1. bunny2002sg says:

    English please!
    (I need to take some Jap lessons soon… -_-“)

  2. Akito says:
    This might help although I’m not sure how well it translates Japanese to English -_-;

  3. teake says:

    that guy is awesome he has an OHM over his crotch.

  4. Cody in Tokyo says:

    These are good pictures, is psychederic soundman in Tokyo?
    from MasaManiA=================================

  5. Jbot says:

    I want to hear his sounds so bad Masa-kun! Could you buy me one of his CDs or find if he has a website? I have been making a song with Penty signing in it for awhile. Now I want to make one with pschydelic man.
    from MasaManiA ===========================
    I didn’t but his CD or record his sound. and I don’t know his detail or where we can meet him. Just a happning to meet him. Accident. My almost all reports is just happning.

  6. Kunal says:


  7. mark says:

    holy fucken shit i saw that guy in Melbourne 2 weeks ago.
    ======================from MasaManiA
    Yes, really holy shit sir ! Amazing.

  8. m4tik says:

    @mark: have you bought oneofhis CD’s mate?
    Best regards from france, your blog is kickin’ some serious ass!

  9. Natas Liah says:

    His name is India Bhati. God bless him.
    Website :
    =============================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information !!!!

  10. Natas Liah says:

    I just want to add what I said before… this guy is awesome, please go to the above website link, downloand a mp3 or two and listen to what he has to say…
    ======================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information !

  11. だいじ says:

    ‘VICE Japan’ ってかんじする。
    =======================from MasaManiA

  12. mickeyfix says:


  13. Sean says:

    I saw this guy in Melbourne about 18 months ago. His music is kick ass!

  14. jin says:

    I saw him in Sydney just a week ago ;0
    I recognised him from this site, thats awesome ;O

  15. Chriss says:

    I’m -cautiously- gonna say he’s cool. (What with all the effects and stuff)
    Oh^ Ima check out his website right now!….

  16. Chrissee says:

    Wow, his music is surprisingly ‘normal’ I must say…
    ========from MasaManiA
    misterious comment

  17. rollingstone says:

    this man is Santa Clause on vacation
    where is his sleigh?

  18. man says:

    fuck u suck my dick fuckers eat shit bitch eat my ass out

  19. yes, he does look like a homeless santa

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