Decorer, process of cheerful decoration fasion trend



This fasion style called “Decorer ?E(mean of decorator. In Japan , it is very popular English usage to attach the suffix, ?Eer ?Eto any words to mean the person who do something.. for example, the person who wear ?Eshanel called ?Eshaneler ?E)”.
In the past, this style was called ?Eshinorer ?Ebecause Japan ese talent, ?ETomoe Shinohara ?Ewear like this. After that, this fasion trend disappear at onece. But recently this fasion start to rampant again as ?EDecorer ?E.
At first, their way of decoration is very slight, subtlety and casually. But now their decoration technique go to extreme. Yes, they are really decorer !
Click the picture and enjoy the m changing process of cheerful decoration way!!!!
Sorry for my bad explanation.
Begin of this kind of fasion is not Tomoe Shinohara.
Now days, they are no relation with Tomoe Shinohara.
They have no relation with J-rock band.

At first, they are called “Shinorer”.

And this kind of fasion trend disaper. Oh, fuck !

I dont know who start again, but this fasion trend appear again from few years ago.

At first, way of decoration is very subtle and slight.

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  1. Factory says:

    The good thing about these pictures are all the ppl in the background who are not dressed as those in the foreground are.
    The bad thing about these pictures is that for the first time in my life I thought someone wearing hot pink sneakers was quite normally dressed. 🙂

  2. kenji says:

    wow. crazy. i think the girl in the 4th picture is the most extreme because she looks the most weirdest.
    i don’t think its decorating. more like extreme ハデ-ness.

  3. ross says:

    the colours make me happy

  4. Lexi says:

    It’s nice that unattractive people in Japan can have a good time, too.
    ========From MasaManiA
    I dont think they are unattractive people.

  5. suzie says:

    Thanks for the post. I feel inspired to go to harajuku this weekend. I did not realize that there was a new fashion trend. Most excellent. Thanx as always for the great work, Masa.

  6. balberit says:

    I agree with Kenji, the girl in the 4th picture is the craziest one. What the hell is with these people!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha. Where are the trendy people, wearing Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and so on…

  7. kyo says:

    Well i think i can say who actually can relive this sort of thing. Blame me on the music and it’s musicians. Just like why people cosplay j-rock there is to follow their jrock idols. this is almost the same. Certain jrock bands (oshare kei?) have this same or similar fashion. so maybe these young girls and boys like to follow. This is just my opinion. 🙂

  8. Paco says:

    WOW Senor Masa! I’ve been in Japan for a while but that style is totally new to me!
    That new subculture looks like 80’s fashion gone barroque.
    Or “goth lolitas” who just discovered color in their lives.
    Nice pics as always!

  9. Jigsaw says:

    These are some fantastic photos Masa! The girls are all very cute.
    You mentioned that this fashion style began with Tomoe Shinohara, but I was interested to know if these girls are all Shinohara fans, or if the ‘decorer’ culture has entirely split off from the musicial roots.
    Kyo mentioned above that this could possibly be related to some J-Rock bands but I was wondering if you could specifically tell us if these girls follow a particular style of music or musicians or is it just a fashion/social style?
    Hopefully my question makes sense!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Sorry for my bad explanation.
    Begin of this kind of fasion is not Tomoe Shinohara.
    Now days, they are no relation with Tomoe Shinohara.
    They have no relation with J-rock

  10. Kaji says:

    hmm… i’m a bit dizzy… Masa, how old they actually are?
    =========from MasaManiA
    I dont know

  11. Harlekin says:

    I love this style, it looks really good actually, they pull it off, I can’t imagine how it would look like if my friends tried anything like this

  12. La La Ru says:

    I think they are beautiful.

  13. drkkkkkk says:

    love these girls
    they are not scared expressing themself
    and nice picture!!

  14. zigenx77 says:

    They’re a lot cuter than the gothic or some punk band girls. It looks like they’re having fun dressing up. Now I wonder how Masa dresses.
    ============from MasaManiA
    I am nudist. just wearing condom

  15. Miggy says:

    This style reminds me of this 80’s cartoon show called “Strawberry Shortcake”. All the pink,red, and polka dots are very reminiscent of that style. Kind of reminds me of this board game called Candy Land too that I used to play as a kid. Pretty cool style nonetheless, I wish girls here in NYC would be more daring to wear such clothes. I’m really sick of all the name brand junk.

  16. Sweden says:

    Im getting irritated at all the peace signs.
    Im not against peace but why do all the girls have to make the peace signs on the foto.
    Is it a law that they must make a peace sign with thier fingers before they get shot by a Camera?
    Your site rocks.
    I want to buy stuff from u
    =======from MasaManiA
    About peace sign.

  17. babbaganoosh says:

    WOW! Very colourful outfits. One day when I save enough money and so do my friends we will be getting our plane tickets and experience JAPAN! Some of those girls look pretty HOT!!!! More great pictures from Masa. Keep them coming.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  18. starpause says:

    i’m reminded of candy ravers of the 90s here in the USA 🙂 …….
    decorer37 on the right, fkkn HOT … two tone hair … yes please!

  19. Autumn says:

    I actually dress somewhat like that….it’s cute..but I don’t go that extreme 🙂

  20. Skull Rabbit says:

    I am so glad you were already going to post this when I emailed you!!! Thank you!! :D:D I love the pictures 😀

  21. R. Elgin says:

    Rabbit ears just don’t work in any culture — they are really for rabbits only.

  22. lady says:

    Cool pics, Masa. Decora-chan are crazy-cute. Way more inventive than piling on some tacky designer logos and calling themselves hip.
    If there’s no connection between decora and oshare-kei, then why do so many oshare musicians dress simillar to the decora style?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Decorer is not like any visual-kei who is fan of rock band. and Oshare-kei is not pupular category.

  23. holly says:

    These pictures are wonderful! I love these girls so much. They show that you don’t have to have lots of money or designer labels to make a fashion statement. (although I did see a couple of Super Lovers items thrown in there XD)

  24. Yuki says:

    I’ve never seen such a people around me…..haha
    But I think they are cool!

  25. maria says:

    just as gothic lolita is now becoming popular in the us, in a few years i’m sure we’ll be seeing this over here in america too. masa you are always keeping us ahead of trends. thank you 🙂

  26. Mark says:

    Masa very very nice picture. i wonder if they color pubic hair pink too!? Do you have Picture of Gyaru and Ganguro fashioN? i want to see!
    ========from MasaManiA
    I have never seen their public hair.

  27. little asian girl U_U says:

    WoW! so colorful!I love the socks and the acessories so cute!

  28. Nathan says:

    “It’s nice that unattractive people in Japan can have a good time, too.”-Lexi
    It’s nice that stupid people can say their opinions on the internet too…

  29. Spongebob says:

    Another example you japanese youth weirdness. They really think that is cool?

  30. John Takamura says:

    This website really sucks ass. This isn’t true journalism. It’s stupid bullshit that some fool posts on the internet. Masamania is an idiot that can’t even speak proper English and all of his posts are the same old shit. It gets really boring after a while, Masa. You need to go back and learn what journalim is really about. It’s not posting multiple pictures and posting a few foolish comments. And you’re also an idiot, you take a bunch of the same pictures and post them and then write the same comment for each. What a fucking loser. Btw, stop complaining about Japan. America is a whole lot worse. Fuck you, Masamania!

  31. Dinno09 says:

    Funny though, most of these girls looks like my 60 year old grandma. With those multiple clothes on their body, those huge glasses, and so many accesories hanging on their neck.

  32. Barbarella says:

    Wow, they’re all just too cute! And don’t you get fat birds in Japan? They’re all fairly slim… all that sushi, too healthy I guess! 😉

  33. Keito says:

    What kind of camera are you using? The photos always look so “fresh” and full of life!
    ========from MasaManiA
    Please look for in the site by the key word, “camera”

  34. nekofairy666 says:

    I imagine a lot of these guys are around aged 12-16. Its very cute and colourful but do you think it would look too odd if someone wore this style outside of Japan?
    Plus, a lot of the stuff these guys wear can be bought directly round the corner of Yoyogi park down Takeshita-dori, so is it that original?
    Still, looking at some of the cuteness, it is good to see an amalgamation of this street-bought stuff and obviously hand-made stuff. Well done Masamania, keep up the good work!

  35. Daniel says:

    Hola!, this kind of report are my favourites of this web, I love the colorfull dresses of the girls, I hope I’ll find people dresing this way when I arrived to Japan. Masa eres de lo mas borde que he visto, dale un poco de alegria a tus comentarios.
    When will the japan emperor dress this way?, old samuerais did it.

  36. Natali says:

    In one of the pictures, a girl is doing a backwards peace sign. In the UK, that means the same as the middle finger!
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your interesting information.

  37. joo says:

    these girls dress like candy ravers from the U.S.

  38. doghotpot says:

    Great pictures as ever Masa. I just can’t help thinking how hot these girls must be. And the Harajuku goths before them. Summer in this parts of the world is hot enough without wearing as many clothes as a well dressed bum. Any more than a t-shirt and I’m too hot, respect to anybody with the conviction to dress like that everyday or everyweek.

  39. Daan says:

    Yessss … luv your piccies!
    The way i remember Japan .. great and cheers ^__^

  40. spinkick says:

    let me guess … these gurlz are OL’s during the work week ?
    they’recute as hell… but, this just wouldn’t work with American girls, it just wouldn’t look “right”

  41. Elisa says:

    I really like your page and photos…
    I wish I were at Japan, there you can go at streets dressing whatever you want to, and nobody is going to insult you… but I must to say that I really can’t stand Tomoe Shinohara…

  42. Japan, the country of extremes. What I admire most of the Japanese is that they do these extreme things without doing drugs ^_^
    ==========from MasaManiA
    How can you know that?

  43. Kintama says:

    I like to pick these girls up in Harajuku. They are great for a quick f*ck and they usually let you screw them with no protection.

  44. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Well then…
    That pics really scare me out!
    But first, i must say, i hate fashion, every kind of it…beside, it concerns a girl’s subject, so i don’t give a shit about it….
    Now…I guess this fashion is only for girls that are aound aged between 14 and 16 years olds…mmm funny!…
    In my case, fashion always was, be and will be a crapy think where riches superficials models and fags designers are getting involve with..i really doesn’t belong with it…beside in that teenager age…about 15 years old, i join a punk band(so i was punk for about 4 years)…that what teenagers must do…
    It reminds me too, that we have similar stuffs here about “the japanese rockers fashion style” that is the last scream of fashion between little otakus girls and boys (aged about 12 until 17 years old) dressing like fuckin idiots with sadomasochist black dresses(trying to look like that awful japanese singer that dresses like a housekeep, Mana from that j rock band called dir en grey or Malice mizer, in the case of girls) and sadomasochist black clothes ( to try to look like Gackt(in believe you know it, famous singer of japan) in the case of boys) and in some cases….girls dress with gentlemen clothes and boys that dress leather clothes and both make up their faces(with white and black mime cream i believe) to try to get a nearly looking like their japanese rock idols….and the pathetic (how just pathetic is rober the mom’s make up stuffs to look like an asshole) thing about all that…they think that they are TOO cool….but the truth is they look just horrible…just childs searching for their lost identity…and livin a dreamin ( a nightmare period for me) periode of their lifes…i don’t know….can you tell if that “decorer” girls are the same thing i describe you in this lines?
    Maybe they do it, because they don’t have a clue that what is to be original all about…following fashions it’s the worst thing that a teenager can do…every girls look the same with shinnings colors cloths (that pikachu scarf girl make me laugh a lot!) …and an old style directly comes from the 80’s (i remember my cousins dressin like that, they are very adult now), but, once more…i dont want to put all the teenagers in the same bag, i think some had more brain i don’t follow that horrible fashion…
    Well…i don’t get involve with that ambience…i couldn’t too…TOO cool for me…because im a simple animation student…so…im not cool at all…
    Soon, me and a friend, we’re gonna upload a site with pics and comments with the “masamania touch style” and postin pics y writing some comments about all the weirds and ridicoulous stuffs(or look weird and ridicoulous to us at least) that happen in mi city and country because your site is an inspiration for all people (like me) who think and watch about what’s happen in their ambiences where they livin and the weirds, ridicoulous and awful truth that cities and gouvernment can keep hiding from our views to show a beautiful, clean, noble, with uncorrupt politicians, respectful country wich is not…
    greetings from valparaiso…
    when the website is ready, i’ll give you the URL and you can take a look and see by your own that the things i wrote in previously topics are no lies at all…
    Great site, greats comments…i’m impressed, thanks you for existing….i feel more alive than before because some pics make me and my friends laugh for days…
    Masa RULES!!!
    saludos desde valparaiso…
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  45. Ian Scott says:

    Very fluffy decor plasters their bodies with bright colors to brighten Japan’s days! Truely a winner are these demented colorblind E dropping hobos!

  46. SpaceChief says:

    They’re all cute but the fashion is too extreme. They remind me of La Chilindrina from the spanish show El Chavo del 8.

  47. xue says:

    I think these girls have the most adorable clothes. And they are oh so very cute too. Their fashion is amazing and bold, much unlike what you see in the US or any other parts of the world. Which is awesome.
    Great entry, Masa! I always enjoy reading.

  48. Masa,
    I’ve only heard of Decorer Pocky that are made by Glico. Decorer are Japanese chocolate-dipped wheat sticks. See
    Are the girls in the above pictures Decorer’s because they like to use skinny black dildos (which are sometime referred to as “chocolate-dipped wheat sticks”)
    ==========from MasaManiA
    just name is same, but there is no relation. and they never use it so. they just bite off them. and be careful, your dick also will be bited off by them.

  49. In the photo
    the fat chick in the back right looks like she ate too much sushi and the guy in the front left looks like a fag. In the US, we call fat chicks who hang around fags “fag hags.” Do you Japs have a name for them?
    =========From MasaManiA
    I dont know

  50. DonL says:

    Again a fantastic report with great pictures! ^-^
    Thanks Masa! Keep up the good work!

  51. kenji says:

    John, shut the fuck up. You don’t like it? good. shut up and never come back. dumb fat fuck

  52. La La Ru says:

    If you do not like Masa’s website then just click that little x button on the top right side of your web browser’s window.

  53. i hate fag haters says:

    Hey fag hater, maybe the guy in that photo isn’t a fag.. And then again, who cares if he’s fag or not? Get some respect.
    Great post by the way, masa.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  54. ashbloem says:

    I love the colours; these girls are like a whole other tribe of people. A vibrant, colourful tribe.

  55. Hamanaka Osamu says:

    Some people call them “Decorer” or “Shinorer” but nobody ever called them “IQer”
    ==========from MasaMania
    What is it ?

  56. evening says:

    I foudn this site last night. Excellent photo journalism. Masa-san, You are great!
    ============From MasaManiA
    THank you

  57. rolly says:

    It’s rather depressing that in such a huge number of pictures, there are only 2 or 3 fuckable girls.

  58. trish says:

    why do these girls always stand bow-legged?

  59. Excellent work. I am always impressed that people allow you to take their picture. You must have a winning personality.

  60. pirloui says:

    How ugly you speak “rolly”…
    I think nice pictures, nice girls, and nice clothes.
    I’d be glad if people dressed like this in paris, the street picture would be less boring…

  61. big_boy says:

    In the U.S. we call them attention whores.

  62. sundown says:

    I love these pics. I’ll save a few.
    Great style I think but I doubt it comes cheap.

  63. miekler says:

    Thank You for another super fantastic insight to Japan! Masa is true journalist. You allow negative comment post on your site! You are real! Your photo, comment, headline are real and Super! Japanese girls are very flexible. They seperate middle and index finger for ‘peace’ flash very much. Impressive! Masa do not scare away Decorer by wearing only condom! Masa is handsome then! Thank You Mr. Masa for sharing with Internet!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  64. well i like this pictures and i like the girls =)
    well not only japanese are adding er ..
    i think in the most online communities it’s used too. perhaps adding 0r instead of er but it’s the same 😉
    thx 4 the pics of teh decor0rs

  65. LapLicker says:

    They’re wonderful! Very nice.

  66. lola says:

    Very cute pictures! Reminds me of the FRUiTS book by Shoichi Aoki. I think the styles in the FRUiTS book are even more original than these.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    What do you mean ? these are not original ?

  67. ELFLING says:

    hi Masa! I think it is really cool this fashion has returned to the streets of Japan. I saw an exhibition of FRUiTS: Tokyo street style – photographs by Shoichi Aoki the other day and also bought the book.
    I also was a bit strange with cloths while I was a teenager, but never this extreme. I wish the streets in the Netherlands were also as colourful as these pictures. Are there no boys wearing cool cloths like that?
    like your site 😉 !
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you and boy also wear like this.

  68. Mystic One says:

    I’m bewildered by the comments here! This is called extreme, too wild, crazy, weird? I don’t understand…….these girls look wonderful! Beautiful! Thank you for posting the photos. Take more!!

  69. hqm says:

    I love it! It’s great to see the new trends in Japan. I was there from 1999-2001, right at the end of those huge high boots and kogal girls. The goth thing was going pretty strong then also.

  70. Dustin says:

    First off, I think this fashion is very interesting and quite amusing.
    Secondly…why the hell is a girl wearing a FURBY around her!??!?!?!
    Either way, a very cool post.

  71. archos says:

    ahh, colorful and excelent girls. Reminds me of my girlfriend, but not that extreme.

  72. Andy says:

    Good pic’s, but you website is too slow to load.
    =========from MasaManiA
    Sorry for poor spec of my server.

  73. Magda says:

    Guys, none of this is new! This type of street style has been documented by photograper Shoichi Aoki SINCE 1994!!!! Every month he releases a magazine called FRUiTS (which seems to have become the name of the street fashion style too) which is FULL of girls AND GUYS of ALL AGES dressed a bit like this.
    The street fashion was started by teens in Harajuku after the Omote-sando street in Harajuku ws declared a pedestrian mall every Sunday. So that’s when these kids would go out dressed in their finery. Instead of blandly following fashion trends, these teens seemed to make a mix of traditional kimonos, designer brands like Vivienne Westwood and then their own hand-made or second hand clothes.
    The “pedestrian haven” rule was overturned in 1998 so the the trend had died down over the last few years because there was nowhere to show off anymore. It seems that it’s coming back though. But Masa (and everyone else) it’s nothing new!! Website for FRUiTS: and there’s also two books available from Phaidon that are compilations of the magazines.
    Seriously, this trend has had cult status for over a decade now!
    ============from MasaManiA
    Before you give comment, you should read my entry text.
    I never say this is new treand. and nobody say call street fasion, FRUiTS in Japan. And as a Japanese who actually keep going to and actually keep watching Harajuku, I dont think street fasion had died down nor come back.
    and I want to ask, if 80’s fasion become revival boom, will you say, “it’s nothing new!! ” This phrase is not correct but your say wrongly.

  74. malleficarum says:

    To the guys talking about the lack of fuckable girls in the photos above: It’s all in the presentation.
    Half the “hot” girls you see day to day are dogmeat without the right makeup, high heels and short skirts. These girls are actively trying to not look hot, so it’s no surprise they don’t. If you really look at them, i think maybe 1 in 4 of those girls would be knockouts if they tried…if they gave a shit about what you think hot is.

  75. R. Elgin says:

    Congrats Masa, you were mentioned at . . .
    Now is the time to start designing fashion clothing and selling it from your site. 🙂

  76. anon says:

    Thanks Masa,
    You have presented a well organized slice of this fashion trend, and I was impressed with the effort.
    GREAT job!
    =======from MasaManiA
    I think so too.

  77. rolly says:

    Hey, if people here think 13-year-old girls are fuckable and hot, then more power to you. Personally, I think it’s sick.
    ========from MasaManiA
    me too

  78. Skull Rabbit says:

    Haha some of you commenters….
    It is not really attention whore, and definitely not candy raver *rolls eyes* 🙂 Most girls/boys who dress decora don’t rave..? Cause its just fashion. It’s like saying everyone who dresses a little bit emo or gothic is suicidal and about to kill themselves and their family.
    I dress decora myself, it’s just about having fun with your style and not restricting yourself with social standards of fashion 🙂 Decora is fun, bright, and happy? 😛
    It’s not weird or extreme… it’s just creative.

  79. MukeChin says:

    It’s always fun reading dumb ignorant white people commenting on shit they know nothing about while living their pathetic boring lives. Fucking racist gaijin in Japan comments are even worse. Gosh hope your VD rot your dicks off.
    Although some of these girls may pass as 20 something, it’s clear that majority are early teens. Fuck you to all those who gets a hard-on looking at children.
    I think these photos are great! Keep them coming Masa. Don’t listen to the morons and the haters.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  80. NelC says:

    Masumania, you are a wonderful site and I love you very much. But you are so s-l-o-w, especially when you are featured on! Please can we send you money so your owner can put you on a faster ISP?
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your offer. If traffic increase, not only my site loading but my net surf also become slow or impossible to surf internet. I want to lend high spec rental server. but it’s expensive for me now. If you can help me, please. thank you. ( I set paypal donation button on the left side )

  81. Malleficarum says:

    It’s not sick to think it, just impolite to say it. Whether I like to admit it or not, I’ve probably seen thousands of 15-17 year-olds that i’ve thought were smoking hot…based largely on how they dress/present themselves.
    decorer21.jpg: I got no problems calling her hot, and i don’t care if she *IS* 13. She’s hot and she fucking cool, and if she were my friend’s kid sister who had a huge crush on me I certainly would NOT have sex with her, cause that’d be sick, but goddamn I’d want to, and probably so would you.

  82. Mike D says:

    they all look the same to me. it’s 96 except with 20% more accessories. the dots, stripes, disney prints are all so out now. it’s a mix of the dieing styles. maybe the photos are old. me think so.

  83. Magda says:

    Hey Masa, you were right, you didn’t say it was new. Some people who referred to your site did. Some people do call it FRUiTS though, at least outside of Japan. The main reason I posted is because everyone else here that posted is because everyone else that commented here seemed to think it was a new trend, which it isn’t. just wanted to clarify.
    ==========-from MasaManiA
    Why you can know this is not new trend ? Who decide the trend is wheather new or not ?

  84. Ralph says:

    Came to your site on a dinosaur of a computer, so I really didn’t get to see all the pictures, just two. Very cute! Much better than those stupid Bratz doll lookalikes we have here in the US.
    By the way, I think the broken English you use is charming. Keep up the good work.
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you. I should study English more.

  85. gook-impaler says:

    i’d pork these knock-knee’d, bull-legged, fucked-up-teeth, candy-raving, slant-eyed, sluts. i’d also donkey-punch them while i drive my fat tool deep into thier tight little butts.

  86. Jessica in USA says:

    Wow…after looking at all those pictures and then reading many peoples comments…. I have to smile!
    This style is funny… while I myself probably get a laugh or snear from “normal” (the ones whom consider themselves so) people because of the way I dress or how my hair looks, I definitly can say I do not dress that extreme! I would fall over with all the jewelry!!!
    So first I want to say, fuck what people think, these girls (and like 2 guys) ARE having fun… and whoever wants to dress however is really their or their parents credit card debt’s concern!
    However, second, I would like to add something else. I unfortunaley spent two years working at a Hot Topic in the mall (easy job- good money- lame-ass-store and people!). So, after my experience with many 12-18 year old girls (not that the age variation is ever set in stone) coming in and spending all their parents money on the “latest” fashion trends– whatever the corporate media sells them (wether in America, Canada, Japan, Europe— they all prey on the children the worst!) So I ask, are there “hot topic” stores in Japan… or similar places where these kids are buying all similar clothes as a form of parental adn social rebellion? Or do they all go “thrift store” shopping and happen to find the same hot pink and candy bracelet jewelry at every store??? (Ha ha!)
    Over all, the pics were excellent quality, and it was fun to see the social aspect (even in the background) of Japan– I’d love to go there someday.
    What a great way to discuss culture, under-ground culture, pop-culture, etc!
    That’s my two and a half cents!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  87. vir-jin says:

    I read all the comments and I really dare say, the way people see you is sometimes really amazing. Don’t get irritated when westerners blame you, you can call it by the words penis envy, cause you take pictures of the hottest chicks. fruits- yes, we can wander through tokyo and see alot of fashion, and luckily Japanese people are very creative and unique although they copy so much, that a magazine like fruits can publish so much. Good for the archives- when will you print on paper- it shall be the fashion tomb we could pilgrim to in twenty plenty of years.懐かしい。。、Eand another comment for the penis envyless but active guys: where is talked about sex, sex is actually not happening :-)Harajuku has some rules which might be difficult to catch up with if you don’t speak Japanese- and be careful, it’s a rumurous network…you might be ignored faster than you can prepare your smile…
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  88. Pectral says:

    I like it!

  89. Mike says:

    Why are there so many people with suitcases in the background of these shots? There seem to be many carry-on sized small suitcases.

  90. Xynix says:

    Japanese people are just fun…

  91. erin says:

    I love this style! all the bright colors and the fact that you can just put anything together. it’s so fun looking! and whoever said these were ugly people, WTF? i bet you’re not a model yourself. i think most of these people are pretty nice looking, after all they’re not models, just normal people i think.

  92. I can only read “perverteds here”, “jealous kids here” and a couple of “i’m too uptight for my own sake” kind of people, ok, so you think this is too extreme and all that lame shit, supposing that the majority of you come from the U.S, it’s obvious you don’t go out from your houses later than 10pm, I’ll quote it, “because that’s the time when freaks come out”, haha, Michael Alig and his Club Kids were 10x times more outrageous than this, hey you are living in Pop Culture now fuckers, wake up! and stick that dildo out your asses already, stop whining, true is, you are all just JEALOUS! Your little minds couldn’t even craft a piece of one of those garments, go back to your grudgery and leave the children playing!!! And please for real get some education, you are what we call WHITE&EURO TRASH! Get over it! 😉 xoxo
    (Don’t mess with this people, you could only dream to own their IQ’s, you know whatever comes after postmodernism, it’s sacred, much love <333)

  93. John Takamura says:

    Dear Masamania,
    Learn proper English and go take a journalism class at your local community college. You don’t know about journalism. Your entries are like child’s stories – a bunch of lame pictures with a digital camera that anybody can do and a few immature words. You’re a real dumbass. You probably sound like a cocksucker when you speak English. Stop insulting Japan, you American-loving piece of shit. Come down here and see how Americans really think of Japs. Jap women are the white guy’s toys. FUCK YOU, Masamania and FUCK YOU!
    J. Takamura.

  94. fuchikoma says:

    Haha… the way you phrased it, it sounded like Shinohara Tomoe killed the fashion for a while!
    …though I can understand not wanting to be called a Shinorer… 「きーぁE

  95. Rob says:

    More of this sort of thing I say!
    I was in harajuku about a month ago and I saw quite a few people in that get-up. A big contrast to the dark colours (well, more like lack of colour) of the vamps and goths.

  96. Magda says:

    Masa, it’s not a new trend because I can show you photos dated 1998-1999 where girls are dressed exactly the same way. It has been done before, therefore it is not new. The best you can say is that it’s a revival.
    ============from MasaManiA
    I want to ask you, Have you ever see both style actually by your own eye??
    My second picture and third picture is taken at September 21, 2000. and I keep chasing this trend by seeing actual people not by just gathering information on the internet like your way. and I feel that recently this syle people start to be rampant. certainly you have lots of knowlege. but it seem not to be actual knowledge.

  97. MukeChin says:

    I would trust Masa’s judgement on what’s in fashion and what’s not. I would also trust him to know who the fuck is wearing what in Harajuku. Unless you spend all day around Tokyo shooting pictures like Masa (and not a fucking gaijin), shut the fuck up.

  98. fishegg says:

    For fuck’s sake, can you people just appreciate the photos of kids in colorful clothing and leave it at that? Damn.
    (thanks Masa)

  99. John Takamura says:

    Dear Masamania,
    Learn proper English and go take a journalism class at your local community college. You don’t know about journalism. Your entries are like child’s stories – a bunch of lame pictures with a digital camera that anybody can do and a few immature words. You’re a real dumbass. You probably sound like a cocksucker when you speak English. Stop insulting Japan, you American-loving piece of shit. Come down here and see how Americans really think of Japs. Jap women are the white guy’s toys. FUCK YOU, Masamania and FUCK YOU!
    J. Takamura.

  100. John Takamura says:

    Dear Masamania,
    Learn proper English and go take a journalism class at your local community college. You don’t know about journalism. Your entries are like child’s stories – a bunch of lame pictures with a digital camera that anybody can do and a few immature words. You’re a real dumbass. You probably sound like a cocksucker when you speak English. Stop insulting Japan, you American-loving piece of shit. Come down here and see how Americans really think of Japs. Jap women are the white guy’s toys. FUCK YOU, Masamania and FUCK YOU!
    J. Takamura.

  101. John Takamura says:

    Dear Masamania,
    Learn proper English and go take a journalism class at your local community college. You don’t know about journalism. Your entries are like child’s stories – a bunch of lame pictures with a digital camera that anybody can do and a few immature words. You’re a real dumbass. You probably sound like a cocksucker when you speak English. Stop insulting Japan, you American-loving piece of shit. Come down here and see how Americans really think of Japs. Jap women are the white guy’s toys. FUCK YOU, Masamania and FUCK YOU!
    J. Takamura.

  102. Magda says:

    oh for fucks sake. i just wanted to explain the fashion trend a bit more than what masa did. because, as soon as masa posts these photos, the internet shits itself about what an amazing new thing it is, when as masa said himself, some of these photos are from 2000. i’m not picking on masa, he’s picking on me. and all i wanted to do was clarify what masa said. so fuck you all too.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    I see.

  103. Ken says:

    Decorer & Lolita styles are for Jap Girl. Any fashion styles for jap Boy?
    ============-from MasaManiA
    Good point

  104. trams says:

    Blyaha muha ta sho sprana verhu pishy mne na mIlo…

  105. SugizoStyle says:

    гага )))) Японки малолетние. ТакисEдаже ебатсEпротивно… Ггггггггггггг =)))) писE

  106. Dude says:

    Japanese people just don’t want to be respected internationally, or do they?
    Looking like toys, having the weirdest television-shows on the planet, and speaking english like… Well, let’s not talk about it.

  107. o_o

  108. Clement says:

    Cool dressing, dare to dress and express themself. Honestly, one words for them “UNIQUE”. That’s what separate them with those brand-wearing suckers! LoL.. Hem.. if those girls at my country were to wear like that, i think they will grab a lot of attention and that’s sooooo coool!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work Masa. I always can’t wait for your new report!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  109. жека says:

    гага )))) Японки малолетние. ТакисEдаже ебатсEпротивно… Ггггггггггггг =)))) писE

  110. ALC says:

    If you are a 13 year old boy, is it then fine to think 13 year old girl is fuckable hot?
    Fun pictures Masa! I don’t think it matters if it’s old or new, it’s nice to look at neverless.
    and I really enjoy the way you type, grammatical correctness to hell, it works. It just sounds so honest and pure. Reading your stuff makes me want to write like you, hahah.
    But I can’t do that, or I will look out of place.
    ===================from MasaManiA
    THank you

  111. Tom says:

    Why do all Japanese women have bow legs instead of straight legs?

  112. To Jessica:
    These clothes are usually hand made or very cheap, they are not name branded and stuff like jewelry only costs a few cent a piece. Often clothes are traded.
    To Mike: There are many small suitcases, as although in these pictures everybody seems to be accepted in Japan these people are often viewed as outcasts in a way. So to avoid being stared at on the train or getting to an event or harajuku on sunday they wear normal clothes and change into their costume when they arrive.
    To John Takamura: Your Japanese family surname is wasted on the likes of you. You come from America but as closed minded as the rest of Americans, your words are hypocrisy when you really think about freedom of expression.
    To Ken: There are similar fashions for Japanese guys the name of the fashion usualy ends in an extra “O” Like Gang Gal Ganguro become Gangurooo but its complicated because unless you are really into it is hard to know the correct expression and you cant ask normal Japanese people because they are just not interested. But if you want to find on the internet don’t just search for gothic Lolita, more information about its fashion is called E.G.L. Elegant Gothic Lolita and has information about boys too. E.G.L. almost always makes their own clothes even the guys.
    To Magda: Often Japanese fashion has revivals but not with the original intention, this can be seen with para-para dancing. It revived after 10 years. Its hard to be an expert on such things because as I mentioned earlier its difficult to get information from “normal Japanese” even I am sure its difficult for Masu to get the correct information out of these girls because they only talk between themselves and it is a closed subculture.
    To Masu: Most dumb Americans will criticize your ability to spell. Their real issue is their inability to read or make any effort to understand people who don’t see the world in their way.
    =============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  113. Buick says:

    Ha ha. I remember Shinohara Tomoe. But she’s gone now. Too old to be kawaii. Aww. Anyways, I’d like to see these decorers fight the gothic lolitas. Rainbow versus black. Who would win? I don’t know, but I’d buy tickets to watch that.

  114. Blackjacksuit says:

    There are fashions for boys. “decor” as i have heard called Fruit Fashion, is for all sexes. Its just more popular with the japanese girls because of the acceptability and ease of outfit. The males also can do this. It is just harder with less use of accesories and type choice wordrobe. I am a male and i have my own outfit and i love it to death. But i get started at and ridiculled. i suppose thats just the price to expres ones self in a lame town eh?

  115. Lisa says:

    woah, dressing a little decora-ish myself those pictures are like so~ inspiring to me, thank you very much
    and to ken: there are also boys dressing in a “fruitsy”/decora way, just look at the couple at the front page of the fruits book.

  116. SHe says:

    I love the way these girls dress. I first heard of this style in teenvogue may 2003 and it seemed that the style had died down. But now it seems to be popular again. I am inspired to dress as freely as they do. Americans are close minded, arrogant people afraid of change, and other cultures. These brilliantly dressed young women, are the poster children of Japan in being trendy without namebrands. Also I would like to add that I read that most of these girls arent 13 they are 16-20. They are not babies.
    I wish some of these people who criticize and mock your english would try to speak and write japanese, I am sure they are too stupid to even form simple sentences. Your english is fine, as long as I can understand it.
    Keep the amazing posts coming
    I look forward to seeing what else is going on in the fashion world of Japanese teens!
    Masa you rock!
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  117. Doolittle says:

    It looks like 80s trendy girls from the usa gone horribly wrong. I thought the days of hello kitty and florecent clothes were long gone, it seems like they have brought back that style with a vengence. The girls are cute and some look like sexy japanise toys. i love the pics and the imagination of girls. im glad that they are embracing feminism, they are so much sexier than the wave of butch chicks that we have in the usa.

  118. nororu says:

    these ichigo girls are soooo creative! *^-^*

  119. j3_optrix says:

    Like the style :)) Kawaii girls… Wander isn’t it hot to be drest like thet? 🙂

  120. Aloga says:

    This is fashion! 2005! 🙂

  121. manu says:

    Hello Masa. I´d like to know if, when this girls and boys go to a different country or continent, to study there for example.. Do they dress the same or they choose to dress more discrete, according to the fashion style of the other countries?. I think that I have never seen any japanesse person dressing like that in Europe..
    Thank you from Spain.
    ========from MasaManiA
    I dont know

  122. In my country is not usual to see people dressing like this…
    But make no mistake that in two more years we all will dress the same XD

  123. Tom says:

    They look like morons.

  124. DAWK says:

    these pics are delightfull! the girlz are really “artists” when they show such creative ways to adorne themselvs.and i think they just want to be recognized in such a large population city where everyone resigns to normality.
    Photographers should organize a photo-shoot contest,with these many young people as their subjects. I am a photographer and this trend in adornment should be appreciated for it’s graphic trend setting adventure.

  125. 1928 says:

    If Im not wrong, this fashion is called oshare kei. Some J-rock artistes dressed in that too.

  126. Virutas says:

    I love it, but…I think it has to be pretty uncomfortable, you know, with so many socks and all that stuff hanging from their necks, arms…

  127. JapanASSholeZZZ says:

    ШосEкривоногисE узкоглазысE желторотысEкукол! сE

  128. chairman of the Jingubashi Photo Circle says:

    You seem always to be sleepy.
    Firm rest.

  129. vir-jin says:

    to John, a friend of Masu and his girlfriend:
    you must be a real European knight!keep the information going! masu might be too busy with taking a photo to fight on his webpage…but we can back him, so he can cheer us with taking a new photo.bad or good english, same topic or new topic, we know these pictures tell the genki truth. cheers to your princess!m(_ _)m

  130. vir-jin says:

    btw, it seems that this incredibly happy look made some people aggressive. why blame masa?

  131. Flor says:

    Q cutreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! xDDDDDDd

  132. dorian says:

    putos japos…estan komo una puta regadera maxo

  133. ErPutoAmo says:

    Eh! que pasa… a lo sumo hay una tia ke este decente. Las demas vaya puta pandaaaa. Y joer que pintas dios mio. Estos japos…

  134. jack ,the jackrabbit says:

    no way, NOW you know why the Gods throw them in a group of isles in the midle of the sea.
    .One of the Gods.

  135. Gail says:

    They’re just girls having fun. Nothing at all wrong with that. So they look a bit weird, who cares, they’re not hurting anyone and they sure look like they’re enjoying their expressiveness.

  136. Gail says:

    They’re just girls having fun. Nothing at all wrong with that. So they look a bit weird, who cares, they’re not hurting anyone and they sure look like they’re enjoying their expressiveness.

  137. toto says:

    JapanASSholeZZZ Убей сE

  138. wormbeer says:

    fucking cool
    fashion in Japs looks like another planet people.
    Here in Brazil, it´s so strange because people go almost naked to the city. There´s a total sexism-body cultuation. it sucks

  139. Gonzalo says:

    I think THat this “things” are the Really Bad Clothes that i can see in my life…
    NOthing more and nothing less I hope what dont come to my country…
    (sorry for my inglish)

  140. Pink says:

    Beautiful!! I’m lovin’ it!!!

  141. Jessica in USA says:

    I came back to see if my comment posted and to follow up on the other comments. I am totally shocked at how many different views there actually are about the way a few people or certain people of a culture dress.
    I also see there ARE a bunch of dick head Americans who are setting it up for the rest of us to be lumped into the same pile of shit. Unfortunately, I AM A STUPID AMERICAN! But I hope I’m not coming across as a dumb-ass shit eater like several American’s are!
    Wow– I’m surprised you don’t get pissed about all these other terrible comments… I guess I’m too damn passionate… I’d be freaking out and screaming at those assholes.
    I think what you’re doing is great. It’s a great way, as I said, to explore other people’s culture– especially when you’re like me: a what the republicans like to lump into as ‘middle class’ but really I’m a paycheck to paycheck individual trying to pay bills and cannot travel and see things for myself, so I DO have to gather my information from online, or from international students here.
    K– so now I’m babbeling. My main point was to try to explain that, although many of my fellow countrymen are douchbags (for those unfamiliar with the term, douchbag is a bag used to cleanse ones nasty-ass vagina!– i may not have spelled it right– ), BUT I hope to convey a different, more open and cultured perspective.
    Thanks for all who read this and choose to believe not all Westerners are morons. 🙂
    ===============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your come back and comment. I am looking forword to seeing your commening again.
    P.S. My name is not Mesa. but Masa

  142. сE says:


  143. kahimi says:

    sugoi!! Great pics masa XD
    I think there are many people that dont understand why japanese dress like that. Usually they dont do it to express themselves. As many of you know, japanese have to wear school uniform, so when they have the chance to dress like they want, they tend to wear a lot of things. Besides, this kind of dressing its a fashion, teens wear this clothes to be part of a group. Thats why people of different groups dont get a long very well, like harajuku girls will never get a long with shibuya girls. I read about this in an article about japanese fashion, writen by a japanese guy.
    btw, I’m portuguese, so I understand spanish. I just want to ask why people keep writing bad comments in spanish? paren de llamar putas a los japos, porque vosotros es que son unos maricas que no tienen nada que hacer en vuestra vida de ignorancia. If you dont like what you see, who cares? you dont have to call names to people. Its just my opinion…
    Well, this is the first day that I saw your site Masa, but I’m really liking it. Keep doing the good work! and show us more of japanese people!
    Matane xxxxxxkahimixxxxxx
    ===========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  144. manji senshi says:

    yes, i think the gilr of the 4th picture is the coolest one

  145. io says:

    las modelos tan ricas xD

  146. Ummm says:

    Umm..ewww?? What’s wrong with them!???? >.<!

  147. John Takamura says:

    To Kenji,
    You’re calling me fat? You are the overweight, Big Mac-eating son of a ten cent hooker. You suck the dick of Capitalism. What a house nigger. You’re a typical Japanese that worships the white man. You’re the Japanese that runs and bends over to the white man and takes it in the ass. You’re a typical Jap whose women leaves you for a white devil. That is why I am ashamed of being Japanese myself, because so many of us bow to dirty white people. Japan wants to change it’s stance on the military and for what reason – to help America? What kind of stupid shit is this? Japan is so stupid. You think Koreans and Chinese are inferior to Japanese, while they share a similar cultural history to us. You are very racist towards them. But when it comes to white people, you worship them. White people have nothing to do with Japanese culture, they are from a whole other world. Japanese can feel superior to other Asians but they have an inferiority complex when it comes to white people. They acknowledge that whites are superior. Fuck all of you bitches. By the way, I’m not fat at all. I have a lot of cardiovasuclar exercise when I’m busy fucking your mom and your sister. They keep me in shape. You don’t get any sex, so you’re probably a fat slob busy grubbing on good ol’ American KFC fried chicken.
    To Masamania,
    You losers have to delete my posts because what I am saying is true. Masamnia’s website is horrible and very childish. He is not a true journalist, he is a fraud. He posts a bunch of pictures and then writes a sentence or two of words. He has the nerve to say this is real journalism, better than CNN or any other major news companies. He’s an idiot. Even FOX has better journalists then him. Fuck you, Masamania. Your horrible site should be deleted off the internet. FUCK YOU!

  148. Anonymous says:


  149. Anonymous says:


  150. Anonymous says:


  151. Felipe says:

    Your website is very cool… i found people using yours pictures… visit
    He just take out the masamania
    Report this to fotolog admin!
    See ya
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report. it’s really sad to be used my picture without honor

  152. bboy parkz says:

    I remember back in the mid-late 90’s girls used to dress very similar to the girls I these pictures.
    The fashion then was well documented in the book/mag ‘Fruits?E
    Is this the same fashion/scene. Is it a revival? Or is it a new scene/fashion that just looks similar?
    And Masa thanks again for doing this sight. Amazing work.
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you and about this fasion trend, see before comment.

  153. ≫MaX≪ says:


  154. Edviziuz says:

    I find cute that you show a bunch of girls wearing “Shinorer” and on the next picture they wear it no more and rise their middle finger. They look innocent, do they really know what “the finger” means?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    I dont know. hahaha

  155. ginna says:


  156. lord_kilokan says:

    this stile is good, more!!! more!!! more!! i like the japanese girl, i love you japanese girl. muahahahaa………..:)

  157. manus says:

    THEY ALL WEAR THE SAME SOCKS! no imagination? i am torn by their colorful, vivid clothing and their socks!
    oh crazy rockabilly kids.

  158. yok walla says:

    yaw k?zlar?n hepside birbirinden cirkin walla. edebimize yak??maz. o nas?l giysi oyle pezewenkler

  159. proud chinese guy says:

    john takamura’s an absolute asshole. if you think you can do journalism better than masa then show us your web site. but you’ll probably say you dont give a shit abt such stuff. whether you’re fat or muscular, short or tall, handsome or ugly, go get a life dumbass.

  160. Doolittle, the majority of clothes for females that I have seen coming from the US, lately, were pink, had spagetti straps, and had things like ‘princess’, ‘I’m cute’, and ‘porn star’ written in silver colored sequins (basically, it looks like hooker-wear for overgrown children, to me). Butch chicks?!?! If you can find clothes that are less frou-frou, please let me know. I hate pink, purple, cutesy little children’s cartoons and anime, sequins, spagetti straps, and the idea of being called a princess unless you are the member of a royal family. (If that’s what someone else wants to wear, more power to them, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in clothes like that.)
    Well, we have a new winner…John T. is now the biggest douche to have ever posted on this site. Sorry, John, but just because two people/cultures/governments are different doesn’t mean that they can not both benefit from having good relations with each other. I can see why noone fucks you in the ass, but you’re wrong about why. The real reason is that you have your own big head shoved so far up your ass that there is no room for anything else.

  161. Sheena says:

    wow…..i love this style!! I’d probably get dirty comments if I wore it where I lived, tho. But, all of my friends say I can get anyway with basically anything…hmmm…about to tie a few stuffed animals to my head and prance around.

  162. instarx says:

    John Takamura <- This parson sounds like not typical Japanese but typical Zapanese whom you can often find English-speaking-forums where non-Japanese poeople mainly get together.
    ::Classic character traits of Zapanese people::
    Pretend to be Japanese but put down Japan/Japanese badly and unnecessarily, have overly aggressive attitude, provokeing antipathy from non-Japanese by showing storong racial hatred comments towards other race. Love to bring up the words like “inferiority/superiority” which isn’t general trend for Japanese. The “Inferiority” comes along with “White people” implying that we Japanese are their dogs that obey anything they ask. Even worse, we want to be part of them. The “Superiority” comes along with “Korea/China and Asia” trying to give the impression that we Japanese hate them or have superiority to them.
    As a Japanese, I don’t know what he is talking about. If you were born and brought up in Japan, it’s impossible for you to have such a storong feelings/hatered? towards people of other countries or races especially with no reason. Although it’s ture that we are a little getting frustrated with anti-Japan-anyway actions by Korea and China, most of us are not that simple to generalize whole nation and feel superiority over them.
    Well… If he is real Japanese, I guess maybe he had a really really tough time in the U.S.? Even though I still don’t understand what he wrote… ;(
    Anyway, I have been wondering since I started reading comments in this site which type of people are the normal/morons? The people who look moron but actually do anything harmful to others or the people who look/think they are normal but actually do harm others feelings by ridiculing and insulting others? I enjoy seeing how people here react to Masa-san’s entries just as much as the stories themselves that Masa-san writes.
    Sorry for my bad English. 😉

  163. foo says:

    John Takamura <- This parson sounds like not typical Japanese but typical Zapanese whom you can often find English-speaking-forums where non-Japanese poeople mainly get together.
    ::Classic character traits of Zapanese people::
    Pretend to be Japanese but put down Japan/Japanese badly and unnecessarily, have overly aggressive attitude, provokeing antipathy from non-Japanese by showing storong racial hatred comments towards other race. Love to bring up the words like “inferiority/superiority” which isn’t general trend for Japanese. The “Inferiority” comes along with “White people” implying that we Japanese are their dogs that obey anything they ask. Even worse, we want to be part of them. The “Superiority” comes along with “Korea/China and Asia” trying to give the impression that we Japanese hate them or have superiority to them.
    As a Japanese, I don’t know what he is talking about. If you were born and brought up in Japan, it’s impossible for you to have such a storong feelings/hatered? towards people of other countries or races especially with no reason. Although it’s ture that we are a little getting frustrated with anti-Japan-anyway actions by Korea and China, most of us are not that simple to generalize whole nation and feel superiority over them.
    Well… If he is real Japanese, I guess maybe he had a really really tough time in the U.S.? Even though I still don’t understand what he wrote… ;(
    Anyway, I have been wondering since I started reading comments in this site which type of people are the normal/morons? The people who look moron but actually do anything harmful to others or the people who look/think they are normal but actually do harm others feelings by ridiculing and insulting others? I enjoy seeing how people here react to Masa-san’s entries just as much as the stories themselves that Masa-san writes.
    Sorry for my bad English. 😉

  164. さっき

  165. foo says:


  166. DAN-YELL says:

    <3 DAN-YELL
    =========from MasaManiA
    We dont have shop for decorer. Decorer just choice their item from lots of shop.

  167. DAN-YELL says:

    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  168. keiichiro says:

    WoW! I wanna look like that too! Well.. Here in Finland there isn’t that kinda clothes. :/
    PS. Sorry for my bad English ‘_’
    ==========from MasaManiA
    No problem

  169. Betty says:

    Great Pics! Would you let me use these photos in a free street magazine in Australia?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    This place is not appropriate place to ask such things, especially if you are commercial journalism. please contact me via E-mail. my address is on top page.

  170. Bangkok says:

    I think they’re wearing too much!!!
    I say
    The girl with that pikachu should
    DROP IT LIKE IT’s HOT, drop it like it’s HOT!
    When masa get a shot at ya
    Strip it like it’s HOT!
    Strip IT like it’s hot, strip it like it’s HOT!
    Those japs with an attitude,
    Phuck it like it’s HOT!
    Phuck it like IT’S HOT, phuck it like it’s HOT!
    When the booties in the pictures don’t look hot I say girls come on and do it for your God.

  171. michelle says:

    In the picture.. er.. fourteen up from the bottom. There is an non-asian girl there? Dressed in black? She doesn’t look asian. I’m sure, of course, she can still live there and speak Japanese and such. It just struck me odd.
    I like this style, and wish I had the courage to dress this way. (:

  172. SHe says:

    Well “other white meat”
    im sorry to say it but im not the average white
    girl screaming in protest about wide spread narrow mindedness sweeping the nation.
    i know what people are like here. my parents are
    not from this country and its really obvious
    as an outsider looking in. Do white americans
    truly believe that america is not culture phobic?
    from my personal experience, they are not exempt.
    stereotyping runs rampant here. i refuse to be
    told that i have a vivid imagination.
    but, you are entitled to you own opinion, as i am to mine.
    america is the melting pot, but that doesnt mean
    that everything has meshed well, to enjoy that slice of ignorance would be bliss.

  173. ++Aga++ says:

    I am fascinated by extravagance in his Japanese version. It does not matter the age of the girls, what counts is to have fun and transmit positive waves. The colors are so merry! at least I will not forget your site!
    Your photos inspire to me : I have a preference for 3 portraits which I have desire for taking as model for my future paintings 🙂 I would put them in my hall… they will be merry and give good mood to the guests! 🙂
    Thanks for this site !
    // Sorry for my really bad english 🙂 //
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  174. dapper says:

    Masa, Are only young girls/jail bate into “Decorer?”
    ===========from MasaManiA
    I dont understand.

  175. Vincent says:

    Lo mejor de las chicas de las fotos es que visten tal y como quiren, si no estuvieramos atados por la moda tal ves andariamos mas o menos igual, a mi me parecen lindas—–all the girls are dressed only limted by their imagination, and that´s cool!! it´s nice for me 🙂

  176. SHe, true it doesn’t ALWAYS mesh well, but US culture IS still a mis-mash of everyone else’s culture, as I said. Not all places in the US are the same. I grew up in an area where the cultures meshed almost perfectly, but I have been to other places in the US (Gary, IN/near Kouts, IN) where there was very little meshing. The racial divide in IN made me feel like I went back to the 18th century. It felt…creepy there.
    Saying that ALL Americans are afraid of other cultures is a stereotype in and of itself. Maybe you fear other cultures. It certainly sounds like it when you stereotype like that.
    PS,the other white meat refers to pork, the other, other white meat refers to a line in Austin Powers.

  177. naranjita says:

    some people (not many though and mostly ravers) do this kind of thing in other countries too. they often create jewelry out of small toys.

  178. HolyDonkey says:

    Its quite strange this sub-culture. Frankly I didn’t know this culture existed until I searched up EGL and got this place. I like the way they dress and I dress like them at the appropriate places. I do enjoy wearing neon yellow stockings with magenta rainboots and a plaid skirt. I used to think I was the only one who liked this kind of style but I was wrong 😀
    P.S. I can prove your theory wrong about people who dress like that take drugs and all the junk. I happen to dress like that as I have menioned and I finished college math before I finished high school. Plus I don’t do drugs I’m that desperate for a good time.

  179. Charissa says:

    That is SAWEET!!!
    I absolutely love it!

  180. Gothmog says:

    Very nice, I really like these kinds of cheerful decoration fasion trend 🙂

  181. d0n says:

    fuck, it’s crazy! these girls looks like a little stupid dolls )) the most funny accessories are the heads of cartoon characters. it’s really looooool )

  182. Nana says:


  183. TO,OWM says:


  184. Sookie says:

    I love the outfits…;-; I wish I could have outfits like that.I MUST GET OUTFITS LIKE THAT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS! 😀

  185. Yami says:

    Aw man. Why can’t America be this cool? XD

  186. viralmeme says:

    I wish some people would read the whole posts before they post. For one, I know Masa’s not claiming to be better than CNN, just that the English here is far worst than in CNN. And to the people who thinks that the lack in ENglish speaking skills means that someone can’t have anything meaningful to write, well, I can only say that I’m thankful I’m not infected with _that_ thought pattern.
    I’ve got a friend who had homestayed in Japan for some time, and he said that in some aspects the conservatism still runs high. Don’t the girls in the photographs experience some sort of social pressure because of their difference?
    Just wondering, but thanks for the answer all the same.
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you. you understand me.

  187. Jamist says:

    helo i was wondering what the hell is that thing on the girls mouth on the 4 picture? PLEASE TELL ME ITS MAKING ME CRAZY!!
    tell what it is! iv seen more people in japan using them but they are white please tell me!!!
    ==============from MasaManiA
    IT’s fasion

  188. ben says:

    Having been raised from an asian family, I notice most of my cousins desperately trying to create their own identity within the asian subculture through their appearance. Most of them think they look like every other asian, with nothing to differentiate themseleves apart, so any new style of fashion is immediately grasped. Could it be that these girls are feeling the same way? Trying to create their own identity through this extreme style of fashion, for it definetly sets them apart from the rest.

  189. Karumelita says:

    Those looks like 80’s fashion (^^)!!!!! Its weird/freak ….. but really kawaii (-_0)!!!!! I want a trip to Japan (??)!!!!! …… and go to Hello Kitty’s park (**) yeeei !!!!!

  190. Ren says:

    John Takamura u suk.. Maybe ur rage with other races started when u got fuckd by a foreign fag in the ass.
    By the way ns pix Masa-san… btw again… Masa-san don’t say thanks all the time… I have read some of the posts and i noticed that u even thanked the guy insulted ya.. lolz i was bit surprised heheheh!! i even red it again!!
    Nee dis site rockz!!
    =============from MasaManiA
    Sorry, but i am not good at writing English.

  191. Jx says:

    Hey i why is it some girls in the picture is crosing itz feet or somthin?

  192. lily says:

    i love the Decorer in japan. ive been interested in it for a while now and i think its soo beautiful. these girls are too cool for words. they know how to dress. i got a book on it called FRESH FRUITS. i recomend it for anyone who likes this. i read that they dress up as their favourite Manga Characters. they used to do it on a sunday, but apparently no longer:( id love to see it in real life. they are so colourful.

  193. Gara says:

    I am an american but I dress up in Decora as well. I love the style I also dress up alot of the time in Gothic lolita very cute ^_^

  194. Steffie says:

    I just LOVE this! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ^^;; <3333

  195. Lady Wormwood says:

    I wonder how long it takes for some of those girls to get dressed. Some of them are wearing too much clothing for my taste.
    But if I saw someone walking down the street and looking like that, I’d immediately have to go up to them and tell them how kick ass they look.
    No body (from what I’ve seen) dresses that extreme in America. It’s because the majority of Americans attempt to keep up with fashions and stuff.
    But it’s funny how American fashion is a year behind European fashion. So I laugh at silly Americans who think they are the hot shit for buying the newest clothing in crappy American clothing stores.
    Japanese seem like they’re above commercial fashion trends. People make their own, other people catch on, and that’s how it becomes fashionable. That’s fuckin’ cool.

  196. dan says:

    wow I was an 80’s kid and love all the things they are wearing. Makes me think of Cindy Lauper. I like her songs. Well Keep having fun and the girls are pretty and look like they had lots of fun. That is the main thing. Enjoy life.

  197. januar says:

    I’m like every style in japan because I want to learn about every think abaut japan.

  198. Norman says:

    Oh~~~what is the relation between them and shinjuku tiger mask.

  199. Ru says:

    Almost there are not fat girls
    Thats cool

  200. Mike says:

    Masa, do you live in or near Harajuku? I notice you take many pictures there…

  201. stcolapop says:


  202. angie says:

    In a world full of normal and boring people in the west, its great to see the crazy fun loving cute japanese girl express themselves. Its good to see craziness and wilderness out in the urban jungle of japan.
    As for those girls looking like teenagers, i am please to tell you that most of them look like teenager but are really in their mid-late twenties. Its just asian always look 10yrs younger than their real age. So go for it guys.
    Masa sensei, keep up the good job. People like you and your subjects brighten up our day and our lives. thanx
    ===============From MasaManiA
    my pleasure

  203. yo masamania !!! have been diggin’ your site for long time…gives me a hit of jap’ life i’ll prob never see…anyways, keep it up. for real! also, please check out my site…i took the liberty of using one of the girls from your decorer pics in the main splash graphic. what you think? i hope you are ok with this. if you dont like it we’ll take it down. i mean, we don’t make any money or anything, but i’ll respect your decision. again, keep up the good work…peace from ireland!

  204. Eric says:

    I agree MESA some people just dont have respect for what is different. “We are all different but the same”

  205. Des says:

    cute cute cute !
    thats what I love about japan,the girls!
    keep up the good work dude

  206. meg says:

    thank you, masa, for these lovely pictures.
    closed minded ones; stfu lest you wreck yourself.
    wonderful photography, and it can be oshare-kei, decora, FRUiTs, shinorer, IQer, whatever. it’s colourful, fun japanese street fashion and i’m totally in love with it. thank you for sharing these.
    thank you again!!

  207. Caroline Acree says:

    ^_^ Masa-san!
    You have very beautiful pictures and I’m always so happy when I see you have updated.
    Don’t let all the other american assholes and haters get you down. 🙂 My friends and I love you!
    Thanks for making this awsome website!
    ~ Caroline.

  208. Yolanda Campbell says:

    I was very excited to see your photos. They remind me a fashion from a New Zealand Teenage Soap-Drama Television Show called, The Tribe.
    Thankyou for your cool photos.

  209. Tone says:

    Hi Masa
    You are F/Crazy man – LOVE YOU xxx
    Look at this site dude – These kids ROCK!!!
    JuSt LiKe YoU.
    Luv – ToNe

  210. Cavale says:

    I wonder if their feet get hot wearing all those socks.

  211. Faith says:

    I love the freedom that these girls show through the clothing they choose to where. It is great to see that at least some people refuse to be held back by the close-mindedness of others. Also, I have noticed so many apologyzing for there english when most of my classmates can’t even begin to formulate such a well written sentence.(And we’re Americans) Even I am not the best speller. So, in my opinion, as long as you are understood, there is no point in saying sorry.
    Thank you for alowing the freedom to state those inner thoughts brought out by the thoughts of others, and forgive me for such a lengthy post. Great days and good by.

  212. Aqua says:

    These girls make me feel so much more confident to go out wearing wat i want no matter how stupid it looks fuck what any1 else thinks!!!!!!!!1

  213. Mark says:

    I just got back from Japan. Most of the people who where these kinds of clothes stay in a place called Harajuku. It’s sorta like the fasion district of Japan. They mostly dress up like this to get photo’s taken of them from what I’ve seen. Cute outfits and each one is very original. This fasion is now reffered to as “Goth Loli” in most Japanese fasion magazines.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    It’s not Goth loli and i have nerver heard that any magazine mention it as goth loli. because it is Decorer

  214. 42 says:

    From what I can see, the MAIN difference between Goth Loli and Decorer that Goth Lolis wear mostly black and white and Decorers wear mostly bright colors. This is the same as the difference between Goth fashions and Raver fashions in the US. I hope that helps…

  215. chibi-kyo says:

    ooh, thank you for these lovely pictures. now I finally found something useful, so I can copy my style … ~V~ …no just kidding. That is really the way I dress too, but now I’ve seen these all little bright-colored girls, I feel like I’m too normal. XD~~ well well, thanks anyways o/~~

  216. Chronepsis says:

    To John Takamura,
    Hey man i understand your anger, but please understand that there are many japanese that i meet that aren’t on the cock of the states…so much so that they treat me with a lot of suspition. I myself am not white but i did grow up in the states. So many, obviously not all, of the japanese students i meet through my friends assume that i have, in thier mind, the stereo typical American “boner” for japanese girls and anime. I do not have a Japanese G-friend and never have. Nor do i watch anime. PLus my family is from the phillipines and I have seen first-hand the other side of some of Japan’s mentality towards the rest of asia…And so have my grandparents. But please understand that japan is dealing with conformity just like every other country; there are many people there that do not fall in line with every one else and sometimes try to hard to be different…but that is part of learning. Japan has deffinettly, one thing in common with every one else. We are all human. If you aren’t understanding and patient, aren’t you becoming a different color of the same thing.
    And thank you to masamania, I believe that you are indeed working to show that japan is a living breathing entity and not just a machine.

  217. P@nzerglas says:

    what is this? the asian answer to kelly osborne? omfg, never seen sth weird like this before…

  218. Chronepsis says:

    Who the fuck is kelly osborne? Is that Ozzy’s kid? Read more Nietzsche, and maybe some Adbusters; you’ll understand what i’m trying to say. I just tried to use simple english for you folks out there who don’t know it. I’ll use more colloquial english this time. Not all japanese folks are the “america rocks, all white people are the shit” type of people he thinks they are. In fact many are just as stuck-up, full of shit, and racist as the next cager you’ll meet out there. They just want to piss time by buying shit and looking good just like everyone else. And to realize this will hopefully help him spend his time hating the right things.

  219. Wooooahhhh says:

    OOOOOHHHH, MY! Can anyone imagine walking around areas with alot of these folks while tripping on acid (lsd)? I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing (in a good way though,not at them). All those pretty colors and characters they wear around their neck………

  220. NOX says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be cool if you take more pictures of deferent street style fashion like punk,lolita etc….

  221. Tommy says:

    I just happened onto your site while looking up the harajuku regulars. While it’s not my cup of tea, some of the girls dressed up like that are major boner material, I’m sure lots of dirty old men hang out there and take lots of photos. Unfortunately, while I’m dirty and old, I have not yet been to Japan.

  222. leo prieto says:

    Don’t you just love the Internet? I got a link to this Japanese website, from an Argentinian friend who lives and Barcelona and sent it to me in Chile.
    Awesome pics by the way. Curious about their pubic hair color (or decorations) too 😉
    I love Japan!

  223. Gara says:

    Please get more pictures up of Decora-chan’s ^_^ also isnt there now starting a new cosplay style called Oshare cosplay based of of the new Jrock trend Oshare Kei? if so can you maybe post pictures of those?
    ============from MasaManiA
    I dont know so much about Oshare-kei. i will look it up

  224. weeefairy says:

    decorer (in english also known as decora) has indeed been around for quite a while, however it is more back then anything at the moment it seems.
    the decorer girls in the pictures, i recognize their face from diffrent pictures of decorer girls.
    i think they must like their picture taken alot?
    also, decorer does exist in other countries, (girls who saw the pictures of japanese decorer and thought it was so awesome they must dress this way too)
    but it is not alot of girls who dress like this in other countries. also, sometimes when a western girl dresses decorer she is mistaken for a raver!

  225. karo says:


  226. Kirsty says:

    Hi Masa
    I think your website is awesome!
    I’m very excited to see what other pictures you will be putting on your site.
    I am trying to learn as much as I can about Japan and the Japanese culture, because I am going there next year. I’m so excited!
    Anyway, thanks again Masa 🙂
    Lv Kirsty

  227. Marcohahaha says:

    A very “Loving” style… ya is kinda nice, Ya is colourful… but it is exspensive… they must be rich… or being saving for a long time… there is load of super lovers….

  228. laika says:

    Hello everyone…!
    Me and my boyfriendo are going crazy over past 2-3 years ‘coese we live in Europe and there in no chance we cen get some of the clothes we would “die for”…do i have to say we love this stuff!!!: ) It’s so puffy,nice and colorfull..we like it a lot!
    Well,kisses to you all…..and ta-ta!

  229. Harajuku or Bust, bitch. says:

    Masa is love like whoah.
    Do you mind if I use some of your pictures, as long as I keep them 100% Copyrighted by you and such?
    btw, you’re a fabulous photographer, and when I look at these pictures, it makes me more determined to go to Harajuku. [I spent my entire weekend planning my future in Japan, i’m such a dork.]

  230. AlexandrA says:

    I LOVE JAPAN >_< !!! lol amazing models but i can’t see too much pink colour in little spaces lol
    Japan the best! (wanna go there….)
    (what happened to their mothers when they saw their daughters? lol)

  231. omahaslim says:

    I am visitor # 77777 (all 7s) tonight (is it stuck?). Not my first visit but only about my third. I am truly lucky to have found your site (a search on google led me to punk_lilita03.jpg, and yes that photo is my very favorite!). Thank you for your candid, and often excellent, photos!
    I know in the past that Japanese women wished sometimes to change their looks to soften their Asian “roots”. I hope that is less true now. I am a 61 year old white American male, but have been fascinated by the feminine Japanese being since boyhood … even though right after WWII.
    I find the girls/women in that archive (and the others) to be most pleasing in looks. I don’t care for the Geisha look at all, but I suppose that that is an acquired cultural taste (and indeed much more than a “look”).
    In truth I find that (I have “coined” [made] a phrase), of all that can be said of mankind, the very best applies mostly to womankind. I wish girls and women the world over could know that they are our most valuable resource, and our greatest gift. I wish men the world over could realize this also. There is nothing so beautiful and complex and delightful as the feminine mind … especially when wrapped in its usual package.
    I am fascinated by the attempts to be “different” or “individual” by dress, body ornamentation, etc. It amuses me because if one only reflects upon how hard it is to avoid capture by the police, for example, DESPITE disguises, one can appreciate how unnecessary such efforts are. Still, the dress customs do add much color to our lives.
    Thank you for your photography, and thank evolution for our feminine “half”! Life wouldn’t be worth it without them. I love them all.

  232. Hayate392 says:

    Ah my most loved thing bout Japan,the fashion
    It’s so unique ^__^

  233. Bethany says:

    Hi, I came to this page and when I saw all these cute pics it made me really happy and want to start making clothes again like I used to 🙂 Then I read some of the bitter comments and it made me wonder why people’s thoughts on fashion revolve around what’s ‘hot’ at the time? I don’t care if this fashion is lame to some people, I think it’s adorable and reflects a lot of 80’s fashions and raver fashions that I’ve always loved. And as for the person commenting about Americans, all of that may be true about us but this is not the place to come and harass Americans. Instead of doing that on some site and sounding like a loser, why not try and DO something about your culture not getting respect? I agree that men here are pigs but that doesn’t give anyone the right to classify every single one of us. I love these girls and how happy and cute they are and though I don’t know you or what the intent of this site is I thank masa for posting these beautiful pictures ^^
    ~~Bethany S.

  234. charlotte says:

    woah! those girls are so cute!!! i’m glad decorer style is comming back ^_^ i’d seen a lot of it in FRUiTS, i’m gonna try look like those girls and walk thu the streets of amsterdam, whahahaha! people are so totaly gonna think i’m on hasj…then again….why not? we’ve got weird fashioned people here too, just in a smaller number and less extreme….

  235. I posted a reply some time back that a lot of Japanese people do not seem to need drugs to get wacky. Massa replied “how did I know that”
    I do not know if Japanese people do not do drugs at all but I do know they take drugs a LOT less than the people in the UK. I have been in the clubbing scene for many years, done my fair share of drugs and found that every Japanese clubber I encountered in a club did not do drugs but was more than happy to get nuts like the rest of us.

  236. my juhline says:

    OH! i love this page and the pictures, the girls is so cute in their kawaii clothes! Im from sweden so its not many people who wear kawaii styled clothes, the onely thing i can compaire to is the goths in stockholm! i live part time in Thailand and it aint so many people there either who wear kawaii clothes,but maby in the future! love from stockholm-My

  237. TIM TAM says:

    Very interesting site!! been reading all comments and some are just talking shit! but anyways… i’m really interested in how it all started- someone said it stemed from manga? are these girls adapting the manga into the fashion? is this true? how did it develop into this? I like to know abit more about the pedestain mall thing that happened before 98 if anyone knows abit about it! its so difficult to find the right info on these things! 😉 if any1 can help x x
    timtam, uk
    nice site masa x

  238. seraphim says:

    I just want to thank you for sharing these images with us, they’re so inspirational! I love the style, its just so fun and unconventional. If we take a look at fashion today it does seem to be rather bland. Its nice to see young people breaking free and wearing things how they want to not how they’re expected to.
    Great site Masa! Hope to see more of these photos in the future.

  239. SarahSideEffect says:

    I am so inspired! The colours make me feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside. They do reminds me of candy ravers but also Punky Brewster and Cindy Lauper. I love Japanese fashion and I think the decorer look is something I want to try and emulate. Probably not to the extreme that these girls have gone but layered colourful socks, sneakers, shork skirts, hair clips and big sunglasses are all okay by me!
    P.S. The girl in picture #6 is a cute! 😉

  240. Jason says:


  241. Elmware says:

    We’re being invaded by clones of Ragety Ann and Andys!

  242. mimi says:

    OMG! the girl on the right in the last pic… i have her shoes! i brought them in machida like 3 years ago. oh i wanna go back..

  243. Yo says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow its crazy!!! super clothes-style!! wow)))))))))))))))))))))

  244. Ginz says:

    I’m American-Chinese. It’s reallyreally sad..about people posting just…horrible things about decora. Peronsally, I think it’s amazing. And it’s just sick to see how some closeminded westernized people are. Open your mind, peoplez!!
    I’m thinking of trying the style out myself ^^ Seems like a fun thing to get into!
    Anyway, Thank you, Masa for sharing the images and the report! I enjoyed it an awful lot! <3

  245. jenn says:

    I love the variety of pictures you have! In the USA this style is called candy-raver, referring to people at parties that feature electronic dance music… my sis and I dressed up for halloween this way. Totally fun!

  246. PUWAWA says:

    I hate all the people in Sweden, they are all so boring (Okay, not all of them, but alot)
    I love to dress wacky, with fun colors and weird stuff, I think alot more people should do that, it makes the world a little bit more magical.

  247. ++[x]sam and celeste[x]++ says:

    heylo all japan fuckers!
    we think ur fashion SUCKS!!!111!!!1
    and that you should NEVER dress like THAT in PUPLIC!!1111!!1one!
    i will give u a few tips on fasion ^^
    1. spikes
    2. spikey dog colors
    3. dress like DANI FILTH
    4. lots of makeup (black)
    5. nail polish (black)
    6. get down with sickness!!

  248. Lina says:

    Shoo!! Man they r cool. Yeah I´m from sweden too and we´re all so boring here. omg, I wish I had the guts to dress like that. But I think the “Normal” police would come and get me then… haha just kidding! 😉 Have nice day

  249. April Del Castillo says:

    I think it’s an awesome thing that people can express themselves with the way they dress. I think everyone looks very cute. They are walking pieces of art. Who cares if the fourth picture of the girl is a weirdo. Maybe she has a phobia with germs like Michael Jackson…lol. Anyhoo, it obviously caught someone’s attention otherwise she wouldn’t be in a photo. I think it’s cool to be strange and not like anyone else.

  250. Julia says:

    Dear ++[x] sam and celeste [x]++,
    Congratulations. You have just been fucked by society and trend hopping.
    You have also been beaten down by the many on this site who KNOW that you’re wrong.
    If it’s your oppinion that it sucks, then that’s fine.
    Unfortunately, you’re so far fucked up the asshole that you’re stupid enough to actually TELL people how to dress.
    Grow up a little THEN you can come back.
    PS. Masa….LOVING the photos.

  251. Ameko says:

    I think it looks quite cute.
    Actually I sometimes look like that, and I knew some poeple calling theirselves “normal” and looked like the girls here.
    I think it’s nie to look at people and see more and more details, like seeing a personality, because nobody is simple.
    And it’s a style in which you can dress without spending lots and lots of money on only one part.
    Fuck designer clothes!!!

  252. JapANaHoliC says:

    what’s w/ the consistant peace signs and hand gestures??
    i love the sweet/kawaii fashions of the streets of japan. who knew such a sweet qutlook could be negitive influence by a form of protest to the mordern day norm.

  253. Nurika says:

    I loved this article, and I thank you for this, especially for the pictures, really nice job, I love learning about the fashions of japan! 😀

  254. Journalism? I don´t care journalism
    speak proper English? me not need speak good to understand, fuck!
    posting multiple pictures? we want more 🙂

  255. Fern does decorer well x says:

    i love all the colourful clothes! i wish you could get ’em easily here! and it shud become a big craze here really too 🙁

  256. U3 says:

    WOW! really cute hahaha great to see personal expressions in souch a cute way ^^

  257. Caroline says:

    That is so cute i love those style (fruits,decora,egl,etc)
    I am trying to wear special thing like that everyday but not enought clothe (like this) for the moment.
    Thanks for the pictures <3

  258. rin says:

    I don’t think it’s strange; when I was fourteen/fifteen (1997-1998) I used to dress like this on weekends.
    This is usually not how they would dress all the time, but whenever I am in Tokyo I almost only see them in Harajyuku (sometimes in sinjyuku too) on the weekends. I think it is a nice fashion, but now I am too old for it. But it is not an expensive fashion, most of the clothes you make on your own, or trade or buy secondhand, and the jewelry is like the kind you had as a child during dress-up, made of plastic mostly. (And this is not referred to as gosurori, because that is a whole other fashion culture. And the style “gothic lolita” is not called E.G.L.; that is the name of Mana’s gosurori line at Moi-meme-Moitie.)
    Aahh, next time I go to Tokyo I must remember to bring my camera to harajyuku~~~

  259. april says:

    trully inspiring me..! but i don’t think i cud dress that way,cos i don’t hav any guts..haha. am from indonesia.. i wonder what those girls bedroom look like.. cud you take a picture of it? i’m just curious,, ;]

  260. n7 says:

    lol i dress like THAT

  261. G S says:

    God, where can I get one!!!! I need a girl like this!

  262. Bambi says:

    This is the best thing ever.
    I hate to think that I am too old to do this stuff… it’s pretty mcuh a life ambition to wear converse and cute socks with puffy skirts and stuff…
    They need fairy wings!!
    That would be great.
    I love the colours, I love the style and I love the youthful good intentioned joyfulness that radiates from these girls. Excellent!

  263. Lillen says:

    hahaha! Shit va ball! japanerna ar ju balla!
    Gucci,prada, D&G kan ju slanga sig i vaggen!
    jag skulle nog inte satta pa mig sa extrema klader som japanerna gjort, men visst ar det ball!
    OJ, i forgot, I wrote on swedish, but I think the japanees are cool! I don´t think i ever will be dressed in these clothes, but it´s funny!
    and I think gucci and other expensive clothes can go to hell!mayby not, but almost!;)
    Go japan go Go!

  264. TMBpower says:

    OMIGOSH THOSE ARE AWESOME. I wish there was this kind of originality in the USA…it’s so boring seeing people dress up in the same old desinger jeans. I love the Japanese style! Especially the darker loli-punk ones…I have to commend you on some awesome photography, I’ll be visiting more.:)

  265. harase hashimoro says:

    kawaii neh!!!i loove it!thats wat i nomalli waer 2!!!sayonara!!

  266. Hiroshi says:

    I wear my clothes in this stlye to >__<‘
    I like it |D~

  267. Zeami-San says:

    Hi…..Im from a fashionschool…and I need more information about this fashion style…pls…..thx

  268. Steph says:

    I love decorer!
    I’m trying to find all the brightest clothes around here so I can dress in that style too.
    It makes me happy just to see people that dress as decorer. There are only a couple around my area, but it’s adorable!

  269. You dumbass says:

    Harase you are obviously a huge loser weeaboo, you are not japanese, shut the fuck up. all you other weeaboo’s suck dick too.

  270. usagi says:

    i love decora, i think everything about it is adorable. i dress like this myself, it really makes me happy, and i’m sure that’s why these girls do it, too. it’s not always easy to go all out and and walk around like this (especially in america). you have to think, these girls in japan and where ever else are above trendy people, because they can walk around like this, and they know they are cute and that people are either staring because of that, or they’re just thinking “what the hell?”, but it doesn’t make them stop.

  271. HarajukuLover! says:

    Hey, Harajuku girls n boys ROCK <3 Super Kawaii 🙂 hehe
    Me love this fashion, me and my friends dress like this in England, its so colourful and bright and FUNKY!
    We will come to Japan soon, cos we love the cute fashion! SUper LovErs House, HySterIc Glamour, Pink Green Hearts Stars… = LOVE! <3

  272. Pamie @ BKK says:

    Actully, I feel all these girls look like mad lady living around my home.. maybe i dont have fashion eyes. I think it s a crazy dressing and got no taste at all.
    Anyway, I like your black headline on upper s funny.

  273. susie (dude) says:

    I FECKIN LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!! and i think anyone who has a negative opinion of wonderful personal expression should get a life worth living and see what fun and beauty they’re missing. WHO WANTS TO BE A NASTY EVIL CHAV! we have a book over here in england called ‘the fruits’ and it has been an inspiration to me and my artistic and imaginitive friends. we are ridiculed by lots of normal boring people but we continue because being colourful and bright makes our days worth living. THANK YOU JAPAN!!!! XXX

  274. Pepper says:

    Uhm…and my friends think that i wear a little… different…
    i don`t think this girls are weird..they look so cool..many colors, many things, so nice!! im a girl, im 24 and i like this fashion…in japan people can dress like my country the people just starting to accept this kind of clothes, and we`re going in the good way…i would like to live in japan and dress like that.. but im so far!!! …anyone want to invited me?…i will pay fot that ^^!

  275. anjin-san says:

    The reason why these girls dress like this, is because they are mostly dirty little whores. And when they get the stuffing banged out of them and the passion fades as they pull up thier panty hose from a down and dirty session behind the dumpster. The clothes make em feel better about thier trists with “whats his name”.

  276. chapa says:

    tolerancia. i think what all these colors means youthful, happiness,and these expressions shouldnt be forgotten. i like that, exellent! we need that tolerance in mexico.

  277. usagi says:

    anjin-san, that was the dumbest thing i’ve ever read.
    not every girl in the world is a slut, just most of them.

  278. I heard from someone who would know that many of the girls (if not all) get paid for these ‘trysts’. ‘Sluts’ don’t get paid-they do it all for free.

  279. Fred Beav says:

    AMAZING! Some where would i could call home! I only wish more people would dress like this!
    LOve them!!!

  280. keiyosu says:

    I can’t believe all this negativity, please guys if you don’t have anything constructive to say then take it elswhere. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but let’s not bag out people who are just celebrating a hobby they realy enjoy.
    On a happier note, these pictures are just amazing! I love japanese street fashion it’s so unique and wacky and just plain fun. I mean, you can’t help but smile when you look at these girls! ^_^
    I also like the lolita-doll look that a lot of girls do! I’d love to go to the Harajuku bridge to see them all one day. It’s a great way to celebrate fashion and pop-culture with others who enjoy it to!
    Excellent photos!

  281. r-chan says:

    so cute!I like this type of fasion.
    are there more link or site or photos about that?

  282. prince tony says:

    i love you girls and i want to married with you /my number is 00919870552496 call me please so that we can talk more better

  283. I love chweet kogals&gothic lolitaaa! *¬* these phtos are very nice! ^_^
    By: ShiviChan

  284. oooo
    all the collours, make me so happy
    *bounce bounce *

  285. Christina says:

    They’re soo cute! I love how they layer the clothing it gives me some ideas.

  286. Takato says:

    I love it!!!!! (^.^)

  287. Beth says:

    Very cool. I <3 the fashion. But i notice that in several of the pictures are people wearing the eaxact same pair of shoes…. the slighly bulky shoes with black laces. anyone notice this…

  288. minji says:

    i love decorer fashion 🙂 i dress like this every sunday. ^^”’ everytime i see these pictures, it inspires me to make some more clothes! =D awesome pix, masa. 🙂

  289. Candi says:

    Wow, It amazes me that so many ignorant, uncultured, and just plain people lacking in an IQ post here.
    Decora is just another way of expressing yourself, as many of us do (through fashion or other ways and means.)
    It makes me sick that people make such quick judgements upon people, “attention whores?” and “only a few girls are fuckable?” Honestly, please get a clue. Obviously that skill we call “reasoning” and “thinking” is not working for you.
    Your ignorant nature only proves your lack of IQ. Maybe some of these quick judges here should combust. Atleast it would help protect the human gene pool from such idiocy.

  290. kohei says:

    sorry for bad english.
    but the style is cute ^_^ i used to dress it but it got so hot in layer of cloth 0___0
    but style is kind of offspringed from Oshare Kei bands like ICHIGO69,Lolita 23ku,ect.
    but it is common to see decora girl AND boy in harajuku area.the place is crowded with decora.haha

  291. pOkadOLL^ says:

    I lOve tHis fAsHIoN…

  292. My says:

    oh, this is so cool, i wanna look like that, and i gonna. <3

  293. midori says:

    i love it,i do.i dress slightly like this people say i look like a rave kid that got lost in the 90’s and ended up in 2006.but then i am also a freak and listen to hardcore punkrock and j-rock..had a mohwak and that kinda thing.i am a huge japanese freak.i plan to move there when i turn 19 or 20 which is like this coming year.but when i saw this. i smiled instantly and said how pretty. and continued looking in the united states where i’m from it takes balls to dress different ,and i enj-oi getting my ass kciked for dressing in this style.
    good job masa-mania!

  294. G.Baterdene says:

    My name is G.Baterdene. I’m 20 years old and living in the Mongolia. My hoppy is fashion show and the member of fashion show in the Mongolia / Ms.Bolormaa / top model of Mongolia. I would like to study in Fashion School in Japan to be improve my talent. Same time, I just finished university in the Mongolia for Japanese language. And I can provide you some photo if it’s acceptable for you.
    With my best regards,

  295. Nana says:

    this fashion is os kawaii ^^
    reminds me of when I was a child lol

  296. =] says:

    I’m not really a fan but…
    What is he trying to convey with his images??

  297. i love decorer fashion 🙂 i dress like this every sunday. ^^”’ everytime i see these pictures, it inspires me to make some more clothes! =D awesome pix, masa. 🙂

  298. 女子?信 says:

    I understands the worrysoI am very p sad to hear that you got your Supra fixed, I remember reading about some of your doubts3cx1 !.

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