Japanese dream is major company business man

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When we are child, our dream is to become a pilot, movie star, singer or sports player.
And after studying hard, something change in our mind. And finally, college and university student No1 dream become business man who belong to major company.
Do you know why ?
Major company bisiness man can get less high salary than movie star. But to become major company business man is less difficult than singer. And major company pay house cost, commutation cost, hospital bill, dinner bill, bounas, payable holiday allowance, pension, allowance for retirement,
and company pay money after kicking out their employee as a unemployment compensation !
in addition that, major company have deluxe dormitory, recreation facilities in famous turist spot, company tour, company Christmas party new year party, beer party, welcom party, farewell party, fucking party!
and you know actually major company don’t have work to do except such party and leisure activity because instead of them, small company do it. Major company’s job is just a stump a document from small company.
This is the reason highly educated Japanese student want to become major company business man.
Do I want to be a Japanese major company business man ?
Fcuk major company business man !!!!!!!!


  1. Bardamu says:

    Hell yeah Masa, Fuck business man!!

  2. Brandon says:

    There is a song about this by the band “The Dead Kennedys”. It is called “Terminal Preppie”.
    I go to college,
    That makes me so cool!
    I live in a dorm,And show off by the pool.
    I join the right clubs,
    Just to make an impression;
    I block out thinking-
    It won’t get me ahead.
    My ambition in life
    Is to look good on paper.
    All I want is a slot
    In some big corporation!
    John Belushi’s my hero,
    I Lampoon and ape him!
    My news of the world
    Comes from Sports Illustrated.
    I’m proud of my trophies,
    Like my empty beer cans,
    Stacked in rows up the wall
    To impress all my friends
    No, I’m not here to learn,
    I just want to get drunk,
    And major in business,
    And be taught how to fuck!
    Win! Win! I always play to win!
    Wanna fit in like a cog,
    In the faceless machine!
    I’m a terminal terminal terminal preppie
    Terminal terminal terminal preppie
    Terminal terminal terminal terminal
    Terminal terminal terminal terminal
    I want a wife with tits
    Who just smiles all the time,
    In my centerfold world
    Filled with Springsteen and wine!
    Some day I’ll have power,
    Some day I’ll have boats.
    And a tract in some suburb,
    With Thanksgivings to host!

  3. katten says:

    Yeah, fuck the mindless drones.

  4. rasputin says:

    Great middle finger.

  5. Homelandz says:

    Look at these gils staring and smiling at your middle fingger; maybe this finger is the funniest thing they have seen for years.

  6. harhar says:

    damn I’d like to do those girls.. business style of course

  7. cow_2001 says:

    Masa, How did you make them stand like that? It’s weird they didn’t get angry at you.
    =========================from MasaManiA
    I took a photo and run away as soon as possible before being kicked my ass.

  8. Talia says:

    haha…some people are looking at you give them the finger and they’re still smiling…O_O?

  9. Dollar Bill says:

    Hi Masa, Do all company business men go for fat japanese women as the man in this video?
    こんにちはMasa 、会社の実業家全員はこのビデオの人として脂肪質の日本の女性のために行くか。

  10. DB's friend says:

    Hey Masa, Where can I find a Japanese woman to provide the noise for me:
    http://submissions.newsfilter.org/./uploads/heichiban oyaaaaaabbbaaaa.wmv
    私に騒音を提供するとちょっと私ができるMasa は、日本の女性が見つける:
    http://submissions.newsfilter.org/./uploads/heichiban oyaaaaaabbbaaaa.wmv

  11. anon says:

    I think it’s because the middle finger doesn’t mean much in japan. You know that the thumbs up sign is equivilent to the middle finger in iran? Imagine if someone put their pinky up at you when taking a picture. It be odd and you wouldn’t really get it and people would look at you like your some silly foreigner (or crazy kook)

  12. soulpower says:

    that is one of your best pictures. i love it.

  13. cow_2001 says:

    Why do you hate those who gave you so much? Those companies are the ones who made digi-cams, medicine, soap, food and whatever you see in modern society you can buy.
    I know there is much to fix in our globalized society, but would you rather live in feudal Japan, in which you would surely be a common peasent who dies not of old age, but of common cold? A peasent who can’t say “Fuck” to his rulers?
    We, the a global society of the human species, are not perfect, but we have made a great progress from the time of the dark un-illuminated times.
    Masa, Please don’t have your spirit down when seeing bad things. You must understand that you, and other people who care, can make a difference and here you really do by showing us the bad things in modern Japan.
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    Your point of view is certainly one aspect that should be so. but in a same meaning, my point of view is certainly one aspect.
    You already know there are people who support Bush at the same time people against Bush.

  14. 土龍 says:

    You said it right Masa, these people have exchanged their hopes and dreams for job security. Where is their sense of adventure? If they were smart enough to get into a good university, why don’t go out and make something of themselves? Being a サラリーマン must suck.

  15. Minako-nine says:

    How come all the girls are wearing the same dress?
    They o to good university and try to get good job but are forced into subservity instead. Women are being oppresed by big business. They should be free to wear yellow tracksuit to work like the weird dancing people. Or at least to wear trousers.

  16. Ben says:

    Masa, are you going to show some pictures of Akihabara district? I would love for you to give the “middle finger” to Sony for making that stupid Aibo dog.
    I hope you take some pics of the Yakuza in the near furure!
    ====================from MasaManiA
    I think it is more suitable to ask Korean who eat dog. As for Yakuza, I will show you the another side of them soon.

  17. nervouk says:

    Here’s a big cheer to all the Japanese businesspeople, who work til after midnight every night… and pay me buckets of money to teach them English!

  18. vir-jin says:

    this picture tells me something different.
    It tells me that you are able to choose.
    What is the meaning of life? to be alife. Look at their faces. Are they alife?

  19. brett says:

    do you often see yakuza in japan? what is your opinion of yakuza?
    =========from MasaManiA
    Of course I often see Yakuza. now they are decreasing. It’s difficult problem.

  20. formstone says:

    their suits remind me of uniforms
    conformist fucks!
    bukkake for all of them!
    I wish that someone would empty a 50 gallon drum of semen
    from the top of the building on top of their unsuspecting heads!
    that would be sweet!

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