God bless damaged house, and fuck mass media !

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This is the most major news paper in Japan, Yomiuri Shinbun. And this report the damage of Typhoon..
Lots of house’s roof was ripped off. It’s fucking miserable. The people who own these house must be fcuking sad. I cannot seeing this without tear. I heartly sympathy with them. God bless them !
But, hey ! If you stand the point of these damaged people’s view, what’s a fucking humiliation to be exposed their damaged house on the news paper that is seen by ton of people. Do thoese people really hope to be exposed on the most big news paper ? or doesn’t this news paper have any other more important thing to report ?
You know mass media always make a effort to take a shot of fucking misarable scenes even using helicopter !!! But never make effort to help them ! Just use money to pay their house loarn or house rent.
Yes, mass media make money by reporting other people’s house collapse and they spend such money to build their house !
If you don’t hate mass media, you are not human.
Hate mass media !
fuck mass media !
fuck you !


  1. bens0n says:

    I agree with you , but the sad part is that a Lot of people are interested in reading such articles.
    So you can’t entirely blame newsreporters nor journalists for covering these articles.
    Anyway , my sympathy for the victims of this disaster.

  2. toK_ says:

    destroy mass media!!!!!!

  3. Natas Liah says:

    Wow.. it was true
    I read it in the paper… it was true
    They are my friends – they tell me what I should think. I dont think I should say they are wrong because they are not. I agree with them. They also report about things that make me upset, tired, cynical, depressed, frustrated, trapped, unhappy, victimised etc.
    I think they are great!
    I love the newspapers – they are the truth.
    They would not lie to me.
    Mass media is my friend. It tells me to worry about the world. It makes me realise that I should BUY MORE THINGS so I feel more secure, more comfortable. Mass media lets me know that the rest of the world is scary and people with turbans should not be trusted. That is the truth.

  4. bunny2002sg says:

    Ouch… 🙁

  5. jr says:

    you’re a fucking nerd man. you really don’t have to show the finger when shooting a picture, instead try sticking it up in your ass, that’ll make a better “fuck the world” affect.

  6. Mass media hater says:

    Masa hate mass media
    Masa fuck you mass media
    Masa starts own media http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/
    Masa media becomes mass http://memepool.com/Date/243/
    Masa screen media on Masa Media (“I have enabled a feature that allows your comments to be held for approval”)
    Masa Media now becomes Masa Mass Media
    Fuck you Masa Mass Media, Fuck you.

  7. VanRotten says:

    Don’t you have buildings insurance in Japan?
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Of course we have.

  8. Talia says:

    What happened to the people and their homes is horrible, but it’s not like the paper is showing any faces or metioning any names. There were articles about this in the New York Times, it was a big deal…

  9. JePH says:

    Hey wnat you said is certainly true, mass media is so tightly controlled by corporations and government that is is hard sometimes to find the truth for people who do, much regrettably most people would just be content at watching CNN for 10 minutes every night. Sometimes mass media can also be helpful in uniting people for a just cause, not for wars or such but for relieve of famine and disasters like it or not we need mass media to inform us, and not all mass media is evil, some are quite truthful in their coverage but I guess the average person would’t know.

  10. del nileppez says:

    Natas Liah ——- haiL sataN
    enola reverof

  11. julius says:

    OK.. wow! I seem to be confused by what you are trying to get across to your reader’s. You have a finger (the middle to be exact)pointing at the picture wich allows me to believe that you are flipping the picture off. Let’s try to do it the other way. Second, I don’t see how letting other human beings see through the eyes of the camera what these individuls are experiencing as a bad thing. I see your point of view and your anger but by posting ignorant commentary (though i know this is suppost to have bad english and not politically correct)i personally think that there are far more issues to speak out on instead of getting so upset over a picture…just my thoughts
    ============from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your advice

  12. Jasmine says:

    Maybe the mass media in Japan couldn’t afford to help, or maybe they’re just plain greedy, or maybe it’s not a Japanese custom for a newpaper publishing company to donate for the needy?

  13. loudstone says:

    I believe the Idea of this site is to entertain,
    and to create discourse-
    yes, the mass media sucks, and is generally censored for political and capitalistic gains
    there is always an agenda
    most times, the media will obscure the truth in favor of sensationalism
    it is a means of “dumbing down” a society,
    by keeping the public uninformed of the truth, it makes it easier for them to persuade the weak minded to vote for and believe in idiots like george bush
    then again, some people will never understand this
    for the wool that has been pulled over their eyes is too thick for them to see the truth

  14. juicio says:

    Masa, thank you for your site. I try to learn about your country, but many foreign visitors are biased because of their culture, nationalism and pre-disposition toward Japan.
    I appreciate your honest photos and commentary.
    I am beginning to realize that the U.S. and Japan may have very different cultures, politics and more…but in the end we are all imperfect humans with the same needs and desires.
    It is just that we choose different actions to fulfll these same desires. But if you go back to the reason behind the action, then we are all the same! We are all selfish!
    I could go on, but instead I will thank you again for your site. I truly appreciate all of the work you do.
    =========from MasaManiA
    Thank you. I am glad to hearing your enjoyment.

  15. PW says:

    How can you complain about a person taking photos of a damaged house……….When you take photos of an injured/dying person who has just been in a road accident.
    Both sets of photos are available to the public.
    While you condem mass media,You site is available world-wide and you are reporting what you see,Just the same as the mass-media.
    Look at your own actions before you critisise others

  16. Daeg says:

    Ne, Masa-sama:
    Even here in my country, this is true. Every government wants control of it’s people, so media is controlled. It is easier to control emotion when custom and media say to do one thing. Is George Orwell book “1984” in Japanese? If it is, you should read that. Our world when government wins.
    Democracy turns to dictatorship sometimes. Dictators try to control everything. So, let’s make a little discord. Ok?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    thank you.

  17. ClassicalMan says:

    Come on! Mass media = political lackeys?
    Except that some of the greatest social changes have been brought about by campaigning from… the mass media. Anybody remember Watergate and the break-in by the two mass-media reporters, resulting in the end of Nixon’s presidency?
    Come on Masa! If you want to be an alternative force, then turn this site into a webzine filled with scandalous stories about Japanese authority figures. That Mario story for one… How about this for a headline:
    Revealed: the sordid past of Tokyo Minister for Education Yonegana-san
    The man in charge of educating the children of Japan’s capital is a *%’&%#)(&%$, MasaMania can reveal…
    Then hit the readers with the details of his sexual boasting and chess robbery…
    What a story!
    Best etc
    If you’ve got the slightest bit of marketing blood in you, you’ll be off with the idea like a shot
    If you want to hire a red-hot copywriter working at peak performance to market you new “business” for a few thou’ plus 5% of first year sales just post a message on these boards
    I love this site. Keep those opinions rolling. Sure beats CNN and the Beeb…
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you.

  18. loudstone says:

    is this man a friend of yours ?

  19. ParanoidAndroid says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but don’t you do the same thing? Just like your article “Please don’t tell this story to anybody”. What is the difference between mass media and a website that shows the same things?

  20. ClassicalMan says:

    Hey Loudstone.
    Friend of mine? No–but what a CV!
    And looking at it, I think he should get together with Masa and put a few more “alternative” websites together…
    All the best

  21. Chris says:

    I’m oddly struck by this post. You are saying that you don’t like how mass media shows the down trodden, yet that is exactly what you like to take pictures of and post on your website. Take for example “Please don’t tell this story to anybody” http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/archives/2005/04/please_dont_tel.html .
    Here is a quote of yours from that post “But I took a photo. Why ? because I though I must tell this story to someone. Because this is true story, and this must be journalism. I ‘ m maybe wrong. I ‘ m maybe egoist. I’m maybe violate human right. but I maybe can know what is journalism. I am a mania of the truth, MasaManiA.”
    Wouldn’t you agree that the people from Morimuri Shinbun are doing the same thing? They took pictures of the broken houses because it is a true story.
    You also said in another post ( http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/archives/2005/07/boring_truth_is.html#more ) that truth is boring. Even though your site is filled with truth, it’s definitely not boring. It is for this exact reason that you have people repeatedly check your website to see if you’ve posted new commentary and new pictures. Not merely because it’s truth, but because it’s not boring.
    Masa, I would be interested to hear your response because I think you are a wise person.
    Also I think I’ve said enough and I just noticed that at least one other poster has made the same point as I have.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your good read of my reports.
    I dont think my saying is not correct. but it must be inconsistent. tell the truth, truth always beyond the logic, reason and rationality.
    and one more important thing, truth is not such as something talking about. If we start to talk about truth, we seem to be so stupid.

  22. hll9586 says:

    heh.. fuck mass media.. i’ve never thought of it that way masa… it does seem that they use a lot of money by using the miserable people, but they never give anything in return… thanks for the great insight.. you’re site is greaT!

  23. beth says:

    fuck mass media, just fuck the media, fuck how it controls people

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