street racer) is more stoic. They never do that for get woman, but they do purely for enjoy driving.
    THe person who want to get woman buy chanel bag to present woman and get free pussy.

  48. Rence says:

    wow, excellent report!
    The japanese sure have a lover for white cars right? Over here in Europe it is one of the least favorite colours. Strange.
    Is it true that second hand cars in Tokyo are generally pretty cheap because most people want new cars and not second hand?
    =============from MasaManiA
    Yes, it’s completely right.

  49. Gerald says:

    From the rear end its safe to say that it is a MAZDA RX-7 EFINI.
    Others: Its green tint because its night shot. Special for low light conditions.
    MASA, This update is the best !!! Gambatte!!!
    ==============from MasaManiA

  50. Martin says:

    Fantastic pictures! I’m in love with the ones in the tunnel.
    Keep up the good work, a “Gambatte Kudasai” from me as well.

  51. joe says:

    nice pics! is there any street bike racing in tokyo?
    ============from MasaManiA
    it’s not popular

  52. driftstone says:

    saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !
    kinzou, you are very bold !
    I can almost here the scream of the engines !
    wow this looks like fun !
    did you have music playing while you were racing, or was the sound of the cars power plant your sound track ?
    =============from MasaManiA
    I dont do race

  53. polcat says:

    MASA, cool cars. can you do a report on hot girls in the city we would love to see!! also fashion and night life, night clubs with plenty of hot women in your photos please.
    ================from MasaManiA
    I will

  54. bob says:

    Thanks Gerald 🙂

  55. ALC says:

    Nice pictures Masa, greenness adds to the ‘underground’ kinda feeling. Or it gives out that idea
    In America, there’s a movie being made about Japanese racing. Fast and Furious 3
    It is about American boy going to Japan and beating Japanese in street races
    ===========from MasaManiA
    INteresting movie

  56. Arghhh says:

    The pictures doesnt work anymore.
    I cant see the pictures.
    Something wrong with my computer?
    I tried to use another computer but i got same problem with that one too

  57. JT says:

    MASA! You are the God of Gods!!!!!! Do you have like an invicibility special power??? U use ’em and start taking pictures?? I’m pretty sure if I go there and start taking pictures, my picture’s going to show up on the paper the next day: “BOY GOT BEATEN UP TRYING TO TAKE PICTURES WITHOUT INVICIBILITY SUPER POWER”
    I really envy you Masa. Like you said before, your stuffs are real.. Video games are virtual. U’re able to feel the TRUE adrenaline rush while all I can do is punch the x button on my PS2’s controller and race on the virtual C1. Keep up the good work!!!! Don’t let them know about your super power!!!

  58. PJ says:


  59. jared says:

    and where are the hot racer girls?

  60. ChinoxR says:

    hehehe, i was wait for u to report this side of japan… Racin cars is the only reason i’d love to visit japan, some friend of mine told about this stuff.. downhill racin, dift, hiway battles.. nice pics!!

  61. Eric says:

    Your site has bad ass cars that i would only dream of owning to say the least. I just started getting interested into japanese imports/drifting about two years ago, im 19 now and ive only had one car(91 nissan 240sx) although it wasnt my dream car it was fun learning how to drift. I learned some techniques from the movie “Drift Bible” but i still lacked horspower so most of the drifts were weak but still very fun and exciting. I know i will be having more fun in the future with drifting and import cars. I do it for fun and excitment nothing else.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Looking forword to seeing Japanese street drift driver report in future.

  62. Eric says:

    oh yeah it be cool if some of the locals wouldnt mind you taking photos of mountain/drifting . just a thought><?
    ==================from MasaManiA
    tell the truth, i almost caould not take a photo of drifting scene.
    it is quite difficult to take pictures of night speedy drift scene. but i filmed it by movie.
    when i can have plenty time, i will edit it.

  63. hey masa nice pics are very cool
    but tell me i imaing you must usea a digital cam right??
    tell me masa do you enjoy driveing ???
    where a foreign boy can get hot japanese girl??
    ================from MasaManiA
    Why not go to lady’s Sauna. There are plenty of actually hot Jap girls in there.

  64. Josh says:

    Is that a “The Fast and the Furious” sticker on one of those oversized spoilers? L. A. M. E.
    Nice to know that ricers are the same everywhere.

  65. Revaddict says:

    actually the car modify scene known as import tuning existed in Japan long before it was “imported” to the states. Back then tunign was all about functional mods. When the Americans started to copy, they started to put big wings, lame lights and oversized rims without understanding the initial point of the modifications. Thanks to retarded movies like fast and furious it got even worse. The problem is now some of these american trends are coming into Japan also.
    Trust me the majority of wangan racers are not ricers, they’re racing 500-1000hp cars running 320km/h+…

  66. driftstone says:

    this night ; we all race !

  67. nervouk says:

    I’m disappointed with the Tokyo cops, Masa. When are they going to stop driving those oyaji-style crowns and cedrics and get their asses into black and white Supras, Silvias or even a fucking Soarer?
    same goes for the taxi drivers, too.

  68. fuck says:

    fuck fuck fuck woooooooooooooooo

  69. 72VW says:

    Hey Masa,
    First off, I love your site, I’ve been coming here a while to get a glimpse at how the other side of the world lives. Keep it up.
    Anyway besides kudos my post is to ask why so many of the cars, bikes and ads use Roman/Anlican letters rather than Kanji on their nomenclature?

  70. jay says:

    ur one of a kind masa… wat car do u drive?
    ===============from MasaManiA
    i have no car

  71. Aaron_ae86 says:

    Where are all the 86s?

  72. h8r says:

    Dis a big time them cars. Japan streetracing rulez. This a pity we dont have them Nissan Skyline here in Europe.

  73. jay says:

    masa, ur so cool man. what is ur car?
    =============from MasaManiA
    I have no car

  74. Echoexit says:

    That’s some crazy ‘Need for Speed’ stuff right there. Great work Masa.

  75. fuck says:

    fuck you masa hates you

  76. Deborah says:

    I love this page, I hope that you continue putting photos of the new fashion on Japan…My best wishes for all you work, from a fan of the culture of Japan, Deborah
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  77. fuck says:

    god..i hate my sucks i hate it 🙁

  78. vir-jin says:

    when I see those pictures I can understand the fun and action of doing forbidden things. In Germany there is no speedlimit and no charge on highway or freeway. we call it simply autobahn- way for automatic moving vehicle. I even went on Nyrenburg ring which is schumacher car race stage and experience high speed with a family friend. But forbidden and hunted by police (don’t forget, Japan has death penalty…) is so difficult. dangerous. because you have to split concentration.
    masa, I am really glad you blocked the Japanese server access. we can only hope police doesn’t use mac osx.
    thanks for the great pictures! not the cars but the atmosphere you show is incredible! I feel I have been there too!
    ====-from MasaManiA
    my pleasure

  79. Beth says:

    I recently found out about drifting,although its old stuff in Japan.We get everything cool so late here, so sad. When I first saw it, I was amazed. Such art and beauty with cars! Much better than American car races. We wait for hours while watching cars go in circles. I used to be bored with cars, I’m finding them so much more interesting now.Smoke and fury! I’m loving Daijiro Yoshihara in Formula D. I think he’s one of the best, if not the very best driver! At least he’s fast. That’s how I like it!Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Fans like me, are starving for great news! You deliver!I’m lusting for these cars!

  80. The other other white meat says:

    My German teacher in high school once told us that you do not steer your car when you drive on the autobahn-you aim it. Of course he also showed us a short ‘home movie’ he made with a friend. His friend drove on rural roads like he would on the autobahn and my teacher stood up through the sunroof and filmed it. I figured driving in rural areas like that would be ‘verbotten’.
    Here, in Korea, I have seen many ‘beater’ cars displaying stickers with the names of car mod. manufacturers, spoilers, and other tuner-like mods. Some of these cars are so bad that I would be suprised if they even started, much less were ever used for racing. Is this common in Japan as well, or just in Korea?

  81. Maxim says:

    We have those kind of cars in america, they’re what are known as “rice”, cars which have visible signs of racing but no performance work to make it meaningful.
    Highway battle is uncommon in the US, but we share the other popular racing here in Southern California. For two years now, I’ve been part of the touge running groups. It’s become more and more popular here, and now we have many posers coming up and driving slowly. But popularity is nice sometimes as well, we get large variety of driving and other cars, but we don’t race much, only practice our skills.
    We even had a Japanese magazine come to our road last year, look in 2004-Dec issue of D-Car magazine. I’m driving the white 240sx (D-Car calls it “シルビア” [Silvia]), headline says “Will not be defeated by rain! Will not be defeated by fog!” (In Japanese, of course.) I drive a WRX now, but motor is broken, maybe dealer will fix with warranty, otherwise I’m getting Japanese STi V7 engine.
    ======================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report. it’s good reference.

  82. sten says:

    were can i download Hashiriya cuzzz i really want 2 see it

  83. SHRAM says:

    Street racing-forever!!! It’s very beautiful photoes from races. Respect,Japan!!! I’m from Russia,Moscow. I’m crazy about cars & races. Good luck everybodi!!!!

  84. Isis says:

    excellent job, Masa! i respect you! you must gone through alot of headache to make them trust you to take their pictures.
    Well done… Well done!

  85. seaspyder says:

    cool you are! greetings from Saints-Petersburg,Russia! hold the positions… Japan no. 1…!

  86. Edo says:

    Hey Masa, are you still having legal problems? I love your sites, and miss your updates on Ninjashot..
    Fuck the police, fuck the politicians, fuck the media!
    =====================from MasaManiA

  87. Edo says:

    Well, shit that sucks.
    Sorry to hear that Masa.

  88. 2-2-1 says:

    Waddup dudders! I just wanted to tell you, I think your site is awesome, and I adore you!!
    Hah, I live in Holland, but it’s extremely boring (the prime minister looks like Harry Potter), in comparison to Japan. Then again…

  89. pm says:

    Jesus christ masa its been like a mounth since your last update. Hurry up………………..UPDATE

  90. Jamo says:

    yo masa,
    nice photos :D, was hanging out for you to post something about the racers.
    Similar thing happens in australia lots of japanese cars are imported here with one purpose to race. Here the public like to call us hoodlums and think we are out to kill there babys. Highway racing isnt so popular because of the risk and the penalties getting bigger and bigger, so most racing is done in industrial areas.
    looking forward to your updates
    ===============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your interesting report.

  91. Kresto says:

    haloo , realy nice.I’m empresive.
    Mabe someone could help me to find exclusive version of Honda crx 2 gen. Please.

  92. Abi says:

    Hey Masa!
    Love your articles! I loved those pictures. They looked awesome! Makes me wish I was in that car.

  93. MadMax says:

    Masa this is really cool, In Argentina we race with really small cars, maybe not much more than 2.0lt engines, but with less than 1000kg of weight, and only drag races on big Avenues, in Highways it’s very difficult because of the traffic, and our highways asre very boring because they are all straight.
    Actually in my country you can difference a race car from a “too-much-spoiler-too-many-power”. The street racers have compacts or old cars with the hood of a diffrent color because they crashed recently and the tuners who have pretty nice cars, with big spoilers, rims, and great Music, but their cars have the same engine as they came from factory. it sucks.
    Anyway, japanese cars are the best prize-power related cars (of course ferrar are the best but they are soooo expensive i can’t even imagine me owning one in this life), long life the imports!!!!!!
    =====================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report

  94. Elisa says:

    Wow!!!!! Sugooooooooooooiiiiii!!!
    Those remind me to Gran Turismo… that videogame… amazing!!!!
    By the way, we want more photos of you…

  95. Sousa says:

    Hi Masa,
    First of all, great fotos man, extreme good taste on the fotos ! I wan´t to ask you for a favor if i could, is it possible for you , to fix me some pictures of the Honda CRX Del Sol costumized? I got one, and i´m trying to give him a diferent look and heart, but i´m having some problems in the body area, cause it´s not that easy to be different! Can you help me please?
    Keep on the good fotos man
    =====================from MasaManiA

  96. SiR WiL says:

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    Nice man. To a guy like me who loves Japanese car racing and the true JDM style you made my night. Thank you for showing us the real Japan.
    And to the guy who asked why their are no Mitsubishi Eclipses in Japan is because they were a car strictly designed for the US market. Some are imported to Japan but they are Left Hand drive only.

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    Please get on a line

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    – BTW –
    Are u a Hashiriya yourself?
    ===========from MasaManiA

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    Sorry for my broken Japanese but yeah, nice pics Masa

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    Nice report Masa!
    This link is almost a whole tuners travel guide it Tokyo! Read all the pages everyone!
    Freeway racing is my favorite type of street racing. Japanese highway racing is legendary here, and I am always on the search for info on the exploits of the racers of Japan. The Japanese, as always are on the forefront of tuning, and it pays to study what is being done to cars in Japan. I am always surprised by how creative Japanese tuners are, and how high quality much of the work is.
    The car culture in Japan is so far above the USA. It is just a larger scene with more people of different ages; very large with much more dedicated people than most places in America. Maybe this is because in America, more people invest in their house or other areas, but in Japan, since many people don’t own a house or something like that they instead invest in a car. This would be logical because if you own something you are more apt to invest money into it.
    Remember that USA import tuning as most people think about it today started in the 90’s (even if people were tuning Japanese cars in the 70’s/80’s, it was just different then). As the movement is young there is a certain age range that grew up with import tuning: i.e. people under 30. I am young enough to have grown up during this period, but I still drive old Nissan’s (called Datsun outside Japan until 1984). As the people of this age range get older, you will see a tuning and racing scene more like Japan with a great age range. Masa, am I correct on my thinking as if comes to Japan in the above?
    An R32 driver from Japan told me that Japan also has “ricers”, aka the guys with large wings and body kits that think they look fast but don’t even have the correct engine modifications. As the drivers of these cars are called “ricers”, the cars they drive are called “Rice Burners”. I believe these terms were coined by the American domestic car racers who drive cars from the “Big 3” automakers. So, a word to the people of the USA, don’t feel bad, even Japan has the “Fast and Furious” types.
    Now drift is up and coming. People drift their cars, but they forget how hard drifting is on a car. unless you like to replace parts and weld cracked frame parts in the car, then you should avoid drifting. Drifting also has the problem of having wreaks when they slam into a tree or telephone pole. I fear for many types of cars in America who may become rare or over priced in the market due to people who buy them for drift.
    I look forward to more reports on street racing in Japan, thanks Masa!

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  115. i have to say great site kol pics and cars me own a suzuki cultus gti with a g13b motor in it and they say i should get a 10 second at the 400 meter mark its only a 1300cc motor puttin out 115 hp at the wheels standered i did put a pod filter in it wehich has gained 1 second every 100 meters nt bad for $25 new zealand need sum pointers if any1 knows anything about them 2 get more power out of this fucker pleaz let me know

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    Email me ! I am in Tokyo too !

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    Fantastic website ! Great content !
    I am in Tokyo man..Lets catch up and go shooting some photos one day. I want to experience the japan life from a japanese person point of view !
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    cool site by the way, as if i were there.

  120. Horrigan says:

    Haha, wow. The amount of misinformed people on this site amazes me. Anyway, I heard about this site from a friend, and look at this. I find a whole lot on street racing. Masa, have you ever played Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2? It’s an arcade racing game that takes place on the Odaiba highway. I think you’d like it. Thank you very much for the opportunity to look into the street culture of Japan.

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    btw to the note above me..that game is quite popular in Hong Kong..and it is quite close to the japanese street racing culture. Should give it a try.
    Absolutely love your pictures..nice angle =)
    anywas..take care..good work!

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    Thanks again, Masa

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    I am from austria/vienna right at the border to germany and i am looking forward to visit tokyo in june or august next summer (in 2006) just because i heard and saw so much about the racing scene.
    now my question is if you would mind to hook up with me when i´m there cause i wanna see that stuff going down once in my life.
    i would be honored if you give me the chance to ride with you.
    you got my e-mail just give me a return

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    would love to go their someday and visit my relatives, the cars are similar to here in canada but probably have a lot more horse power righth?
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    keep shootin those photos

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    but i do have a reacourd of beating 130 americans and loss no times any 1 wanna race come to ocala

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    Love my cappuccino. Very fast K car. Would love to bring it up to Tokyo to race. Love street racing also.
    Good work Masa. Also, some of us here in japan know you 😀

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    Racing is popular here in the US, althought i’m sure you knew that, but here in California, where i live, it’s gotten kinda dangerous, some people bet money on the races, and when someone wins, people don’t want to pay and this causes problems. A few months ago a couple of brothers were shot and killed at a street race in a city called Oakland, and that was a popular place to race, but people cannot do it there anymore because the police are all around the area.
    Excellent article however, good job!
    =================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report. it’s sound cool.
    In Japan, people do race just for honor. almost all people never bet. and recently police become strict incredibly.

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    Neat pictures Masa. I ran into this site somehow. I use the same camera for my night shots and videos of local street racing. I actually have two of them. Some sweet cars over there. Someday I’d like to see them first hand. I’ve always wanted to see Japan.

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    i`ll wait it…..

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    can you say me how i can take contact with’em?
    they are amical with strangers?
    Thanks You

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