Japanese business man spend valuable timeap


Japanese business man is tired very much

I want to tell you how much Japanese business man is tired.
I have experience to work in other countries. So I know how hard Japanese business man work comparing with American people, Chinese people and Thailand people.
I never say that all foreign people is lazy. But I never hesitate to say that Jap is fucking hard worker.
Our priority is not to live, but to work.. It’s true. Every year lots of Japanese businss man tired to death while working. this is famous as overwork death or KAROSHI.
We devote ourself to job. Why ?

I don’t know. Japanese people don’t know the reason. Because we have no time to think about that.

We have many job to do before doing such thing. We go home after finishing job. At the end of day, the reason we stop to work is not to go home for spleeping but too tired to work.

this is the reason we sleep on the way home.

Japanese business man may be rich?by working hard, but life is not rich.

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This site has great works.

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  1. mowz says:

    Thank you again masa.

  2. I sleep on my way to work and I sleep on my way home from work. Maybe I am ready for Japan!

  3. Joshua says:

    It doesn’t seem wise to sleep in the middle of the street.
    Are there any jobs for slackers in Japan?

  4. gman says:

    Japanese salaryman are not fucking hard working, they are fucking inefficent suckups. (through no fault of their own). The only way to get ahead it Japanese business is to always appear to be at the office, stay longer than your boss (who in turn is staying longer than his boss etc), go out with your joushi and be part of the “company family” meaning leaving early is frowned on. This has nothing was so ever to do with actually having work to do. What a fucking waste!

  5. Conrad says:

    Damn, but it is well known. Americans work hard too. Maybe the men just don’t have homes. It would make for a funny story. Thanks for the post. Always great.

  6. marky mark says:

    Kind of sad… But actually I agree with gman. Americans work hard, but in America its better if you work smart rather than merely hard. Yes Japanese are some of the hardest workers in the world, but aren’t many of them just spinning their tire… that is being really ineffient? I think so. In America we don’t give a fuck about working hard if you can’t win.

  7. Factory says:

    I know an English teacher in .jp that has pretty much said the same thing as gman said. I reckon it’s pretty counterproductive to stay so long at work, and like .jp has a decreasing fertility rate, so like all those business ppl should do something for their country and their company; Go home and fuck somebody.. 🙂

  8. DJ says:

    name i feel sorrie for japanese people , i never life was this harash

  9. Max Kobayashi says:

    Your pictures are very sad. I like the last one a lot.
    I hope that somehow, the next generation can change…
    Thank you again Masa!

  10. eatmoreglucose says:

    That’s pretty stuff you can say.
    But, you should not make fun of someone whose more proud, have stronger heart, and who hate to be suckers choose to take indecent way and be nasty.
    Please respect that and try to see what’s behind.

  11. kelerm says:

    YEAH ! but most of these salarymen are so tired because they are hungover from the day before and have went out again to get drunk ! The smell of alcohol on a train in japan after 8pm is overpowering !
    おやじ くさぁE

  12. f-u.cc says:

    Man your site is just too cool, u sure some of there people arent dead/murdered or drunk off their minds? keep it up man. I will link u on my site!

  13. kaudio says:

    They just get drunk. They are not so busy because they had a time to drink alcohol after working.

  14. lapinta says:

    Totally agree with gman…

  15. ZeNzEn says:

    stupid japanese businessmen. Good picts MaSa!

  16. tangerine says:

    Yeah, Im a teacher in Japan – gman’s on the money. THese teachers get to work early and stay 3-4 hours late. Two of the teachers i work with even do work on weekends. But the thing is, I’m familiar with their lesson plans. THey are all straight out of the book – very simplistic. If they were to actually work effeciently, they could plan a whole week’s worth of lessons in a single day. They are all just masters of the art of looking busy. Thats the important thing. I dont even try, but they expect that of me as Im a lazy foreigner 🙂

  17. Jonathan says:

    Americans work smarter not harder 😉

  18. Ian says:

    While many of you are partially right with your simplistic over-generalizations, it comes off like smug, culturally biased ignoramuses.
    Karoshi is a symptom of a much larger socio-economic problem.
    But hey, look at the “Stupid japanese businessmen” point, and laugh.

  19. malicious says:

    i seen this site on my linkdump and came to check it out. pretty cool site!

  20. mememeeee says:

    Lazy bums. Too haphazard to even wait until they get home to sleep. And they’ll just pass out in front of everyone if they don’t get their beauty sleep.
    I’m shocked!

  21. Iron Man says:

    Those are some damn funny pictures.
    Well done on a really cool web site. One of the freshest, awesome things I’ve seen in a long time.

  22. :) says:

    i think those men on the street were off from work and get drunk

  23. j1 says:

    These pictures ain’t no fakes. When I was interning there, I came home one morning (yes, you come home when the trains start up again) and saw a salaryman lying in a ditch, and thought he had been dumped by the mob or something… until I crept up to him and noticed the bubbles in the vomit under his mouth. An hour or two later I passed by the same spot (on my way back, go figure) and he was gone.

  24. RT says:

    I work in Japan, and since I’m a “lazy foreigner” I arrive at work around 9 am and leave at 5.30, when our official work day is over.
    It may be frowned upon, but I still get more work done than everyone else, who may be in the office until 10 pm!

  25. bunny2002sg says:

    Erm, Masa, are you sure those businessmen aren’t drunk?

  26. Great pics, it’s quite surreal seeing them collected like this…

  27. mrco says:

    hi there, great pics indeed!!! not in pose fortunetely:)
    anyway I’ve linked your _www_ on my blog
    (hope its ok)

  28. blah blah says:

    yo sup all teehee LoL, my first time leaving a message.
    first of all i can i say is blah…! LOL
    i notice people argueing back and forth, seems like someone is trying to prove their more correct. But i think there is never a correct answer to things. You can only live one side of a story. if a person can live both sides that would be tight ass. I was always taught to live life as balance as possible. but sometimes you cant help but pick a side to ones life. Recently i learned something from someone, he said “i live my life as it comes.” i think we all should think that way. life is always unexpected and thats what makes it amazing. People that suicide seems like cowards to me who cant seems to handle life. well this is all i cant think of to say cause im light headed right now. wow its like an essay i just type up lmao funny shiz.
    everything is just an option of my saying, your reaction determines the person that you are.
    yo is a slang refering to the person im talking too.
    yo masa nice site man. Love how you keep it realy dude. o yea my email and stuff is fake, late

  29. nervouk. says:

    Yes, the guys sleeping on the street are just drunk. I see them all the time. But in Japan, people have the freedom to sleep on the street in the middle of downtown! Just try passing out like that in downtown Manhattan, and see what happens to you. Japanese are very good at just leaving you alone to do your own thing, without bothering you.

  30. iMat says:

    I used to work in Japan… I lived at 1h25min away from my working place. spending this in the train, morning isn’t the matter you’re fresh. But I was used to socialize and go drinking with clients until 1:00am (setai) everyday with my boss and colleagues… then go back to my home by train, and I can say for many times I slept in train and couldn’t stay awake. This is the difference with France where I live now, 35h a week. But I prefer to work harder and being in Japan than living in a boring country as France is.

  31. You sure they aren’t all drunk?

  32. living in japan since almost a year I agree with gman and nervouk. And why is France more boring than Japan? Curfew is too early here and public mass-transit doesn’t work at night! You have one huge million metropolis but sidewalks getting fold up at midnight!

  33. Shae says:

    I worry about people saying that we should respect these workers. It is the same as saying that we should respect a mentally ill persons right to be ill and not give them proper treatment and care. That is what this is, a mental illness brought on by a culture that has mistaken working hard with working long hours. This pseudo honour that eclipses any real achivements. Treat the cause of the illness, question society… well done Masamania, you certainly get a link on my page.

  34. Putzi says:

    Some from these “hardworkers” look so terrible so I´m sure they´ve to be drunk!!!

  35. bladehurricane says:

    OMG!? This is so stylish. Some of them think they are in heaven when they are sleeping I guess. like those guys spread their hands and lay on the floor, they give up all the worries and stress , and relax. I wish I can sleep that well, too.

  36. Noult says:

    Putitas gritan: Se lo curra el ioputa.

  37. dani says:

    I’m Spanish and this is happening in Spain too. Is it happening anywhere else?
    People start to work really late and they feel like they have to go out late to look hard-working.
    Maybe we do it because we feel guilty for being inefficient? Do we do it because our lives at home are boring? Is this a symptom of a poor social life?
    I work in advertising and going home at 20 or 21 seems just fine.

  38. sergio says:

    now is this shit normal in japan.. thay all look like they era drunk or something?????

  39. nenoto says:

    Tinc tanta son que a les cinc tinc son

  40. yonkypur says:

    estos japos son la polla

  41. not_me says:

    [joke]If they’d slept in beds the wouldn’t be so tired, a japanese can sleep on the floor because he is used to.[/joke]
    The quality is more important than the quantity. Work less and work better. I hope in the near future many jobs will be able to be done in home, for example throught internet.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  42. Jordi says:

    Yo no tinc son, tinc set y si tinc set no tinc vuit…xD

  43. Arlei Correa Ribeiro says:

    In Sao Paulo/Brasil and in Japan the bussiness man´s is equals

  44. Giripollas says:

    Estos japos hijos de la gran puta estan borrachos, ami no me ven la cara de pendejo, hasta cagados estan los muy pendejos

  45. NotUSABoy says:

    Well, to all those USA people proud of working smarter than harder… the jobs in USA are leaving to China and India. Maybe they are smarter than you… And, in the other hand, you have only 15 days a year (if you’re really lucky) of holidays… in Europe, 30 days is the usual number of days… Maybe they are smarter than you… and in the other hand yet, you call names on those japanese bussinesmen and say that they got drunk after job, but hey, I see USA movies and EVERYBODY goes to a bar after a work day, to get some shots, even policemen, attorneys or doctors. The real national anthem of the USA is “Let’s go drink and start some brawl”. That’s a sane life? Boys, look at yourself before harassing some other countries…

  46. mutenroy says:

    estos muchachos no van a acabar bien. y si no, al tiempo. ahora, el mejor de todos, el que se duerme en la tetita de la de al lado en el metro. no es nadie el hijoputa!!!

  47. cynus says:

    whooaaa, how life in japan is tired ZZZ

  48. isaies says:

    para que no digues que no tenvio mai res

  49. Fanouk says:

    Moi, je suis francaise, et on sait travailler mais aussi faire la fete, nous au moins!!!!!!
    Alors profitez un peu au lieu de bosser jusqu’a plus pouvoir rester eveiller!
    Vous etes marrants!Niaaaaniaaa

  50. Juakiz says:

    ai am a espanis person tuu an ai cinc que VIVA ESPANA Y CHIKITO D LA KALZADA xDDDDDDD

  51. Skywanker says:

    I`m from Spain and here you can see pictures like this, but more often in weekend, out of the bar.

  52. aubergiste says:

    i am a french man
    and that i can say it’s that we are somme better worker than the english worker i have work in england ; they are very lazy …
    maybe are we wrong ???
    next this time of work i like to be lazy at work so my Bos hatte english Boss !!
    voila je suis francais et je pensse que nous sommes plus travailleur que les engalais
    ce sont des feignasses
    peurt etre avons nous tord ?
    apres mon boulo en engleterre mon patron hait ses confreres englais car je ne fous plus rien au boulo

  53. Nic083 says:

    I’m from France and I think it’s wonderful 😀

  54. Akriei says:

    Most of the japanese in those pictures have twice the IQ of pretty much everybody who has posted here, and they blow out their brains at work every fucking day.
    But don’t worry americans, Japan and Chine will soon be the world biggest economies.

  55. Oue says:

    tu es fr me en attendant tu sais ni ecrire l’anglais ni le francais. Ferme la.

  56. benne says:

    inemuri rulez!!
    i’m tryin’ to introduce it in frankfurt/germany…

  57. Culebra says:

    Por eso perdieron la guerra con USA estos japos, se dormian en los aviones y cuando chocaban con el enemigo los llamaban kamikazes. Ya veras como venga Godzilla y los pille a todos sobando.

  58. hunter s thompson says:

    Akriei, where and what the devil is Chine? these businessmen certainly could have double the IQ of you, you thundering imbecile. How can you possibly compare the IQ of two persons by comparing a picture of one while asleep and the others text post on an internet forum? then come out with an exact value which happens to be double? you sir are a fool and should remove your fingers with a rusty knife to make sure you never befowl another forum with your inane rantings. thats all.

  59. Steve says:

    I happened to live in Japan for 3 and 1/2 years, Japanese men generally don’t seem to begin leaving the work place until generally after dark, usually around 8 or 9. and I know from coming out of the bars at 6 am many of them are beginning their commute to work. There lives really do seem to revolve around working. They are also under tremendous pressure to go out eveynight and drink until they are shitfaced with their co workers, If they don’t, they aren’t too popular, and the fact that they should stay as late as possible at work is also true. They are an amazing technological powerhouse, they are efficient, professional, and totally different in their entire way of life than us Americans, Most of us don’t work 80 – 90 hours a week, get off work and get shitfaced EVERYNIGHT. But I can tell you it was a common sight for me to see businessmen in this very state, night after night, In general, and on the whole, as far as the white collar aspect is concerned, I don’t think American white collars could match pace with the Japanese white collars for a month or two before they would drop from exhaustion. Those guys in the photos on the street will all probably be back at work within hours, doing it all over again, day after day. The Japanese aren’t lazy, not by a longshot. But they are a little freaky though!!!

  60. david says:

    not just the japanese but koreans work hard like this as well. That is how they made their economies thrive, especially in the electronics industry. Look where all the cool cell phones, plasma screens, etc, come from

  61. david says:

    wow hunter youre a fuckin idiot.. i would back up the statement that they have twice the iq of you

  62. Mosco says:

    Yo soy de Mexico, y en algunas partes si te qudas asi de jeton vales verga y te chingan de menos la cartera, el reloj y los zapatos, y en una de esas hasta las nalgas pierden por pendejos

  63. Estos japos estan petaos todos… Claro esta,que despues de tanto terremoto a mi tambien me daria algo de sobnolencia… Es como si te mecieran en una cuna, ?no?

  64. UShit says:

    No US, no Japan or Korean. The best workers are spanish people from Spain (Spain is in the West part of Europe americans! not in South America!) Tell a spanish worker to do a work under pressure and they will work harder than anyone and after finishing they will have strenght enough for drinking some beers.

  65. sima says:

    I live in Serbia (in 2 mill people capital city) and I am shocked! I have never seen anybody sleeping on street here, except homeless and bums. People are drinking here, but mainly on weekends. If somebody pass out, it is obligation of his friends to take him home. Nobody is left on the street.
    On the other hand our GDP per capita is US$2,200. It is obvious that we are not hard workers at all.

  66. drugster says:

    I worked for some years in an internet company with people from all over the world.
    We were all working hard and around the clock – Germans, Japanese, Americans, Mexicans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Italians, Spanish, Turkish, Belgians… you name it. It’s no question of nationality but of having a business goal that you want to achieve by all means.
    I don’t say it’s a healthy way of living but you are usually ahead of your competitors if you work harder than they do.

  67. Thomasino says:

    No tak je fakt hruby. Lehnu si v Brn?Ena Svobo?aku. Zdravim v?echny z ?R. Thomasino

  68. V de Vendetta says:

    In Spain this is so frequently too, but here is due to alcohol 😀

  69. NERVOUK:if one of these people were dead or having a heart attack should we just keep on walking and dont bother them?will that be cool? i dont think so….
    menos samba e mais trabalhar!!!!!
    ryuchi sakamoto dende a Republica independente de Menduinha de abaixo

  70. sal says:

    Underground sleepers, that’s common, think these commuters have to spend 3hours/day in the wagons.
    But, people on the street seems they enjoy drinking after a hard day.
    Anyway Japs seem to be “workoholics”

  71. Kirill says:

    Prikolno. Okazivaetsja jponci takie soni. :-))

  72. Sergio Vial says:

    En Chile hacemos lo mismo, pero escondidos… somos timidos.

  73. Cool

  74. Yolanda says:

    Jajajaja, esa gente no duerme en casa!!??
    Pero que eso se duermen por las calles!! y luego en Espana se quedan atonicos con lo de la siesta, si es que deberian de aprender de nosotros!

  75. michal says:

    I am polish and we do not work like japanes people,thanks GOD

  76. Hola queridos amigos japones!!! jaja si es que sois la ostia tios… sois todos iguales eh??
    jaja juer, menudo trabajo que se hicistis en BATTLE ROYALE, una pasada de peli, la LEY BR jajaja que buena, venga gandules, a trabajar para que saqueis una camara digital mejor eh?? jaja
    un saludo para los espanoles
    be yonki!!!

  77. tvspot says:

    Dreammmmmmm dreammmmmmm dreammmmm dreammm

  78. nickerson says:

    no matter how many times i see these pitures its still funny.

  79. Maru says:

    Si esto es asi…. esto es lo que nos espera…

  80. Angelillo says:

    Estos japos estan peor que la cabra de un loco.
    No se para que cojones trabajan tanto si luego no duermen decentemente en una cama.
    Salen del cono de su madre pa currar y mueren currando.

  81. Russia says:

    БлсE нсEпиздесE.. ЕбусE

  82. PoloDeAvidesa says:

    La comunidad Yonki aterrorizando al planeta;
    a partir de ahora los japos estos saldran en
    las fotos con los pantalones cagados.
    Be Yonki -> http://www.yonkis.com

  83. Carlos says:

    The jap should learn of us, spaniards… take it easy, men! Relax… socialize… chill out with your pals, have fun… and well, do a little work! 😉

  84. GeneralGuy says:

    I know some people where I work do school in the morning and work at night, then get 2 hours of sleep and do it over again, and they just get sick and need to take the time out anyways, so I dont get the point of living like this. One should not have to live their life around work. You only get one life, try to LIVE some. I live in the USA, btw, and even here they are looking towards Europe and their work days for insperation. A rested worker can work better. You can always work harder, even if your tired, but working better requires some rest. Not rest bits, rest.
    As for all the jobs going over to China and the like, its all basic labor jobs. Anything else that gets send over usually needs to get redone by the local staff anyways. The company my sister works for outsources stuff to India and Asia, and the work they do is usually faulty, and has to be severaly edited by the USA staff.
    Again, smarter, not harder.

  85. Sammy says:

    The truth is that sleeping is very adictive. Since I’ve been to Tokyo in 1996 I can sleep on transport. Before I couldn’t sleep in a car, plane, bus or train no matter long the journey. The strangest thing is that they don’t miss their station a lot, you wake up just before as by magic. The One Assimilated one.

  86. Sn00py says:

    I saw a photo on some ‘funny picture’ site of a Japanese invention which is like a suction cup that you can attach to your head and the wall when you’re on the train, so you don’t fall over when you fall asleep…..after seeing these pictures I’m sure there is probably quite a good market for them.
    I remember another picture I saw somewhere of a pillow that is shaped like a person, for lonely women. All these seemingly ‘novelty’ inventions are actually real…somehow it doesn’t seem quite as funny anymore.
    I think it seems strange to Westerners that people can live like that (ie: working so much), but it’s a cultural thing. Most white kids wouldn’t last a week in a Japanese or Chinese school…but when you get a work ethic drilled into you at a young age then after a while it would be just be a part of life that you accept.

  87. Stas says:


  88. kaneo says:

    Estos japos son mas gipaos que nunca. Mucho currelar pero despues tienen que aprovechar cualquier hueco para dormir

  89. CHAU says:

    The Japs are really smart ! That would be the best way to kiss some tits and asses without get a slap on the face !!! Cheers !!! 🙂 http://coisasporreiras.blogs.sapo.pt e http://www.vetmedix.com

  90. fake says:

    is this a fake!!
    esto es falsisisisisisisisimooooooooo!!!
    false, falso, falsificate…

  91. KUROODIO says:


  92. JanMartin says:

    The swedish think:
    Who has to do overtime does a bad job, because he failed to organise his work the proper way.
    Because then he would finishe in time.
    Intersting point of view isn’t it?
    a German in UK

  93. Night stranger MyDAK says:

    ПИпесE.. китайсE

  94. yonkiiii says:

    estos japos esta como una polla

  95. Meff says:

    Nu jo, pas mus Lietuvelej irgi taip buna, bet ne biznieriams, o studentams 😉
    O svedu nuomonei nepritariu, nes kad ir kaip organizuotum savo laika – darbu visada gali surasti. Priklauso nuo to – tu to nori ar ne 😉
    Oh yes, we have this thing in Lithuania, just not for business man but for University students 😉
    And I do not support Swedish oppinion – ’cause even how hard you try to schedule u’r time u can always find a job to do if u want to 😉
    =============================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your translation help. Actually I amost don’t know what language are these.

  96. m2h says:

    Now this is the best reason I have to go to Japan. Sure the women are fine, but people sleeping in the streets?!?! Rock on! I can’t wait to sleep in the street, I do it here all the time. People think I’m nuts. And I am.

  97. abel says:


  98. Espabilao says:


  99. Luiz Cordeiro says:

    Este pais e de loucos. Ninguem pode ser equilibrado dessa maneira. As familias vao entrar em caos, porque os filhos nao terao condicoes de serem acompanhados pelos seus pais.
    Luiz Cordeiro

  100. Kakatumba says:

    Everything GMAN sya is correct, from all the pictures there may be 3-4 actually showing people sleeping in the train, which absolutely normal in any country. The rest of them are showing drunk “sarariman” after corporate party, they are just fucked up drunk, not tired.

  101. Locura says:

    Eso pasa porque TRABAJAN POR SU PAIS, no como los YANQUIS DEL ORTO que hacen trabajar al mundo para no dejar su “estilo de vida norteamericano”. Pronto arderan en el fuego nuclear por suerte.

  102. Gabriel says:

    wow!! nice photos!! jaja

  103. gg says:

    Не первый насE но посE =)

  104. Mio says:

    ХуйнсEэто всE

  105. Tobias says:

    Man, that is all just the iceberg…its all over these little islands – certainly mainly in Tokio……but its like with these vendor-machines giving out used schoolgirls panties….Thats Japan!

  106. juju2pais says:

    well i know a little japan too, and i am sure that all of this of photos are drunk people! they used to go out with their boss in they favorite karaoke, and keep drunking since they sleep!
    but i ve got to admit too, that they are hard worker too!!
    as they’re right? who knows! i couldnt judge!
    just a way of life! different of watching TV, and eating during hours (i’m french)
    the worst with that it’s more the fact that they dont have time to take car of they wife
    dommage 🙂 je passe par la!!

  107. Niklas says:

    I AM Swedish, and hey, that’s NOT a Swedish view! Generally, people here get burned out, and some don’t. It’s like any western country where the population suffers from that, burning out. Well, better that than getting bombed the f–k out by Dubya, innit?

  108. tOMeYrOz says:

    Por eso Aqui en Mexico Vivimos en la Gloria 😛

  109. torpin says:

    блин нсEи демонсE)
    это ж надо над сE

  110. Йо says:

    -ХуйнсEэто всE

  111. picolix says:

    lol il on trop l air mort leurs travail les epuisent

  112. БултысE says:

    Какое сE

  113. Assea says:

    Are they tired or are they drunk? Hard to imagine anyone sober will be sleeping like that in the middle of the street!
    =================================from MasaManiA
    How can I ask them wheather you are sober or drunk ? If they notice me who take a picture, they get angry or take me to police.
    I just take a pciture and run away as soon as possible.

  114. pippo says:

    ma va a caga’

  115. Dirty - говно ! says:

    Йобан – мудак !

  116. Sp0rr0w says:


  117. Sp0rr0w says:

    PS Гон это всE

  118. Otto says:

    Japo Power!!!!

  119. ojo says:

    Estais todos mas zumbaos que pa que!!!!!!!
    Estos japos son la cana xD xD

  120. mkg says:

    A woman on the first pic is very much alike me.
    I’m a Japanese woman working long and have few time to have fun.

  121. masahiro says:

    Americans sleep at work, that’s why they don’t get holidays.

  122. Andres Bonifacio says:

    Here in The Philippines we get “siesta” after lunch!

  123. Naiyeel says:

    In Spain the siesta its a national sport too.

  124. Alfredo says:

    In Portugal we sleep between 3AM and 7AM and only on Saturdays! Wakey wakey sleepy head!!

  125. Leggywatch says:

    Why does this have to turn into a cock-size competition between who’s country works harder, longer, drunker, on less sleep, etc.? My guess is that the ppl who claim to know why those business men are doing what they’re doing, don’t know fuckin shit. Just look at the funny pics of the Japanese men in suits sleeping anywhere they please and leave it.
    Just my Canadian view.

  126. cacauet says:

    Xe, los Japos se lo curran mucho pero que se vengan a collir naranjas y sabran lo que es jodio. De 5am hasta las 6pm pero en el campo no en la oficina.
    Saludos from Valencia 😛

  127. Tay says:


  128. Hela says:

    Ci Japo?Ey to jednak dziwni ludzie. Zamiasta sie porz?Enie wyspa?Eto potem takie odwalaja ……
    Ja snu na nic bym nie zamieni?a 🙂

  129. mota says:

    you americans are all mother fuckers .
    you just know one things .it s to say japanese are stupid worckers . you always think you are the best in everything
    ” us , americans we prefer to work less but smarters ” .
    you will better pass your time to vote for a real president and not this stupid asshols of Buch .
    japan is a nation of winners s and hard workers .
    they have a great culture and powerful ideas .
    “France is a boring nation ” !!!! but just fuck you all .
    just explain to me why France got more that 70 000 000 of visitors per year !! it sn 5 000 000 more that the population of the country .
    so please , dear americans , could you just watch yourself before critics others ?..

  130. alex says:


  131. Agressor says:

    Тупые япошки!!! STUPID YAKUDZA =))))))))

  132. luara says:


  133. Edo says:

    Thanks a lot, Masa, this is a very interesting one!
    Besides of the fact about the Japs being too tired from work or too drunk in most of the cases, it amazes me their ability to sleep anywhere and in any position. Once I saw a guy at JR Namba, in Osaka, sleeping while he was standing up reading his newspaper! I envy that capacity of abandon oneself and get to sleep. I guess the fact of Japan being so safe makes it easier; if you slept in the middle of the street in London or Madrid, for instance, you might wake up almost naked. Maybe, also, the denying of oneself might help.

  134. pepe says:

    Por el Culo!!!!

  135. Rufus says:

    Japanese businessmen wo’k too hard and leave deir slant eye chicks t’be stolen by gaijin. ‘S coo’, bro. Many Japanese duzn’t wanna “boder” oders and so’s plum stay in deir own cocoons. Fine, ah’ screw ya’ yellow man. ‘S coo’, bro. Sleep. Jes hang loose, brud. Sleep! Right on! Wo’k hard t’sleep and we steal yo’ girlfriend. ah’ see ya’ sleepin’ too, even wid mah’ eyes closed sucker! Right on! Here be whut ah’ see uh Japanese sleepin’ business men, dig dis:

  136. Adam White says:

    I live in Dong Guan, China and work for a Chinese engineering firm, where I often have to work 12-14 hour days, but it is a little different from what I see in these photos. For one thing, Dong Guan is not so crowded, so I can walk to work from home in about 8-10 minutes. It’s true that the work days are much longer and there are fewer holidays here than in the USA, but I don’t have to commute for an hour or more to get to work. Many of these photos show people on a train. I think commuting a long way is one of the biggest contributors to fatigue.
    Also, I don’t work 12-14 hours EVERY day, but only as needed. And, if I can do some work from home, then I will do it from home. High speed wireless connections and wifi make this much easier than in the past. Working late at the office or laboratory for the sake of working late and looking busy is, I think, a mistake. Working late because one still has work to do is, of course, necessary. I think the mistake of working late for the sake of working late and looking busy (even if one is not busy) is not a Japanese problem, but a problem everywhere. I have seen it in China and I have seen it in the USA.

  137. Asian Pride says:

    Fcuk you. Have some kimigayo, Hokori – asian pride!

  138. pollo says:

    asi trabajan los japoneses

  139. tomas turbao says:

    Estos Osos Panda se duermen por to los sitios en su pais!!
    Yo por aki nunca he visto la tipica xinita o japonesita de las rosas y los cd’s dormia pol suelo!!
    Hay que ver como ta el mundo!!! sera el clima???…

  140. tian says:

    I like the one with one guy pass out on a woman’s boobs.

  141. Sami says:

    Gee.. We (musicians) never get tired, though we often have a 18 hour day, 6 of it sleeping in a car 🙂 Japanese businessmen and musicians are much alike 😉

  142. Anne Haight says:

    All this is very sad, that these people are so overworked and that the business culture demands that they get completely wasted all the time. No wonder the younger generations don’t want to do it! I’ve read about increasing numbers of teens and students who simply refuse to leave home and go out into the world. The insane pressure of schooling and the business world is nothing but a future of Hell for them.

  143. silversrfr says:

    I don’t understand why everyone’s arguing about what race (or country) are harder workers, or who is a smarter worker. You’re all programmed by the rich powers of this world. They want you to work hard. They want us to sacrifice our well-being in order to pad their pockets. I feel sorry for these men in Japan that are being exploited — their lives are being wasted so the CEO’s and the wealthy share holders can become richer. Don’t you understand that nobody’s personal life should suffer for an employer?? We should only work hard for ourselves — which means working hard to advance society, family, and the general well being of the community.

  144. Hua says:

    hahahahaha thatz funny!! sum of them look like they passed out while walking down stairs 😀
    but 1 thing i dont get though… y da hell would sum 1 sleep on a street??? at least i wouldnt, doesnt matter how i tired i get.

  145. alamosh says:

    this is bullshit… i-m a fuckin millionaire and i live in japan… i dont have to work at all… i have never heard of dying of tireness.. is just plain stupid… bastards… hope you all die soon… plain stupid anime lovers. bastard hentai perv freaks… baka tomodachi desu… huh? just in time for tea, see ya soon… real soon…. really really soon… dont believe me? look out the window… hehe hi! hi there! sucker! see me? how? why dont u ask me? dumb mother fucker. did u actually turned your head toward the window? you suck… you make me sad.
    sad, sad, a selfish emotion driven by the chords of the soul… by now, you would be dead if it werent for me… you think im crazy!?!?!?!? you are. YOU are. dont ev1010010101010100101010101010
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    if you think this is span, think again. I wrote this specially for you. you, the japanese motherfucker… i live in japan, but im american!(thank god) does this have a word limit? cuz im wastin it all, fairies!!!! wont stop any soon! This is the network evolution, the next step in computer history. Every person in the planet shouting whatever they want in forums, chat groups and everything else… like me… like me… like ME. whoa, that would be great… Imagine the wars to come. hunger, sorrow, death. lots of gay ppl. bush. interracial marriage. videogames. and everything else. MasaMania, stupid name, stupid. i love chicken…. . . .
    liked dat pattern, dawg? my farts are smelly. e+m=c, thats the matematical ecuation of life. life. hope it doesnt end! god forbid. MTV is the devil…………………………….cool. can you jap ppl preach? no? naw? uh, thats lame. samsung is quiet. fucking gays. im sure those koreans will pay… with green bucks filled with drugs and vile spirits of the modern age limited to circular spheres of perfect flow of sins.
    if you liked this stupid but valuable speech… dont hesitate to drop a mail or sumthin…….
    its jalek29@hotmail.com
    gud bai! sayonara! ite kimasu! oni chaaaaaaan!
    =====================================from MasaManiA
    Could you please share your drug for me sir ?

    • alamosh says:

      I was googling old stuff posted by me and found a comment I made here on 2004. It is the most vitriolic, nonsensical thing ever. I have no recollection of writing it, in fact, it just boggles my mind. I think it was someone else pulling a prank on me or something.

      In any case, I cringed hard. I feel the need to apologize for this. Sorry.

  146. Tamyu says:

    I think everyone has the wrong impression of most of this stuff. I will make the bet that most of these pics are of guys coming home after going out after work – drunk enough to sleep anywhere.
    Are ALL Japanese companies like that? No. Do you “have to” go out every night or anything stupid like that? NO.
    It is not a necessary thing to being successful, no matter what anyone says. I would say there are more people who go straight home after work (leaving when their work is done not when the boss leaves) than there are people staying after. The drinking after work, too, is a *choice*. You don`t have to do it if you don`t want to. I think it just becomes a habit for a lot of people (not just men), because they made the choice to go out all the time in the beginning.
    My husband is very successful, and he comes home as soon as his work is done. This means some days he is home by 6pm, and some days he has to stay to 12am. But he doesn`t have to overwork or go out.

  147. Jules says:

    Man, that reminds me… I should be working. Or sleeping. Or one of the two…

  148. sergio says:


  149. fernando says:

    They should get some rest… I mean, work is important, but health comes before anything.

  150. pya says:

    Acording to statistics,Americans are as hard working as Japanese.
    but in fact,there are a lot of overtime work in Japan

  151. Madzia says:

    Rulezzzz!!!! Yeah!!!! It’s funny 😉
    -Madzia- from Poland 😀

  152. Pawel says:

    zajebista sprawa, u nas tez sa takie widoczki na ulicach, ale w metrze obowiazuje w Polsce pe?na kultura!!! Tylko Jurek raz sie zdrzemn?E

  153. bobo says:

    quite frightening

  154. Dusty says:

    In India once, I saw 3 or 4 men digging a huge hole (for some construction) with nothing but 1 small shovel and some baskets to haul away the dirt. Those guys were working their asses off but did they actually produce anything? No! Hard work means nothing if you don’t produce something from it.

  155. Robert says:

    That argument about U.S. jobs going overseas because people are smarter holds no weight (is not valid) because companies here would rather spend 1/10th or less for someone to work overseas in India. They’re not interested in helping the american worker stay employed. They’re interested in making money, even if it means to screw americans. No companies here care about you and your family. Some people were even made to train people that would take their job.

  156. s'up? says:

    So..masa? i know that most of japanese workers are so tired, because of their job, but these picture are mostly workers who drunk and sleeping. so,, you can’t just introduce that these pictures are people who are sleeping. mostly threre are just drunk man.

  157. Loli Peruana says:

    Nasty Japo!
    (chino cochino si no entienden)

  158. Pud says:

    Here are some more interesting pictures of Japanese businessmen http://www.lemonparty.org
    FC! RA!

  159. jappy says:

    all of the guys sleeping in the middle of the strret are drunk.
    not all japanese people do such a foolish action,all right?

  160. Damon says:

    No. They are not drunk. You can just tell that they are very exausted and in lack of sleep. Try it sometime and tell someone to take a picture of yourself.

  161. gus says:

    silversrfr and Robert I hear you even in all the noisy anger here… first I was impressed there were all these people posting in all these languages (and dialects?! very cool) but then I saw everyone was just shitting all over each other. i’m american and i keep wanting to say to the whole world that i’m f’n sorry bush got elected, i’m as confused as you are about it, but now it’s clearer to me the rest of the world is made up of assholes as big as the ones we have here in the states.
    masa, your pictures are beautiful and sad. i’m sorry that people feel like they have to do this in japan. it is a terrible waste of life. lives are being wasted all over the world because of greed.
    see y’all in europe in january.
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    Yes, my life is sad. and I am sorunded by sad people even though Japan is so so rich country.

  162. Katamari Unchi says:

    If they worked from home, they’d have more time for sleeping. Japanese businessmen need to learn how to work from home.

  163. noemi says:

    papi, tu tambien te encintraste con todos estos sobaso?besitus tu hiji

  164. S M says:

    Nuke Japan… again.

  165. Ching Chong says:

    Ching chong china man went to milk a cow
    ching chong china man didn’t know how
    ching chong china man pulled the wrong bit
    ching chong china man got covered in shit

  166. Toast Hawaii says:

    Nuke Japan, eh? Nuke yourself buddie…..
    Ok then…remember to sleep 7-8 hours to fully recharge your batteries!!! Yepp! Thats it…
    Ja, ja so siehts aus….. ^^

  167. LUEshi says:

    Raises WTF Flag

  168. Nigaboo! says:

    Me think that these men work harder than nigger!

  169. high school kid says:

    japanese, not chinese genius SM….yeah, and the whole nuke Japan thing, that’s not funny….what you want the world to blow up, some people need to get a grip with reality…..and what’t with the people sleeping in the streets? I’M a bit confused on that one….
    =======================from MasaManiA
    Wheather youbelieve or not, my photo is handy reality.

  170. Here’s your chance to turn the serendipity of sleeping Japanese businessmen into Art!
    Next time you encounter one of them crashed out on the sidewalk, encircle them with a “Crime Scene”-style CHALK OUTLINE!
    Yes! With the artistic application of a little chalk, you can transform the pitiful, pathetic, “just another burned-out Banzai” into not only a work of conceptual art, but also a figure of mystery and compassion as passers-by speculate on whether or not he is a crime victim.
    But why stop there? Add a pool of artificial blood as garnish to enhance the effect! Surround him in yellow tape that declares: “POLICE LINE/CRIME SCENE – DO NOT CROSS!”
    Amaze your friends – confound your enemies – scramble your Karma!

  171. madvoodo says:

    And the Japanese Say we are Lazy..all they Do is lay around Sleeping…lazy asses.

  172. Very wise man says:

    Glad i’m in Australia. 🙂

  173. George Bush says:

    Whoa. Nobody’s going to mistake ME for a Japanese businessman.
    Though this reminds me — time for my nap.

  174. David says:

    Modern Japan needs the kind of labor unions that aggressively fought for Americans’ basic workers’ rights and dignity back in the 1930.

  175. stephen says:

    in south africa it is not uncommon to see labourers sleeping it off under a tree during lunch but this is totally acceptable seeing as they engage in physical labour….and probably drank liters of black label and smoked bags of marijuana the night before….but this perverse japanese attitude of work to death is unaccptable this disgusting competitive one up manship just ruins it for everyone

  176. Endure300 says:

    We are sexually aroused.

  177. ken says:

    hey, I’m also a Japanese salaryman myself that works alot. This entry is full of misleading pictures. They are just drunken fools, lovable, though.
    I am sure the original poster, Masa, _knew_ that they are asleep not because of the hard work, but because of the beer they enjoyed.
    Be honest with yourself and don’t stick with your naive prejudice or assumption, Masa. You are misleading foreingers by showing pictures with completely wrong comments.
    Safty on the street, is what those pics explain.
    Yeah, you can sleep almost anywhere in Japan without risking your belongings very much.
    That’s what the comment on them should be like.
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    Why you can say that with so much confidence ? Do you have any evidence that your comment is completly true ? Who take this picture ? Me. Who know what happen to these people ? Only those people know. So what did you do ? Just seeing the picture taken by me. Your comment is just gessing, right ? I think your comment to me is more misleading than my comment.
    But your English seem very well than me. I am afraid of you.

  178. Fatman says:

    What a bunch of losers. I watched a program on the kamikazis last night that shows what a bunch of sheep the nips are. Not only that they are sadistic bastards – they deserved to get nuked.

  179. Stupid white man says:

    Man man man
    Don’t red so bullshit ever. Don’t you have other problems than worker around the world?
    “Uuuh the US rulz, uuuh Japenese worker are so leer, uuuuh Germany makes a war and are all nacionalsocialists”
    So far so good

  180. Le glandeur says:

    Hello i’m a hard worker to, i work from 0 to 35 hours per weeks, I have 47 day plus lots of public holidays, I live in a “difficult” country called France it is so much bursting to work here that I build a slacking movment. Come and visit us, here we sleep in good beds :+).
    bon courage !

  181. Lamadredeltopo says:

    Yo creo que estos amarillos son como los sudacas, que no pegan un palo al agua y estan todo el dia dormidos.

  182. shannon says:

    HA HA!!! i also took a picture of a “sleepy” japanese man during my one night stay in tokyo about 3 months ago…you can see it on my lame blog if you want…but these are the best pictures i’ve ever seen…if i feel asleep on the train i’d get mugged. lucky sleepy japanese…

  183. nikubou-kun says:

    hahahaha!!! i love it!! nerufuri shinagara, oneechan no mune ashiwaujan! hentai iu yorimo ano sarariman, tensai dayo!! hahahah
    demoza sarari-manni naritakuneendayone!! zettai!!

  184. Eikefjord says:

    Hi people of Japan.
    U seem to bee very tired people.
    Her in norway we never sleep =)

  185. Sunny says:

    Wow! Those are some amazing pics. I knew Asian ppl work hard but thats just too much. They need to enjoy life and have fun.
    —- one stop shop for all your party needs. Do your Chrismas Shopping there.

  186. Guy Gene says:

    I love the guy that told the Masa that he was “misleading foreingers” with this post. Island mentality I guess. There’s the Japanese people and everyone else is a “Foreinger”.

  187. meg says:

    can you post some japanese salary men thowing up and vomiting on the streets of tokyo?
    usually happens after midnight……

  188. Grace says:

    We looked at tile all day yesterday at a million different places in Anaheim, so we KNOW what being tiled is all about! Hweh

  189. Ch says:

    Yup they seem to be pretty untouvhed by manners.I thought Nippons are pretty cerimonial.Such disgrace 😉

  190. BlueMonday says:

    Isn’t it amazing hw quickly something simple and humorous like thsi attracts the vilification of ignorant Americans? Yet another reminder, as if we needed it, of why they have exactly the President they deserve. Here’s to Osama.

  191. felipe spina says:

    Se vc faz uma porra dessa no Brasil, vc se fode…

  192. xamiss says:

    Se esses japoneses comesses com garfo , faca e colher ,…..nao ficariam tao cansados

  193. Portugues says:

    Porra, so vi japones domindo.
    Nao vi nenhum trabalhando… Como trabalham muito se apenas os vi dormindo?

  194. Yellow money says:

    It is although it is a sight usually in Japan.
    What is it?

  195. man says:

    I have been in japan, I believe those picture, those are in trian coming from work. I know that, you know what is funny, once they reach their distenation they wake up as if nothing happen and they were not sleep , actully their mind works while they are sleeping.
    those are sleep in street that’s weekend in Veno area mostly, and almost everywhere in tokyo are drunked so badly which some of them carry on tile early morning

  196. Glif Bindu says:

    A Zen -`n` Stimpy- Haiku 4 U:
    Sleeping Business Men
    Dreaming of fried chicken breasts
    Fucking bedtime snack!

  197. sun_walka says:

    LMFAO – This is the funniest thing I’ve seen on the Japanese people , PML PML PML!!!!!!
    [ ‘ o ‘]
    \ \_/ /

  198. rh says:

    Are you sure some of them aren’t just drunk?

  199. HAPO says:

    E jebo ti Japance, da tek vidjas Crnogorce kako spavaju?
    Bane, kani se gluposti…..

  200. flugen says:

    What’s with all the nationalistic bullshit? Every country has some hard workers and some lazy ones. For whatever reason, my country (usa, nyc) doesn’t have sleeping businessmen on the subway, but it does have lots of other funny things, like people preaching and people singing terribly for money. These photos are hilarious. keep it up.

  201. Desmond Mullen says:

    I don’t think I would want to sleep in public because once someone put their penis in my mouth and blew a load in it when I was sleeping in a park.

  202. Chartreuse says:

    The pictures are oddly cute. I feel like going around with little blankets and covering them up so they don’t catch colds. ^_^
    What’s really amazing is all these comments! I thought only Americans posted rude, badly spelled, ungrammatical rants on other people’s journals, but it seems that’s a universal trait. Sort of… heart-warming, in a way. People are the same all over the world.
    Anyway, I’m from Minnesota, which is a rather cold, quiet part of America, and I can tell you what the workers here are like: boring. We go to work at 9am, have a one-hour lunch from 12-1, work some more, and leave at 5 or 6. Most people just go home. Some go to bars with friends (not their bosses or co-workers, but actual friends) but they don’t usually stay out very late.
    We are well-rested, efficient, and not much fun. ^_^

  203. Wogger says:

    And they do it at school too! Nothing changes. They just get older.

  204. hisoka says:

    How do u tell asleep from DRUNK?
    I think some of them seem quite drunk.

  205. quarx says:

    salak bu japonlar bence.

  206. czUb says:

    Buahahahahahahha normalnie te Zoltki sa zajebiste nie ma co 😀 Buahaahhahaa

  207. Blank Redge says:

    Never having been to Japan, the skeptic in me wonders if any of these pics were staged…
    There are enough that look plausible enough, but, not being familiar with the culture, some of the locations strike me as odd places to nap…
    Just my two cents.

  208. wifon says:

    Ilyen az uzleti elet, ha az ember wifomugynok!

  209. Dany Ventura says:

    These are a very funny pics, but it really seems to me that some of them are drunk, the underground is already boring on the long trips, but to end lied down in the sidewalk is too much, if you guys were in Mexico city, will not last for even 5 minutes before thiefs and criminals got you naked, sex abused!!! and if you are lucky, remaind alive…, but nice pics after all, what is that about the perversion?, are they really abusing of sex activities?

  210. OTOMAN says:


  211. fake says:

    Half of them are fake. impoasible to accpet some positures.

  212. Sp0rN says:

    satan assaa… iriterande manga japsar som ar trotta…. paminner mig lite om phanta-city i malmo!:P:P

  213. Tchantches says:

    Cre vin dju, ke n’affere a Lidge !

  214. mummbles says:

    man its funny how you dumb, fat, lazy americans like to ridicule other people doing hard work just to cover your own ineptness. damn cracka ass crackers!

  215. Nathan says:

    I’m a Croatian, and as a Croatian i think i can say that this is just wrong in a sick kind of way

  216. Christian says:

    I used to take debate, and I know the first rule: never ever ever ever expect a goodnights sleep.
    This is funny though.
    Anyways I thought I’d take a moment to promote my site.

  217. Liu Suying says:

    Actually, most of these are CHINESE guys, here in Beijing (I not only recognize the subway cars, but the actual subway stops). Some of them might be taken in Japan, but a large number of them are from China 😉

  218. Keso says:

    I think Sweden is the number one pussy in the world. Noone works here. If there’s soccer on TV they call in sick. If they feel a little tired they wanna be on the sick-list and lying at home with 80% pay. And if something fuck up everybody want the government to fix it whatever the problem. Swedes are lazy bums… we should be a little more like Japan.

  219. yo_mero says:

    Chingen a su puta madre pinches japos

  220. Mulla Omar says:

    AMERICANS ARE FAT LAZY FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KILL THE BUSH!!!!!!!!!

  221. hehe nice photos. I’m Japanese and I can tell you folks. They do work hard but they do go out hard too. And we can not drink so much as westerners. A lot of us get pretty drunk after 1 or 2 pints of beers. So of course we fall asleep and puke everywhere.

  222. mediagong says:

    hard work !!! we’ll all finish like that here.

  223. leszek says:

    Mi to naszczescie nie grozi mam potwierdzony przez lekarzy pracowstrent. A tak na marginesie to ich popierdolilo z lekka pozdro dla krajowcow.

  224. Rebecca from Holland says:

    I’m from Holland! This is a really cool site:)
    Haha echt wel vaag dit, je zal maar overal in slaap kunnen vallen. Lijkt me zeer kut:P

  225. lo mejor de las fotos (falsas) es poder leer lo que piensa la gente de diferentes culturas, sin embargo aca en Peru dormimos depiertos..

  226. mela says:

    jaja que risa pobre gente

  227. Tulumarka says:

    I cant believe!

  228. koneko04 says:

    I am shocked to see these photos.
    Some of these folks might have been dead.
    If this is a typical day in Tokyo and the surroundings, it looks like the end of the world to me.

  229. David K says:

    David K.

  230. anxa says:

    It’s good! But why everybody are in suits? Strange country…
    To jest dobre! Ale czemu wszyscy s?Ew garniturach? Dziwny kraj…
    =========================from MasaManiA
    Different from China, In Japan, business man wear suit. on the other hand, first of all, China don’t have business. Just nagosiation being similar quarrel.

  231. Natas says:

    hi all, I’m english and am living about 45 mins from Tokyo and i will vouch for all the photos if they are fake they are recreations! on the train everyone sleeps and its not uncommon to find someone trying to catch a nap on your shoulder, as for those in the street i think its more to do with the lack of transport after 12… It all stops and you can either get a taxi (bout 20,000yen for me) or continue drinking till the first train! but alas some do not make it and will kip where they can, and that is what truly rocks about this country you can sleep anywhere and you wake up with all your stuff!! I used to live near brixton no way can you sleep there even in a house it aint that safe! i will say that the work ethic is a little strange but they have a rule that you are not responcible for your actions while your drunk!! how good is that, apparently you can call your boss all the names under the sun and as long as you are pissed its ok the next day!
    keep it up big J

  232. lol says:


  233. Dick Hertz says:

    You snooze, you lose!

  234. Chelsea says:

    Hey I’m a Canadian… I love this site and the fact that you have so many people’s opinion from all backgrounds… personally, I feel these pictures are really sad… it’s great to have a healthy work life, but this just doesn’t seem healthy to me. Hopefully these men ARE drunk, they need a break from crunching numbers!! 🙂 ttyl y’all

  235. Masami Watanabe says:

    In a city as big as Tokyo, yes you’ll find tired people; so? Some of these photos are of people who are drunk. Japanese as a ‘whole’ don’t work any harder than anyone else, (look how many housewives sit at home and watch Variety all day, or Wide Show). Waiting to leave until your boss has gone home is not work, staring out of the window is not work, some work hard, some don’t. Stereotypes don’t work.

  236. Kyle says:

    Ive been to tokyo and that is exactly what those guys look like. they need to start to get off work earlier! (no more escorts!)

  237. Roksanka says:

    ale zwa?a @^_^@

  238. uncle clam says:

    in america, we call these people DRUNK

  239. LUIS DANIEL says:


  240. obdachlos says:

    in china tha are obdachloes people not more

  241. Dollar Bill says:

    hourlywagewoman sleeps too —>

  242. Lee says:

    Honestly…sitting in an office all day, no matter how many hours you sit down for, is never going to be considered hard work in my book. I don’t care what country you’re from. Now, Japanese farmers and fishermen work their asses off. But funny how, when I lived in the Japanese countryside, I never saw any of the blue-collar workers sleeping in public and I never heard them complain as much as the office workers. But, this is the case in all countries, isn’t it?

  243. Daniel says:

    Estoy de acuerdo con los que hablan de calidad, no de cantidad… mas horas de trabajo no necesariamente significan hacer un mejor trabajo. De hecho, se termina descuidando la familia, la salud, etc. y cuando se dan cuenta ya es demasiado tarde. Es mejor trabajar para vivir que vivir para trabajar!!!!

  244. Matt says:

    9/10ths of your photos show drunk salariman. Not hard workers tired after long day.

  245. miguel says:

    para mi que la mayoria estan bien a pija, a berga, pedo, ebrios como quieran..

  246. Dollar Bill says:

    (The above link didn’t work! Try …)
    時給の女性は余りに眠めEHourly wage woman sleeps too!

  247. joege luis rochin says:

    creo que el trabajo dignifica , pero hay que compartir el tiempo de tal manera que alcance tambien para descansar , esas fotos para mi son una senal de desorganizacion ,, no todo es ganar dinero!!!!!!!!

  248. Bruno says:

    jajajaaj that´s pictures are very funny, jajaja…
    esas fotos ta buenas jejej(en castellano)

  249. micro says:

    ah wateva man, japenese are just pussies.

  250. Steve says:

    They’re just lazy.

  251. Steve says:

    They’re just lazy.

  252. Damo says:

    A lot of those photos bring back memories of my trip to Japan. Oh so funny, lol!

  253. amit says:

    i m tired of reading all this………….i need a sleep………ZZZZZZZZZZ

  254. jose salazar says:

    todos somos seres humanos,nadie es perfecto,pero asi es la vida ……….
    la vida es bella……

  255. Vasya says:

    Фотки так сE

  256. jeBaas says:

    Lazzy ass People, GET TO WORK!
    cheers, from Holland

  257. Elin says:

    OMG! They work SO hard!:S

  258. sugizo says:

    Hay ^___^
    they’re very tired japanese!!
    so funny…!
    Cu~ ^.~

  259. Claw says:

    so tired japanese people xDDD

  260. mydadsadog says:

    photoshop friday with the photo’s from this site:)

  261. USfuture says:

    The USA should see their future in these pictures. With Bush selling the US piecemeal to corporations and owing TRILLIONS in debt to Japan and China Americans and their children (the ones with jobs) will soon find themselves working 12 hour days 7 days a week to make ends meet and to keep their Corporate Lords happy.

  262. Student says:

    I have to take some photos of my day at school, would be almost the same 🙂 sutdents sleeping everywhere during class XD

  263. Kanoe says:

    hi ^_____^
    very interesting pics… really. i like japanese guys *_____* but are they a little bit tired? *mwahaha* XD~
    very funny.
    it’s really good that they can so lovely sleep without fear… i mean, their briefcases… o.O!!!
    hn, baba ^.~

  264. Mehdi HE says:

    waw ! funny pix !!!!!!

  265. CloudCobain says:

    Wow, I do Business Studies at school. We haven’t covered THAT part of oriental business!

  266. Jacqueline says:

    Cela me rappelle mes voyages quotidiens que j’ai fait pendant 5 ans pour me rendre a mon boulot, a 1h de train de chez moi. C’etait un peu la vision que j’avais dans le wagon lors de mon voyage de retour. Il y avait des gens tellement fatigues qu’ils ne se reveillaient pas a leur arret.
    Mais je crois que les Japonais nous battent largement. Ils sont fous de se tuer a la tache ainsi.

  267. fixxxer says:

    Nincs egy kurva magyar komment sem erre? Az eszem megall, ket napon keresztul japanokat kisergettem. Ezekr?l mindent el tudok kepzelni, viszont nagyon-nagyon-nagyon vicces nepseg. Mostantol magam is japan akarok lenni.
    Lesz meg magyar-japan hatar:)

  268. In your ass says:

    Fuck Japs, lazy shit. Nordic People Never Sleeps.

  269. Foszer says:

    ez tenyleg vicces, de elalmosodtam en is!

  270. Sushi Sam says:

    Hey Mota
    Don’t forget that it was the Americans that taught the Japanese to be so focused on productivity.
    Yep, they were awfully busy raping and acting like animals until the US dropped a couple of bombs that made the skin melt off of their grandmothers and the semen in those teensy tiny little nutsacks of their curdle like cottage cheese.
    They’ve been quite motivated to serve us Sushi and make nice little radios for us ever since!
    Thanks Takahashi!
    More pickled Ginger? Chop chop!

  271. Bontzay says:

    hahahaha, so funny !! i wanna go there and stole everything from their pokets, damn japanesee bastards :))

  272. kokeny says:

    Na, szep kis metrotarsasag. Ahelyett, hogy agyvagonokat tenne be, csak a megszokott uleses vagonokkal kozlekednek. 3-4 szint? agyvagonokkal sokkal gazdasagosabb lenne az egesz. Van meg mit tanulni a jappoknak.

  273. Daniel Murphy says:

    hahaha, in America this only happens when you spent all night drinking.

  274. felis says:
  275. iLLmaTic says:

    ich wurd sagen, nicht so viel arbeiten und einfach mal chillen 😛

  276. Party Guy says:

    These are some really nice pictures. These people SHOULD get some rest.. then again while doing my Masters I had read, they think of it as disrespect if they don’t go to work or talk back to their boss.
    For all your christmas shopping, new years party supplies, party supplies, birthday party supplies, christmas decorations.. go to http://www.hostMYparty.com (name easy to remember)

  277. Hiroshima says:

    Sushi Sam?
    ” Hey Mota
    Don’t forget that it was the Americans that taught the Japanese to be so focused on productivity.
    Yep, they were awfully busy raping and acting like animals until the US dropped a couple of bombs that made the skin melt off of their grandmothers and the semen in those teensy tiny little nutsacks of their curdle like cottage cheese.
    They’ve been quite motivated to serve us Sushi and make nice little radios for us ever since!
    Thanks Takahashi!
    More pickled Ginger? Chop chop!”
    That’s disgusting, racism at it’s peak and totaly un-true.
    The facts you stated about them acting like animals and practicing rape, that is among other.
    USA pushed them to attack, a military target, because they ceased their trading and it would had done great economical to the empire of Japan.
    And USA acted in a un-humitarian way by nuking two civilian cities after failing over and over while trying to attack back so they targeted and slayed civilians to force Japan to surrender.
    And it’s laughable when you say that Japan is “owned” by the US while your country is in great debt to Japan.
    How American of you, keep hiding in your tinted plastic bubble and keep watching FOXNews, your brain has already withstand the maximum damage of rubbish and ignorant propaganda so it won’t hurt being hammered once more by intilligence degrading entertainment.

  278. Maury says:

    En mexico no pasa eso porque si te quedas dormido te roban te raptan te violan preferiria un pais como ese donde la gente te respete

  279. andy says:

    Yo! fett side, emn litt overdrevet ogsa, (ber folk om og late som de sover osv…)
    j a p a n suger hart

  280. ivo says:

    but on the bright side
    – their wifes are never tired for sex because they don’t work
    – their wifes wait for them with warm food every night
    – you don’t have to do the dishes and other chores
    – and above all need to explain why you are drunk again when you get home…
    egyszoval kurvajonekik 🙂

  281. Katten says:

    You are almost as fucked up as us norwegians.
    We work 7-8 hours a day, have 5-10 weeks vacation, minimum hourly wage of ~$15, you get wage even if you are sick, a social safenet that ensures you ~$15 000 a year if you can’t work, a GDP per capita of $37,800 (2003 est.) and still…
    We hate all foreigners, our neighbours, basicly everybody. Ever been on vacation in norway? Its easy to see that tourism isn’t what made this country rich.
    Well, well. I’ll rather live with the nagging and whining then live with a religious fanatic as leader. And the tram i use has AC 🙂

  282. vampire says:

    🙂 cool. i sleep very similar way (as not a japan but a hungarian). i think its normal. bw.

  283. jose says:

    chupa la pinga

  284. HAEEMAIL: faafsasdsd@asdas.aa says:


  285. esztike says:

    igen en magyar vagyok es nem ertem hogy eghy fels?vezet?Emiert alszik egy lehuzott rolo el?tt,miert nem vitetei magat haza taxival,ha olyan faradt?azert ez mar tulzas!

  286. alejandro says:

    hola amiga como estas

  287. juan says:

    asi estavas vos el sabado gillllllllllll

  288. lisa says:

    just laughing all the time… 😀
    we aren’t busy as the japanese people here in germany… ^^
    so long;
    yours lisa
    hey ho! ihr leutchen…ist das nicht was zum totlachen… 😀 HERRLICH!!

  289. shirokuro says:

    Hi everyone. I’m Japanese.
    It’s really funny to see that some people say those pictures are “sad”.
    From a Japanese point of view, these people are the “sad” that they can’t simply
    enjoy those pictures. I mean…You don’t need to be sad especially when we
    Japanese aren’t. Actually,it’s funny!
    Oh, and Most definitely, most of the people in the pics are just drunk.
    I love “MasaManiA” and I have no intention to bother him, but I don’t know why
    he insists that they are “the dead tired Japanese salarymen”. We don’t sleep on the street just becouse we are tierd, are we Masa??
    Anyway, Goooooooo MasaManiA!

  290. Martini says:

    Absolutely amazing. I’ve wanted to live and work in Japan for a while now, but this… Although I suppose it presents a challenge…!

  291. TomTom says:

    It is extremely morbid. Fragile.
    Bad for those people.
    You was not born to make yourself sick some years ago.

  292. claudia says:

    Of course, all these people look very tired but they also have “contact” with other people! : )
    And I think that’s rather cool!
    By the way I cannot believe that a “true” business man would sleep on the ground unless he is totally drunk!!

  293. Isod says:

    Yahooo, well, that’s real live in Japan, I was already there, but did not work only for holyday, but I think, I let it be go work there. I spook to some guy who work there, the meaning was, “You work more then have free time” And I love free time. Damn!!!

  294. Yew says:

    Yeah! Yeah! here’s a guy sleeping on the train

  295. HuskyEyes says:

    No, i have observed that in some pictures the workers are the same. So what could we understand from this? Maybe this pictures are not so real as they apear. Finally, everybody thinks what they want to see. Xcuse my english… i’m form Romania!
    ======================from MasaManiA
    This pictures are real ! I actually took a real situation. No fake. I dont know why people are so suspious.

  296. rice says:

    Work hard my ass. Anyone who has ever lived/worked in japan knows this to be untrue.
    The real story is that is takes an hour for a J dude what takes 5 minutes for anyone else.
    Also, J dudes are too pussy to leave work if their boss is still in the office so the end up playing Tetris for 3 hours a day.
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your sense of humor.

  297. Lia Dzi says:

    Kothoo Sia lu sete’he! On ti sode sentaigo!

  298. 上(ジョウ says:

    I love the guy sleeping with his arms spread wide on the dirty ground. I think this is a great website. The vast majority of these Sarariman are Wasted! Japanese culture has many great attributes. They have some very strange cultural rituals, however. One is the need to stay late just for staying late’s sake. The other is the need to get blotto every freaking night. When I’m in Japan, I find myself doing the same (the drinking, not the working late).
    The Japanese should consider what type of community they want to live in. One where people have to practically kill themselves regularly to get ahead? America has its own issues. Sometimes I wonder who has it better. I think that all things considered, life is still better in the US. Even with the evil Christians running the show.
    Again, great website.

  299. Bob says:

    It’s definitely true japanese people work a lot…too much… but I also think many of the guys featured in the gallery are just plain drunk from drinking after work…Overwork is worrying but so is alcoholism

  300. balubs says:

    Ide miert nem irnak magyarul? Akkor a csunya szavakat se ertik, mint pl fasz, pina, hombarfeju.

  301. DeluksZ says:

    Hi all
    I read about this in a book which was about Japan, and i read, that does not strange in Japan. Everybody knows, that they have to work very hard and very long… they earn the mony, and they have to keep the family alive. Nobody will shout them that “Hey, stupid drunk man, sleep at home”. It istn’t strange there… Everyboda let them drink or sleep, because they know what a hard life they have.
    ======================from MasaManiA
    Yes, it’s true.

  302. Gloomie says:

    I had seen these same scene when I had a tour in Tokyo…You Japanese guys really work so hard!!

  303. Yasue From Thailand says:

    Hi, I saw many japanese men with Business work.
    Oh.. they are look like not better with cloth.
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  304. Rick says:

    Please, get a top of the line server, so it will be faster to see your picture. You are in Japan with the latest technology and the world is watching you, even playboy watch you.
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Yes, it’s maybe latest technology, but no money, no benefit.

  305. youareidiots says:

    They ALL FUCKING DRUNK! Stop giving this shit about Japanese workers. Here read this you racist fucks.
    “U.S. productivity grew in 2002, surpassing both Europe and Japan in annual output per worker for the first sustained period since World War II and further widening the productivity gap with the rest of the world.” and “Americans are producing more with fewer workers in the labor market.” At the same time, he explained, “labor market flexibility in the United States may be one of the factors allowing employers to adjust more quickly to changing economic conditions by shedding or adding jobs.””

  306. youareidiots says:

    Here is the source:
    Now show me where it says Japanese workers work harder! Piss off you wankers.Those pictures mostly of PASSED OUT drunks. Just continue believing in your little myth.

  307. TALULU says:

    it’s really horrible to show these picture, they showing the real life, poors guys!

  308. sushi says:

    I think because they travel a lot between working, they don’t have SOHU(small office home office) concept as I seen in UK, US, China, Singapore…….

  309. sushi says:

    Traveling is tiring, Japanese always believe their culture is the best. Terrible!

  310. jiaochang says:

    ajajjajajesta bien buena la kosa estos japoneses son enteros dormilnes kuando termina el trabajo el kansancio los agota jajiajiajaija chao ke eten bien

  311. Edward Rock says:

    Siempre senti respeto por la aficion de los japoneses al trabajo, pero nunca crei llegar a ver esto, estan siendo deshumanizados…!! Son entes vagando por la ciudad, ya dejaron de ser personas pensantes !!… El capitalismo es tan cruel como el comunismo, ambos son basura, esta es la prueba !! Ojala esto cambie algun dia !!

  312. Pit says:

    Your pics are really funny and dramatic at the same time. I saw it when i lived in Tokyo, amazing! And poor guy!
    keep on going your great job!
    =============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  313. jobless says:

    not funny enough

  314. manuel says:


  315. mariely says:

    saben k??????? ami a los japoneses mi vida es japon
    yo sueno algun dia con viajar a ese lugar tan maravilloso!!!!!! tokio,hiroshima,kioto,etc……
    yo digo: tengo k tener un novio japones sea como sea

  316. Dr Schlongo says:

    The girl seems really thrilled having a drunk on her jugs.. she is smashed too — some of them do look asleep though, but some of those clowns are full of saki..

  317. none of your business says:

    Give me a bloody break. I’m a foreigner in Japan, and have been living here for close to three years now. I see this stuff everyday, and I know full well how much the Japanese love to tell people, especially foreigners, how long they work. For some reason it’s a matter of pride to say that you’re a slave to a company, and that you consider your job more important than your own life, your relationship with your wife/husband or your own children.
    Whose fault is it that you work such a long day?
    You could easily quit your job and gte another one that pays a little less. Or you could simply say “no” to your boss once in your life. I know that would never happen in Japan, but hey if you want rights you have to at least be able to say “no”. You’re not going to lose oyur job, I know the labour laws here, and for some reason you’d have to virtually kick your boss down the stairs in order to lose your job.
    Oh, and by the way, if you compare the GNP of the U.S. (“lazy americans”) and Japan (“hard working Japanese”) on a per capita basis, you’ll find that the U.S. produces more even though they work less. Why? Well, people in Japan work long hours, yes, but like most things it’s only for appearances. Not much is actually accomplished during that time. I’d illustrate, and could do so a novel length, but I don’t wish to take the time. I have again and again had my Japanese managers comment on how quickly I work and get it done. I believe this stems from the notion that it’s not what you actually accomplish that’s important, but how much you put into it. Man, I could tell you stories… so many.
    But, don’t take my word for it. There’s a great book written by someone who lived here for about 30 years who knows it all much better than I. It’s called “Dogs and Demons” and it’s by Alex Kerr
    P.S. I guanrantee that most of the people in the pictures in the street or standing are drunk. As are the ones in the restaurant and the ones sitting in the train on the floor. You can see that every night between 11pm and last train when everyone goes home after an evening of drinking with their colleagues after work. Then they get up around 7am (or 6) and do it again the next day. I’d like to know how much a very hungover worker gets done.

  318. bryan says:

    great site. hope you are right that they are “hard workers” and not “not enough sleep-ers.” i have my doubts though…
    i would like to remind people that ‘working hard’ and ‘being tired’ are two different things. i don’t know the situation in j-land (though in defence of this blog, their productivity rankings are generally high), but i think i know it pretty well just a stones throw away in a VERY different place. i wonder if they are really working hard or just tired from not sleeping.
    here in gorea, the goreans often try to perpetuate the myth of the ‘hard working’ businessmen. the reality is that their worker productivity is horrendously low, they smoke more than they work, and the quality of their work is suspect at best. they too sleep everywhere, but it is not a result of hard work! it is a result of being at work a long time because they are inefficient and are led by managers with no direction who think staying at work for the next 8 hours to smoke a third pack equals working hard.
    from the lazy center of the universe…gorea!

  319. bluejives says:

    hi masa,
    this is my first time posting. pardon my french, but this is a fucking cool site with interesting observational perspective. i also like your minimalist, poor english style.
    anyways, in korea, the lives of high school students are like this also. because they have to study too hard. sometimes they stay awake all night studying and not sleep. so they sleep on the bus, train, anywhere possible. but they cannot sleep during class because they will get into big trouble. so in class they sleep with their eyes open.
    btw, i am korean-american gyopo.

  320. Я! says:


  321. dabitch says:

    It’s amazing that they don’t get robbed of their breifcases… Poor sleepy things.

  322. Eugeniusz Geniusz says:

    jak sobie tak na nich patrze to mi sie spac chce 😉

  323. Robert says:

    One big difference between say, American businessmen in big cities and Japanese businessmen in big cities is that in America it would be extremely humiliating for a businessman to be passed out on the floor, the ground, or even on the train with his mouth hanging open, looking disheveled. Public drunkenness and singing in public are likewise considered shameful in America (for white-collar businessmen).
    On the other hand, I’ve seen many Sararymen in Japan looking just like Masa’s pictures show them, throwing up in the gutter, drunk and singing, and no one pays any attention.
    Of course, there are many things that would embarrass the hell out of a Sararyman that go unnoticed in the States (like not having their card with them, or calling an aquaintance by a nickname), so it’s all just a different set of shameful things to avoid. Keeps life interesting, I suppose.

  324. Hirohito says:


  325. Rivero says:

    Hola como estas enviaame tu foto a mi correo son bu

  326. Norris McWurtis says:

    Sleep is for losers. I would sack those poxy japs for even thinking baout sleep let alone actually having some.
    My employees work 17 hour days and then take work home and if it isnt done to my standards they are publicly flogged.

  327. adalid says:

    che que ondaadalidsoy estebaN

  328. miguel says:

    duermen como vos en cualkier lado!!

  329. тебсEибёсE says:


  330. florent says:

    i suck your dik when i am homosexual

  331. SPr says:

    и никто нисE

  332. ramses says:

    geilo :metal

  333. Kuraiza says:

    Japanese people are good at looking busy at work but are maybe not working so hard. They stay long hours because the Boss stays but they move paper around a desk to look busy.
    So when I lived in Juso most times people that were sleeping in the street were drunk people. Very drunk people vomitting on themselves and ladies showing their pants because they collapsed on the street.
    It was only 10 pm.

  334. pisya says:

    spr, да, таким безмозглым долбоёбам как тсEэтого никак не понятсE.. полносE

  335. killer says:

    Latom a neten mindenholtalalkozni honfi tasakkal.
    Ezek nem felso vezetok hanem egy csoro senki hazi brigad.japanba mindenki oltonyt hord igy csak a minosegeb?l tudod meg ki felso vezeto.

  336. killler says:

    Ezek hol lennenek felsovezetok?Nezd meg a cipojet.Utott-kopott sehonnai emerek ezek akiket siman agyon dolgoztatnak es amolyen marhak megis csinaljak.:)))))))

  337. killler says:

    Latom vannak ittis honfi tarsak.:))
    Ezek az emberek nem felsovezetok hanem egy sehonnaiak akiket agyon hajszolnak es mar arra sincs ereje,hogy felemelje a kezet,hogy leintsen egy taxit.megis emrdemlik.En biztos beintenek egy jo nagyot.fuck!!

  338. islandita says:

    hola preciosa asi te vere alguana ves

  339. cornerstone says:

    could be another outbreak of narcalepsy
    =======from MasaManiA
    Be soon.

  340. six says:

    mindenhol ezek a magyar honfitarsak 🙂

  341. adek19 says:

    Ale numer!!!!Jak tak mo?na??Lepiej niech mniej pracuj?Eto im wyjdzie na zdrowie…:p

  342. Sandra says:

    Ale ?piochy Jestem polk?Ei wole spa?Ew ?u?ku ale jak kto woli :D:D pozdrawiam wszystkich z tego pi?knego miasta….

  343. Pepe says:

    Hot Japanese panchira woman spends like time, too!!
    ====from MasaMania
    more panchira shot is here

  344. SillyD. says:

    Well… now i feel more of an idiot, i seen a documentary of japan’s elementary school, I wouldn’t say it was a fake, because i believe it. The documentary had some kids add some numers (wow thats something to be suprised eh?), well the kids would look at a monitor, and add up about 4x 4-digit numbers in 4 flashes. Each flash containing a numer…
    Sorry about getting off topic, but i just felt like an idiot saying that this homework from school is bad enough.

  345. grant says:

    maybe if their economy wasn’t so fucking expensive they could have a normal life.
    What kind of people think its proud to be a workaholic?
    all work and no play makes chin a dull boy
    I don’t think they work good, they just work stupid,
    they work like stupid little lemmings every day

  346. no name says:

    I have post some comment before, But I think my comment in this site is lose, I don’t know why? why not? maybe I come from Thailand, no one to agree my comment with this sad story.
    I think Japanese man doing work too hard. really small time to have time self. too little, maybe after work have to go some drink outside with some friend. also normal sotory must go some funny place and meet with some girl. are you think so? they’s tired will be missing when they are meet with some woman and have some talk some drink, the feeling become good and feel better after go back to home. But, when they are weak up in the morning of day. they will feel little tired and little sleepy on the way. Who is nice wife should be too more understand husband. they are really doing hard work for hisself and his family. sometime need happy.. just a little. the men all over in the world, no any country is doing work so hard liken Japanese man. Japan man is the most smart man and strong life.
    my think is difficult to understand because my english too bad. I do not speak english well. I hope I need some day I can stay and doing work in Japan. I like new style of life and looking for something so different from many idea of people.
    I just 23 years old, but really doing hard work when I am 8 years old. I help myself to understand hard life untill now. I understand more to more in this world.
    thank you!
    a girl from Chiangrai/Thailand
    ============from MasaManiA
    Sorry maybe for my deleting your comments.
    I just delete spam comment like advertising “online casino”,”child porn”,”Viagra seller” etc. and I mistakingly delete yours. sorry.
    I lived in Thailand. so I feel familiar to THailand people. and I really hate Jap who live in Thailand. you will know the reason.
    but at the same time I saw some thai girls who gradually become bitch even though they are good girls at first.
    I think “Money” is the cause of bad result. of course the Jap who pay to anything is the most bad cause.
    Let’s find out the thing more valuable thing than money

  347. cornerstone says:

    no name
    you are my favorite girl in the world

  348. Australia says:

    Funny fookn fotoes dude!!!!
    Im sure a recent study stated that americans were actually working the most hours, followed by australian and new zealanders – which surprised me. Although people in Sydney do work bloody hard – too many hours. Many parts of the world need to GET A LIFE!!!
    ps: to the american asswipes playing down the atrocity of nuking cilvilian Jap cities, lets see if you take it so lightly when the Jihad bros nuke one of your cities – because experts expect that to happen in the next few years. Hmmm I wander if killing all those Iraqi civilians is helping? I have a mate who was blown to fuck in the bali bombings – he was the worst injured person to survive, lost most of both legs and has holes n shit all over the place. Its not a nice thing people, in any culture.
    Fuck War!! – Lets see Bush and Blair and Howard out there in the front line!!!!
    =========from MasaManiA

  349. La La Ru says:

    A picture says a thousand words.
    It’s best to have freedom and half a meal then a full meal and none at all.

  350. cornerstone says:

    “you have the freedom to do what you are told”
    this is the way of the new democracy
    fuck the big corporations that are controlling this world !!!
    fuck the church of walmart !!!
    fuck you complacent idiots that sit by idly while shit is happening all around you !!!
    fuck you george bush !!!
    fuck you !!!

  351. 42TMOLTUAE says:

    Yeah, I know…
    And this one time, in the Navy…no, not band camp, sorry.
    Once upon a time, there was a sailor who worked 20 hour workdays when underway. The sailor did not get those two hours off all at once-it was a matter of 10 and 15 minute cat-naps, sometimes for a whole month. When the sailor came into port and went on liberty, she promptly found a hotel room, took a shower and slept for a day or so (breaks for going to the bathroom, of course). Of course, this was only if she was not scheduled for 24 hour duty. She couldn’t complain much; her fellow watchstanding sailors did the same.
    You can get used to just about anything. There are as many versions of normal as there are people.

  352. me says:

    somewhere, somewhen, something went terribly wrong
    It just can’t be the sense of life to work so hard

  353. myugenjin says:

    I don’t think it’s American business men who work so hard and so many long hours. I think it’s Americas retail workers. -Walmart
    Shit I refused to get a normal job because of the flexibility of hours at the employers convinence.
    p.s. don’t these people get robbed?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Robbing from sleeping people boldly is not so popular in Japan.

  354. Annoyed says:

    At least in Japan all the jobs dont go to illegal immigrants who are also sucking up welfare ,keeping people with US passports and a real VISA out of a job.
    Then they spit out as many kids kids as possible , so you cannot deport them even though they are illegal.
    My shild was born here !! I MUST stay !
    And working citizens cannot afford health isurance ,but their taxes pay theses lazy fucks major medical ,and they get it for FREE.
    Everyone works hard ,and everyone zonks on the train sometimes if they have to commute .
    At least in Japan every dumb fuck sittin next you to is legal and has to work hard to stay and have a decent VISA.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Society is full of problem.

  355. winky says:

    Anyone who says americans work smarter, and not harder is full of bull shit. Americans are lazy too, and they complain about how their products dont sell. Its because they suck and are over priced. Americans want to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money.

  356. 42 says:

    Winky, you don’t? You must not be human.

  357. Raduch says:

    are they are very tired that tehy are sleeping on the street or they are so DRUNK ???
    ==========from MasaManiA
    God know

  358. Alan says:

    These pictures are great, man! I found them very funny. Until this very moment, I really felt like true orginal humour was lost. I mean, what did happen to laughing at sleeping people? Now, the memories come running back to me. Thanks photographer. (^_^)
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you too.

  359. Haruhiko says:

    Hey there, I’m a european currently living in Japan.
    Lots of the comments here are whats “sad”..
    I hear lots of prejudice here, “americans work twice as efficient in half the time”. You cant generalize an entire culture. There are japanese people who work f*ckin hard, they work late and do alot. And there are those with a more western work time, there are also those who stay long at work but dont work very much. But as always, some might stay extra hours because they like being there, personally I sometimes happen to stay at work a little longer but just cause we are having fun, co-workers talking and so.
    And many of those japanese that work really hard and long are not sad, some of them like their life like that, whom have a life and not is only for that person to know and there are lazy asses in the us and in Japan and everywhere else so just shove the prejudice where the sun dont shine and stfu, okay? 🙂
    Personally, me and my japanese co-workers usually get off work at 2 pm on fridays, and at 5 all other days,not cause we did all the work more efficiently but because we have that kind of schedule.
    When I worked in the UK in a game development company, we often work entire weekends and sometimes to 10 or 11 pm.

  360. winky says:

    Americans want to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money by forcing others to do their work for them and screwing over the hard workers. What I say about least amount of work is that they want to do less inspections, testing and other critical work on their products, while german and japanes products undergo the fiercest of engineering, tests and scrutiny before the final product is released for sale.
    But dont get me wrong, you cant get a damn good pizza or burger from japan, can you?

  361. 42 says:

    Well said.
    The old job I had in the Navy involved watching the radar scope and plotting on nautical charts. I could not increase my efficiency in order to work less hours. My duty station had to be manned 24 hours a day, no matter how many additional duties we had when we were not on shift.
    That’s just how the job worked out-it wasn’t ‘American laziness’. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of lazy people in the US AS WELL AS other countries.
    To the prejudiciced people on this site-I know it’s easy to hate the US and ALL Americans because everyone is doing it, but the easiest things to do are not always the correct things to do.

  362. 42 says:

    Just a little help on explaining Michael Moore. Too many people think of him as some kind of genius. This site is not the only reason I think Michael Moore is an idiot; it just explains it so well that I had to share.
    Notice Bush shows up in the same site…

  363. 42 says:

    *Sigh* You can kill off my previous post, Masa…The site seems to have deleted all the episodes after #8.
    Sorry 🙁

  364. iluvballs says:

    this is sooooooooo funny omg hahahahahahahahaha

  365. pecta says:

    it’s encouraging for me to see so many people writing about the issues here. It make me feel more confident to do what i need to do to keep a balanced life myself, and not doubt that that might mean doing the wrong thing or ‘getting left behind’. Behind what? We all really want teach other to live happy lives.
    yes, I hope things change soon too. love

  366. PIOTR says:

    Spi?Ehuje jak trza to trza

  367. juicio says:

    In a city in the United States you will also people sleep on commuter trains, buses and more. Some of them just pretend to sleep and some rest their eyes. In a crowded train people do their best to shut up and ignore eachother. That makes it a great time to rest, so why not?
    It’s better than staring out the window of a train that’s traveling underground. 🙂

  368. juicio says:

    In a city in the United States you will also people sleep on commuter trains, buses and more. Some of them just pretend to sleep and some rest their eyes. In a crowded train people do their best to shut up and ignore eachother. That makes it a great time to rest, so why not?
    It’s better than staring out the window of a train that’s traveling underground. 🙂
    =======from MasaManiA
    Japan is almost same.

  369. nomontang says:

    O M G ~
    i’m not along…..

  370. bonnie says:

    Wow. quite interessting, both, the pics AND the comments.
    i had no idea that americans have such a negative opinion of the japanese ^^°
    i’m from germany and for i’m quite interessted in japanese culture, but i don’t know if i can agree to what has being said…
    one just have to compare the schools in germany to those in japan to see, that this little men are a lot more diligent than us…
    don’t know if we (meaning everybody exept for japanese people) are right to judge so hard on them. i don’t think they sleep in the streets or get drunk because it’s so much fun, but simply because they are kind of forced to.
    furthermore i don’t think that they would have been able to build up such a strong capitalistic power (meaning: playing a big role in the world marked) if they were a nation of lazy bums!

  371. concordia.discors says:

    Je suis alle au Japon en 1984,pendant une dizaine de jours, et j’ai travaille pour une compagnie japonaise (mais en France !)pendant 5 ans.A l’epoque,je n’ai pas remarque ces gens accables de sommeil mais je les ai souvent vus s’abrutissant, apres le travail dans les pachinkos ou les bars a karaoke, en buvant leur mauvaise biere,(et non leur delicieux sake !).Toutefois,leur probleme majeur ne me semble pas l’exces de travail – certes moins condamnable que nos suicidaires 35H – mais leur conformisme social : on reste au bureau surtout pour agir comme les autres,et sous leur regard, quitte a faire semblant, et rien de reellement productif.Ce qui est crevant, en revanche, ce sont les transports en commun du lieu de travail au domicile.C’est pourquoi beaucoup ne rentrent meme pas et dorment sur place, dans des dortoirs construits par leur compagnie ou dans des cellules nids d’abeilles, sorte d’anticipation du cercueil futur.What a life! Que vida de mierda…

  372. Ishtar-Baby says:

    I’m from Germany too…
    And i think, HOW can Japanese Men (or women X3) sleep on the street or in the train? ?___?
    Strange Thing, but nice X3

  373. Leonard Lake says:

    speaking of Japanese Businessmen…here’s some bloke who records music under the name of Japanese Businessman…myspace.com/japbusinessman

  374. Nhem sovandy says:

    I like you very much.
    good luck!
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  375. grab_grab_the_haddock says:

    I believe you. I believe japanese men work harder than we do (I’m in Scotland). But you know what? I really don’t care less. Anyone who works hard is worthy of sympathy, not admiration.
    OK Jap businessman spends his life working harder than me, he gives his boss more value than me. Then what? He dies and has devoted so much of his life making profit for some grey guy in a suit he hasn’t actually LIVED.
    Sure i am lazy. But i bet I’ve drank more beer, been to more parties, screwed more chicks, smoked more dope and generally laughed my ass off more then any of these saddos in your pics.
    Hey i Don’t have a problem with the Japs. They made my car, my stereo and my microwave, and I’m grateful for it. I’m just glad i don’t have to work as hard as they do.
    I work to live, I don’t live to work.
    That’s all.

  376. Jay says:

    No-one who’s so tired they need to sleep on the footpath can possibly be effective in the hours they are at work. A machine would be a far better option. Perhaps Japanese business men, who have invented some wonderful machines in the past four decades that have made life easier for billions of people, work so hard simply to avoid being replaced by the very machines they have created?
    I’d rather work smart, balance my mind with proper amounts of rest and work, and balance my life with equal parts enjoyment and commitment to my career.
    Without that balance I’d feel just like, well … a machine!

  377. Puk says:

    I don’t think they work hard.. they just spent all his daytime at the office fooling themselves.. the actual time they do work is probably somewhere around 4 or 5 hours, just like everyone else in the world.. *sigh*

  378. kakashi says:

    ich will schlafen

  379. i understaind th epic, everbidy have the right to sleep any where because the public city is belong to all th epeople so from this moment i will sleep every street grocery store train bus any where i want

  380. Jin-Shin-Jiko says:

    Well, a lot has already been said here…
    Everyday on almost any trainline in Japan, you can see this kind of scene. I’ve got a collection of photos like this on my old cell-phone. Many, many people sleep on the train for a variety of reasons…
    1. They have a long commute.
    2. This is the only chance they get to sleep regularly.
    3. It’s pay-day and they got trashed with their co-workers.
    4. It’s a week day and they got trashed anyway.
    5. It’s end of year party season.
    6. By sleeping, they tune out the rest of the train and what’s happening around them.
    It’s true that Japanese people work late and it’s equally true that people in Japan drink regularly. You can see businessmen gulping cans of chu-hi while waiting for morning trains and you always see people passed out on the train, in the toilet, stairs, street, park etc. at night.
    After awhile you just become desensitized to seeing other people vomit and grateful that shops are open late to cater for people finishing work after 9 or 10pm.

  381. Saiyaman says:

    It’s great & funny!! I just couldn’t stop laughing. I mean it’s hard work but they should sleep at home not like this(above pics).I have leaved in Japan for 8 years and I have since the same situation on trains and offcourse the streets or pathways. がんばれ!! おさんたち!!

  382. Flag Man says:

    Your site is great. It attracts all the euro trash (mostly the French) to one spot where us American’s can express out hate for them based on the topic at hand. For example, no Frenchman could understand about salary man’s sleep on the train because French man doesn’t work and sucks money from the French governement, which gets it money from the US government.
    Masa, you are like Ambasador Spock of the TV show Star Trek. Have you though of joining the United Nations?
    Flag Man
    USA is great!
    =========from MasaManiA
    You know, Japan help to pay USA national debt.

  383. Flag Man says:

    Flagman, STFU before I fucking shove your fucking flag up your fucked-up ass and mail you to Irak.
    Masa, found it interesting really 🙂

  384. muhihiihih says:

    escucha bien la historia, que te voy a contar la historia de unos japos que duermen muy mal! japo! japo! te vuel ves lo co!!!

  385. blurgh says:

    America nuking japan was a bad thing? The combined causilities of both atomic bombs was 100,000 outright and more over time which sounds like alot until you consider the amount of chinese civillians the jap army was killing at the time… during the second china-jap war japan killed 8.4 million chinese civilians and around 20-30 million asian people over-all during their imperialist expansion.In one specific event the nanking massacre 300,000 civilians were killed by the jap army FOR NO REASON…. the entire china-jap war was meaningless they killed millions of my people for no reason at all.America was attacked by the japs so they fought back with the best weapons they had whats wrong with that? In fact america nuking japan saved civilian lives by ending the war quick and forcing the japs out of china if america didnt use the nukes and defeated japan by land invasion it would have taken years and the japs would have killed millions more chinese.Some people wonder why chinese hate japs the reason is that they murdered so many of our people for a pointless dispute and then refuse to own up to what they did at least germany admits what it did was wrong japan still has’nt done that and continues to this day to deny what they did to the people of Nanking and China as a whole.Some day we will be powerful enough to get revenge for ourselves but until then i’ll just look at a picture of the hiroshima mushroom cloud and smile.Thank you america for helping us when we needed help alot of people hate america because they have so much money and power but i will always love america for helping us when they didnt have to.One final thing… some jap idiot said the reason japan attacked pearl harbor was becuase of americas trade embargo well AMERICA ONLY STARTED THE EMBARGO AFTER YOU INVADED CHINA UNPROVOKED!!! YOU STARTED THE CONFLICT NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY TO RE-WRITE HISTORY.

  386. ClassicMan says:

    My dear Blurgh
    You have strong and interesting opinions. Unfortunately they are based on propaganda and hate rather that the facts.
    You say 20-30 million Chinese were killed by the Japanese army. Was it 20 million or was it 30 million? A 10 million difference is a big figure. Please supply data sources for the figures.
    As for the Japanese trying to rewrite history, I’ll think you’ll find that the Chinese government is extremely adept at that. For instance, using photographs of Imperial Chinese soldiers bayoneting Chinese peasants in the 1920s and then passing them off as Japanese soldiers killing Chinese peasants in the 1930s. Neither truth nor democratic.
    And of course there’s the constant clampdown on a free press in modern-day China by a government too terrified of its own people to allow them to be free.
    I’ll think you’ll also find that China is not impartial to a little invasion of its own every now and again. Tibet comes to mind, not to mention its threats to Taiwan
    And let’s not forget the millions (yes, it really is millions) of Chinese people that have been murdered and starved to death by their own government over the past few decades. When it came to it, millions of ordinary Chinese loved China so much they voted with their feet, and got out as quick as they could.
    As for your comment about China taking its “revenge?Ewhen it’s strong enough… My dear friend, by the time China is strong enough to do anything even the most asshole Chinese Commie will have realized that global capitalism is the way forward and wouldn’t dare do anything to upset the balance. If China does anything (I presume you’re talking about war), the global economy takes a nosedive, China’s economy goes down the toilet and your “strong China?Egoes back to being a dream.
    Luckily for the human race people with your opinions are in the minority. I’ve spoken to many Chinese businessmen and none of them care a jot about the war. They know that if China wants to be strong it has to move from the past, free its own people and build trade links with other nations. The 1930s was a time of huge global upheaval, and now those days are gone. We’re moving inexorably toward a world of liberal values, global free-trade and international co-operation. And it’s better for all of us.
    Best regards.
    Yours in co-operation and peace
    And it would be a mark of your good manners to mail Masa to congratulate him for allowing your anti-Japanese racist rant to be seen on his boards. If you tried to start a similar website in China you’d probably be thrown in prison and given a beating with a bamboo stick.

  387. blurgh says:

    for some reason i cant seem to make paragraphs forgive me… anyway ClassicMan i said 20-30 million asians overall not just chinese that includes phillippines.malaysia,vietnam,etc. and that only counts civilians.Since the massacre was spread over such a large distance over 2 decades there is no way to get a factual number but personally i think the 20-30 million number is quite fair considering all that we know the jap did to china which has detailed statistics and records.So you’re saying the chinese army killed the 8.4 millon chinese civilians? not only is that bullshit it doesnt make any sense i guess there may be a few specific events of a soldier murdering a peasant but how does that alter what japan did? Does it alter what happened at Nanking? for anyone that would like more info on that specific event princton university has a website about the massacre http://www.princeton.edu/~nanking/html/nanking_gallery.html
    the images in the gallery of raped women and murdered children are disturbing and powerful so be warned regardless go to the history section and read about what happened.
    In response to you claims against the Chinese government i will say that the government isnt perfect but it is getting much better rapidly and i dont believe the government would purposely starve large amounts of people we have far too many people in this country dying of lack of food and water is a unfortunate but natural part of over-population but again this doesnt change or down-play what the japs did in their attacks against us.
    And you may be right about china not having the ability to destroy japan without economic isolation fom other countries but china is out-growing all other nations and will be the largest and most powerful economy on earth in a few short years and after that happens you may find that other countries may not be as willing to condemn an attack on japan much like how America looks the other way on the saudi involvement in terror attacks because they need saudi oil.
    You claim that the majority of china has forgotten about the wars?(both of them) Perhaps a few Hong Kong businessmen have pushed it aside in hopes to earn jap money but most of us have forgotten nothing.Not only do we hate you but japan is in fact the only country we hate we have no problems with russia or america you are our only target.
    And finally i do appreaciate masa allowing me to post on his site but as for racism i assure my hatred of the japs is based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

  388. blurgh says:

    I was looking for some statistics on an english website and i found some on wikipedia here is a quote “The Chinese lost approximately 3.22 million soldiers. 9.13 million civilians died in crossfire, and another 8.4 million as non-military casualties”
    Non military casualties from what i understand means they had nothing to do with combat or were even near combat.They wernt killed in crossfire or by bombs aimed at chinese troops they were completely disconnected from the fighting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Japanese_War_%281937-1945%29

  389. Haruko says:

    My father is a business man for Apple.jp. It is pretty hard work, but my father enjoys it and never slackens. I really admire my father. He starts work at 9:00 and ends work at 9:00, which means he works twelve hours a day, six days a week. My father has to get up at 7:30, and he comes home at around 9:30. It is very tiring. However, my mother, older brother, and I help him be much happier!

  390. classicman says:

    Hello Blurgh
    I didn’t say that the Chinese army killed 8.4 million Chinese civilians. I pointed out simply that the Chinese government has used propaganda to divert attention from its own failings.
    The detailed statistics you say that China has about the war have been produced by a government that is totalitarian and does not allow free speech. What happened at Nanking is subject for endless debate. Very few people in Japan deny the massacre, despite what the Chinese government would have people believe. A book about the massacre, a diary written by a westerner in Nanking at the time, has been a best seller in Japan for twenty years. The only book which had trouble being published in Japan was “The Rape of Nanking” by Iris Chang. Chang herself said this was because the Japanese government was in denial. But the real reason was that the book was so full of historical inaccuracies that even American academics criticized it.
    The starvation I referred to was The Great Famine of China (1958-61) during which an estimated 30 million people starved to death due to a system of agriculture brought in by the communist government. It was one of the greatest tragedies ever in mankind’s history but was suppressed by the Chinese government for years.
    And yes, the Chinese government is improving, because it realizes that if it doesn’t it will be kicked out by Chinese people sick of being denied the freedom they deserve.
    I think you missed the point I made about economics. Chinese people will grow rich only by co-operation. Once Chinese people have tasted real freedom they will use it to make themselves rich and all the extremists such as yourself will be sidelined. People want food, shelter, cars, mobile phones, wealth… And the Chinese will have them. As they one day will have true democracy, no doubt. Chinese people have proved themselves to be amongst the cleverest, most industrious people on earth. People like yourself, who peddle negative, warmongering opinions, are jeopardizing the best chance that the average Chinese has of making a better life for himself. You do your fellow countrymen a very grave disservice.
    Overall your philosophy and morality is illogical and senseless. You condemn Japan’s actions during the war, and then go on to say that China is going to do the same. So you tacitly admit that Chinese people are as bad as the Japanese.
    And by the way, you use the word “we?Ea lot. You don’t speak for every Chinese because you don’t know every one. And you know nothing about the Japanese character because every Japanese is different, just as is every Chinese. And you don’t hate me, because you don’t know me. And I’m not Japanese, I’m English, though my wife is Japanese. And my wife has a Chinese friend, who is married to a Japanese and lives here. They have two very beautiful half-Japanese half-Chinese daughters, who speak Japanese and Mandarin fluently.
    The Chinese lady says this is the nicest place she’s ever lived. Oh, and the local nursery is a Catholic nursery and has had many students from all over Asia, who have written letters thanking the Japanese staff for the kindness shown to them during their stay here.
    So next time you post, tell me what you have done to help people and improve life for your fellow human beings.
    As a man who obviously has a deep love for Chinese culture, you doubtless know the ancient Chinese proverb which says: “A touch of scent always clings to the hand that gives the rose.?E
    What does your hand smell of?
    Best regards
    Your English is pretty good. I’m sorry I can’t write to you in Chinese. I did learn a little once from a Chinese friend in London, but not enough to have a conversation.

  391. Miz J says:

    The Japanese values very high work ethic, and places more importance on a class system, as well as high degrees of uncertainty unavoidance. They do not tolerate laziness, and for one, are a very masculine culture. Putting work before family is the norm. Some of your comments are so ignorant. Try some cultural sensitivity before you judge. (Not to mention how the Americans admire their efficiency and workplace ethics)

  392. classicman says:

    Well said Miz
    And it is true that many well-educated Americans admire the Japanese for their creativity and industry.
    But the negative comments on these boards are not from well-educated Americans (or well-educated people from anywhere, for that matter).
    As for cultural sensitivity, unfortunately in order for someone to have it, they have to be cultured. And that’s definitely something in short supply…
    Best regards

  393. mike says:

    to all of you who think japanese people dont work hard, you couldnt be more wrong.
    They have some of the most efficiant working practices in the world. Japanese managers have a style of management known as Kaizen (continuous improvement to a business) this techniqe is so efficiant it is now being used by many WESTERN busineses. Japanes have to stay on at work longer and help management speculate on how to solve problems.
    just check this: http://www.meansbusiness.com/Strategy-and-Competition-Books/Kaizen.htm

  394. TheNYChick says:

    Hey, not all parts of the US are lazy. Those pictures resemble what most people would see on the streets and subways of New York. Stop stereotyping the Japanese (to all those who keep saying that all Japanese Americans are “suck-ups”), the Americans (come on, leave us alone for once), and the French (??? how were they even forced on to this fourm?). I used to live in Goa (a state in India) where they were pretty accustomed to “siesta” and , obviously, nothing would be done on time. However, in Bombay (Mumbai)everyone works day and night untill they pass out (sound familiar, Tokyo?). I think this whole, “let’s take over the world and screw sleeping”, attitude has to do with the city’s ethic; it is not usually a “national: phenomemon (which is the reason I will never move to an American suburb).
    ===========From MasaManiA
    But I dont like not-lazy american.

  395. nao says:

    I just wanted to leave some message cuz I hit 77777 on the counter! Cool website.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Congraturation !

  396. Shamim Ahmed says:

    Bangladesh is the best.

  397. Randy says:

    Well, I just finished working two months for Koyo Steering Systems in Troutville, VA. At least I got a first-hand look of the “model” after which corporate America began molding itself during the ’70s. All I can say is corporate America, corporate Japan, corporate anywhere all suck, period.
    We went from “personnel managers” to “human reource” departments. That should tell you everything–people are of no value than a damned pencil or computer monitor.
    “People” lost. Machines won. We worship at the feet of the great god of Profit.
    Consume. Spend. Don’t question authority. Obey. Be a good citizen.
    And they are so very good at endoctrinating everyone into believing that THIS is a good thing, a noble thing, that man should, and must, find meaning and purpose in and through his work.
    Bullshit. The sooner we all suffer the same fate as that of the dinosaurs, the better off we’ll all be. Human-kind doesn’t deserve the air it breathes simply because we have become so thoroughly inhuman.
    But great pictures, great essay. Very revealing. Thanks for having the courage to post it for all the world to see. Just a tragedy that most are too fucking busy working their asses into an early grave to see it.
    But they will have served their purposes as a loyal “team member” to help keep those profit margins where they should be.
    And at the end of it all, when all these people–Japanese, Americans, and all the rest–are ready to crawl into their graves, they’re going to want sympathy for a life wasted trying to “earn a paycheck.”
    Puppets on a string, once of no more value, deserves nothing more than to be tossed into the fire. Time for people to grow and spine and say: “YOU wanna work 60 hours a week, please, go right ahead. I’m going home and have sex with my wife!”
    Or, as someone else so eloquently said it:
    “Oh, fuck it.”

  398. dementia says:

    some of those pictures disturbed me. it seems that some of those men fell asleep while walking.

  399. neil gentleman-hobbs says:

    Like the site. Nice to see what is going on in the cleverest country in the world. I suppose those cock suckers at Intel and Microsoft dad nothing to do with the Japanese electonic industry being all but taxed to death with duties.
    It seems everyone realises that the Americans (Americans and jews) make everyone else do all the fucking work while they make all the money.
    They own our newspapers, the TV the radio – the whole fucking media. So no one knows how we feel. The house market will go bang soon and the depression will arrive.

  400. Wacky Jake says:

    Here’s how other Japanese spend their valuable time:
    Japanese base-ball pitcher hits Batista with the ball and runs thinking Batista is coming after him.
    Japanese drivers go head to head in a power slide racing competition, skidding left and right.
    Japanese dude walks around the streets, yelling at people and scaring them in general.
    Japanese game show that rates the best talent, such as this crazy ping pong game done matrix style.
    Japanese Girl Tennis The title may sound boring but tits in the video is most interesting to watch.
    Japanese guy plays a really fast piano type arcade game.
    Japanese guy runs out into the middle of traffic and gets hit by a car.
    Japanese guy talks to a girl about the funny pranks that his friends pulled on unsuspecting people.
    Japanese guys and girls pull some moves to Eminem`s rap song Just Lose It.
    Japanese kung fu teacher, crazy, beats up his students, punches and kicks them around.
    Japanese mountain area landslide.
    Japanese style dance by 4 Sony robots.
    Japanese Talent Show A girl performs a need trick on a talent show where she appears to remove her head from her body (Announcer speaks Thai).
    Japanese television show showing how to neatly fold a shirt within a few short seconds.
    =============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information

  401. un says:

    sorry for my bad english
    I have been in japan as exchangestudent.Staying two months in okinawa.Near nagocity in jungel.Everyday i came out of bed around 6 o clock.And got to bed at 2 a 3 o’clock midnight.
    I have been on japan highschool for two weeks.When i came first in japan. I never believed i can sleep while sitting.Like the people in the trains.This was in a 2 week vacation in winter 2002..
    But okinawa is so hot(atsui?).After the two weeks i was so tired. I was also sleeping while sitting.Lucky for me i has found a chair.Otherwise i was sleeping on the ground XD’.Beter say pass out
    I feel like foreinger.This as a freedom that you havent in my country.Japan is a releaxe country.Its cool japanese people leave you alone when sleep sometimes.Some japanese students and have film other students when sleeping.This was for joke
    so i understand them.Even busniss man are boring .I am now 20 no teenager more.Must become boring old busnissman XD.Okay they can eat for free at fancy resturants.Thats a good point.And make a lot of money.And work is there life probely.So they spend there money on exspensive clothes.To be cool for there boss.
    I will work only for money.Money = videogames.Everyody are free to choose own life path

  402. Dave says:

    Wow, some of you guys crack me up. I was in japan a few years ago because my uncle moved from the U.S. to go teach there. He met a japanese girl and they got married. I was there for 2 weeks for their wedding. Pretty much everyday I was on a train at least 6 different times, and each time I saw people sleeping on the trains. I highly doubt they were all drunk though. Some of them maybe where, but most were probably just tired, and the ones that were awake were ALL messing w/there hi-tech cellphones!

  403. tiredman says:

    In India its even worst. I worked in a call center and the some employee’s didn’t even go home for weeks… they would take shower and sleep at work! >_< Work like 13 hours a day… even more.

  404. Jap nap says:

    Perfected by but not restricted to Japanese people, “Jap nap” is the ability to fall asleep when ever they want/need to anywhere. eg Sitting on the bus or standing on the train:
    Dude 1: “Dude, it looks like that Asian guy is alseep!”
    Dude 2: “He is, he’s having a Jap nap”
    Dude 2: “Ahh soo!”
    Asian guy: “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  405. You should see the convienience store down the street from me…
    A married couple owns the store-they are the only two workers in the store. They are open from 7AM to midnight, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. You might say that they are hard workers…
    The wife opens the store at 7. She then lays on the little bed she has behind the counter. She, then, promptly falls asleep. If you wish to buy something from the store, you must wake her up in order to pay for it. She wakes up at 8, when her husband relieves her from her duties. Every hour, they swap out. When they are not working at the cash register, they go through the back door straight into their home (haha, we go shopping in their front room). They then get the kids ready for school, clean house, or go to sleep.
    Hell, as a Soldier in the US Army, I’ll switch jobs with them anyday!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Yes, Japanese convinience sotres’ owner is also hard.

  406. kokujin says:

    holy hell, i just read this entire blog and man
    some of you guys are way too prejudice and racist. What’s with all the hate?
    I’m more interested to know what the japanese readers REALLY think of some of these comments? As far as this work things concerned, as a forigner i think you will always have the handicap. If you’re not the lazy foriegner who goes home on time(early?) you’ll be somehting else. I mean, I’m going to Japan to experience it/look around. Not work 12 hours a day. No thank you, I will do my work, leave when it’s done and go explore Japan. If you would call me a lazy foriegner for that then i believe even if i stayed 3-4hrs extra each day you would find another reason.
    Is it most business jobs? All jobs? What % of people do you think stay and how many go??
    If you’re the type of person who goes, does that mean you probably don’t have a good chance to move up in the company??
    interesting stuff.
    ==========From MasaManiA
    Sorry and thank you

  407. David_and_Jihi says:

    Well we think Japanese people work too hard and sleep too little!…….They should eat more noodles to get more energy! =)

  408. sd says:

    I hate japenees people, because they arn’t a humain but machines, life is not juste work

  409. millie says:

    hey masa
    i swear if yr gonna have a website learn english properly then GOSH!!!!!!!!! how old r u? 2 yrs old? yr english is disgraceful! and anyway the japanese people r hard workers so wat? they r good coz they r loyal to there jobs and they work hard and if yr gonna use the word “fucking” then make it at least make sense! i think we should look up to the japanese coz their such hard workers!!!!!!!
    peace out

  410. Sam B. says:

    To the person above, your English is worse.
    For example,
    ‘then GOSH!!!!!!!!!! how old r u? 2yrs old? yr english is disgraceful!’
    Masa speaks better English than you do.

  411. jing says:

    i am studying in japan now, and i can only sigh at how hardworking these people are, to a fault. if they are assigned to organize a party, they will even pour out drinks on your cup. i think, they have this addiction to tire the hell out of you, even when you are supposed to be having fun. all activities are squeezed in tight schedule, and at the end of the day, you’ve got to party and drink to death. then, clean up the mess up to wee hours, and start the follwing day with another set of activities, very early. i dont know where they get the energy, but it just not very fun, as it is supposed to be.

  412. Coco says:

    I’M DYING HERE!!!!….these are hysterical!!..,and so true!!
    what goes in their heads?…hmmmm, this freeway intersection looks like a good place to nap!…and if some guy is going to camp out in sleep on my breats, he better have bought me dinner and drinks first.
    I lived in tokyo for 5 years and this WAS the normal site…. and to see it in photos, is freakin hillarious!!!!…I am seriously laughing so hard, I’m crying!….to see someone in a well dressed business suit sprawled out like he’s been shot in the back in the middle of the road is hysterical…who’s the guy lying in the road?..Oh, that’s the Emperor of Japan…Don’t wake him, he doesn’t have to up till 7:00
    GREAT PICS!!!!!!

  413. Viet says:

    That is just an Asian way of life. Same thing happens in Viet-Nam, but we don t work as well as in Japan; i guess the problem is the system… YEAH FUCKING COMMUNIST SYSTEM.
    Masa, i really enjoy your Website! Keep working hard.

  414. slawek says:

    Poland – 40 hours/per week ==> In privat 50 😛

  415. Anonymous says:

    18 pictures down..
    It’s Yan-san!

  416. Will Foster says:

    Japanese businessmen and others worldwide spend so much valuable time because of money. Wouldn’t it be better to become rich and quit these hard jobs. Go to
    and learn how to get rich.

  417. laurent says:

    excellent!! j’ai vraiment beaucoup rigole…

  418. Mr . Rupam Banerjee says:

    Dear Brother and sister Dat–25/08/05
    My name is MR. Rupam Banerjee i am an 34 years old indian my father was laready dead he was a govt servent so he was very poor he have no deposite account , i doing a job i got salary $100 per month i know you do not belive me because i told you all are true you know india is very poor country , but now my office has been close now my condition is just like a beger , my mother and sister stay withme , my mother is aheart persent and my sister suffering tuberclosises , it is a very bed desis , my mother and sister is o.k. they do not do any job , my doctor toled me as soon as posible provide them tritement but still date i could not provide them , because i am a beger my condition is too much bad this time , i want some help i beg to you my mother and sister life i know you must do it because you have a mother and sister ,

  419. Mr. Rupam Banerjee says:

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    I know you must help me because india and japan is very close their man is also very close so a japanes person can understand a indian pain

  420. Gerardo says:

    When you’re not in the power of doing what you really want to do, that’s sacrilege. Who can actually choose to sleep on public transportation or the streets? Nobody of course; these and many other people does it witout remedy. But what people cannot see through almost their entire lives is that remedy is within us.
    You have to find it inside you, to start acting with a free mind.
    There is not a matter of political or phisical boundaries, people who don’t act under their own mind, will suffer. And sadly most of the human world moves under this notion. It’s an old tribal custom. But the realization of something we didn’t know is the beginning of change.

  421. Propaganda says:

    Laugh and laugh but of yourself

  422. Gerardo says:

    When you’re not in the power of doing what you really want to do, that’s sacrilege. Who can actually choose to sleep on public transportation or the streets? Nobody of course; these and many other people does it witout remedy. But what people cannot see through almost their entire lives is that remedy is within us.
    You have to find it inside you, to start acting with a free mind.
    There is not a matter of political or phisical boundaries, people who don’t act under their own mind, will suffer. And sadly most of the human world moves under this notion. It’s an old tribal custom. But the realization of something we didn’t know is the beginning of change.

  423. XX says:
  424. Dick! says:

    Hi, Im from Argentina. I think that that pics are just a shit and all of thems are previusly prepared and the others very drunks.
    Greets from Argentina.

  425. coco says:

    this rules man

  426. Lizzy says:

    They look like they need a holiday – lol.
    ~Lizzy from the UK!

  427. espana says:

    very funny, this men are very bad 😛

  428. Giles says:

    I think we can safely say that half of these people photographed are just drunk

  429. will says:

    I’d like to fall asleep on a sexy chick XD

  430. alex says:

    They probably have worked for 18 hours and was taking a nap.

  431. Jeremy says:

    The picture of the men and women here looks funny, I think they have worked for half and quater of the day(18hours).

  432. Kai says:

    God damn lazy japs. I guess the jap business man is the same as the american bum.

  433. Lain says:

    Oh Well, it is truth… human races on hard working humans are weakness but I really hate world and human… but why am I? why am I? why am I? I wish I want to die? death is truth freedom. I WANT TO DESTROY WORLD!!! FUCKING AWAY WORLD!!! DAMN GOD FAKE. HUMANS ARE STRANGE TOO. I don’t like place in this is world!!!
    “Death is only absolute freedom” – Kaworu Nagisa

  434. VC says:

    I think the dude who passes out on the women’s boobs is faking it. He planned that stunt for days…and that was the highlight of the day for him. Gotta give him props for pullin’ that off.

  435. Chris says:

    Hi Masa,
    I think you need to admit that some of the salarymen in the photos are suffering from too much time at the ozakaya!
    Still, that does not alter your basic statement that Japanese are some of the hardest people in the world and they do (even the guy half over the woman!) fall fast asleep on you at the end of the day. I have lived and worked 13 years in Tokyo and this is a great country with a wonderful people
    Thanks for a great site (and I will be looking for you and your camera on the train!).
    doing business in japan

  436. Phindile "Mystical" Goqwana says:

    Did you ever think that BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS will access your site? Well.. that’s my truth!!
    Masa, your website rocks Bro, but remember FIVE things:
    (1) Include a picture of your tired self from all the hard work you do in the name of the truth.
    (2)Take some english lessons cause your english sucks.
    (3)Never stop doing what you’re doin!
    (4)Take some english lessons.
    (5)you’re doing a superb job, (ENKOSI: THANK YOU)

  437. Bernd says:

    hi masa, nice work!
    it looks quite the same at the oktoberfest in munich, if you took away the asian look of the people and changed the business-outfit for lederhosen 😉

  438. Marsh says:

    Hey, I grew up seeing these guys on the trains. It’s NOT that they are lazy, it’s that most of the japanese business guys work soooo hard they fall asleep while doing stuff. Nice shots!

  439. Robert says:

    Very sad pictures. The fact is that Americans work more hours than any people on the planet.
    Most of the people I drive on the freeway are half asleep. Our life is very difficult too in Calif. with the average house price in the O.C. hitting a million it takes two working pro’s to make ends meet, add up traffic, food etc we really don’t live that good. I can’t wait to get my pension in 4 years and buy my retirement house on Monkey Island OK!!!!

  440. Smoke2Much says:

    Japanese are know all over the world for their EFFICIENT and hard working ways. Contrary to most of the posts here, they have created some of the best manufacturing techniques known to man. There’s a reason why so many quality cars come from Japan and such horrible cars come from the good ol U.S of A. I remember a few years ago eveyone here was saying how American products’ quality is terrible. But now in a global economy where someone half way across the world can steal your job for a lot less compensation, everyone tries to hype the quality.
    But anyway, if I could sleep on a train on the way home from work without getting robbed then I would do it too. Good luck to any of them that try it on a new york subway.

  441. Smoke2Much says:

    Japanese are know all over the world for their EFFICIENT and hard working ways. Contrary to most of the posts here, they have created some of the best manufacturing techniques known to man. There’s a reason why so many quality cars come from Japan and such horrible cars come from the good ol U.S of A. I remember a few years ago eveyone here was saying how American products’ quality is terrible. But now in a global economy where someone half way across the world can steal your job for a lot less compensation, everyone tries to hype the quality.
    But anyway, if I could sleep on a train on the way home from work without getting robbed then I would do it too. Good luck to any of them that try it on a new york subway.

  442. haha american fucks says:

    id just like to say that i put in this and googled it : so tell me u retarded monkey why is it that you like cheese so much?. and this site came up bahaha so yeh its pretty fucked the way they work so hard – just go smoke billys!!! and yeh y do u ppl think americans are so good and that they work smarter than asian i say go get fucked. peace nigga!

  443. Andrew says:

    Yo. I’m from Poland. I just wanted to see funny pictures but this shit what I saw is horrible. I know some people from Japan, fortunately they don’t sleep on da streets. But anyways it’s fuckin’ amazing. IF SOMEBODY WANTS TO WRITE SOMETHING TO ME THIS IS MY E-MALE:wushu1@vp.pl

  444. FruitlessLife says:

    Wow, why must Japanese people self-sacrifice (torture) themselves day by day in so many ways? It seems as if society must convince one another (consciously/subconsciously)all the time that they are Japanese by thinking on the same level in everything they do. Proving that real Japanese all think a like, and are a homogenous race. The price to be paid to be a “unique” race?
    Actually, it seems more like brain washing and mind control by gov’t and historically, Emperor cult mentality enforced by Feudal Japan to keep people docile. Looks like it worked extremely well. However, GAMBATTE is a double edged sword!

  445. didi says:

    Part of the documented sleepy people are narcoleptic! I’m sure.Narcolepsy is not rara in Japan.

  446. Fillerdd says:

    Maybe they are knocked out by the pushers, rather than sleeping:

  447. Miwa says:

    Funny pics…i came across this website by mistake, but is good! I also like the guy laying on floor, i feel bad for him, i wonder what his story is? How did you come across such moments! Is so funnny!
    dewa, mata nochihod
    :B kawaii

  448. Lucilius says:

    Dude why are so many Spaniards typing in Spanish and other European talking how one is lazy and how other should learn from them this is’nt a forum for who are the best and hardest workers cause Masa is just posting on a funny hard working Japanese daily life that guys coming from work are really tired from w/e and are sleeping on the train/ subway. So everyone who is still on i’m this really smart ass asian or this super hard working Spanih/ French dude pleasae shut up and rant about ur great and powerfull militaries… (yes i am American) sop when u start bosing other countries in Europe and the world around then start talking about all the work u guys do cause its true why work so hard for no reward. And last is honestly why does this have to become an nationallity issue when we can just laugh about the guys who are really K.O’ed on the subway.

  449. bl says:

    great pics..
    how come they are so tired and can sleep on the middle of the street and also on women’s breast? that women seem doen’t feel anything…

  450. Akrid says:

    I know what working like crazy and getting little sleep is like. I was in the U.S. Navy for an enlistment. During the begging of the bombing campains us on the Air craft carriers would work up to 72 hour shifts at a time, I would find my self sleeping under jet planes, on steel nonskid (large metal sand paper texture)floors, in line waiting for so called “food”, in the head (or bathroom), even in the armory.
    Our standard hours where supossed to be like thirteen hour days not counting tiem to eat. But we often stood around waiting to be dismissed, ushaly waiting sevral hours, and it would not be uncommon that we woudl be sent right back to work instead of going to sleep.
    But thats a military lifestlye, civilians shouldnt have to live that way. I wish the Japanese would hurry up and make robot slaves for the world so we can all stop working so hard.
    As a civilian now I have a great respect for my freedoms. When you go to a job, they are paying you for your time, your time is your life, it is the most important, being sucessful means making the best of your time, not wasting it.

  451. sabrina says:

    yea… i agreed with our friends, work smart is better than work hard…yes…we work for life, for money, but that doesnt mean that we have to put aside our real life.human are still human.

  452. Yurimaru-kun says:


  453. stephanie abigail johns says:

    Guess all these folks are pretty tired, cant imagine being so tired while im not home . I dont think I could just sprawl out on the street no matter how tired i was.

  454. HappySniper says:

    Frightening. Better here in Romania. I believe in: “work in order to live, not live in order to work”.

  455. CHENGIZ_KHAN says:

    Hey masa,
    Great site…. I was in Yotsikaidao in the summer for three months… I used to go to a club in Tokyo called “Wall street” …. anywayz, we used to party and drink until 8 in the morning… when we came outside… it was day time and sunny… when you look around…there is always about 20-50 people sleeping everywhere on the side walks…these photos brought back lots memories…I going back to yotsikaido in February 2006…we should hook and party…(from canada)

  456. Dan says:

    How the hell do you compare work effeciency if you have no idea what the other guy is working with? To base an opinion on the photos is stupid. I’m a college student. Try staying up 3 days in a row because the proffesor’s/boss a dumbass who can’t plan right and gives a research paper due in a week. I sat down on steps of the dorm and fell asleep outside while it was raining.

  457. DMX says:

    What the f***a ?? Japaneese is working all day ??

  458. superdeluxe says:

    well i think that the japanese are a bunch of crazy ass mother fuckers. How do you expect to lead a normal life when you live like that. You should start to realize that something is wrong when you wake up in a street!!!!!!!!!!i work my ass off every now and then, but it’s not all the time. Sometimes i take time off, like now, reading this stupid pointless fucking website for some reason AND replying too. See, it gives me time to relax. I still run the company, so i have many responsibilities, but i still have time for myself.
    In my opinion it is a joke to work THAT hard. They deserve to be so tired. There’s a saying in my country (South Africa) that goes: If the head is stupid, the body must suffer. That is a rough translation.
    That’s my opinion
    Peace chinks

  459. Julian says:

    Dear Nips,
    I’ve been to Japan three times each for 3 weeks. I married a Japanese girl I met in the states where she on scholorship teaching the Suzuki Violin School. Three childern we had together. Unlike me, they were straght “A” students and never got in trouble. Two now have careers, the oldest 28, is a TV film editor and camera man graduating Cum laude with a MA in English but would rather live a quality life that take some of the more lucative job offers he has had.
    The next oldest graduated cum laude with two BA degrees one in psychology the other in Education and now at 25 is married and teaches in Yuma, AZ.
    Although the caucation/Japanese look isattractive, my third is 18, freshman at the university and ad knock out. All this is quite boring to most bu there is one thing I never have figured out. Japan has one of the lowest crime rated in the nation. With with a population of about 120,000,000 roughly have the total of the USA they manage to live together in harmony on a land mass the size of California. Every damn flat spot in Japan has a city on it. Mountanes make up the rest of Japan and its damn tough living on the side of a mountin unless you’re wearing olf shoes, sho…they don’t. Think New York or LA is crowded. all lit up in the middle of th night, the ginza is packed with people. Looking down from a few stories up, all you see is a sea of black heds moving like a snke don the five mile streash of sky scrapers.
    While visiting, my father-in-law and brother-in-law rode with us to various cities in Japan by train, the Shinkosin. It one hell of a smooth riding 100 mile per hour train. Upon entering the train car, my father-in-law quickly fell asleep as did my brother-n-law.
    I knew we were suppost to change trains along the way but I couldn’t read Japanese with written characters like an architects’s drawing.
    I took in the sights as they sawed logs. We nearly flew past lots of train stations without stopping but it never ONCE failed. Both of them woke up a few minutes before the stop to change trains.
    To Japanese sleeping is a luxury. When they aren’t out partying in steam baths, they’re racking zzzz’s or working, working working. I’m curious though
    On the Ginza in Tokyo the first thing I thought was how in the HELL to the police put out a discription of a Japanese man after he breaks the law (such as…dropping waste paper on the ground). It would have to be broadcast to police stations all over Tokyo. “Wanted: Male, 5’3″, black hair, brown eyes, wearing gray or blue suit. Last seen walking East on the Ginza. Place him under arrest immeditally.”
    They must have huge jails in Japan!
    Aligoto gozimus.
    IL USA

  460. Alexander says:

    My years at McGill University were a little bit like that. I’m planning to move to Japan. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

  461. Miguel says:

    hey, this sight is ace. your stopping me from doing an essay on pre 1900 poetry for Mr Bagpuss. Yay, woo woo. im sitting with a gay japanese friend and his dad was in one of the pictures!!! gosh he has big feet! you know what they say about big feet 😉

  462. ChicagoBro says:

    so I live in Japan now and it is totally like this everyday. Japanese people have told me themselves that they work like 14 hours and they only hobby they have is drinking after work.



  464. Reimomo says:

    I feel sorry for those people. They are stuck in a system that leads in one direction only: towards an early death, without retirement. I don’t think I could survive a single year in Japan. I love my life too much, and my freedom, and I will never be a successful slave.
    I’m Swedish. We have a very strong work ethic in this country. I mean the real Swedes, not the immigrats who in my opinion are very lazy and useless, most of them.
    We are a lot like the Germans (we are very similar to them in many ways). We work regular hours. We work efficiently, but when the working day is over, people go home and do what evere they want to do. That’s it. No overtime. Never.
    I worked in Paris for two years, and it was a horribly inefficient there. My boss was an upper-class twit who lived in the Marais district. Beause he had gone to the “right schools”, he felt he was somehow superior to they guys who actually did the work and the thinking. It was a useless, lousy, pointless work environment, and everybody hated it. Oh, and by the way, it went out of business. I have the same feeling about France in general: many people there are arrogant and selfish.
    I am very happy at my present employer. We work passionately and are rewarded accordingly.
    Masa, your web page is great!
    Cheers from Sweden

  465. Jason says:

    Nice pics Masa, Japanese do work hard, but more often than not I Japanese business men just sitting in their office doing nothing. It’s seems horribly inefficient…but despite this, Japanese are extremely hard workers and extremely loyal.

  466. Koji Ishikawa says:

    Do you want to see a new super Star rise this 2006?
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  467. travwell says:

    I think in Japan the business people work really hard to earn money…in America there’s a steep difference between the salary of someone who works above you and someone who works below you…in Japan that difference isn’t so steep so that in order to make more money you have to go even higher…I don’t know if this makes sense…