Invisible air power, Ki is not joke

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masamaniaHe is Ki master. He is now in training of Ki, He try to get power from tree. He is fucking serious. He believe that he can get power from Ki power from tree by training.
What’s the fuck, Ki ??

In America, the person who can lift heavier thing is recognized as a strong person. The person who have lots of mustle is regard as mighty person like Arnold shwalznegger or madona. In America, the weight how much they can life is the indication of the man’s power. So American people try to get lots of mustle. They go to LA fitness to be able to lift heavy weight.
But we have a different concept about strongness. Of course some person who are infected by western way of thinking person go to gym. But other person never do such tire some thing to be strong man. The person who really try to be strong man try to control the invisible air power. This is called “Ki”. The training to get controlling air power seem stupid because we cannot see “ki”. It is as if pant mime like a walking way of Michel Jackson.

Arnoldshwaltznegger and madona lift visible thing to get strong. It is easy to understand for every one. But “ki” training is difficult to understand and cannot help laughing when you see it. But the same person who lough “ki” training believe in invisible Christ.
For Japanese people, Christ is hard to belieave thing more than “ki”. You should not laugh at Ki training. But tell the truth, I don’t believe in ki and Christ.
And I think this is typical Japanese thinking.


  1. Bangkok says:

    Do you see Falungong in Tokyo?
    It’s invented in China in the 90s. People can get super power without lifting weights or practicing ki, all they do is stance and cool pose. Last time I went by the White House they hand me leaflets about their government in China banning them, after they sieged the “White House” in China. I think Falungong people is very powerful, because they say they are. And their master is a live Budda, like Dillay Mama.
    ======================from MasaManiA
    Oh, I know it, and this is know as fake in Japan. and they use it just for the inducement for their religion club. I dont know it is true or not.

  2. Will says:

    We can clearly see the power of KI here… this guy may be the first man to have blurred all your photos 😉
    (Note: In the first photo it is clear because he was just warming up, I think… and you probably snuck up on him).

  3. MagisSFG says:

    Someone has been watching too much Dragon Ball Z.

  4. rasputin says:

    Western values kind of suck today 🙁
    No middle finger is even worse 🙁
    But thanks for all the updates Masa!! Love your website!!
    by the way, do you like Namie Amuro (Japanese singer)… your faithful readers already know your position on Ayumi Hamasaki thanks to your great story about the crazy fans of Ayumi and their vans .

  5. canadamanada says:

    Yeah. In China, if they catch you doing Falun Gong, they lock you up and throw away the key! Maybe they’re afraid that if enough people practice it, they could collectively topple the great wall. HAHA! Nutbags!

  6. doomquake says:

    if you do enough ki lifting, you can do awesome fireballs from your hands.

  7. zhi yang says:

    but in singapore. falungong is pretty harmless. imho, just some crappy qigong/kungfu society

  8. Another Ted says:

    If you are christian, you get to go to heaven and everything is perfect.
    Does ki do anything that cool? Or does it just make you a littl bit stronger?

  9. Wannabe Ninja says:

    I saw the falungong people at Osaka castle. I wish I still had the paper they handed me; it was good for a laugh.

  10. M. from Germany says:

    ey, great site, funny and very bad english but who cares 😉
    well, I am born German and live here my whole life, yet I believe in Ki and train every day. Comes with the sword-fencing training and really rocks ass using it in daily life 🙂

  11. MassacreKing! says:

    My penis is bigger than my brain

  12. Brian says:

    I attended a meeting in a building opposite the Chinese embassy in London last week. There was a Falung Gong practitioner there all day. She was an old women of maybe 70 years old. I think she was absorbing the KI from the building, well not the building maybe the bujilding occu pants as she appeared very strong for an older woman. There is a super large antenna on the Embassy roof which may be used to prevent the absorption of the Ki by foreign forces. Fascinating subject which is not well undersrood. I think I will delve deepr and see what more I can find out

  13. lope says:

    there’s some stuff on the stem of the tree in the last pic- what is it? is it a special tree for refuelling- for getting power and energy?
    =================from MasaManiA
    I dont know.

  14. James says:

    This is great, Masa. In America, we have a saying for very strong people. They are “The Choicest Product of the Brewer’s Art.”

  15. exus says:

    oh man falungong is like tai-chi , for ppl to exercise. where do the guy in the picture learn the powerful ki-techniques?
    ================from MasaManiA
    I dont know.

  16. LAGtheNoggin says:

    In London, England, all our trees are those kind of trees. Scary tree.

  17. ag0ny says:

    Hey, cool! That’s Sanshinomori Koen, in front of the office where I work! Cool site, Masa-sama!
    ============================from MasaManiA
    Really ? I am looking forword to seeing you !

  18. Dollar Bill says:

    Hi Masa ,
    In America, we identify such people as having arborphilia – a desire to have sex with trees. Here are some photos of some of the more sexier trees
    Some of your readers may wish to join
    こんにちはMasa 、 アメリカでは、私達は識別しarborphilia – 木が付いている性を持つ欲求…を持っているのような人々を。ここによりセクシーな木のいくつかのある写真はある
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information !!!

  19. cow_2001 says:

    KAaaaa-MEeeee-HAaaaa-MEeeee-HAAAAAAAA ~~>>>)))O)

  20. Neo says:

    I think it’s more like self-hypnosis.
    If you train in it, you start believing that you have super powers, so that feels good.
    But everyone else thinks you are being an idiot.
    =================from MasaManiA
    me too

  21. Jin-Shin-Jiko says:

    This is a little unconnected, but I just wanted to ask if you live in Higashi Koenji. I’ve seen these guys training there at night. I thought they were shadow-boxing or something.
    ====================from MasaManiA
    No, I dont live there. Anyway you know tokyo very well.

  22. Random dick says:

    WTF!? You think Madonna is some kind of super strong woman? She’s just a psychotic slutty attention whore! I don’t recall her ever trying to apply for Miss Olympia or anything like that.
    ====================from MasaManiA
    But I think you maybe agree with me that Madona is stronger than Mis.Michel Jackson.

  23. Loner says:

    Hey, I had train qi-gong almost everyday. The korean grandmaster from the art I practice comes once a year to give a few lessons to the students. It does have some results but nothing exagerrated.
    Anyway, Have any of you heard of George Dillman? He kept claiming he knew how to do “no touch knock-outs” by using chi/ki power kinda like SFII Ryu’s hadoken but he was proven a fraud.
    For more info ki/psi here’s an interesting site

  24. Kyo says:

    I’ve been training martial arts since i was nine, and now, that i’m 20, i can ashure you that Chi, ki, whatever, exist.
    No matter what you say.
    (btw, your blog is awesome, eere in Argentina, me and my friends use to read it religiously…
    Please, msn me…)

  25. Peter Funnell says:

    I came here looking for helicopter fuck. I found awesome blog AND helicopter fuck. Amazing!

  26. tripcat says:

    some people can get energy from trees. some people can steal it from people as well, so look out! someone may be stealing your energy. you will know because you will feel very ill and tired.

  27. CHr says:

    I invited a person with KI to my house once… I had to kick him out ’cause he broke my cooker.

  28. ostone says:

    this man is barking up the wrong ki

  29. Malaga says:

    Greetings from Malaga (Spain). Antonio 🙂
    ==from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  30. beanstone says:

    I think that I too have “invisible air power”!
    sometimes when I eat some beans I can feel the power rumbling inside of me, charging up to a great power ready for release!
    but I save it for a few minutes until the time is right for release!
    when I get on a crowded train or elevator is when I let people find out about my special powers of Ki

  31. myugenjin says:

    I’ve done like 7 martial arts both japanese and chinese and Ki/chi is real. My teacher/sifu used to have us meditate for 4 hours on our martial forms then spar against him while he used various different arts.
    If you ever have the pleasure:( of being thrown around by Jujitsu & Akido you’ll notice the difference from might & body positioning to having your body easily flung around like a silk scarf.
    Akido makes ur body weightless and causes you not to wish to do harm to the practisioner not by pain but will alone. It almost seems useless like they can read your every thought even when trying to attack in pairs.
    But from a more scientific point of view. Things like Chi Ki or Magic all span from the mind. Think about it Arnold Schwolenpecker builds his muscles from a western perspective with weights to get strength.
    But can he achieve the physical feats that Brue Lee, Jakie Chan, or even olympic gymnast can. No, this types of rutines wether Kung Fu or Gymnastics require a calm mind, breath control, and pain tollerence which in it self are forms of Ki.
    =======from MasaManiA
    I see, thank you

  32. 42 says:

    You don’t need invisible air power to do such things. You might be fast, strong because of muscle tone (as opposed to muscle bulk, i.e. Ahh-nold :P), be very observant (some people may twitch in a specific way before making their next move in a fight-like a nervous tick during a poker game), or be able to use a combination of those techniques. Ki is really just a combination of those things-not magic.
    ========from MasaManiA
    It’s really interesting idea.

  33. Linkage Blacklustre says:

    I just happened across this place, rfilled with sad sad uneducated people. Before some of you shoot down Ki you should try it on people. As per example I can drop someone twice my wait with even touching them. Pathetic really, waisting their time pumping up when a little concentration and a slide of hand can drop them like a damn brick. And thats how I became teacher of the Wolf Division in my school. Not a threat. But I’am pretty sure if I were to face any of you or all at this same time… I could kill you all.
    Besides none of this is hard to learn if you can keep an open mind… Or maybe I just have a talent for it… In any event you all suck and I rule… Ha ha.
    Rob’Zombie Bitchs

  34. Hayate392 says:

    OOOH OOOOH!!!!
    I wanna see some swordsmanship ^ o ^

  35. anonymous says:

    You’re website is really funny! Ur english is bad but that’s what makes it so good! I belive in Ki and use it sometimes! If you get really good you can make fireball thingies and my friend’s brother knows someone who used Ki to float! i don’t know if that’s true, but i’m going to practise hard so i can try it myself
    ================from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  36. Un-Ethical says:

    Im wondering about that ki stuff im going to say it might exist.. im pretty strong but if i punch a brick wall hard as i like however i like its going to shatter my hand, break bones in it and stuff but not the bricks. brick = harder than bones.. but theres some martial arts guys punch bricks and the bricks crack sure it hurts their hand but its not all shattered and broken bones.. physics says the softer bone should break.. we’re made of same stuff but they break brick i sure couldnt. any thoughts on that ? even if they punch faster/harder than me they cant change their bones to steel or something stronger than brick so it’d just mess their hand up worse well it should but they break it.

  37. beanstone says:

    – UN-[is no]t Ethical –
    kinetic energy
    is what you are trying to define/contemplate
    this is science
    look it up
    kinetic energy

  38. Bel says:

    I too as a chinese believe in Ki…or Chi. I believe there are 2 fitness…outer with you use strenghts and inner u use inner force (Ki/Chi).

  39. Kyle says:

    you can feel the ki when you do meditation..
    unfortunately most people will give up after sitting no more than 5 min coz they felt boring and tired on the back! but believe me..try to sit by your leg crossed for 15 minutes without moving your body, close uor eye and force to not thinking…you’ll felt it and your body will move by your self!

  40. TheLastFace says:

    He should do yoga and build his own ki, instead of trying to steal in from the tree and world around him. That’s so mean! Human beings have more ki in them than any tree or plant.
    Great power can be developed by cultivating the mind chakra, the third eye. With the proper meditative training to learn to focus the ki that permeates your body and spirit into a diamond-like point of light, and the ability to do so quickly and remain calm in a period of drastic action (Like a ninja attack, or breaking a brick with one finger). But you have to be careful with chakras, they’re finicky. Best to learn what not to do, or you’ll give yourself cancer.
    Kids, don’t try this at home!

  41. Sia says:

    Wow Masa! You pretty much have use figured out! You almost sound like you’ve been in America. I laughed when you mentioned L.A. Fitness because my brother thinks that strength is only from muscle.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  42. Jane says:

    I am really interested in Ki. Not long ago I did my research, but I need help on training myself. If there is anyone that can help me, please e-mail me on

  43. death says:

    you people who are insulting the guy telling about ki power and so on don’t know what are you talking about. ki is simply just pure energy, and that is the same God people are talking about around the world. different religions and cultures have their own stories about what is that God and ki is just one of the names people call It

  44. Jonathan says:

    God is real, ki is fake.
    People who pick up cars to saved a love one is real. ‘Ki’ or ‘Chi’ is.. again.. fake..
    -Jonathan Rios

  45. Lain says:

    FUCK Y0U Jonathan Rios, Lma0!!! god is fake.
    I really like Shaolin is powerful KI

  46. subliminal says:

    what a bunch of bullshit!! Those pictures are so fake. KI is REAL but that guy is just faking it..Whoever saids it’s not real, well i guess you haven’t seen the actual thing.
    as for faul long gong.. it’s a cult with it’s false god. period.

  47. Hayate392 says:

    “Oooo I wanna see some swordmanship”
    Why did I type that? O_O
    Anyways…I think it’s cool
    ^^ I love chi/’s good to believe sometimes
    and just because someone says or proves it is impossible doesn’t mean it is…Earth set no visible boundaries for us…yet…in that category..that i’ve seen…. O_O
    …well whatever,the point is I believe it is cool that he believes it is real
    Gooo taoist!!!oh wait you said ki master..ahhh well same thing -__-
    state of mind is your strongest asset!!!…
    Any taoists wanna help me!?I can meditate(Light headed from loss of oxygen O_O)
    I wanna draw from nature’s energy..or am i one with nature?…*Gets all confused*
    *Sighs*I’d like to meet a real taoist <___<
    (prefers bushido/kendo)
    God is not real,and god is not fake it is what you believe it is….so stop sayin that,or you’ll end up starting a big flame on religion…

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