Stupid people’s thinking seem to be sleeping or symbol of pooping.

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ThinkingYou can see lots of people who are thinking in town. Thinking must be great in ancient times. But these days thinking become stupid action. The more computers are high spec, the more computers think quickly. In ancient time, Augusta Rodin’s sculpture, “The thinker” was appreciated.

But now days, it’s just symbol of big potty style. Already the most advanced computer company, IBM’s brand, “think pad” was purchased by Chinese company, I don’t know whether USA is stupid or China is intelligent.

Japanese people regard of thinking people as just sleeping. We shout “Hetano kangae yasumuni nitari !” to adversary when adversary thinks long time in Shogi game (Japanese chess). “Hetano kangae yasumuni nitari !” means “Stupid people’s thinking seems to be sleeping..“ or “Mickle fails that fools thinks” in English.

dont think !

I have long blank from 2006 to 2009 in my blog. This is my thinking time.

Sadly this long blank seems to be just waste of time. I hoped this thinking time give me good idea. Until now it’s failed.

keep thinking
So now I decide to stop thinking. I hope it is good idea.

thinking see to be sleeping


  1. kancho_lover says:

    We are happy to have you back!!! Welcome back!

    =================from masamania
    thank you

  2. WitchDoctor says:

    MAAAASA! My man, you’re back in business! Your site was the only one that had “street” photos of Japan! I feel like I’ve been really hungry for the past 2-3 years, and seeing this new posting of someone squatting like they’re taking a shit, and your PERFECT comments, well, that’s like dessert for me.

    The “new” ThinkPads aren’t much different; they’re made by the same factory that made the IBM ones, but now they are considered a “copy” because they don’t have the IBM logo. Same with the Thinker statue. Twenty or so copies around the world, and each one is sort of regarded as “one of the originals.”

    Keep up the awesome posts! If it means we have to support your site somehow, then I’ll gladly do so. T-shirts, whatever. Anyways, I extend a big middle finger to you in welcoming you back, and can’t wait to read more about your take on the world.

    =======================From MasaManiA
    Thank you Witch Doctor !
    I make effort to post as much as possible.

  3. tora85 says:

    hi masa.big up from czech republic and many thanks to have you back.
    this blog is one of the best things on internet ever.
    thank you for being here and keeping us posted very special way about life in nippon.

  4. bitamin says:

    yeah, but whenever I think my thoughts don’t make any sense.

  5. Micheal Jackson says:

    I came back from the afterlife in order to tell you, that I am happy you are back. I will do a moonwalk in your honor.

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