I don't blame MacdNald, But Jap boy, Don't eat it on the train


They are typical Japanese children.
They are on the way to home. They have lots of thing to do after going back home. After studying in school, they must go to after-school cram school. After that, they come back, and do home work of school and home work of after-school cram shool.
Instead of lazy American, Japanese people must study, and must work like a slave. They have no time to eat dinner with their family at home. They must eat dinner in the train. What is their dinner ? Macdnald !
What’s a cheap dinner !
NO, In Japan, Even Macdnald is very expensive.

masamaniaYou know they are professional marketer. But they are not professional in food area. You must understand it after chewing their burger.
Macdnald get Australian boys to kill cow. Macdnald get Chinese boy to make toys of kids meal set. And sell expensive meal set with toy to Japanese boy. Then they earn big money. And they spend money to their American children’s Nintendo game, Anime goods, Sony products, Honda car.
For American children, Japanese children study hard and work hard to create new staff.
Stop eat Macdnald on the train, Japanese boy ! and it’s not good for health also ! My middle finger mean that.


  1. cow_2001 says:

    I don’t like McDonalds too, their symbol is two evil golden arches! the arches of the gates of hell!
    What is shinobi.jp?

  2. Lorito says:

    yeah Mc Donald’s is not food,it’s shit.Plus,it’s expensive!
    Fuck you Mc Donald’s!!!!

  3. dogcome says:

    you dirty old jiji,
    you scared those 2 innocent boys,
    but your short mid-inger remind me of the recent mcdonald`s ads in JP`s TV.

  4. Name: says:

    They are on the way to home.

  5. Drunk Stepdad says:

    The totally freaky thing about McD, is that it tastes exactally the fuckin same in Osaka as it does in the USA… how fuckin creepy is that?

  6. mako says:


  7. Gaijin says:

    Japanese owe America for its modernization. We arent Lazy! We made you fucks what you are today. Let the kid eats some fucking food and go commit sepukku.

  8. Jesus says:

    ^Shut up. Nobody here in America likes McDonalds either. The only people who eat it are fat fucks like you.

  9. ConMan says:

    ^^^^^For Real^^^^^

  10. mako2 says:

    to mako.
    > ホームレスに優しく、
    > ガキに意地悪なkinzouさんが
    > 好きです!

  11. ptgsack says:

    fuck those kids. recognize!

  12. Your Mom says:

    Keep your underdeveloped middle finger to yourself, and do something constructive. Go make a healthy burger franchise and sell its products to those kids, if it bugs you so much.

  13. Killjoy says:

    As if Mos Burger is anything better.. its so fucking damme expensive and fucking small.

  14. DJ Mei says:

    is it me or the kid whose crossing his leg seems gay ?

  15. Pash!. says:

    Its you.

  16. kokopix says:

    Fuck USA bad food (sh*t) Cocacola and mcdo sh*t
    better to eat nigiri !!!!!

  17. Friky says:

    That’s why japnese ppl become fatter

  18. Kesji says:

    lol @ Gaijin; guesswe own it all to Enola Gay, you ignorant fuck!

  19. zip says:

    actually not all americans are lazy for example i am dirt poor i lived under the expressway for a while then i was livin in my car that i bought with my money. i had no family who cared for me and i was a starving artist as well as starving with hunger. but now all my hard work paid off and ronin, coldfuzion studios and other comic book companies are really wanting me to work for them. and mcdonnalds sux azz jack in the box baby!!

  20. Joeybone says:

    Rock on Zip! You got ‘puter now too. Gotta luv america. If those kids were on a train in the Bronx theyd get BEATEN! And i’d steal their food too – fuck yeah i’d eat it!!!

  21. Aussie says:

    Japs and their kiddie porn… what are you doing? “Hey kids, c’mon. My dick is only this big, it won’t hurt”. wtf?

  22. master says:


  23. Raj says:

    Any one who want to enjoy on fucking, please contact me I love to fuck you. Thanks and bye.Sorry it doesn’t men just fucking I may can help you on further japanese stay. Write raj on subject of your email. if not i will not read it.
    thanks & regards.

  24. mudafuckka says:

    that kid is using a woman bag in his arm! is he gay?

  25. ahp says:

    Haha, great story. Friky, you’re a moron. The amount of fat people in USA is uncomparable to any other place in the world. Japanese and other oriental are known to be lightweight.. Especially when compared to 200kg US morons 🙂

  26. Japanese kids haven’t much to laugh and yea they don’t have any time because of school school school! Don’t fucking blame it one them! Blame it on the government who fuckin doesn’t change things about it!

  27. Shae says:

    Work hard? you are confused between ‘working hard’ and ‘working long hours’ Japs do the least work, they just take a LONG time… they dont want to leave work because their boss is there. Yes I have worked in Japan…..

  28. Korri says:

    Most Americans also work long hours and never eat with their families. I work all day and go to school at night. I wish I could have dinner with my family…

  29. rob3rt says:

    Fuck off everybody in this chat book.
    I am from CzechRepublic in Europe and I love McD!!!
    McD is the best of restaurant. Fuck off chinese food.

  30. Martin says:

    Fuck you rob3rt,
    I am from CzechRepublic in Europe too and I hate McD !!!! McD sucks, I like the U Bansethu meal.
    (By the way, McD in CZ like only Assfuckers and Communists!!)

  31. jane007 says:

    We know how it’s not good for health, but do you believe that those kids understand the meaning of exploitation?
    They just wants to eat, some food… fat.. oups! Fast food… not japanese food, like me, when I don’t want pastas, I eat pizza or chinese food…in fast food too…
    In Japan, it’s different culture.
    But… it seems everyone here jus want to f*ck the other one… Great!! Everyone! It’s really interesting thing you said… >:(

  32. bladehurricane says:

    Comon Macdonald still cheap and they taste good.. , if not eating too often, it’s great. Just fuck off if you r ppl that dont do much exercise! How can u ignore this fact becoz they make a lot of money?

  33. bladehurricane says:

    Yea man , ppl say fuck so often that makes it sounds so normal. Cant they be more creative or descriptive? But “fuck” does simplify english alot.

  34. wanyin says:


  35. MeliMelo says:

    I agree that Mc Donald is an evil corporation but I hope that you explained to the kids what your middle finger meant. Otherwise, they might have been shocked and hurt, they probably don’t realize how bad McDonalds is for their health and for the entire world.

  36. BakaSeki says:

    Hi, I’m currently in the U.S and believe me, McD is at the bottom of my dining list. The last time I had McD was 6 months ago, and I was not having burgers or fries, but their Salad… just to get one of those Step-o-meter (toy for measuring how many steps u walked) for my 15 year old cousin.
    ==========================from MasaManiA

  37. lope says:

    i’m osutoria-jin but sometimes i go to doitsu for studying there- i’m a poor student so mcdon came up with the idea called >novemberknallernovember-slam-time

  38. lamo says:

    McD sucks balls. u shouldnt be flicking that middle finger around kids you know. please do commit apoptosis for the good of society.

  39. perruno says:

    americans suck hard.
    they are just a bunch of poor fucks.
    go shove you nuclear wepons up your mcdonalds ass!!!
    someday japaneses will kick you ass with their mechs like robotech!!!
    fuck you fuckin americans !!!!!
    masamania rules!!!!

  40. Beaker says:

    Well, I think McD is okay for people who like to eat meat(rats or something) or cliffhangers .
    I found it very strange that it tasted very different in France than it does here in Germany..that sucks.

    I think the kid on the right is a girl..or it’s just very feminine

  41. Talia says:

    I’m glad I’m a “lazy American” then…

  42. STREETWERKZ says:

    Not funny,
    I’m hungry.

  43. Cracker says:

    Japs, stay in Japan
    Stop coming over here (USA) to get an education and practicing your driving. Keep Americans safe and stay on your bikes. 🙂

  44. DamAgeD_ReI says:

    well mcD’s isnt bad..but it makes me sick if i eat there too much…but the only reason everyone eats at mcds is because it is everywhere..u cant get away from it thats why it is a global terror!

  45. Pushers says:

    What about a photo spread of Japanese train pushers doing their job?
    Dear Cecil:
    While maintaining a tenuous foothold on a space in the vestibule of a commuter train during yesterday’s afternoon rush hour stampede, I struggled to recollect what I had once read or heard about the Japanese solution to commuter congestion. Cecil, can you give me the straight dope on (forgive me) “pushers” on the Tokyo subway platforms? Also, what is the meaning of life.? –Les E., Chicago
    Dear Les:
    No need to apologize for “pushers”–that’s the literal translation of “oshiya,” the Japanese term for the guys who make their living cramming commuters into Tokyo’s overcrowded subways and trains. As a rule, two oshiya are assigned to every downtown station, each man covering half of each two-car subway train. Since there are two doors per car, the oshiya have to be fast on their feet to stuff as many bodies as possible. They also have to be, shall we say, fairly intimidating fellows: it’s said that many oshiya are recruited from the ranks of unemployed sumo wrestlers.
    But they’re nice guys, too–during slack hours, they remain on duty to help little old ladies and other frail types on and off the trains. The Japanese have been putting up with pushers since the early 30s and seem perfectly content to go on doing so.
    As for the meaning of life, Luigi Pirandello once wrote: “Life is little more than a loan shark: it exacts a very high rate of interest for the few pleasures it concedes.” But he was probably drunk at the time.
    =================from MasaManiA
    It’s really abasement to be pushed.

  46. Slant Eyed Missy says:

    those kids should be taught not to eat on da fukin train anyway…makes everyone else wat mcd’s~! however unhealthy n sick it is…i have to admit…i crave it every now and again.

  47. bluejives says:

    my girlfriend is a manager at a mcdonalds store.
    there are two kinds of mcdonalds stores here in the us: franchise and corporate-owned. franchise means that a business-person bought the right to use the mcdonalds brand name and to sell its products, but the store belongs to them. corporate-owned means a store actually owned by the corporation.
    my girlfriend is kind of ashamed to tell people that she works in a mcdonalds. but i tell her job is a job. it’s just something to make money.

  48. pieni says:

    You got the point Masa but why oh why are you giving your finger to those poor kids??!! It’s not their fault that your educating system sucks and they have to eat their lunch in a motherfucking train, is it? Give your beautiful finger to the Japanese government or put the kids give it to your camera.

  49. Chris says:

    “You know they are professional marketer. But they are not professional in food area. You must understand it after chewing their burger.” -Masa
    And you say you are not good with english. This is said very well. Much love Masa
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  50. burgerstone says:

    that is the worst processed food shit on the planet!
    maybe you taught those kids a valuable lesson, but I dont think so
    oh, well

  51. asyouwish says:

    Check out the link in connection with McD. and other junk-fodd-chains.
    You might have heard about this documentary already?
    It is available on DVD. I bought it second hand for £7 (U.K.).
    This website here is interesting. It shows Japan from a real persons perspective (as opposed to the usual tourist-media-view on Japan).

  52. 42 says:

    Yes, we Americans are SO rich @@. I’m so rich that when I lived in Hawaii, my apartment was really just one of three rooms that one of the local Philapinos built in his basement. I have a garden hose poking through a hole in the wall for a shower and a bucket and clothesline so I could do my laundry.
    Funny, how when the Japanese tourists would come to the island, they saw all the tourist shops (with prices a minimum of three times what they were for the store’s suppliers) and commented how cheap everything was, just like if the US were a third world nation.
    I also felt poor the ship I worked on went all over the middle east and to Singapore. One month’s pay for me could have paid for me to live maybe a week (in a cardboard box on the street).
    Oh yeah, I’m rich…@@
    ===========from MasaManiA
    YOu are good watcher. Yes, as you say, Jap toursit is like that.

  53. ninja says:

    wtf is with all the ignorant racist pieces of shit that comment!? mcdonalds sux it’s a god damn corporate shithole. fuck america, fuck bush, fuck capitalism, fuck japan, fuck borders! btw, fuck you!

  54. PW says:

    Yes indeed, Ninja.Those “ignorant pieces of shit”should stop posting .More of your intelligent ,thought-provoking,wise words please Ninja……………cough-cough.

  55. juicio says:

    McDonalds once served me a sausage biscuit that had an entire bullion cube (beef flavor concentrate) hidden in it.
    As if that place wasn’t nasty enough already…
    ========from MasaManiA
    You maybe lucky

  56. keith says:

    They are KIDS, shit, leave them alone. You know you could loose that finger! It might end up in Wendy’s chili!

  57. solv says:

    Mcdonalds is shit.
    Its burgers are made of beef/soy and ground up red worms(O.o)
    McVegan is better.(google it)
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Vegan Action is a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the many benefits of the vegan diet and lifestyle.

  58. shinto says:

    Who in the US actually pays money for anime stuff? And since when are Philophino’s? native Hawiians?

  59. jack says:

    i like 2 fuck little dudes and its fun i do it at mc e ds

  60. jack says:

    i like 2 fuck little dudes and its fun i do it at mc e ds

  61. Chris says:

    Yeah, us Americans ARE lazy. Hahaha! Lazy Americans! U-S-A! U-S-A!
    Masa you rule! I admire your honesty. Keep up the good work.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  62. Dragon says:

    ah…mcdonalds…a friend of mine works at the closest one here…i never eat mcdonalds…i eat at a place here called wendy’s. their food is very very good.
    now that i’ve sounded like a corporate whore, what the hell are you doing giving the finger to children? they can’t help the brainwashing that mcdonalds dishes out. hell, i even used to eat that shit!

  63. chink says:

    WTF your fingers are so tiny does it represent the size of your “manhood” too ?
    =============from MasaManiA
    Why you wanna know my dick size ? are you fagot?

  64. chink says:

    =============from MasaManiA
    Why you wanna know my dick size ? are you fagot?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    My dick is about 12cm when it elect. but i am heterosexual

  65. TO,OWM... says:

    Masa, are you lying or proving the stereotypes wrong?
    I don’t expect an answer, I’m just getting a good laugh out of your answer to chink.

  66. Xvampire says:

    Masa check out the doc Film called “Supersized Me” its exactly tell about what bad on McD
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you, i saw it.

  67. The other, other white meat says:

    MadTV did a little skit on this issue, once. What made it so funny was that the person working the counter asked if the customer would like their order supersized. The customer said no and asked for their order to be fat-assed. The customer was then given a trash can sized container of french fries, a HUGE soda, and a giant burger. The customer then turned around so you could see the size of their ass. They had stuffed pillows in their pants-one over each ass-cheek.

  68. doghotpot says:

    I don’t care if people from the US are lazy or not, I live in mainland China and every now and then McDonalds saves me from the monotony of a single food type – Chinese. You like it? Try it every day for every meal for a month and then tell me you don’t want a Bigmac.

  69. CRaZYReDDDuKE says:

    All of the fast food burgers taste the same. Except Sonic.
    BTW is that an extra finger I see? Because it looks like you fliped the Jap kids off with your RING finger.
    The 2 kids in the 2nd photo look like there about to bust out laughing because of your PUNY finger.

  70. IDIOT says:

    You guys are idiots! saying americans are lazy, its like u guys never have eaten in mcdonalds, and im NOT american. So fuck this thread and ur antisocial puny lives!

  71. 42 says:

    Try a Lotaburger-it’s one thing that I do miss from the US.

  72. Fucking-Japs says:

    You fucking America-bashers need to go dig a hole into the earth where you belong. Burn in hell, you shit fucking ass cunts. The only “lazy” american is the rich american. Some families, instead of studying and becoming succesful, can NOT study, but must work on a farm. Imagine that, a 6 year old working on a farm. “Oh noes we study all day” I know maaaaany maaaaany people who would LOVE to be able to study all day long. It’s much better than being stuck in a farm never being able to do anything else, because once your parents die, you must pay off their bills, by staying on the farm, and so shall the kids after you. It’s fact. So next time you open your skinny Japanese mouth, fuck a half eaten dog.

  73. I RULE says:

    lol who the fuck are these people that actually type back in Japanese wannabe knobjobbs i crave for em lol .. oh and mcdonald has maybe unhealty food but why telling it nasty name??? they make more fucking money then u ever will in ur sad pathetic life.. and whats with the finger thingy is it “Hip” in japan to show people there tiny finger hahaah <– seriously u need to check that finger out and why is americans all bad again?!?! serisouly for the people that type fuck america bomb them and shit are excatly those kind of people whom would be in the nazi army now if the germans would won the war … PS I RULE AND THIS SITE SUCKS ..

  74. Anti-xenophobic Mexican Girl says:

    Don’t be fucking making yourselves victims, u know who are victims?? fucking Mexicans that work hard in USA to get money because they’re starving in their country. Also those Mexican students who study and work and study and work but can’t afford college. These Mexicans who were kicked out of their own country and fucking people don’t value who we are. Mexican “culture full of machism and men who have stereotypes as strong and cold”. We woman are valuable, we can be astronaunts and everything we want.
    Also Mc Donals is nasty, cheap but fucking nasty, I once got sick because of it. It’s all about Jack in the Box!!!!!!!!!!!! combo#5

  75. GliTch says:

    I must remind people that there are diffrent options no matter what country your in. I’m from Washington, US and I’m more proud of being from Seattle then I am from America. I’m against goin to Iraq, nukking people and don’t think fast food is a main course. I guess this is why I like more Japanese then I do Americans. Of coures when genarly speaking this is more I like Japanese culture because no matter where your at when talking about indivials it’s more about family and friends.
    Just in case some of you need reminded. Love your site Masa. Earthling GliTch

  76. tony says:

    u guys need to get a fuckin life
    you guys r so dumn
    fucking dumn asss

  77. Americano U bitch says:

    you’re a whiny bitch japs that came to america HAVE OPPORTUNITY not like over there where ervery jap only wishes they were westerners,
    bitching about mcdonalds why because our lettuce isnt sea kelp loser. get a real gripe or start a revolution and watch your ass get bombed again drybaby. I live in chicago next to chinatown mith the other “oh I hate america so bad” quackers then fucking leave loser we are your income imagine if we tax your countrys imports like your countrys tariffs on ours you whole country would be back the 3rd world like it belongs wawawa get some dental floss and blind fold your self so u cant realize what good america does I only wish we leave all you jeaLOUS COUNTRY ALONE TO FEND FOR YOUR SELFS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS ! and by the way were’s the majority of millionaires live? thought so beatch

  78. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hola Masa!
    Mac Donald is a multinational fastfood enterprise….with fucking high prizes…. nasty Burgers, and nasty everything, the only thing i buy there, is ice cream….but just once in year…
    The Truth, MC donald is a nasty mark….employees who work there are exploited untill death…poor work conditions…unworthy salarys….and the most important thing, Mc Donald earn big fucking money killing his own employees and getting money from our pockets…fuck that!!!….i never take my sons to eat that MC Crap…
    Thing like salads are sprayed with chemical products to keep them “fresh”…meat is all but not meat, fries are like plastic…here in Chile, they offer “completo” (chilean customized american hotdog)with unnatural tomatoes and avocat, with a disgusting plastic taste….
    Once i get sick to eat those shit-burger…im never comeback again in my life to eat that crap again…

  79. fat_otoko84 says:

    To tell you the truth I never tried McDonald before,but I did eat McD Burger back in December 2004 and that was it,no more McD,the service is bad too,at least here in my local place.

  80. Guido says:

    I like big butts.

  81. ris says:

    If anyone sticks their middle finger at my kids while they are sitting minding their own business i would beat the living shit out of that person. Btw interesting funny site.

  82. KIRIN says:

    “Japs, stay in Japan
    stop coming here (usa) to get an education and practice your driving. keep americans safe and stay on your bikes.”
    Hey masa,
    I love your site. I’m from Toronto, Canada. I lived in Yotsikaido, Chiba-ken. I go there on business and stay for up to three months at a time. This guy who claims that Japs can’t drive, has obviously not been to japan. Japanese are the best (and most patient) drivers in the world. If he drove in Japan, he would die in an accident his first day. He probably thinks you guys are the same as chinese people (now they really suck). I love japan and i cant wait to go back in Feb. 2006.

  83. conjuu says:

    I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    Everyone here eats MacDonalds.

  84. JuanQ says:

    McD es una mierda!!
    Masa tu sitio es muy bueno! Siempre encuentro puntos en comun entre la “cultura” japonesa y los argentinos… y los trenes son una.
    Gracias Masa!!
    ==============From MasaManiA
    THank you for your comment.
    But tell the truth, i always delete non-english message.
    Next time, please give me english message.
    thank you

  85. benny chan says:

    Fuck, stick a hamburger up your jap ass!

  86. travwell says:

    “Japanese owe America for its modernization. We arent Lazy! We made you fucks what you are today. Let the kid eats some fucking food and go commit sepukku.”
    Actually, Japan’s industrialization and modernization happened when the Tokugawa shogunate was overthrown…Japan didn’t get much help from America at all.
    “you whole country would be back the 3rd world”
    Again, Japan was the first non-European country to overthrow a European nation…then they modernized without using any other nation’s money…Japan was recognized a great world power before the US.
    I mean I live in the United States, and I have nothing against Americans or Japanese people. And I’m not on Masa’s side or whatever…but…people need to learn how to respect eachtoher. Dissing other people isn’t the way to go…

  87. Duane Irate Jones says:

    Masa!!! Love your site!!! I live in U.S., I very seldom eat McDonalds, but when in Japan I fell in deep, deep love with the TERIYAKI Burger, I stupidly ate them everywhere all over Kyoto, on train at Kamo Gawa at Takashimaiya store etc.!!!
    Those 2 kids would do better eating the wrapper!

  88. mckenzie says:

    hooray for lazy american!!

  89. Haragei says:

    You should watch ” Supersize Me ” , It’s about a man who eats nothing but Mcdonalds for 30 days .

  90. Benny Chan says:

    Stop killing whales japs!!!

  91. GG says:

    Fuck whales. I’d love to try a whaleburger.
    And I eat at McD at least twice a week. Wish I had invested in it… heh-heh-heh.

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