Cool performing in the cool people, Yes, Jap is cool really

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He got angry to me and shout. “I never do my performance until lots of audience come together. Why must I do performance only for you ? Performance need lots of audience.”
When I found out him, he just keep standing with loud 1920’s techno music even though he must be cool performer. I cannot help waiting for the starting of his performance. This is the reason I ask him to start his performance as soon as possible. and then, he angrily answer like upword sentence.
and he start to glare at me with scaring face. I steped out cowordlly. and waiting for his performance starting.

There were quite lots of people. so I though his performance will start soon. because he said he start his performance after lots of audience come together.

But strangely people never seem to come together in front of him.

Only naughty child come together. but not in front of him, but back of him.

the more time goes, the more people seem to go away from him.

He glance his watch irritatingly. and he decide something in his mind.

Yes, he maybe start to his performance !

He seem to move his body in accordance with music.

It’s really little movement. but he got big decision.

His little moving become big moving gradually.

His slow moving become speedy moving gradually.

Now his body united with really rythmical 1920’s cool techno music. ! His performance came to the peak !

But nobody noticed that.

People never pay atention to him.

There were really lots of people but we can feel loneness in Japan.


  1. zach nagle says:

    Masa your english is getting pretty good. I love your website. fat guys are bad dancers, he needs a good haircut too.
    =======from MasaManiA
    You just dont understand his coolness.

  2. ParanoidAndroid says:

    what are the people looking at?

  3. Edviziuz says:

    Wow, 1920’s techno music! I always thought people of that decade only listened blues and classical music. More proof that Japan is the most advanced country in the world 🙂
    =======From MasaManiA
    Yes, and dont forget Jap are cool

  4. bboy parkz says:

    One of my favourite things about Tokyo is the street performance.
    That spot around the NHK building is nuts.
    The is so much energy and enthusiasm even when sometimes the kids aren’t that good/talented but they are having a go and putting 100% into it. And that’s special.
    I cant come to Japan this year and maybe for some years after that so Masa please keep up the good work. I’ve only recently found your site and it helps me when I miss Japan so much (but some times makes me miss it more).
    Bboy Parkz

  5. Steve says:

    This is the best site…Any T shirts or stickers we can buy?
    Thanks and keep up the good work,
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Sorry but now sold out. but I will make it again in future.

  6. d.e. says:

    Well, no matter how cool this guy is, he picked the wrong spot for a performance. If that’s Harajuku/Yoyogi then everyone else is probably looking at the lolitas, not his tubby New Kids on the Block steez. Next time can we get some video footage??
    ==========From MasaManiA
    I have no footage of his video

  7. Factory says:

    Hmm, maybe he was going to perform with a partner, but his partner didn’t show up? It might explain why he’s looking at his watch.
    Hmm.. and I’m still hungry.

  8. JUN says:

    Its not only Japan that has people experiencing loneliness. Its evrywhere. People are becoming more and more selfish. There are so many lonely people out there. Even those with friends, are they really alone?

  9. aGentX says:

    is this near the harajuku station? i want to make a performance should i go there again….and maybe you can see my coolness..hahah
    ========from MasaManiA
    Yes, near harajuku station.

  10. crushmonkey says:

    I saw a bloke with a t-shirt that read “Masa wa ichi-ban” in Shizuoka Station (Shizuoka-Ken). Any relation?
    I would’ve asked, but my Japanese is shit.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    I think you maybe misunderstand something.

  11. Adamu says:

    Masa I really want to hear 1920s techno music. Please tell me where I can hear it!
    ================from MasaManiA
    Go to beach boys concert, and you can hear it.

  12. Eruntalon says:

    Why is he wearing white gloves in some of the images and not others?

  13. haruman says:

    Masa, I saw something similar with Mechaike on TV when okamura did a break dance special, but this guy sucks BIG TIME! He reminds me of Yamamoto-san though, but even he did the “ROBOT” better in his performance as the street crossing guard.
    Masa, keep up the good work. And next time if doesn’t perform, just kick him! hahahaha!

  14. Hamanaka Osamu says:

    His coolness is obvious. Street dancing is a wonderful beautiful hobby.

  15. Skull Rabbit says:

    Gotta feel sorry for those people when no one pays attention~ well at least you did 🙂

  16. Ee. says:

    Why do the people in Japan feel like they have to be “cool”? And tune out to everything. I don’t understand why. Is it because of the culture? I know Japanese people are supposed to be ‘conservative’ and ‘polite’, but to me it seems quite rude for no one to look at the man who was dancing. Just smile at him or acknowledge his existence as they pass by. That’s not polite.
    ========From MasaManiA
    Oh, your point of view is new for me.

  17. AoE says:

    It’s the same in New York. Only people that pay attention to the street performers are tourists. Everyone else is too cool.

  18. maria says:

    harajuku is such a neat place. i’ve never heard 1920s techno, that must be neat..

  19. クリス says:

    Masa, when will t-shirt and sticker be available? I would very much like to purchase many.
    ===========From MasaManiA
    THank you, now i have financial problem. so I dont know when I can make it. but i want to make it within this year.

  20. Daniel says:

    Hola! What did he tell you or do after his rejected show? What a shame, so many time waiting for that disaster of public!
    Mecha umai masa san
    ========from MasaManiA

  21. SpaceChief says:

    If he wants to get noticed he should go on Dance 360

  22. Clement says:

    One word for that guy! “He Sucks Bigtime”.
    Damn his performance never did any special move at all~

  23. J.E. says:

    If you said Beach Boys I think you meant 1950s surf rock.
    The only music that was popular in the 1920s was Blues, Jazz and Big Band since electronic musical instruments weren’t even invented by then. Techno showed up in the 1980s with the use of computers and synthetizers.
    And I think that guy’s outfit is pretty cool but he would’ve looked better with yellow spiky hair and red sunglasses.
    =========From MasaManiA
    You are correct

  24. Fuck Hello says:

    Masa, that guy is cool (except for the hair) people should pay more attention to his performance and they might learn something new; instead of just minding their own buisness… Japanese people need to LOOK more around them.
    Hey yo MASA – Im in Japan now, and will be in Tokyo in a couple of days. Care and dare to meet me?

  25. VampireFire says:

    MasaManiA, you do an awesome job with all these stories. You should be a true journalist, this is better then the crap we have over in the US.
    But what is it like to do what you do? Isn’t it sad to see everything that you do?
    ========From MasaManiA
    Sorry but it’s difficult to understand for my poor english

  26. guhji says:

    you should make your t-shirt in cafe press
    they take some $ and at the end of the month send a check for your sale try it
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your advice.

  27. mike says:

    You can tell he’s cool because of the white gloves.

  28. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hey…once again…(and i never got tired to say it, NICE PICS!!
    Now…About that guy….i’d lie if i’d say “WOW!!! how cool he is!!! I can’t belive it!” because he is not…For starting, his hair looks ridiculous, terrible tell him changing his haircut y use something more…mmm….more from the presente
    About his performance….you should shoot and record a little video (as you did in the bizarre j-rocker in the street´s topic) to see how cool is his performance XD…for sure, it would makes me laugh until next month…
    Another point, you should tell him to change the performance’s place…and comes the Santiago of Chile or Valparaiso (same country)…here, at least, we respect misunderstood artist like him…and sure a lot of people should get togheter to see his performance…even we give him some money to encourage him to keep performing…sure…but i bet his performance would me makes laugh like hell…y some of my friend (who i gave them this pwebsite too check it out, will laugh too )
    About his clothes….you know here in Chile, we have a class of people called “pungas”XD…they are very rude with decent people and they are almost like criminals…and SURPRISE! they wear clothes like this cool character you show us…clothes are not ok…at least…if he’s gonna perform some dance with the 1920 rythm…he can wear the 1920’s clothe… too bad…he don’t look really cool to me because here, i can see too many pungas with that awful clothes…very usual here…
    I have a doubt….Why he’s usin whites gloves??? to check how dusty is Tokyo? he’s gonna wippin his ass with them after he ends his performance?? i don’t really understand…wait! i DON’T want understand…
    To conclude my post…
    I have to say this: horrible lookin….horrible hair cut…makes look him like crap…bring him to Chile and maybe he would become in a famous misunderstood TV artist…or at least…he can make enough money to survive and get a new life XD…but one thing is sure…it can produce big laugh here, specially between in my friend’s group…
    please…if you can shoot it again and record a video, then publish it here…do it!!! it would be great to see him… i really wish to see him performing so baaaaadly! =D
    greetings form Valparaiso…
    Once again, great website…i love this site…i love to write and let my post here…even if my english is poor XD i thing everyone can figure it out what i wrote here =D
    that’s it for now…
    Nos vemos Masa =D
    ==========From MasaManiA
    THank you for your understanding. you are good reader.

  29. Shimagaijin says:

    We are still wiating for you at
    ==========-from MasaManiA
    How can I do ?

  30. R. Elgin says:

    That last picture with the caption was the bomb.
    What I found odd is that some of the people that walked into your shot smiled as if they knew you. Are you becomming more famous in Tokyo?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    I heard that I am famous in police station.

  31. pm says:

    hey masa whats the deal with the hygine it japane is it like the usa where most people take a shower evereday or europe where most people take a shower everey week?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your suggestion. Lots of Japanese dont take a shower. we rather soak in bathtub.

  32. Fuck Hello says:

    Do you have time to meet me for some guiding maybe? – Im in Tokyo soon.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Sorry but it’s difficult to guide you. i have job

  33. anton says:

    ey masa! what camera do you use?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    please look for my site by the word, “camera”

  34. Hentaikid says:

    You should’ve told him that you represent an audience of thousands of people from all over the world through your site, so he should dance for you only.

  35. Billy Bobb says:

    I really, REALLY want to thank you Masa-san. God I’d love to fuck the girl in the last picture…
    Mas is THE MAN.

  36. k-mang says:

    hahah, too funny, and a little sad. You should have told him to go to Shinjuku at night. They watch anybody there!

  37. Powerdrink Junkie says:

    I always thought that Japan was very clean, and people never leave trash on the floor, Unlike in Spain ( We are not very clean in the street ).
    BUT, look at the last picture ! There are some cans of soft-drinks and juice all over the floor. Hey, you are not as clean as they say after all ! HeHeee ;>
    Sorry for the Joke. It is my first post in this page and I think it’s great. Good photos, Great content.
    My english is very bad too, but who the hell cares ! ;D
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  38. dementia says:

    The guy doesn’t look like a street performer…and when he finally danced, maybe the people got scared of him.

  39. HAHA says:

    The guy definately has some moves. LOL. And yeah, nice hair and figure, too. It’s obvious that people are either pretending not to notice because what they really want to do is to laugh at him, or they are feeling sorry for him. You can see people laughing at him in some pictures.

  40. marlon says:

    this boy is great. he have the guts to performance even if no one people care about him.
    also his look is very pogo.
    he is great and a freak dancer.
    Cmon, nobody can do this kind of action only by yourself, you need to be very sure of yor mental power, jaja,
    well this a very nice site, congrats and still making us fell to close to your distant country.

  41. wannabe poledancer says:

    Masa, I love your site and I love you. I love that you pay attention to people.
    Tokyo is amazing, I lived there for years. When I miss Japan, I always look up your website and it’s totemo natsukashii for me.

  42. Yaken Slovakia Unlimited says:

    Sabishi.. this japanese word is often used by my friends when they feel this way.. They want something and end up lonely. Admirable.
    another often used word.. kanashii…

  43. You bet your ass Japs are cool. Check this out

  44. CUCHOMAN says:

    Japanese people sometimes is very cold …..
    Poor guy …with that coolest music like background but nobody pay attention…… really sad ………and funny

  45. Antonio duran says:

    el compadre super feo y mal vestido, dance very bad

  46. Lisa says:

    Masa, by 20s techno, do you mean “theremin” music, which appeared in the Beach Boy’s song “Good Vibrations” and also in the theme song to the “Star Trek” TV series? That would be really cool to see danced to, because it is so different from modern “techno” style.

  47. xoxomdmc says:

    people up above
    people down below
    some one disappears
    no one ever know.

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