Elaboratly choiced sexy cosplayer, 2004 winter comike report 05



There are no naked girls, there are no boob nor pussy in these pictures. on the other hand, they wear too much. They will not be featured on USA Play boy magazine. they are far from gorgeous body comparing to USA porn actress. but i think they are sexy.. I maybe use wrongly the word, “sexy”. but I sinsit they are sexy. Enjoy elaboratly choiced sexy cosplayer !

[nggallery id=25]

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  1. Thank you masa! It’s the best cosplay report so far! Especially the 9th and 13th ones.. Fuck the mass media!

    (P.S. The ss uniform is amazing).

  3. We are no talking about ideology but costumes!!!
    Are you sure they are naturally slim?
    Do they never eat junk food? Are there no really fat girls in Japan as we see in the USA? Masa, we want to know!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice pictures Masa
    In cosplaying in USA, we get many girls who would be described as ‘dog’, and unnattractive, though there are also attractive ones (oddly, mostly the Asians).
    and many guys also cosplay.
    Do guys cosplay much in Japan? In USA it’s like a 50/50 ratio between guys and girls almost
    Also in America, ‘yaoi’ gay stuff is popular, but I think they do it in a very unpleasant/gay, or ugly men dressed as sailor moon. Is it like that in Japan?
    Do you have to pay to go there to take pictures?

  5. I don’t know if this news made it to Japan, but recently one of the royal princes in England went to a fancy dress party dressed as a nazi – someone ninja-shotted him and it was all over the tabloid press – pretty big scandel, and he had to publicly apologise after. I guess it’s not such a big deal in Japan though…
    (can’t remember which prince it was, but they’re both more or less the same – spoilt little rich-kids with no sense of reality)
    Cool pics btw, very sexy (this is the right word in my oppinion)

  6. those japanese girls, i don’t know how come they’ve got good genes in their blood. although it is true they perform plastic surgeries on their noses…
    caliban: I think the nazi fashion in Japan is the aesthetic, haute courte thing. i suppose that there’s no idealogy linked to it.

  7. Hi Masa,
    Thank you for the update. Nice pictures! Are you ever going to update ninjashot? I hope all is well for you.

  8. OMG I need to get to Japan, how much you reckon will be for a flight from the UK? Amazing, those girls are the most awesome thing I ever seen on the internet(goatse a part obviously)!!!!

  9. Hey Masa I want to see Doraemon cosplay to masturbate to it because I’m really really really really really really really really really really really gay.

  10. Ah… so fucking nice to see your back!
    Personally, there’s nothing wrong with Cosplay Nazi, it’s just dressup/fun! Um… so long as Jew’s aren’t getting hurt, who gives a fuck?
    Keep up the great work. ^^

  11. Half my extended family on one side was killed in the Holocaust – but Nazi cosplay in Japan is extremely empty of any actual Nazi association. Among other things, Dir en Grey had at least one Nazi getup, which spurred its popularity. Like dressing in punked-out schoolgirl uniforms, there’s a real sense of irony there – dressing in the uniform of an opressive establishment as a way of spurning it. Which establishment you’re dressing up as isn’t really the point

  12. i live in england and all i can say is japan is truly another world. i couldnt wear clothes like that een if i wanted to, i coulndt even buy the clothes its just not done over here. even the people who think thier real out going or different dont have the bulls to walk out of thier house looking like that. i do , on the other hand, have grate respect for you people NOTHING IS TOO MUCH ! 😀

  13. I really like these cosplay pictures. I liked them for about 7 minutes, with a growing degree of interest. Then I suddenly lost interest.
    Then, the following day, I again was very interested in them for 7 minutes or so. Then I messily lost interest.

  14. Of course Nazis are funny! Just ask Mel Brooks. Lighten up you dorks, its most likely some character that you’re not familiar with that just “happens” to be a Nazi.

  15. The mask cosplayer (kigurumi it’s called) is often a guy under there. I don’t think that should be with so many sexy girl.

  16. To the stupid guy that said japanese are naturally slim:
    It’s because of alimentation, not because of some some “racial differences” or anything… The average japanese walks more than your average american. But lately, the number of overweight people has been increasing with the advent of fast food.

  17. Oida owa mit dem Nazi-ScheiAEkinnts eing echt schleicha oO””””””
    Is jo echt grindig.. Moi ehrlich > ~ >

  18. Would you dress you up like a nazi here in austria [where I live] you would get prisoned oO””
    But first some punks would kill ya ..

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