Petting is not love, fuck slave owner, pet shop boys

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Different with Korean people, Jap never eat dog inspite of eating Macdnald in Japan. But keeping dog as a pet is popular hobby. Of course they have no intention to breed dog as a food like Korean. Just breed dog like a their son or doughter until their death.
This is the reason some people get pet wear cloth even though dog have enough body hair or get put shoose or give dogs deluxe dog food that is far from dog food for their luxury. And people think that is humanity for dog.. they are regarded as animal lover.
If people see the person like a picture, they say dogs are“prety” “cute” “fancy”.
But I say, “fuck you, what’s a miserable dog !” Where is God !! here is dog !! give dog liverty, emancipation !
Are they really animal lover who bind neck strap around dog’s neck ? I know some people love to be binded strap and whipped. But such special taste person is monority, like a George Michel or pet shop boys. Majority people don’t like to do such thing. So I think dog is also same.
I am ashamed of the existence of people who think animal loving activity is petting..
Petting is not love, fuck you slave owner, pet shop boys !


  1. canadamanada says:

    I say we should eat the fools who put the shirts on their pets.

  2. [wintermute] says:

    Masa, you speak the truth brother! I want to meet you in Tokyo 2005!

  3. forcefilm says:

    Pet lovers should love strays and not designer pets.

  4. Trainman says:

    Man, I really want to see the special report on fcuk New Year 2005. By the way, the story of a hopeless homeless man listens to the girl’s songs is really touching. Great!

  5. blah says:

    The hell?
    What is with the anger about dog owners?
    And the implied racism against koreans?
    Or are you running out of stuff?
    ======================from MasaManiA
    Korean eat dog, American eat hot dog, Chinese eat cat, Jap eat whale. it’s fact, it’s true. Which part is racism ???

  6. Mindy Tillman says:

    It’s stupid for your dog to wear clothes. However, it doesn’t seem like this type of person would beat their dog like a stupid American. There is a blind student at my college who spits on and hits his seeing-eye dog. Fuck him.

  7. Rence says:

    Mindy, is that true? They should burn the fucker… blind or not, damn this pisses me off.
    Masa, so true, some people are just too stupid to own pets.. but maybe better that they own pets than waste their children like that right?

  8. FYAD says:

    Fuck dogs, we eat them! I also love the Pet Shop Boys!

  9. Marc says:

    there was a weirder thing than that, i remember those kittens in bottles…

  10. Lawson says:

    Dog is mans best friend. Oh and Mindy .. if that is true.. break the mans legs so he wouldn’t need a seeing-eye dog to take him around campus anymore.

  11. Mindy Tillman says:

    It’s totally true. He does it in public too… if we see him my friends and I sympathize with the dog. It doesn’t even wag its tail when it walks. Unfortunately, the motherfucker gets away with it because he is blind… but if there’s a Hell, he’ll burn in it.

  12. bunny2002sg says:

    SG also have this kind of ppl…
    I never understood the point of dog t-shirts…

  13. cow_2001 says:

    I pet owners will release their animals back to the wild, it will shift many things in the ecology.
    It is most likely that it will kill most of the new races man had created through controlled breeding.
    I think “pets” have become a parasite-like upon the human race, and I will tell you why:
    1. They manipulate us – their faces have evolved through the ages to mimic our babies, our children.
    A Human about a Human baby: “Oh! He is so adorable!”
    A Human about a dog: “Oh! It is so adorable!”
    2. We supply them with everything they need but take little back – they take food, water, medical care, etc. and we take… smooth fur to pet.
    3. They must have a human to be a parasite to or else they’d die from starvation.
    From Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
    Parasite: 1. One who frequents the tables of the rich, or who lives at another’s expense, and earns his welcome by flattery; a hanger-on; a toady; a sycophant.
    3. (Zo[“o]l.)
    (a) An animal which lives during the whole or part of its existence on or in the body of some other animal, feeding upon its food, blood, or tissues, as lice, tapeworms, etc.
    (b) An animal which steals the food of another, as the parasitic jager.
    (c) An animal which habitually uses the nest of another, as the cowbird and the European cuckoo.

  14. lope says:

    you are so right masa- fuck their owners real hard, hung them on a dogs leashes, cut them up and feed them to the little, nice shaved pink poodles!

  15. Will says:

    Too funny Masa. You did well with this one. You talk of “love slaves” and that you know some… do you have any pics (from your prior business) you could juxtapose with this story?
    By the way, here in Vancouver, I see lots of people with dogs but fewer who treat them as objects like in Japan. They are more treated as friends and individuals. Lot of people go jogging with their dogs (no leash) and there are many off-leash parks. No Chihuahua crazes after a stupid money-lender commercial either (Aiful) either. I think, in general, we have more respect for our furry family members.

  16. Dean says:

    Great article as always Masa… I loved your last line… Petting not love… pet shop boys! Great stuff….

  17. sniggety niggets says:

    you are a white person pretending to be jap, but still it is so funny
    =============================from MasaManiA
    No, I am Jap who pretending to be white person. But I never try to change my skin color like Michel Jackson.

  18. fuck peaches and impeachments with bleach and permanent feet mints. i hate perches parrots robbers and intolerable harbors and indigenous peoples. plus apples and sauce.

  19. zhi yang says:

    hey, been some time since your last update. i was with this crappy tour to japan and everything was pretty rushed. no chance to actually meet you ya.
    from what i’m told japanese keep cats, dogs. and treating them as their children because they don’t wanna have children?
    did you know you were nominated in this asia blog awards?
    go vote for yourself or something.
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information ! I dont know the reason Japanese people keep dog or cat.
    Now I try to vote many times in Asian blog award to become No1, but cannot. each day I can only vote only once. it’s sad.

  20. boshintang says:

    Racism is not funny.
    ==================from MasaManiA
    WHy ? which part is racism ? What is racism ?

  21. [wintermute] says:

    For those who wrongly assume Masa is racist because he mentions Koreans eat dog, look at this article —>
    Masa is not being racist.
    =======================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your help. Yes, Korean eat Dog, this is culture. and Jap also eat whale, Octopus , grashopper and raw fish while they are still moving sometime. I just introduce the cultre. I am no intention to be racist except George Michel and Pet shop boys.

  22. The huntergatherer says:

    Here in Tokyo, pets are like a fashion item. You may not know this, but each of those dogs probably cost about $3000. I couldn&t believe it when I first saw the prices on pets, especially the little cute ones. So the guy walking his dogs really just wants to show off how much money he wasted on them, especially if he’s walking around downtown. Because that means he either lives in an expensive downtown neighborhood or he has a car to drive them all there.
    So yet another reason to give Mr. Dogwalker the “fuck you” finger.
    ========================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your helpful information.

  23. Bangkok says:

    I thought you put a leash on your pet so that they don’t attack innocent people.
    “Unleash hell?” from the Gladiator in the scene when the Romans began to attack the Germanians
    ===================from MasaManiA
    But bible tell us that nobody is inocent.

  24. BakaSeki says:

    I just saw a fat man and his puppy at Starbucks yesterday. At first I thought it was a crawling baby because I was inside the cafe and it was dark outside, but when I took a closer look, the “baby” was actually a cute puppy dressed in “purple clothes.”
    I guess Starbucks doesn’t allow pets enter the cafe, the fat man has to stay outside in the winter cold to drink his warm coffee… but this is good for him because he can make his “hot coffee” more worthy when he is out in the “cold” and therefore “enjoy” more of the $3.XX USD he paid for… by the way, no coffee for the poor puppy…

  25. Yes, but animals with clothes are funny!!
    I did actually see a high-fashion dog clothes shop in Harajuku… right next to a store selling the most hillarious faux-british 70’s punk style stuff imaginable.

  26. NSG says:

    I teach English in Korea. Some Koreans (mainly older) still eat dog, so Masa’s not being racist. I’ve eaten it a couple times, actually. It tastes ok.
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report. I dont want to be racist actually.

  27. Your pal says:

    I don’t think all Japanease men love dogs in the same way:

  28. Chris says:

    Fuck. Ey kids, there are many different cultures out there k? So stop the fucking rambling about dogs. KIDS

  29. bryan says:

    yes..goreans eat dogs–i would agree that it isn’t a problem…except…some of them beat them senseless and let the blood of the upside down dying ‘kae’ slowly seep from their eyes and ears thinking it makes the food more, ummm, full of energy i suppose.
    there is another issue too…never mind what the goreans think of you (mesa) talking about them eating dog–the reply from boshintang (which roughly translates into dog soup) is typical–ie-miss the point/get angry/be emotional
    and to blah–come on..if you want to split hairs about racism, you’ll have a hard time finding someone who is not. implying that goreans eat dog and XXXX doesn’t like that is not so much racism as it is a personal choice. either way you cut it…big deal…

  30. Sick Boy says:

    Actually, the Japanese do treat their dogs pretty badly. Most people keep them chained up at the bottom of the stairs or outside, and the only exercise they get is a 15 min walk twice a day.

  31. brett says:

    please not argue. yes dog owner may have sporty clothes but he does not have sporty mind! please sir, give dog liberty and freedom! then you have sports mind!

  32. soupstone says:
  33. soupstone says:

    one time I was working at large retail store and a blind man came in with his seeing-eye dog
    suddenly the man started to swing the dog around in circles above his head by the leash!
    I asked the man if I could help him,
    and he said “no, I’m just looking around”

  34. Saying Koreans eat dogs is not racist-I’m living in Korea at the moment, and I can tell you from personal experience, taegogi (dog meat) is very tasty. You see some breeds of dogs are for meat and some are for keeping as pets-noone eats their pets. 8/ Besides, what is the difference between what the Koreans do and what we do-i.e. eat fish and keep a goldfish in an aquarium or eat bacon and keep a pot-bellied pig as a pet.
    By the way, as far as other ‘strange foods go, dove, venison (deer meat), ‘buffalo stew meat’ (I think it was bison), and Brain with Mushrooms (Bulgaria) are all great tasting choices, too.
    So, I experiment with food. So what?
    I haven’t tried live octopus or eel,…yet.
    I’ve heard China has some interesting foods, too.
    =========from MasaManiA
    Yes, I also think, we, asian have really tricky lots of food culture.

  35. jonin says:

    old generation korean farmers eat dog even then rare….mexicans eat dogs chinesese eat dogs and yes even jap maybe even american and there also rare …

  36. 42 says:

    Americans in the US do not eat dog meat, it’s illegal. As I posted before, though, I am at least one American who has tried eating dog meat when I travelled overseas.

  37. soupstone says:

    we as humans have a common bond with domesticated animals that have a very tight social structure/order even as wolves

  38. Bobo says:

    I don’t agree with everything you say but I agree with you on this. Good stuff, Masa.
    ================from MasaManiA
    THank you

  39. Hayate392 says:

    um….i luv animals…i think if one is caged up in a store
    it’s best to BUY IT!!!!
    (Better than caging it eh?)
    only buy what you can take care of
    that way he can be semi-free ^___^
    well not too free…
    but atleast happy!!!^___^
    if you let your pet be too free
    dog catcher/animal patrol might kill it O_O
    and to americans eating whale might be VERY rare >_< i don’t have a pet…
    If you eat a dog or cat in america you will be arrested…but you can eat other animals…
    discremination!!!!!!nevermind…i don’t want them to start eating dog & stuff O_O

  40. La La Ru says:

    Masa, some small animals need clothes because they do not have enough fur or feathers to protect their skin. And they get cold in the winter. Some dogs needs special shoes for health reasons. It’s not always a fashion statement. But, I understand what you mean. ^_-
    I love animals. But, I wouldn’t over do things that aren’t necessary.
    Ah, Masa. I am bad. I pain my Bichon Frise’s nails pink.
    ========From MasaManiA
    But i think to keep animal is not good for animal.

  41. classicman says:

    Hey Masa
    This is one of your funniest outraged postings so far! Outrage against dog bondage!
    Keep it up
    By the way… Here’s an English test for ya!
    “I know some people love to be binded strap and whipped…”
    Do you mean:
    A. “I know that some people love to be binded strap and whipped…”?
    B. “I know some people that love to be binded strap and whipped.”?
    If “A” — yeah, it’s common knowledge.
    If “B” — If ever your friends are in London, I can give them a phone number to arrange a rendezvous with a very “interesting” lady who loves thigh-high boots…
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Tell the truth, answer is A but to get such lady, i darely anwer B.

  42. Pietro says:

    A dog is a dog a cow is a cow If I am in need I can eat a human being also so meat is meat dont pick up on Koreans ITalians eat HOrses and your ppl were eating cats and dogs after they lost the second world war btw thinking that u can represent the truth is rather fascistic
    Ok ppl in japan are full of shit but we dint expect you to tell us so…

  43. Dennis Leary made a good point on the subject of which animals are eaten and which are not. To paraphrase, people do not tend to eat ‘cute’ animals.
    BTW, my mother-in-law had a cat she named ‘pudder’ (I renamed it ‘furry-ass’, a name it liked much better). When I moved away from the town she and the cat lived in, the cat ran away. I assume it was to try and find me-the cat always treated me in the same way that cat treat the closest member of their families, purring and rubbing against my leg. Unfortunately, it was not able to live through the journey (we think a coyote or mountain lion might have killed it). The cat was much better off living as a pet-it had freedom, it chose to return home at night.
    Besides, pets get free food, nice homes, and a life that does not involve working. Hmmm, 100% of my time on vacation and all of my needs and most of my wants granted? I think the Pet Shop Boys were saying that they would submit to humiliation (a relatively small ‘con’) in order to otherwise live like kings (‘pro’).
    No matter what your life is like, there are pros and cons.
    Everyone can make their own choices. Even pets can run away.
    Masa, I have a question about your answer to classicman. Would you be the ‘dom’ or the ‘sub’? The answer may put a few comments in your article in perspective.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you. I dont like the idea to hold animal.

  44. Elizabeth says:

    I feel sad in my heart, and ashamed to my soul when I read about people spending thousands of dollars on pets. They pamper them and parade them around on the streets like fashion items.They carry them in expensive bags and treat them like they are royal and deserve so much care. I like animals and want them to be treated fairly. But what about humans? I feel sorry for the dogs but, I feel more compassion for people who are dying from starvation and lack of medicine because they have no money to pay for it. I think this attention should be given to people. I give a hard middle finger to those that show more love to dogs than people!!!! Just another opinion. Love the truth, even if it hurts, baby!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your opinion. i agree.

  45. Opinions... says:

    Masa, you didn’t answer the last question… 😉
    I just saw something truely horrible on TV while I was on shift last night. It was a show aout celebrities and their pets. They were buying their pets designer clothes, getting them ‘manicures’ (complete with pink nail polish), and taking them to a spa where they could get their own massage therapist for a couple hours. They said the pets were picking out their favorite clothes, nail polish colors, etc. Do people actually believe BS like a bulldog going to the store and telling its owner, ‘Yes, I’d like the pink shoes by Gucci, the pink Prada dress that has the extra lace at the cuffs, and pink nail polish’.
    Horror movies don’t scare me. News about my fellow Soldiers in Iraq doesn’t really scare me-death is part of life. Clothes shoes, nail polish, 5 star hotels, and spa services for pets? THAT scares me.
    =========from MasaManiA
    I am quite same opinion with you.

  46. Animal sadder says:

    I am sad about animal troubles. But let me relate another story to you as I have heard it told by another. The story is as follows.
    —– Koshi continued pleading with him and whimpering, but he seemed unshakably determined in his purpose. She felt a strange rush of emotions as he bent her forward over the fallen tree. Koshi’s back arched and her round posterior raised prominently in the air. He grabbed her long black hair and pulled her head back. Separating her labia minora with his fingers, he placed the head of his penis against the rim of her vagina. With Koshi being a tiny Japanese woman, it was unlikely that he would fit. But, with minor resistance, he entered her sweet body, and paused to gauge her reaction. She winced, her slant eyes were closed. “Am I hurting you, my wife?” he asked. —–
    When I hear this story, I cry. She winced! which is what make me cry. I am sad for all animals, even man.

  47. Opinions... says:

    Animal sadder, in the story, there is nothing that I can find to be sad about. Some people can only experience sexual pleasure when pain is involved. Sometimes pain is not required, but will still heighten the experience. Sometimes pain causes the sexual experience to be unpleasureable. It all depends on the person.
    You failed to write what her response was. I can’t tell whether she liked that sort of thing, or not. That she winced also tell me nothing. It may have been followed by a much different expression (i.e. a seductive grin) or it may have been part of a sexual roleplaying experience.
    Notice ‘he’ asked if he was hurting her. This would follow perfectly with the way many people are in the Sado-masochism ‘scene’. This is a good example of why the ‘slave’ in the relationship really does have much more control of the situation. If the ‘slave’ lets his/her ‘master’ know that the ‘master’ has overstepped any boundaries, the ‘master’ then stops doing whatever it is that the ‘slave’ does not enjoy. This is usually accomplished by the slave setting rules beforehand and picking a word, which, when used, indicates a broken rule.
    By the way, ‘minor resistance’ may indicate that he was making her wet.

  48. I hate Koreans. I hate Koreans. Is that all this site is about? (I realize that there also are I hate Chinese posts, but not as much. If you were CNN, you would be more balanced.)
    I don’t know whether you know this, but Korean-born Sonya Thomas is the No. 1 ranked female competitive eater and SHE EATS DOG!!!! See .
    Masa, if Sonya offered to eat your dog, would you present it to her?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    You read wrongly my site.

  49. Dog chomper says:

    ??,Masa??????. ?? ??? ?? ?? ???. ?? ??? ??? (?? ?? ?? ???horney?) ??n? ?? ???? ????. ??? ? ??? ? ??? ???. ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ??? ????.
    Fuck you, Masa. Please excuse my bad English. Be extensive, the Masa have sexual intercourse. I am Korean. I eat the Korean dog. The dog su thyu is an aphrodisiac (it in makes me horney), rehabilitates my energy. It is a taste, in all health food circumferences, of the best order. For the Korean female face to see it is beautiful, there is no need for face to face sex. Korean’s do it pup style — I lapse love the dog! If you do not believe me, here is my girlfriend next to dog meat sign:
    =============from MasaManiA
    Your girl friend is so cute. i love korea

  50. Dog chomper,
    1) I was told that dog meat increases your stamina, but not that it was an aphrodisiac. Interesting…All the more reason to try to get my husband to more…adventurous…with his diet. I’ve tried it and liked it, although I never noticed any effect. Males only? Or am I just a fluke?
    2) Where is your girlfriend? I see signs in Espanol, English, and Hanguel…

  51. hide says:

    “Different with Korean people, Jap never eat dog inspite of eating Macdnald in Japan.”
    That’s all Masa said about Korea, and I really dont see anything wrong with it. He just said they eat dog. He didn’t even say that was bad.
    I think in Japan it would be worse for dogs since not many people have big houses and yards that the dogs can run around in. But in North America a lot of people can give their dogs a good place to live. And also, when dogs live with someone they can be safe and always have food and have fun with their owner.
    But I guess there are a lot more people who cant provide their dogs with those luxuries, so they shouldn’t try to take care of one.

  52. Special K says:

    Dog is the shiet. When I was a little kid, I have encountered many mean dogs. They used to chase the shiet out of me. I was only 6 and f%#& it was chasing my arse and my short little legs were not fast enough to run away fast enough. Now I eat dogs. They are yummy and good for you. Dog meat contains many proteins called interferons which helps against the body defense mechanisms. Interferons diffuse to other cells, when granulocytes attract to the injured site, and the protein helps prevent the spread of the virus. So yea, it might seem weird to the closed minded American people but face the truth, every culture is different. You guys believe that the culture of the US is the only way to live. I’m not saying you have to eat dogs but “respect” each others culture and stop the “hate.” Open your eyes……por favor.
    Yum Yum bo shing tang

  53. I love Pet Shop Boys Music 🙂
    Dogs can live wild…. but in cities Dogs can live with humans. I don`t think dogs feel slave. They feel ok with humans, dogs dpend of humans. If we set them free, dogs die. Domestic Dogs need us to live… Wild dogs can DIE

  54. travwell says:

    Although I see where you’re coming from…if these dogs were let loose in the wilde, they would not exist happily. Dogs that people keep for pets are domesticated, which means they’re made for keeping. A lot of dogs do like their owners. I don’t know if they know the difference between toilet water and bottled water…but I don’t think it’s a sin to keep them as pets. And don’t worry about “Stupid Japanese people” that pamper their pets…just watch “Legally Blonde”, or Paris Hilton…there are plenty of other people that pamper their pets too.
    Also, bonsai kittens do not actually exist! If you could just stick animals in bottles to make them smaller…don’t you think you’d see a lot more of those? Maybe a few cases of bad parents or mad scientists seeing the effect of confined space on humans? For an animal to change shape and size like that, it takes years and years…oh yeah, it’s called evolution.
    I personally think to spoil a pet is better than abusing them. I never understood why people would get pets if they were going to end up neglecting them.
    Anyway, to each thier own.

  55. jqck says:

    You all wrong guys…
    China is the best !

  56. Caty Tota says:

    You guys are the 28836 best, thanks so much for the help.

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