Fanantic fans of Japanese band, psycho le cemu

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masamaniawhen I wondering in Tokyo city, I noticed that lots of people wear unusal cloth. ro rather correctly saying, they wear unusal costume. lots of costume girls come togher on the tokyo street ! What’s happen !!!
Click picture and see the amazing world !

I ask them what are you doing now ?
and they answer, we come to the concert of psycholecemu !
what is psycholecemu?
it’s a band group !
Today is concert of psycholecemu that is famous japanese band.
They are fan of psycholecemu that’s the reason they wear strangely.
they change their cloth according with their song,
and their fan change their cloth according with psycholecemu’s style.
of course these costume is not sold.
do they make it by theirselves.
I don’t know why they do like this.
and I also don’t know why I take them picture.

We are Japanese. We need not reason.
This is way of Zen thinking.

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  1. Why didn’t you took picture of that cute blonde girl in blue on the third-last pic?!
    from MasaManiA======================================
    Of course I tried. but declined. I think she must be period.

  2. Factory says:

    Hmm I was going to comment on how the fans are usually wackier than the band, erm, but then I looked at the bands website.. 🙂

  3. bunny2002sg says:

    If cosplay was popular in Singapore… (me starts dreaming…) 😉

  4. PhilsterT says:

    “I was going to comment on how the fans are usually wackier than the band, erm, but then I looked at the bands website..:)”
    Hahaha, yeah I know. Man, that’s one sad, sad, sad band.

  5. l says:

    psycho le cemu is a great band. listen to the music.

  6. lemoned says:

    “Hahaha, yeah I know. Man, that’s one sad, sad, sad band.”
    Wow. What a rude thing to say.
    I take offense to this because I am a fan of the band.. but also because I am a cosplayer. Do you know how much time, money, and love goes into making costumes?
    I’ve put many many hours and as much as 150-200 dollars into just ONE Psycho le Cemu costume.
    Kindly remove your head from your ass.

  7. ririsu says:

    “Hahaha, yeah I know. Man, that’s one sad, sad, sad band.”
    I don’t care if you dislike or like the band or not (or cosplayers for that matter), but don’t you think it’s rather silly to judge the value of a band just based on the way they dress? Why don’t you listen to some of their music first and then decide if you think they’re good or not.
    Besides that, it’s not like the band demands that their fans cosplay; this is just the way that some of their fans show affection. Just because you’d choose to show appreciation in a different manner other than imitation doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better.

  8. phil newton says:

    wow. what a bunch of loser otaku nerds. you know, masa, we have a similar thing in the USA; its called Star Trek conventions. such conventions attract a lot of ugly geeks who dress up as aliens and monstors.

  9. Korri says:

    Go fuck yourself

  10. dork says:

    haha. yea the star trek conventions….who the hell actually goes to those things anyway?! But I think it’s good that they have the courage to go out looking like that. ?_?

  11. Minako says:

    Psycho le Cemu are a cosplay band, and they have been doing it since they first started out. They make rock music, but they also make pop music that involves parapara.
    Each memeber of the band has a role that they protrey while they are on stage, in their music videos, interviews etc. It’s just an image for them; and their image would be right out of animated series or videogame. They are quite aware they look redicious in some people’s eyes; but they all cosplayed before they were a band and it’s some thing they liked to do so they combined cosplay with music simple as that.
    The fans showing up at their concert dressed in the costumes is a way to show their love and support for the band, and it’s not only Psycho le Cemu fans that do this. Almost all visual kei bands in Japan will have fans attend their lives in their costumes, it’s just part of the concert going experince over there.
    ==============================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your help. Everybody had been waiting for your explanation. and please understand that I always respect the person I take a photo. I know there are person who say bad thing to them. But I hope every body can accept any opinions without hesitation. We should not hide anything. Hiding is job of underwear and government.

  12. Phile Newton says:

    They may have a reason to dress up, but that doesn’t stop them from still being UGLY AND GEEKY.

  13. kevin says:

    Fuckin’ Psycho Shits.

  14. pirat says:

    yo creia que lo habia visto to, vaya banda.

  15. Peter says:

    Most of you fucking losers viewing this site probably are stupid Americans who haven’t got a fucking qlue on what Visual kei and Cosplaying is about, so why don’t you just Shut the fuck up!
    Stupid Fucking Jurks!
    Visual Kei & J-rock is the best thing!

  16. joe q says:

    just like american band KISS

  17. joe q says:

    just like american band KISS or Insane Clown Posse

  18. ~shaf~ says:

    Not quite like KISS or Insane Clown Posse. These guys are happy and cute. Not so bad looking and scary.

  19. noboddy says:

    The band fans and comic fans should give their old costumes to the homeless people. Street life would then be more interesting in Tokyo.
    Thanks you for a great site!

  20. yes says:

    psycho le cemu are annoying.

  21. a s y l u m says:

    Dude. That’s soOo foOkin’ coOl.
    I praise and commend you, your efforts, and your homepage.
    (I love Pscyho le Cemu! And fOok anybody who thinks I’m crazy . . . Because I am. And I’m damn pround of it!!!!!)

  22. ank0010 says:

    please continue with your exploits, they are much appriciated.

  23. Diru-san says:

    Japanese visual-kei rocks.
    Cosplay has been around the world. It is that simple. Everybody has a band they like so they might buy a cd of that band to listen to. Does that make you a cosplayer not really no.
    If you buy a band t-shirt , key chain or jewlry of your favorite band and wear or display these things. Then you are in a way showing support for you favorite artist. As do cosplayers do, to a lesser degree, but no more deminished.
    A few examples:
    The Beatles, it was the hair and the suits as like the other bands of the era.
    Kiss, everyone wanted to be a member of Kiss.
    Poison, Ratt, Crue , need I say more.
    Insane Clown Posse and others of today.
    Cosplay has been around the world so wake up to the negative ones that think it is dumb. Enjoy, life it is to short.
    Masa rocks for making this site and keeping it real.

  24. Luca says:

    Cool pics! Is that the yoyogi park?
    ========================from MasaManiA

  25. Ninja Sasuke says:

    Ive heard one song by them before. It was OK. I love Japanese Visual Kei. I especially like Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois.
    Masa, I love your site. You are the greatest journalist!

  26. xxsaraxx says:

    I am Psycho le Ce ‘mu fan of Japan.
    Is permission taken in reflected people and do it publish in the
    photograph though it is a question?
    ========from MasaManiA
    Perdon ??

  27. suguishi says:

    If I totally have a band… totally gonna cosplay. Cosplaying is my life, and have ideas each and every minute up the ying yang. You really can’t understand until you try it.
    (Masa… you should cosplay. and take pictures. and post them here, so we can all oogle at you ^_^ )
    Just so happens Imma cosplay to a psycho le cemu concert as well… happening here –> in a month.
    also to the people who bad mouths cosplay, you have no talents? and you do not know the time and effort people spent on a single cosplay just to walk around in it for a few hours. YOU PEOPLE are very very sad not being able to enjoy our rare, specilized, but highly enjoyable hobby :/ Not EVERYONE /can/ cosplay. shut up bitch.

  28. redstone says:
  29. Trucydae says:

    Psycho le cemu is hot! and. definitly i’m not born in the right country X_X…. it’s so dull here everyone’s had the same clothe style… boring!

  30. Cat says:

    I love Psycho le cemu, i just saw them live in the US, and i love them so much><
    this is a picture of me and PLC

  31. Chibi says:

    OoO wow graet pics and for the people who do not like the band find but do not be mean to the cosplayers b/c it is realy realy hard to makes costumes and hard to find the $ and talent to make them. You have to be vrey deticatied to do it. As a cosplayer in america ware we make all ower stuff no matter what almost all the time i took some of the comments personaly but i do also take the ones on the band personaly 2 b/c i am a VERY big fan and PLEASE do not juges a band B4 u here them b/c u may be supprised

  32. Lucy says:

    Peter; how short-sighted you are! I don’t cosplay, but I like seeing people who do: it’s a way of measuring the intensity of adoration, and adoration isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
    I’m not american, to answer your stupid comment, and still I’ve got friends who went all the way down to Paris for the Moi Dix Mois concert a while ago. No, americans aren’t the only people out there with news from the rest of the world, and all of them can’t be boneheads as I know many who try to keep as much distance between themselves and the ‘ole american stereotype’.
    And finally, greetings from a Psycho le Cemu fan in Sweden.

  33. Chrissy says:

    I’m American and I love Psycho le cemu! I think they kick everyones asses! Oh and im not really a cosplayer but i know a million people who are and i want to try it. Can someone give me some tips!?!

  34. dye says:

    i love psycho le cemu and im in a cosplaying band and its just to do some thing different and to be different and to have fun stop bashing them when they have more guts then you do to dress up and to go have fun and be fricking good and it does not matter if you look good or not its just to have fun so just stop haveing a flame war and stop acting alike babys lisen to psycho le cemu, dir en grey, X (japan) and there great so just dont bash some thing you dont know and if you do know you should not be bashing it cosplay is so fun its like halloween but much more grown up and its just fun so just try some thing before you bash them and if you dont like it you dont like it you have your right to say it but understand cosplay first

  35. ayano chi says:

    =========from MasaManiA
    Because the member of Psycho le cemu is arrested by drug ?

  36. psycho_lovermania says:

    I love Psycho le Cemu!!! I come from Indonesia… want to be my friend?? Do you have friendster?? Please add me :

  37. sinead says:

    w00p w00p, ^-^ psycho le cemu are indeed a smexi band >_< theyrock!! ^-^ yaah!

  38. Arisa Ikari says:

    “Most of you fucking losers viewing this site probably are stupid Americans who haven’t got a fucking qlue on what Visual kei and Cosplaying is about, so why don’t you just Shut the fuck up!”
    awww. Im american. I loove PLC, and a lot of other J-rock/ Visual Kei Bands. Jpop too. In fact, I hardly listen to American bands.
    But just because we’re Americans, does not mean you can call us Stupid.

  39. saikoresemu says:

    hei… I’m Ayano_chi…
    support DAISHI and PSYCHO LE CEMU!!!

  40. miss mochi says:

    There’s always gonna be some jackass to make irrational belligerent comments about …anything! Don’t worry about them. It’s probably just for their own humor so no one should be offended. I’m …not american…i’m californian…and I cosplay as Aya! I love psycho le cemu. they’re colorful fun! YURA-sama..what a guy.

  41. HellifIknow says:

    LOL, miss mochi.
    To be perfectly honest, I would have no problem with California, New York, and Texas left the US. When I see someone who fits the ‘stupid American’ stereotype, and then later talk to them, 9 times out of 10, they are from one of those 3 states.
    It’s still a mystery to me. Why? None of the 3 states even touch each other, so it can’t just be regional. I can’t figure out any rational explanation for this.

  42. saikoresemu says:

    Aishiteru yo!!
    nan desu ka??
    yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my lovely husband (*..*)…

  43. rei says:

    hello all… Does somebody knows what is going on with Daishi? I know he was arrested, but is he in jail…? how long…? i know nothing and it sucks!!!!!!!! >.hello all… Does somebody knows what is going on with Daishi? I know he was arrested, but is he in jail…? how long…? i know nothing and it sucks!!!!!!!! >.<

  44. saikoresemu says:

    yeah… me too. i don’t know any news about daishi? i don’t know… but i give you all this, my favorite site :
    this is UnOfficial Site of PLC but… you’ll love this site. and also you can read the news of PLC.
    hey, I LOVE DAISHI ang i’m sooooo sad! my friend gave me PV With… and when i watched… OMG I was criying!!!! daishi!!! who’s that girL????!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    (sob… sob…)
    okay, but i’m trying to learn Parapara, especially PLC’. i love Parapara in Prism and I can dance Parapara!!! do you know Dance II Heaven? I can!
    Please, tell me any news of PLC if you know.
    I know that AYA, YURA-sama, Seek, and Lida. but Daishi…??? How is he? Is he okay?
    oh… i don’t know anything.
    he is arrested but… ah! Dammit!

  45. saikoresemu says:

    Who is the best? Daishi is the best because he’s so cute and he can actually hit most of the notes in lives. ^^;;; some bands’ vocalists do not often hit the right notes, and they sound terrible. ;;; Daishi also is a really energetic person, and he did this really funny thing during an interview awhile back. during a live, PLC had set up a camera behind the drum set so they can watch a video of their performance, but once in awhile Daishi would jump in front of the camera so anyone while watching the video could see him. He thought that would make everyone so happy. XD. And… Daishi is my Prince Charming!!!!XD (what the…?)

  46. saikoresemu says:

    Psycho le Cemu is back… but they are not Psycho le Cemu anymore… The are now back as new indies band, Synectics? Yeah, I’m sad but… What should I do? I can’t do anything. but I say thank you to everypeople who supported PLC. PLC is the best band, I think.. hehe.. I’m tired, thinking about PLC make me sad… haha, lol! Synectics… welcome back AYA, YURA-sama, Lida, and seek. Good bye Psycho le Cemu… now, there is no cosplay band anymore, SAYONARA
    ==================from MasaManiA
    Yes, It’s really really sad !
    I understand your feeling.

  47. Gara says:

    I love the band and the fan’s are so fun to watch when they dress up.

  48. Tiia says:

    I love Daishi, and I would like to know all the new news about him. I know about the arrest, an so on, but anyone who knows something about Daishi, please tell me. My Email: Please tell me something… n_n

  49. saikoresemu says:

    omg!! i want to tell this, and this is the time! I’m sure that is’ll make you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last time, i sent an e-mail about my feeling because of PLC’s news. He sent me back, and the answer made me happy!
    Saturday, August 27, 2005 06:02:00
    I’m not the real PLC but it’s indeed a sad thing for
    us fans. I know Daishi did wrong but I still kinda
    hope he hadn’t been caught… but really, it is for
    his best, he needs to quit drugs or else it’s gonna
    ruin him… he’s still young. If he continued doing
    drugs wouldn’t it be more of a shock to us if one
    day he died out of some overdosis issue or
    something? I would never ever want that to happen.
    Even this little bit of news is quite a shock for me.
    JRock bands always have a lot of issues, I
    remember how fans commit suicide when hide-
    sama died years ago. Thank God Daishi is still
    alive. The thing is, I dunno how long his sentence
    is. I think he’ll be going to jail, I dunno for sure. But
    the other PLC members don’t seem like they’re
    ready to give up PLC’s career. They’re forced to
    disband for now, and Nippon Crown banned ALL
    their goods/releases from being sold to the public.
    Nippon Crown is such a bitch. But I heard the
    other members were thinking of reforming PLC
    once Daishi is released from jail or something.
    Well, I sure hope it’s true. Because I won’t be
    supporting ISABELLE (Aya, Seek & 3 other
    people) or the Lida-Yura Unit until Daishi is back.
    HAHA… I want to say thanks to you!!! you make me happy!! Oh really!!!
    Many thanks to you!

  50. Hayate392 says:

    I wish they were still together u__u
    But,back to my point….
    …which song is the leopard print outfit from?
    Daishi..on drugs?
    oh well what singer isn’t?
    But I love Daishi…why daishi? O____O;;
    ok…I’m going to go recede to the corner of a room until Daishi is free from inprisonment…u__u
    *Demands e-mails about Daishi too…but also will accept pictures too >__>*

  51. Hayate392 says:

    *Listening to Yume Kazegurama*
    Ok…I’ll stop acting like a fan girl….
    Anyone wanna be kind to Daishi’s wife and send her the Prism PV?or upload it and send me the link[hayate392(at)]…I’m serious O_O…
    Whitney Houston did drugs..but she isn’t in jail
    -__-..can’t he just get out on bail?…
    I never got to see them live…it isn’t like I’ll attack Daishi or something *twitches*

  52. Hayate392 says:

    …Last comment..I promise ^^;;
    Let’s see…Daishi is 5’3″ and I’m 5’8″ O__O

  53. Angel's Kiss says:

    I cant believe how seriously Japanese record labels take the drugs thing! I really hope Daishi comes back soon and they all try to reform PLC! I will show my support for the new bands, but will miss PLC so much!
    But who says you cant cosplay PLC anymore? Malice Mizer broke apart and they are still one of the most cosplayed bands! PLC shall live forever through the fans! ^_^

  54. Taratata says:

    Well,the difference between those Japanese band and the Kiss are very significant,i am not American,i come from the old continent…and i think around this world we know the Kiss…who knows a hell about those “Manga crazy pseudo Pop Band?” Japan its a very strange country,i feel like you live in your own world,maybe you even dont consider yourself asian.

  55. saikoresemu says:

    Oh, hello Hayate392. I’m sorry… I couldn’t reply for your last post. ^^ But…
    You’re right, stop acting like this…(=_=;;)
    But I’m sure Psycho le Cemu will be back soon.
    wait for them! Don’t leave them! And they won’t leave their fans, they will be back!
    About Malice Mizer (ugh… don’t say anything about that!) PLC is not Malice Mizer! They are different!!! Remember that! They are different!
    I believe they’ll come back… as Psycho le Cemu!
    GANBATTE for you all, PLC!!!
    NB: what do you think MasaMania??

  56. saikoresemu says:

    oh… I forget!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TWO, YURA-sama and seek!! And also…. ME (25th Sept 2005!
    Oh yes! PLC will be back!!! Remember that!
    Don’t you think that they still use the same name?
    Okay, maybe you’ll think, “Oh, they’re popular because that name!”
    NOOO!!! If they’re not PLC anymore, they will change their name because their nickname is not their real name!
    PLC’s member are kind person! And… they haven’t told us that PLC is disband… remember that.

  57. Tony no Genshin says:

    I went to one of their concerts and was fairly certain that they were not playing their instruments. This disappointed me thoroughly. the guitars weren’t even plugged in, and there were no visible wireless transmitters. I can admire them for their outrageous and ammusing stage show (with their comical introductions and such), however I cannot admire the music of a band that does not play their own instruments.

  58. anonyms says:

    okay, Mr.tony… I’m sorry but i think PLC is not like that. Sometimes they aren’t playing the instrument but it’s because they showing their para2 dance!!!
    Im hate you mr!
    I think you haven’t come to all of PLC concerts!! and you didn’t see all of their concert!!!
    You are…

  59. pinkkiller says:

    damn o_____O psycho-fans are -scary- O__o”
    I don’t like plc because of Aya..
    Now…d’you wanna kill me for that comment or what?

  60. questionma says:

    Masa, how much news did Daishi bring?
    Did it just show on the news for 20 seconds and then everyone forgot, or was it a BIG news story?

  61. rei says:

    Hey is here some nice person, who have some Psycho PV´s? If you have some pv´s, and you would like to “share” them with me, please send me e-mail or add me in your msn messenger…
    I would be very happy if someone would send me some pv´s… ^__^ If some one has Murder, death, kill live, could you send it to me? please?

  62. Hayate392 says:

    Hey saikoresemu i saw your tag….i have a new layout..guess who?
    Why are they freezing all the merchandise?…that’s just dumb…
    p.s- Tony & Pinkiller,I hope you’re prepared to suffer for those comments -__-
    and Pinkiller…the answer is yea…
    *Continues lurking in the website…*
    ok ja ne

  63. saikoresemu says:

    DAISHI support Fan Book
    A member of the DAISHI LiveJournal Community is organizing a fan book to show Psycho le Cemu that they still have support of their overseas members regardless of their current status. If you’re interested in contributing to this project the deadline is November 10th and more information can be found here:
    I know a lot of people are feeling rather helpless about Daishi’s situation right now, and from talking with some of you there’s a lot of interest in wanting to show Daishi that he still has fans that care. In that spirit, I am organizing a fanbook for him. I believe that projects like this are important, not only to the person they are for, but for the fans themselves.
    + Artwork/letters must be flat paper printed 8 1/2 x 11. Do not fold your paper!
    + If writing a letter, please rely on a friend who can translate Japanese (avoid babelfishiness if you can) or use simple, concise English.
    + No porno please XD
    + Anything insulting or offensive will not be accepted.
    Any questions, please contact Nikki at
    Mail your submissions to:
    DAISHI c/o Nikki Vierno
    PO Box 4416
    Middletown, NY 10941
    If you would like to contribute to the cost of shipping and materials, please paypal and be sure to label it as a fanbook contribution so that I don’t confuse it as a bracelet payment. Thank you for your help.
    taken from:

  64. saikoresemu says:

    I’m so tired! Yap, I’ll send my pict to madlovescience tommorow. It’s roman hikou (cartoon version). I don’t relly like my pic but… I believe that if Daishi has the support of people who care about him, if his friends and family stand by him, that he will bounce back too. Yeah, I’m just a fans and I can’t do anything important. But I’ll try to do my best. I don’t really sure if my pic could be arrive before the deadline on 10th November, because it needs time (about a month or two or three weeks) to send my pic to madlovescience. I hope this project could help all of PLC’s member to bounce back (especially DAISHI). But I don’t hate Synectics or DACCO. They’re ‘Psycho le Cemu’ too but not ‘The Real Psycho le Cemu’.
    K, wish me luck…
    NB: Hey, I’m doing my PLC’s fanfic too but it written in Indonesian. Oh and I made some MP3 skins (DAISHI, AYA, YUME KAZAGURUMA). I really like my MP3 skins! But the most important thing is… I’ll study Japanese in my holiday! Boho~ I love you all, Psycho le Cemu *kissed them deeply*

  65. this is the gayest shit i have ever seen. fuck this scene and fuck those who follow it.

  66. sofe says:

    no one even asked your opinion. and if you hate it so much, why are you here? no one is forcing you, so just stop wasting your time by being stupid here

  67. Sandra says:

    I love psychole cemu But i dunno how to get the outfits :S When u live in canada its pretty hars getting things like there costumes!Yura-sama forever^^

  68. Ali says:

    to the person who thinks this is ‘gay shit’ – of your gonna slabber about jrock/cosplaying, at least have some arguement against it. Otherwise, I’m sure i would feel that your music is pretty shit to, whatever it may be. 🙂

  69. Yeah, everybody can do whatever they want
    “foqiu” pinche gringo baboso
    Atte El Frijolero
    (that´s spanish, ok ?)

  70. GliTch says:

    I’m from the US. (Seattle) Not everyone’s like that here. I wish they were more open to cosplay. Your right though, there is a bit here, but it’s allways hard, dark, morbid or scary. There is a bit, but I wish there was more cosplay that was anime and video game based. More fantasy you know. Love you all though.

  71. travwell says:

    I wouldn’t be quite as bold as these guys, but this is pretty cool, like Halloween every day! My friends take Halloween very seriously. I especially like these photos because it seems like everyone’s wearing a different costume of their own character, not just taking characters from the band (as far as I can tell). I wish my conservative Jewish town had people like this!
    -stupid American stereotype New Yorker

  72. QiniYn says:

    hey! who called Psycho le cemu is a jerk?
    go to hell plz!!!

  73. To each his/her own says:

    You know, many of the guys who call everything they don’t like ‘gay’ also go home and jerk off to yaoi. It’s a form of denial.
    Many people would consider this style to be too outlandish-just look at earlier posts. I wonder, how many of them followed the trend when flourescent colored clothes were ‘in’, or when hypercolor shirts were popular?

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