Sometime, police do good job for civilian

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Basicaly I hate Police.

But this time, I reluctantly admit their good job. Japanese are misunderstood as a rich people by lots of foregin people. I affirm it’s not true. Not necessarily all Japanese people can buy porche. Just as other countly, only fucking dick suker criminal can buy Porche.
In Japan, especially in Tokyo it is too crowd to park freely on the street. We must looking for the toll parking space. But chuff porche owner never willing to pay for parking even they have plenty of money to spend unreasonably expensive Porche. They must save money for Porche car washing fee. fuck ! We hate porche owner as well as police.
But this time, police tow away porche for illegal parking.. I know police do this honored job just for their accommodation collar. But I still sincerely admire their job.
fuck you polche owner, thank you porice.


  1. August says:

    Nice ring. Goddamn fucking car.

  2. zip says:

    i wish i had money to buy a porche…. im sad now… but i got my chevey cavalier!!! yay for crappy cars!!!! and bikes which i use more… caues i dont have money for gas…..

  3. Rasputin says:

    There are jerks like that in every country.
    Thanks for another great “fuck you” picture. Keep up the great work.

  4. bunny2002sg says:

    Sad lah, seeing this beautiful car being owned by this kind of assholes… 🙁
    Thank you Jap cops, for teaching this kind of assholes a lesson. 😀
    But dun scratch the Porsche, ok? (I worry for that car…)

  5. the Seeker says:

    bloody porche drivers

  6. Max Kobayashi says:

    Hahahahahaha!!!! TOW THAT PORSCHE!!! TAKE A SHIT ON IT TOO!!!
    Ahh, this makes me feel good. Thank you Masa for this picture, you made my day!

  7. kokopix says:

    Arigatou gozaimasu! omoshiroi kore, nihon ni itta toki ni furansu yori sports car takusan wo miru koto ga dekimashita.

  8. tito says:

    it’s Porsche.
    not porche

  9. “Drives a Ferrari and sucks assholezz.” Yeah, the ANGRY SAMOANS knew the score. 1980. Nothings fucking changed.
    Great site Masa guy, you’re a credit to your nation, only wish I could encounter more like you in my daily damned travails. Plus, you swear well. Excellent.

  10. merz says:

    stop dissing fancy cars n get educated =P love ya

  11. Mordeth says:

    That Porsche is cheap porsche. Bought by Jap who thinks cheap Porsche will make him look good. We all know that is a cheap Porsche so he should not try to fake it.
    He should buy real car like Nissan Skyline.

  12. PorcheLover says:

    Hey you all little Jap’s… Can’t afford to buy a nice Porche ? ha ha ha- we Germans have lots of these cars- and they are great !!! I have one too. YEH !
    =============================from MasaManiA
    But we have Toyota and Honda.

  13. David says:

    Amen on that Masa….Honda kicks ass…better than that fucking Porche HONDA!!! m(_ _)m

  14. gnome says:

    honda better than porshe? i dont think so!
    =============from MasaManiA
    But at least, Honda is less hated than Porshe by Jewish.

  15. brett says:

    honda make very good car japan make car better than other country! it good to see that police show lesson to rich bastard! in shibuya parking cost more than AU$20 per hour! masa is smart he use bike or public transport.
    ========from MasaManiA
    No, just a poor.

  16. ouch says:

    That car’s transmission is going to have to be replaced? Is the tow truck towing this car properly or is the transmission attached to the front wheels of a porsche? Bit confused, knowing that porsche’s are rear wheel cars.

  17. pm says:

    I think you are jealus of that cars master masa. Their is no shame in it I am jealus of it because i have no porshe i want one. I want to be a rich asshole too.

  18. pm says:

    does anyone know what make and model that porshe is?

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