Japanese business man's vomiting life

What’s a lack in common sense to vomit in the train ! Even if he must be drunk, he could manage to vomit outside train. Almost all people do so. At least it maybe be a minimal manner as a member of society.
He must be suck beast.
But, hey, see his outfit. He wear suite neatly. Yes, he is Japanese business man.
I don’t know why but I feel pity for him more than anger. I can imagine his dairy life.
He must get up same time in the morning to go to company. He must get on the same train. He must do same job with same people. He must be scolded by same reason. He must do same over time work. He must go to drink to same bar. And he must go back same home by same train.
His life is strictly managed by same routine like a machine, because he is Japanese business man. His vomit happening is the only moment when he can be human in his mindless daily life.
But even if he vomit on the train sheet, he must go back home as soon as possible. He cannot clean up it even though he maybe feel sorry for it. He must go to company next morning punctually. So he must go back home to get ready for it.
Vomiting is the only freedom moment for Japanese business man. Let’s vomit for Japanese business man life.
P.S. i recoment you had better give your seat to old people & handicapped people in Japanese train. It’s Japanese manner. You already know how rational manner is in Japan.

He vomit on the train.

Vomit is scattered on the train floor, on the train sheet on himself.

Normaly people dont get on the train when they are nearly vomit.

But he must get on the train, because that is his routine.

Normal people dont vomit on the train. vomit outside train.

But he vomit on the train. because he is Japanese business man.

People sometime cannot help vomitting but at least they vomit outside train.

But he vomit in the train. and he must go back home without clean up vomit on the train.

He wipe his vomit on his suite but never wipe his vomit on the train sheet.

This is Japanese business man life. it could make you vomit ?

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  1. This is a very strange place to find freedom, but I can see and feel it too!
    Good work Masa!! You have given me a different view about this situation 🙂
    P.S. Usually I’m the only person that gives my seat to old, handicapped, or pregnant people inside Japanese trains (I’m American). I almost never see Japanese people do this…? Its it true?? Is it really Japanese manners???
    ==================from MasaManiA
    I dont think it is good manner to give vomit sheet. we Jap are heartly good manner.

  2. Woa dude, cool story, I think it’s very brave and direct of you to follow him and take images so up close. You not affraid of him taking a hit at you? Or did he not notice you at all?
    ============From MasaManiA
    I am NInja Shotter

  3. nice site. interesting interpretation.
    i always give my seat to older people or pregnant womean and i’m canadian. i never see japanese people do this.

  4. i`ve just refind your site! it`s one of the view site whcih speaks so directly about japanese life and the culture ! i`m greatful for this , good job please continue ;)!

  5. Japanese people don’t give up their seats for elderly people! When I was there, I was the only one giving up my seat! The other just neglected the older women.

  6. Wow, see, the power of words. I saw the picture and thought, what a dickhead, vomit on the train. Then i read your story and now I feel sorry for business man and I understand his freedom in vomit.

  7. Sad and a bit frightening. This piece made me think about my life, and my job and daily routine that really doesn’t change much. So I see myself in this man. Although I don’t drink much, so don’t vomit in public very often.
    thank you Masa

  8. I think everyone should drink moore !!! And who cares about little puke in the train? ( I am sure goevrnment pays for cleaniner jobs).
    I’ll definitely drink to the japanese business man!!!

  9. Hola Masa
    I can imagine routine for jap business man must be pretty hard….working almost all day…i don’t want be in his place…you can’t live and think freely…i’m an artist…that things are important to do my job…living days with some changes is live…routine kills everybody…from students until business man….but i think japanese life style is pretty stressful, and in fact, for every japanese…
    About that business man, maybe he went to a bar and drunk to much…so…the train’shaking makes him sick and that’s why he throws up…it happnes to me once, i went to a university party in a botanic park and i drank to death until i got drunk…then i came back in train to my house and train’s shaking makes me throw up in my bag with notebooks and all…so after all i think the train’s shaking was responsable…
    anyway….good report…
    nice pics….Masa, you’re an idol!!!, you really show truth and i like it this way…
    Don’t let shows truth!!!

  10. don’t you have to get up in the morning and go to some kind of job too? Or does all your money come from residuals from your porn films?

  11. That’s possibly the worst place to vomit. In a closed area, and right by the door too, where people need to walk. It possibly made others sick and caused them to vomit as well, creating a discusting chaine-reaction. O.o Ew.

  12. Ahh, the poor man, I feel sorry for him too.
    Although I feel more sorry for your nose.
    Hey I’m a new reader by the way =D
    Oh yeah I was visitor 7 7 7 7 7 XD

  13. oh yeah oh my god he vomit in the train its gonne get worse if he evacuated in the train, i mean, it would have stink all

  14. this certainly is a new insight: viewing the moment of vomitting as the only moment one can be true to himeself, whether he be a businessman or not, since it is afterall, as i suppose, an instinctive action.
    too rarely do us city people act by instincts. thats what separates us from animals. we dont follow our instincts. i hope that puking would not be the sole moment i could be true to myself.

  15. i like this perspective to vomitting.
    that one can only be true to himself during vomitting, cos afterall its an instinctive action.
    how often do we follow our instincts?? thats what separates us from animals, that we dont follow our instincts.
    masa, im happy with the updates.. ive been waiting for more than a month!!! your vision inspires me, as always!

  16. And all that is because Japanese people don’t train their body to resist heavy drinking parties, as Mexican people do…
    Sarariman no BAKA! BAKA! 😛

  17. Holy shit… its a Japanese version of me!!! Only instead of puking on the train I puke at bars then usually get thrown out. I have to call a cab and be up at 6am to do it all over again (usually with a hangover) … That is my freedom … my vacation from the rest of the world.

  18. I think you are a poor useless american people.
    You won’t interest in Japanese culture, and obviously you’re bad spirit. If you don’t kiffe it, just put some of your stupid american way of life very deep in your ass.
    Oh … excuse me … it’s already done …

  19. AAUGH… the life of a buisness man is no life at all.
    Vomit is their only human condition.
    But did you hear…the american jerk in Japan is being kicked out of the country !!

  20. I would like to relate a true story of vomiting on the london underground tube system that i saw about ten years ago.
    I was on a picadilly line tube train at about 10pm. The carriage was virtually empty. Picadilly train carriages are quite narrow and have seats facing one another. At the end of the carriage were two young indian men (students?) sitting facing each other. One of them was asleep. I was sitting about four seats down opposite the sleeping man whose chin was resting on his chest.
    Suddenly the sleeping mans head was forced up automatically and his mouth opened – and an torrent of Exorcist style projectile vomit gushed out and hit his friend in the stomach – all the way across the gap between the seats -about 2 meteres. The sleeping mans head contined to rise still gushing vomit and hosed his friend from the stomach all the way up to the neck. The vomit was like a hose had been turned on at full volume for about 4 seconds.
    Wow. Amazing. The man who was covered in vomit was intially shocked but took it in good humour and said “What was wrong with the window man” and wiped himself down with an old newspaper. Which i thought was rather decent of him. I think they were students who had been out celebrating. The sleeping mans body had said “ok i have to get rid the this curry and beer immediately!!!” and had done so without his knowledge or violition.

  21. Masamania you suck some major ass, you dumb fucker.
    You dumb fucking japs have no manners, only fear of getting shunned by your ‘group’, and when you’re in train that’s not your group and you don’t give a fuck. Japs are the dumbest shittiest nation in the world; don’t bullshit about manners, I’ve never seen a single lameass 1,50m tall yellow sliteyed jap bastard give his seat to an elder/pregnant woman/invalid in fucking jappo trains, only foreigners do that.

  22. bushusuru – meaning “to commit an instance of embarrassing public vomiting”, or literally “to do the Bush thing”
    I’ve seen Japanese women vomiting into each others’ mouths, eating shit with forks and knives, drinking each others’ snot, etc. They’ve thought of it all.
    What I previously thought was the worst, though, was this incredibly bizarre video of a masked man violently shoving frogs into the vagina of a crying, tied-up Japanese woman. Few things, if any, offend me, but this one did, because I like frogs.
    Now I see salaryman messing up train and it is the worst thing I have seen. All the above are clean activities not mess for others, where as the train photos make mess for others.

  23. I swear I’ve seen that guy before!
    He was absolutely wasted on a train heading for Chiba City!!! He would stand up and then fall over and just lay on the floor moaning.

  24. thank you for the update… great work as usual.
    speaking of ninjashot.. do you plan updates for ninjashot website? Y-project is updated frequently. I enjoy all of your websites very much.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your interesting !! i will make a effort to update any website.

  25. Forget giving up my seat to old people, I rather trip them and break their hips. As for pregnant ladies, I just kick them in their stomaches. If I have to vomit on a train, I wont do it on the floor, I’ll do it on the person next to me. I am an outwardly vulgar person, and if people have a problem with that, I pack a good old American Colt 1911 which is a .45 ACP and it chambers the 230 grain Black Talon which isn’t something you want to mess with. By the way, nice pictures, it would have been cooler though if there was blood mixed in with his vomit though.

  26. MasaMan you are one funny jap fucker. You make me laugh so hard I cry and can’t read my monitor. And I like to fuck too and then look for the truth just like you. Show me more.

  27. I am so glad that the poor fellow was not in a crowded train during rush hour.
    Thanks for the insight Masa.

  28. poo on the train?lol
    if theres beautiful jap girl get drunk like that,surely i you-know-what.
    why jap people can go as far as drinking vomit,eating shit,thats insane,i think fear factor should eat shit and drink vomit.
    another great article masa.

  29. “I can imagine his dairy life.”
    Ha ha. I love engrish!
    And I love this site, too. It’s sorta like Maddox, but much better.

  30. i really want to vomit in bangkok subway.People in trains and people who make trains try to be civilazation but they’re still selfish and stupid. the goverment is stupid because they think people are stupid. i hate when the train stop it has a woman’s voice ‘plese mind your grab between train and flatform’ and i sit in that fucking train from a first station to a final station.
    really want to vomit for thai transportation!!!!

  31. All of the’s people who read your web site R FUCKING Weird! One person shits on the train at night. Good report Masa.

  32. Dear Masa, thank you for documenting this business man vomiting in public! I agree with you that this vomiting must be his only form of release from normal, pedantic, regimented daily life in Japan. I found myself laughing quite a lot when I thought of this man vomiting being the highlight of his day/ week/ year/ life. Maybe I’ll vomit in public here in Brighton to liven up my life too…

  33. Your story on the businessman’s life is very interesting. But think about the person whose job is cleaning up the stuff in trains and stations. His job would be very similar, in addition to doing a shitty job. And he’s taken for granted and no appreciation for his work shown (Do ppl say how clean a train is? If it’s dirty everyone notices). I feel more sorry for the cleaner.

  34. Were all those pics taken over the course of one night?
    The only person I’ve ever seen puke on the subway in Toronto is my gf and she made it to the garbage can.
    I might have done it too but I can’t remember.

  35. I think if I felt sick, I would puke on train too, unless the next stop was within 1 minute. Sometimes you can’t help it, like when people go to amusement park and puke on tilt a whirl and rollercoaster, it just comes.
    I think you should make t-shirts with some of your quotes 🙂 They are really funny. Haha~ Maybe I will make some for myself with your quotes, I love them~ ahaha.

  36. I once rode the train from Grand Central Station in NYC to Beacon. It was after a Grateful Dead concert at Madison Square Garden. It was very late and my friends were the only passengers on the train.
    We were fucked up! I had only smoked, but my buddies had drunk tons of liquor, and ate some lsd. They were fucked up, especially the girls. I thought the girls were going to pass out!
    We had to smoke some hash in order to keep my friends from vomiting on the train. Smoking hash makes the stomach feel better and takes away the “spinning?Esensation that lsd and alcohol sometimes cause.
    When the TWU (transit worker union) man came to collect our train tickets, he was angry. There is no smoking on the train! And there is no smoking allowed of hash, ever in America! The TWU worker understood that we were fucked up. There were no police or other passengers on the train.
    The TWU worker did not want us to vomit. The TWU worker did not want to clean up our vomit.
    We agreed not to smoke anymore hash, and not to vomit on the train. The TWU worker agreed not to have us arrested.
    We did not vomit on the train.
    In NYC, the subways and trains are very clean. TWU workers keep the trains clean.
    In America, rich kids party hard and vomit on the train all the time. American rich kids NEVER clean up their vomit. TWU workers always clean up rich kids vomit.
    In NYC, the TWU workers went on strike. The trains and subways stopped running for two days! TWU workers wanted to earn a “living wage?Efor running the trains and cleaning up rich kids vomit.
    The TWU left the picket line, and are back on the job. The NYC trains are running now. The trains are clean because the TWU workers have cleaned them. They deserve a raise.
    I enjoyed your story a great bit. I am honored to be allowed to contribute to your story and site. Peace and low stress,

  37. You’ve made a good work, Guy. I like the way you tell the stoy.
    However, I notice that you took photos of several drunken. Do you finish this series at the same night? if so, I think you Japs may drink a little much.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Jap love to drink

  38. this remember me the period I was salaryman… yeah setai every night… train from akiba to shiki everyday, morning and night… no time to enjoy. Now I am really cool in southern France, 3min by car from my home to work and work is only 35hours a week, in Japan it was twice more. Taihen da ne!

  39. Hey Masa, are you still alive? Not read anything new for a long time… maybe that’s you puking everywhere and your friend is da photographer huh? Haha! Joking.

  40. Hey Masa!
    Does everyone in Japan eat the same thing? All the vomit I see in this and other stories always looks exactly the same. No variety. It seems to me that in the global economy of the 21st century that there would be more choices in the Japanese diet. Do you think that dietary customs are just as rigid as business man’s dairy life?

  41. Yeah… We need entertaining… there must b smethg happening there, was fucking xmas! now nu yrs gone too!

  42. Wow MASA It’ll be my honor! Dude I’d love to help! I really do… . But unless i can find a Job in Japan with reasonable pay; I’m fucking stuck in fucking england!! Aport from Man Utd F.C. It’s a shit whole here. If you think it’s shit there… wait till you visit here!
    Erm… I won’t be in Japan till 2008. You think you can wait?

  43. We tame our butther in the US. Better than the other way. Japs are a bunch of freakin’ robots. Do they still only sell one style of glasses?

  44. masa in portuguese means cool. if you add another s, it also means pasta.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report.

  45. Ah…I love this site.
    This reminds me of my first home in Japan’s station. It was the southern-most part of Tochigi in a town called Nogi (野木町) . Every saturday night there was the “Phantom Puker”. I could tell what he’d had for dinner. Never saw who he was until one fateful night.
    I got home about 9-ish and trudged up the stairs to the station from the platform. From the top of the station to each side there is a goodly long flight of steep stairs. Well… this mid-30’s guy didn’t make it down the whole way. So he seems to have rolled down the stairs and landed at the bottom. He then apparently started pucking on himself like a fountain.
    I really regretted not having my camera to photo this ass.
    I kicked lightly him for good measure as a thanks for having to dodge his remains on the platform for all those many nights.
    Another favorites I’ve seen are: a mid-50’s guy come into the train and fall down on the floor. He then started shitting, pissing, and vomiting on himself. He might have died but no one knows because we all ran to the next cars.
    My friend once saw a freshman (newly hired suit) take off his shoe and sock so he could vomit in his sock. He politely held it, though it dripped, until he could get off at his station.

  46. Masa Dude, are you in Jail? Maybe the Yakuza have you beaten to a pulp, poured boiling hot oil on yo mofo’s ass or something; so you can’t go round taking the piss outta Japanese people… maybe this is the reason why you not posting any more news.
    Well I just tell you know I added you to my Blogroll; saves me the pleasure of mistyping your damn domain in every other language, other than english.
    think someone said “japs are cool, they can vomit anywhere and nobody cares. i wonder who cleans them up?” – doraemon
    How about you do it, ding dong… hahaha

  47. Please update your site!!!!!,I am from philadelphia, I am coming to Tokyo in October to stay with friends for 15 days. I can’t wait to see this fucking place but for the last three months I get on this site and all I get is someone vomiting, Not that I care.
    I want to see more real pictures of Tokyo.This has got to be one of the coolest sites I have ever come across, Way to tell it like it is. Hope I see you when I am there I promise to give you the finger!!!! I will be like”Look Masamania!!! Fuck you!!!” I promise:). Keep going with this cool site!!!

  48. When i went to japan i gave up my seat, almost everytime, for a girl/lady/old person yet i too never saw a japanese person give up theirs…
    oh…nice job with the vomiting thing, i think its pretty sad that the salaryman have such a monotonous life.

  49. I know he’s alive…I saw a few messages get added the other day (hence ‘hehe, good morning, Masa’ in another thread).
    ============from MasaManiA
    sorry for my slow update

  50. It happens, Masa. Sure, we’re still waiting, but you still have your own life. Don’t get me wrong…I want to see a new update, too, but honestly, this is YOUR site. If you need time between updates, then we will just have to deal with that.
    No need to apologize.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your understanding

  51. Masa, I love your articles about Japan, gives a little more insight of life over there. I never knew life in Japan was this harsh. Take care and keep up the good work.
    ================from MasaManiA
    THank you

  52. Hello Masa, I’m visitor vumber 77777 of your site! It’s the first time I read your site!
    Hahaha, I’m from Germany, and we also have poor English knowledge and vomiting people in trains! But the difference to Japan is that everybody here would be very angry and violent against the vomiter, call the police and they will hit him out of the train!
    Japanese are very heartless people in public live, right? I have a japanese girl as a penfriend, and she is very lovley in her private live! I never thought that there is such a big difference between public and private live in Japan! It’s not the same like here in Germany, no really not 😉
    Anyway, are you angry about I want to take away a japanese girl from the boys there and fuck her better with bigger european Hainey^__^!?!?! Yust kidding…
    Very good pictures. Keep goinng on! Good luck,
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Thank you !

  53. hey, it`s the first time i visited this site and i`m more than surprised, i`ve never saw another one that could manage to inform (morally) so many people from all over the world, and the thing is you do it in a direct way, no censorship and stuff.
    keep up the good work and good luck on your future projects.

  54. The man you know as ‘Masa’ is serving jail time since december 20th.
    I hope he makes it back alive.

  55. So, haruka, do Japanese jails have internet in every cell? Masa has responded to a few posts since 20 December.

  56. Interesting!!
    Maybe salarymen peuking on the trains will start a new trend of self-expression! It is like grafitti for office workers!!
    Excellent work Masa, do not stop no matter what!
    To go out and drink and eat and peuk is good once in a while 🙂
    I must visit Japan one day.
    Cheers from Canada.

  57. Whatever is going on with Masa, I can tell he’s incredibly busy…
    I sent an e-mail and he didn’t reply. I don’t think he should drop everything to respond; it’s just unusual, considering. If I could, I’d take the short trip over to Japan and try to find out for myself…

  58. hey masa,
    i know this is an old question…but i can’t see your pictures anymore – for like a year now. what do i need to do to my computer to let me see them??

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