Comike 2004 Aug, Photo report 03/04

masamaniaYou belieave or not, I pick up bit sexy cosplayer sir.
but get disappoint, I can recommend these pictures to under 20 also.

Just Click the “READ MORE” link ! sir if you want to see more buch of comike photo.

[nggallery id=12]

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  1. “I wanna fukk a Japanese Gurl…..” lol i would have said it in a diffrent way tho lol well i just think asian girls in general are very attractive. i had a japanese gf once…… she moved o well.

  2. Japanese copyright law is much more lax than in the US. You can, for instance, distribute your own comic books using trademarked characters and not get sued as long as you don’t sell it. Totally unheard of here.
    Asian chicks are overrated. But, I’d still insert.

  3. Woah thats crazy.. I thought they were a bunch of hookers at first.. not even my skirts are that short..

  4. Some of those girls are so sexy cute!
    I want to marry one of them!
    But soem of them looked like they didnt want to be photographed.
    Umm hey girls. If you don’t want to be in a photo then don’t dress up!
    wish I could take a bath with all of them!

  5. wat cute & interestin costumes they got! in Japan, cosplayin is veri popular & acceptable. whereas in asia, it is not so acceptable which is kinda devastatin. hope tat there will be more such stuffs in asia, like singapore or hongkong…

  6. American posters, cant you just accept something as it is without bringing your own perverted shit or festering shit hole of a country into the argument? These chicks blow fat-assed, hamburger eating dumb American chicks away. Fuck America! Allah Akbar.

  7. Sappnin’ Masa,
    Why ya’ no fuckin’ ‘esplain cosplay t’not Japanese?! I’m sittin’ here feedin’ da bud a banana tryin’ t’figure out why dese slant eye chicks is dress so’s colo’fully.
    Slap mah fro! Here be whut ah’ learned about cosplay.
    “Costume play” (o’ Cosplay (コスプレ) (pronounced kosupure in Japanese) be a Japanese subculture centered on dressin’ as characters fum manga, anime and video games, and, less commonly, live acshun television shows, movies o’ Japanese pop beat bands.
    Sexy chubby teens in Tokyo gada’ fo’ cosplay as some hobby uh fun by dressin’ down as one’s favo’ite characters. Besides dressin’ down fo’ public events such as anime convenshuns, it be not unusual fo’ teens in Japan t’gada’ wid likes-minded homeys plum to do cosplay. Slap mah fro!
    Since 1998 in Tokyo Akihabara district dere be a large numba’ of cosplay cafes, caterin’ t’otaku – anime and cosplay fans. De Plate Chickes dere dress as game o’ anime characters. Maid costumes is particularly popular.
    Ah be baaad…
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your helpful information.

  8. girls with tiny little tits dressed as freecks and prostitutes arent very sexy in my opinion. If you look at the girl in photo no. 42 youll notice you can see her flesh colored padded push up bra. Very unsexy.

  9. Wow! Amazing! ‘Bahh, bitch fuckin shweet tittee-ass, shlooogggg!!! gurglegurgle…’ is what best approximates the average post here….
    I’m not into censoring either, but for the sake of intelligibility, save us from any more ‘contributions’ from these people… I’m begging you…
    ========from MasaManiA
    Sorry but contrary to your compelling wish, I contenue to post more bunch of cosplay photo. Enjoy.

  10. Ah, no, Masa! Your photos are fine! I meant: don’t post those stupid comments like ‘I wanna fukk a Japanese Gurl…..’ for example.
    But I wasn’t really serious anyway, so… sorry.
    ======from MasaManiA
    Thank you, and I will stop to say indelicacy thing.

  11. Aaah! No! UUuuuhh…… Seagulls! Shooting congas at my retinae! Uuuurh!!! ……I need some… polyester….

  12. Now what I REALLY meant was: maybe you sometimes shouldn’t post -other- people’s stupid comments (like ‘THA ILLEST’). Don’t change or censor your comments Masa! They’re very good!
    =========from MasaManiA
    I never do. but I just delete the comment from “online cagino” and “amazing pill pharmacy” and “gay porn”

  13. chrissee——– you are obviously very unclear of the concept
    censorship in any form is wrong
    freedom of speech is the only true freedom
    you should be sodomized by a group of homless men repeatedly
    untill you see the error of your misguided and truely idiotic ways
    you are a moronic imbicile pathologicaly obsessed with femminisim and an uneducated sense of self rightesness
    I say japanese pussy is the tastiest most fuckable pussy on the planet!
    so in closing my dear chrissy——- GO FUCK YOURSELF !!!
    ah ha, a good idea, I will pay to send chrissee to tokyo so that masa mania can photograph her (BAPTISM IN SEMEN)
    bukkake for chrissee from a thousand japanese homlessmen
    =======-from MasaManiA
    For my english ability, your saying is bit difficult

  14. Kawai…. all i could say ^_^
    As i hear Komica is a some kind of amateur anime festival….
    Aaaahhhh, i wanna be there

  15. Yeeha! Thoughtless knee-jerk reply galore! Pathetic how you jump to take on the noble paragon of free speech role…
    First off, I’m self-righteous huh? Are YOU supposed to be the spokesperson for Japanese women then? Why the hell should I tolerate some tedious bloke ranting on how often and how many girls he slept with, with/or against/ her will?
    Second, about my supposed misconception of censorship, I’m not offended by someone successively saying ‘fuck’ or ‘pussy’ two-thousand times, no, I’m talking about content so infuriatingly bland, so utterly… stupidifying, all you can do to react is equivalent to tilting your head slightly to the left and drool from the corner of your mouth, going: ‘Hurrr….’. Nobody on this entire fucking planet either needs nor benefits from such commentary, ok? (ie the entirety of Rhinestone’s preceding comment)
    Though, I understand how Masa doesn’t want to correct or omit any messages… It’s supposed to be in the vein of pure journalism. Unfortunately this means we’re to put up with people’s mindless borderline opinions.
    Thirdly: it’s obvious you’d call me a feminist… I mean, no one ever could’ve conceived -that- from my comments, huh? Let me just get back to my Letigre records, sneer at conservatives and go french-kiss some unshaven, braless dyke in public… Well, fuck you, you obviously have no idea what feminism is neither… In fact, I’m WAY beyond feminism. Don’t think some lame comment about mass-jizzing (ooh, you’re like, so controversial) is gonna faze me in any way, so take a walk, dude.
    In any case, you’re a waste of time and typing space, plus this discussion is likely boring everyone out of their skulls (and that includes me) so I’ll spend no further effort or thought on you, if you don’t mind…

  16. chrissy or is it sissy?
    haha you are way too easy ;o)
    like a crack whore to the dick
    you decided to take the bait!
    you represent everything that amuses me about dumbass chicks
    like you
    I like winding you up like my little toy
    please prove my point with a rebuttal ;o)

  17. Er, some reply… Sissy? Crack whore? Smiley faces? Hohoho. Zero points for creativity for you, sir. You’re actually living up to your own stereotypes, if you hadn’t noticed.
    I do get carried away though admittedly…. but who cares…

  18. yeah these pics are super fantastical… but i cannot sew and cant buy stuff if only there were a place to have these conventions in the open in canada 🙁

  19. bitchy chrissee
    it is good to see that you are comming around!
    I am happy for you, that you found your role in this relationship!
    just stay on your knees, and keep refering to me as Sir!
    and everything will be A O fucking kay

  20. ^Ah like, yeah, I totally agree.
    I like the girl in brown pants though (8th pic?)… I wonder where she gets them. Or is this DIY tailoring? And what character is she supposed to be?

  21. these girls are all super sexy
    I especially like the way that most of them are sporting sweet camel-toes
    and those are the coolest “cum fuck me boots” that they wear

  22. I gotta say..alot japanese cosplayers put most american cosplayers to shame, two reasons i believe factor into this. too many fat ass pizza faced mutant looking americans cosplay, versus mostly cute to extremely hot japanese, and anime is from japan of course..so a bit of advantage on costumes. and Natas i completely agree, even though i’m american.

  23. Arislan, I think you might be overlooking something. It’s not necessarily true that “mostly cute to extremely hot japanese” cosplay. You just don’t see pictures of the uglier ones online because nobody wants to photograph them. And I don’t see how anime being from Japan would give them any advantages on costumes, unless you mean they get to see the new series earlier than Westerners (which with today’s fansubbing speeds isn’t much of a difference anymore either).

  24. Masamania, what do cosplayers do when they’re done for the day? Do they store away costume, never to wear it again? Do they throw it away? Do they take it apart to reuse materials? Japanese have small living spaces, right? So I imagine some of the bigger costumes (like armor and big swords) would just take up space.
    ================from MasaManiA
    even if Japan is small, i think we have space for stock costume.

  25. rhinestone has a small penis. i think he wishes he could fuck girls because he’s a stupid ugly pizza-faced american boy himself. check out the japanese boys– so much hotter than ugly gaijin. you’ll never get the pretty jap girls because they’re too good for you and they know you suck dick. just remmeber that. you get the busus because you’re dirty ugly gaijin. peace masa, you super hot.

  26. -inferior being-
    let me guess, you are a senseless little girl, that has been treated like a stupid little whore, and you feel the need to lash out at someone because they dont share your narrow little point of view of life ?
    I dont care what you think of me, you dont know enough about life to comment on the ideas of others, so stfu and grow up.
    sometimes my thoughts are taken way too serious, and to those that do take my thoughts or any one else’s thoughts on here serious, to those people I say get a life, other wise you will always end up being nothing more than a receptacle for the excrement of idiots
    (superior being) hahahahahan, you turn me on, thank you

  27. rhinestone is the inferior being because he just makes himself look stupid without my help. all he can do is swear and try to make me feel stupid, but i am the superior being who laughs at his futile efforts. the superior being has lots of life experiences and is quite grown up, which is why she can see the truth. and that is that rhinestone is in fact the ugly pizza-faced brat who wishes he was someone bigger than he is. but because he can never be like that, he is pathetic and will die lonely. remember, japanese girls will never like you. and the superior being knows that the inferior rhinestone is turned on by her. he is just too predictable like that. haha!!

  28. -superior being-
    I bow my head in defeat
    you win !
    my prize for you is a penis with a suprise filling !
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you
    ; )

  29. she is happy rhinestone finally understands his patheticness. she has no need for his penis because she is plenty sure it’s too small, but she says thank you anyway for the thought.

  30. ah envy
    its remarkable
    how predictable those that sow the seeds of hate can be
    in as much as you, (haters), would like to find fault with others
    whose thoughts might somehow conflict with your own idle trite sensibilities, I implore you to take a good long look at yourself
    are you without fault ?
    – I do thank you for the attention –
    just because you are not capable of relating to my sense of humor, only goes to show what a dim-wit, with a computer an opinion and a slight grasp of the english language can do to shed light on their own insecurities
    your true colors (green with jealousy) are showing
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    to you I say quit being so sensitive, and try to enjoy life
    feel free to continue to be entertained by my post
    —- to superior being—-
    I am feeling the flow of blood rushing in to my loins filling my sex with hot hard thickness,
    thinking of you
    thinking of my penis
    thank you

  31. “censorship in any form is wrong”
    i’m sure you don’t agree with that statement. covering you body with clothes is a form of censorship. keeping kids away from porn is censorship. not killing people you want to kill is censorship.

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