Young independent candidator supported by escalator

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Have you ever met with the candidator who drive you to vote him ? I have never met such candidator, not onece. Never. Am I crazy or candidators are crazy ? anyway, candidator make a effort crazingly until finish the election. At least every candidators are crazy durling election.

He have lots of suppoerter.He is supported by major party. He have cozy slogan. He have his campagin uniform.

He must be elected. He is succesful candidator.

Of course not only such candidator. Some candidator struggle.

When I was riding escalator, I heard somebody’s groaring.

and the groaring sound was becoming big gradually.

Yes, He is the cause of that noise.

He is candidator.

He have no suppoerters. He has no supported party. He have campagin uniform but

THere is only one person who wear his canpagin uniform.

His slogan is “Young power, Tokyo New age. Yoshihiro Hayasaka”

Yes, his slogan is his name.

He is appearling he is independent candidator.

And appearling he has yound power. 32 years old.
I thought that he should apeal not his youthness or independence, but what he will try to do as a politician.

But nobody care.

Escalator automatically make people come in front of this candidator again and again.He is just waiting for the comming people.

Yes, His suporter is escalator !

He bow to people, bow to escarator that convey people automaticaly in front of him.

He is young independent candidator !

At the same time, in another place, successful candidator hold big campaing supported by lots of people.


  1. Slade says:

    LOL. Thats funny. Poor guy. Better luck to him. lol. Nice one. I enjoyed it. ^_^ Keep up the good work!

  2. Patrika says:

    Many people think that all politicians are greedy and want to get rich doing nothing but saying slogans. Many people think that all politicians are dishonest and steal millions and millions of taxpayer money. I wonder if this man wants to go into politics because he wants lots of money without hard work, or if he believes that he can be the only honest politician. He certainly doesn’t look experienced in things like finance and law. Maybe he believes politicians don’t need to know anything, it is enough if they don’t steal public money… and maybe he’s right!

  3. Rasputin says:

    “supported by escalator” 🙂
    I do not know how you are doing in Japan, but if you moved to America and wrote a book or a newspaper column, you would be a millionaire. Your stuff is edgy and fresh, and I can never get enough of your reporting. It is hard to pick favorite quote from the site (like “I recommend Jap taxi driver to British royal family”).
    Thanks as always for your work!

  4. Cody in Tokyo says:

    Lots of your photos come from near Shinjuku, maybe I should start taking pictures in Shinjuku too.

  5. sopel says:

    nic z tego nie kumam ale ciekawe moze byc

  6. Bob Davis says:

    It happens everywhere. Din anyone at all stop and talk to him? Or, does everyone in Japan have their own party that they always vote for every time?
    =======================from MasaManiA
    Almost everyone ignored him. And Japanese party and candidate system is so complicated that I cannot how to explain.

  7. Ozan says:

    I believe this independent candidate is trying to tell something. All you need to win an election is just some motto/slogan that will draw people to you. In my country (Turkey) the slogan is “religion”, in USA it’s “keeping our country secure”, and I believe other countries have different political parties throwing slogans to attract people. This guy waiting in front of the excelator exit, obviously is not trying to win the election. He is just trying to show people that they should not vote for slogans… They should think about how to cast their vote, how it will affect their lives… But I am someone who thinks that the republican way of governance is not the way to go. Does anyone think otherwise?

  8. cherryb says:

    i agree with rasputin, ur work is very fresh! u could be a millionaire..
    i felt sorry for the candidate, i wonder how he is doing today? he’s kinna cute too..
    ============from MasaManiA
    Now he is still not politician. I dont know he still have energy to try to be politician.

  9. waterstone says:

    is this man a friend of yours?
    =======from MasaManiA

  10. Xvampire says:

    dammmn!! I really LOL@@@!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA ….
    so damn ironic
    this guy supposed to be the most honest politician in the world,
    because first rule to be politician is Goodness Aim in dirty way
    may be your aim is good, to make the ppl have better life but you must struggle in dirty way ….
    money money money money money…

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