Song for hopeless homeless, please

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Please Click the “READ MORE” link ! and read the story to know the meaning of his face sir.

She sings only for me.

So only I listen your song.

What is this homeless listening ?
What reaches to homeless man’s heart?

Though it is very cold,
only this place is warm.

Homeless is tuched !
Homeless feel happy !

Please sing one more song !

Please don’t go ! Homeless keep begging.

she never stop to ready for going back her home. she has home to go back.

She has her own life.

But homeless’s hope is hopeless.

and she had gone.

Yes, he is hopeless homeless.

He was left on the cold street.

But homeless can listen that song, probably.

Homeless is waiting for
your song at that place.


  1. shakuhachi says:

    Powerful story.

  2. bakabwa says:

    this actually made me cry omg

  3. Jamie says:

    How sad. Poor homeless man. Lucky for him Tokyo is full of cute girls singing on the street. I wish we had cute girls singing in the streets of Aomori.

  4. Rasputin says:

    This one was too sad for me.. and plus no middle finger pointed at someone.
    A touching story indeed, its power only augmented by the amazing picture you snapped of his dazed and confused face.
    Thanks for your work as always. I love this site!!!
    Keep your quest for truth going.

  5. one can only wonder what goes on inside his head.
    i was in tokyo in january to meet up with someone i met over the internet and was shocked at how homeless people were treated. it seems that your average japanes just blanks them out.

  6.  なんとなく、おいちゃんに対するKINZOUさんの愛情を感じました。

  7. mako says:


  8. reverence says:

    Man I was laughing my ass off!!!!!!

  9. the Seeker says:

    i wonder why hes homeless

  10. Billis says:

    Man, this is great work! Keep going!

  11. Phaedrus_The_WolfBoy says:

    Maybe he’s homeless because he lost his job and the rent in Tokyo is so high that you could buy half of Calcutta with the money spent on a tiny apartment. Or maybe he’s drunk and can’t find his house.
    Yeah, homeless people tend to be ignored in most materialistic societies, not just Japan. London has a very high homeless population and New York is much worse. If you only saw a few of these guys in a big city, then you could say that they are just drunks, junkies or misfits, but when there is a whole army of them? Something has seriously gone wrong in a society that lets so many vunerable people rot on the streets, and this is going on everywhere in the Global North (USA, Europe, Japan).

  12. Colin says:

    Your views on Bush and the USA are wrong. If your counrty hadn’t attempted world conquest, then the USA wouldn’t have had to drop the bombs. Check the history books, I am sorry that it happened though. Such a great loss of life is never good.

  13. Conrad says:

    hahaha. Did he piss himself in that one pic. the one where he is on his knees saying “But homeless can listen that song, probably”. Check it!!! YO; Fuck Bush. But Fuck Kerry too. and FUCK MICHEAL MOORE! Yeah, generalize American more. Peace, im out. The guy pissed himself.

  14. bunny2002sg says:

    Very sad… 🙁

  15. Mordeth says:

    I am tearful, sir. This is sad when fuck is gone.

  16. Natas Liah says:

    Colin, expert in world issues, says:
    “Your views on Bush and the USA are wrong. If your counrty hadn’t attempted world conquest, then the USA wouldn’t have had to drop the bombs. Check the history books, I am sorry that it happened though. Such a great loss of life is never good.”
    Colin, you are a wanker. Stay in America, cause God fuckin’ knows you are not welcome outside of that shithole.

  17. Wybe says:

    I agree with Natas Liah. Quite in fact, I couldn´t have said it better myself.

  18. DRIXXX says:

    I think u’re a kind of poet and we need more people like u with an eye, a brain and a soul that well connected. U’re great and so is your site. from french west indies

  19. obsolete man says:

    Colin said:
    “Your views on Bush and the USA are wrong. If your counrty hadn’t attempted world conquest, then the USA wouldn’t have had to drop the bombs. Check the history books, I am sorry that it happened though. Such a great loss of life is never good.”
    Colin, I just want to say three things to you:
    1) You are one of the biggest fascists I have seen ever. Hitler would be very proud of you.
    2) You say that the bombs over Japan are justified because of Japan’s conquest ambitions. Well then, using the same logic, 11-S attacks are justified because of the many invasions to other countries that the USA has done in the past (but hey, loss of life is never good… EVEN american lifes!)
    3) The only difference between Bush and Bin Laden is the name of the god they invoke when committing their crimes. Both have the brain of a mosquito, both are terrorists, and both are a serious danger for the entire mankind.

  20. pp says:

    Well i think Colin is right. If your country aint stupid enough in the past for conquering the world, i dont think he will be homeless. They had warnings, but didnt listen. Their fault. period! Bomb away! Loosing Life is not good but everyone in Japan at that time was very imperialistic and they deserved to get it. Just the past not the present. If u guys read more history and stop giving mindless opinions I think there will be less stupid ppl in the world. They were the ones started the war, used the chinese as ginea pigs, invaded china when it was weak, refuse to accept surrender, fail to meet deadline, 1st bomb goes and still being imperialistic and their pride is worth more than life, 2nd bomb away, finally accepted defeat and blaming on the Americans for ruining them. Who ruined China? Who killed innocent chinese? Who started it? Why put chinese in gas chamber and in camps to toture and rape? That is Karma

  21. zetaplus93 says:

    Japan is damned for invading other countries in WWII. So will America in the future for invading Iraq and other countries. It is all karma.

  22. mikeychan says:

    you are a beautiful human being,
    please dont change

  23. cherryb says:

    this is the sadess thing i’ve read, the pictures are amazing. i love the way u captured his pain.
    thanks for sharing ur culture with us..

  24. Afu says:

    change is the only constant. It’s getting dim in here. Let’s liven things up. FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK, FUCK.

  25. copperstone says:

    sometimes when a “stemmer” asks for “spare change”
    I tell them that “change comes from within”
    a stemmer is the name of a person that stands outside of a convience store and always ask for spare change
    stemming is big bussiness in my city and these people are not always a bum
    sometimes they are just lazy kids that have no will to work

  26. copperstone says:

    there is a big difference between a bum and a stemmer
    I have respect for the bum

  27. La La Ru says:

    That’s really heart breaking.

  28. Kleeber says:

    In Tokyo (summer 2003) I saw homeless smashing soda cans with a rock. Is this normal activity? Do they get money for it? Also– I hear they catch koi in park ponds and eat sometimes. Is this kojiki delicacy??
    ==========from MasaManiA
    You forget that homeless is already not nomal people.

  29. Bobo says:

    That is seriously moving.
    I’m starting to like you more and more, Masa.
    And I always thought Japanese people were so nice and polite and pristine…nope.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  30. aaron says:

    Hey masa great story! is there young japanese homeless women??? if so, if i go to japan , would they come home with me??
    =================from MasaManiA

  31. pm says:

    bobo you are crazy, why are you happy that you think japs are not polite, nice or pristine. It would be a good thing if they where and i hope they are.

  32. MasaMania!
    Good History… Homeless is sad history always.

  33. miya says:

    awwww! omg, this one was so sad, like the other woman who sang but no one paid attention to her! =( Masa, you’re really an amazing person! Poor guy….=(

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