1. Friky says:

    omfg……. Japanese ppl are more fat than b4 lah…….

  2. jamie says:

    nice pictures!

  3. Naajk says:

    Once Japan had a real culture…

  4. Yukiko says:

    This is their culture too

  5. striker says:

    omg you people are crazy! what are u thinking seriuosly? do u even have a clue?

  6. jamie says:

    I can’t believe anyone would dress up like that lame puppet stand up comedian guy. I’ve seen him on TV and even though i don’t understand japanese, I can tell that his jokes are horrible.

  7. $ini$ter says:

    absolutely blinder! what was this fest? jeez i wish we had stuff like this in uk. plus japanese women really hot too…

  8. James says:

    Why do Japanese people get it so right. You people are 500 miles ahead of the rest of us. I try but I cannot achieve this. I try and learn but not mimic. It is difficult. I need to immerse in the glory of your mindset. The world should turn Japanese.

  9. dirt says:

    the world will turn japanese when they take it over with super japanese computer
    i will upload my brain to it and live until the end of time in super japanese computer…. or until i can upload into better galactic version of super computer….
    go japanese go

  10. Hot Jap Sex says:

    Here I see these colorful costumes and the girls in them probably are innocent. And then, on the Interent, they go wild, expressing both pain and pleasure during sex:
    I do not get it.

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