Japanese street HIP HOP scene

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This is Japanese hip hop scene. We do rap, we do dance practice on the street, we do dance battle, we do Graffiti, we enjoy hip hop style.
I know you will say “What’s the fucking Jap ? it’s not hip hop at all !?E So what ? We are fed up with pedantic lecture about true hip hop.
if you start to explain about it, at least you are also not hip hop. The place you should go is not here, but Wikipedia.
We, Jap also enjoy hip hop. what’s wrong with that.
We are hip hop ! fuck you, Japanese hip hop is No 1 !


  1. pm says:

    Is hip-hop very popular in japan?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Yes, popular.

  2. terrible dan says:


  3. j says:

    very funny. thanks for update.
    By the way:
    I like that picture the most. Did you follow the directions on the shirt. Masa?
    =================From MasaManiA
    i have right to chose pussy

  4. Drew says:

    Hi my names drew I am from new zealand where it’s very much hip hop,here polynesian and european perceptions meet which makes a really unique flavour towards hip hop culture,I myself am half polynesian or Maori and half european so it’s what I’ve grown up with.
    Much respect to japanese culture and keep this style up

  5. Elaine says:

    Hi Masa, nice update. Is hip hop more popular than raving in Japan?
    ===============from MasaManiA
    i dont know how to compare them.

  6. shouriwa says:

    don’t like hip-hop ..
    prefer J-Music ..
    what took you so long for an update, by the way

  7. Good Man says:

    He looks ready to say “yaranaika”. Is this a uniform?

  8. Rahn says:

    I like this guy’s hair in particular: http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/wp-content/uploads/jap_hip_hop23.jpg
    There’s a documentary that came out a few months ago called “Rize” that’s about a dance movement in South Central Los Angeles. Here’s the trailer: http://www.apple.com/trailers/lions_gate/rize/

  9. Hexxenn says:

    Hey Masa, if hip hop is for Japs too, why are they all pretending to be black?

  10. ヘンア外人 says:

    I like Japanese punks and punk music much better than Japanese Hip-Hoppers (ちめE

  11. Skin says:


  12. Nathan says:

    Japan has good Hiphop! These days, Hiphop does not belong to any type of person (not only black or not only American)!
    It is for EVERYONE!! This is part of why it is so powerful!!
    I’m happy to know you understand Hiphop! (and you showed at least one picture of each of the 4 Hiphop Arts)! GREAT!!

  13. True hip hop? What the fuck does that mean? Hip hop is about a music culture from the streets, Japan has different streets, different hip hop!

  14. D.. says:

    Wow Masa.. I was wondering when you’re going post this kind of stuff.
    Great Post !!!
    But all I can say hip hop is universal. enough said. Its everywhere . Not only in Japan or America but Europe also. Its the style we like. Its the Culture we embrace.
    Where I’m from, New Jersey, we have Asians dress like this . Its nothing new. But We love it. Without it , well ,the world wouldn’t be so diverse.
    Oh yea .. Break dancing rules ! Don’t ever try to do the Krump dance or whatever. A so called Dance invented by a clowns for clowns. !!

  15. Aaron says:

    Thank you so much for updating!! but we need more mania from masa!! what genre do you fit into if any masa???????

  16. axl says:

    yeah! i love jap hip hoppers. they are always so friendly. is grafitti common in tokyo? i lived in sendai a while and i didn’t see any grafitti at all.

  17. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hip hop?? in janpan??
    i hate hiphop….here in Chile hip hopers are treat like criminals because people don’t like their artwork on houses’s wall…. the only think i like from hip hop are their (some) artwork in town’s wall where i live…as an artistic expresion….they are very good using spray can….that’s the only think i like about hip hop, music is kind of monotone like that “every lady in da house say OOUUU!!!”, i specially hate American MTV hiphop….i think chilean hip hop is more rythmic than other hiphop i heard…but i still don’t like any kind of hiphop music…
    And beside? what’s the deal to wear big sized clothes? there are few hiphopers in your report that look more like skaters than hiphopers…skateers wear biz extra sized clothes too…
    Anyway,at least, i think i could play with her:
    http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/wp-content/uploads/jap_hip_hop14.jpg 😀
    Well…that’s it
    chao Masa!

  18. Brian says:

    Haha jap hip hoppers… wait till you see japs trying to rock in english. It’s a fucking circus. Watch Beck.

  19. Nero Zeromus says:

    I don’t think you Jappers realize that hip-hop is degenerate American CRAP. What ever happened to that Samurai spirit that you jappers once had? Whatever happened to the World War 2 Japan I used to know and love, the Japan that recognized itself culturally? Now all we have is a bunch of stupid Jappers practicing American nigger-culture. You jappers are truly a bunch of degenerate morons. I hope China sinks your shit island with a few nukes.

  20. [Kook] says:

    Thank you for your update..
    I’m a girl from Thailand…I follow your website for a long time….And now,I’m “MasaMania”..Wow!
    I think,you’re a cool guy…
    I really like when you explain everything because you explain from your mind…No one like you..
    By the way,
    I used to listen Japanese Hip-Hop Song such as Dragon ash,Rize and etc.
    I really like it!
    Do you like Hip-Hop,Masa?
    So,I will follow your website continually..
    =============from MasaManiA
    I like Ekachai & Roso, thai singer.

  21. meichu says:

    im not into hip-hop much, but i like dragon ash, orange range, flow, and rip slyme..are they considered hip-hop?

  22. Big Dog says:

    What’s with this dumb ass racist zero zero? Nigger culture? You gotta be kidding me. No such thing as Nigger. No such thing as nigger-culture. Music is UNIVERSAL. What ever happened to the old Japan you say? It lives inside YOU. Just like your racist, narrow-minded thoughts. Rap, hip-hop, and yes, even Rock is HERE TO STAY.
    By the way… your kids might bring home a Japanese or Black. lol
    To the people in Japan:

  23. Nero Zeromus says:

    Music is universal? Are you trying to tell me that hip-hop is MUSIC? Are you out of your mind? You really must be an idiot if that’s what you think. Hip-hop is NOT music. To say that Hip-Hop is music would be to put it on a comparable level of a classical opera, for example. Maybe now you understand why ‘Hip-hop’ should be labeled appropriately as DEGENERATE. And I don’t think at all I’m being ‘racist’ by saying that the Japanese shouldn’t be practicing American degenerate nigger-culture. If anything, I’m showing favor of JAPANESE CULTURE by saying that the Japanese need to preserve it! These are things you obviously are not capable of comprehending, ‘Big Dog’.

  24. mogger says:

    i agree with Nero Zeromus
    here’s to respecting and preserving the tradition of our ancestors, instead of aping those that MTV and America tell you is “cool”
    nice website by the way, MasaMania

  25. Michael says:

    Wikipedia, ha ha. I don’t know about Japanese hip-hop, looks even stupider than American hip-hop — though much more innocent.
    But the Japanese are doing great things with jazz. They have transformed it totally yet are somehow more true to its long-suffering Delta spirit than most black people are in the U.S. these days. Masa, do you know Sachiko M? She plays long, droning sine waves, like emergency test patterns. She is Zen and disturbing at the same time. Listening to her albums makes me feel very focused, my powers of concentration sharpen, wondering if these patterns are moving or it they’re static, waiting for a variation in the frequency. Otomo Yoshihide is very good too; he’s more of a big band leader.
    ==============From MasaManiA
    Hi, i dont knwo about these aritists.

  26. MassacreKing! says:

    They all look like filipino hip hoppers from California

  27. pandafresh says:

    j hip-hop is good stuff, when are you gunna cover some punk stuff haha. i wanna see more of the japanese punk scene

  28. peterqct says:

    i recommend you all check out Giant Panda

  29. Nelo says:

    Quote “You jappers are truly a bunch of degenerate morons. I hope China sinks your shit island with a few nukes.”
    Omg, that has to be the funniest thing i’ve ever heard. Thanks for the laugh Nero 🙂 I agree with your point but may have selected some of my wording and language a bit more “PC” to keep the infidels happy. This Globalisation AKA Americanisation sucks balls.
    And that statement is probably one of the most insightful and well thought out ones i’ve ever heard.
    Thanks guys.

  30. echoexit says:

    Some people can’t differentiate between genuine underground Hip-hop culture and Shitty mass-marketed trite G-unit bullshit. I’m not a fan of Hip-hop per se, but I know the difference between Talib Kweli and Lloyd Banks.
    Nice job by the way, Masa.

  31. so many yiggers together, it is scary. Those pictures reminds me of those old and crappy breakdance movies from the 80’s.
    No offence, but those people look ridiculous. In fact everybody who wears “hip-hop” clothing looks ridiculous.
    Well masa enjoy your yiggers, thank got i haven’t seen any wapanese in the US.

  32. miekler says:

    Mr. Masa is earning money by doing a ‘cool hunt’. Are you working for a Japan magazine now? I hope so. I dont want Mr. Masa do be corporate but you know all the events and gatherings! Thank You for sharing with the Internet!

  33. Sakura no Ippai says:

    so funny they look just like the hip hop kids of this place…
    trying to look like african american … it is weird… they look as weird as the hip hop guys over here.
    But some kids here try to look japanese and it is as weird as hip hop guys.
    Here hip hop have bad reputation, they act like “gangsta”, but they have not even a single atom of real gansta guys
    How’s the japanese hip hop guys reputation on society??

  34. kathy says:


  35. panthaz tc says:

    Hey wuzzzup?
    Peace to everybody in here except for those that hate underground hip hop and dont respect the maths thats behind all of it.It takes a lot of work to be a lyricis, a graffity sprayer or hip hop dancer. And underground hip hop is not just for african american guys it is for everybody that likes expressing himself in a different way then society does.I am american- german mixed (dad black us & mom white germany) and even doe i speak english pretty good i prefer to write my rhymes in german. because i was born in germany. hip hop has started in us my black minoritys but has ended in tha whole world. Peace to all japanese hip hop crews stay real and i mean real dont get caught by tha commercial beast like chingy and all tha rest of those record deal hoe`s! im out

  36. Xvampire says:

    Im from Indonesia
    I like nobodyknows+ and SOul D’out
    they are far more skillfull than crappy Indonesian rappers like saykoji

  37. scotth says:

    It seems like hip hop culture in Japan is targeted at rich kids with nothing better to do.
    Too bad even people across the big pond aren’t resistant to this kind of brainwashing.

  38. redvldz says:

    hey masa, do your mom and any other old ladies in japan also keep their purse tighter if they see some of those hiphophop guys walking down the street?
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Jap hip hoper is kind of boy scout.

  39. Ryan says:

    Hey masa! Its interesting to see how Japan interrprets the whole hip-hop vibe. Its no worse, and perhaps no better than the american hip-hop scene. Great pictures as usual, but I have to ask, is it possible that you could post larger resolution pictures? Some of them are just too small for me.

  40. panthaz tc says:

    for everybody that thinks hip- hop is not a kind of art: try it yourself and you will see that you must have it in your heart. I wanna see all them trashtalkers on this website writing a verse or making a beat that fits together perfectly.hip hop is poetry streetpoetry. and if you look around hip hop is not a fashion that ends after 10 years hip hop ist here to stay and its everywhere. all types of music are getting mixed with hip hop dont matter if its rock classic trance etc.everything.dont just listen to the commercial hip hoppers on tv that are telling your kids bad things listen to real hip hoppers. and to find them you have to dig in tha UNDERGROUND. where real art ist made there are no other kinds of music with so many(sometimes good sometimes bad) lyrics. much love from german hip hop crews to japan hip hoppers peace

  41. Sechs says:

    Jap hip hop it’s kinda funny but i like it more than spanish one, I like japanese fashion style for hip hop, it suits pretty well. The most i like it’s jap brake dancers they’re great.

  42. Jose says:

    japs are always finding ways of innovating things…for better or for worse..in the hip hop case…….well just look at those silly pics..

  43. Eidorian says:

    Hey masa! good website, very good. Through your pics, you represent the really style of Japan people. Japan people have a good style, ever.

  44. Muro says:

    Tight shit, Masa, thank you! I`m big fan of japanese hip-hop, i listen also to American, Korean, Franch, Russian and i know what you said about jap hip-hop best in the world is completly true. Crazy quality and skills man, if you know what i mean. I glad that they stopped being american cat copys in mid 90s, and now look, hip-hop is full of japanese mentality. By the way i guess you`re too more in real shit, right? I mena not that Rip Slyme, Kick The Can Crew, Ketsumeishi crap… Whom do you like? I heard reagge is large too in Japan, is it true?

  45. jk says:

    There were Asian hip hop guys in the 80s. They listened to KDAY. So whatever. Just remember that most of the people who invented hip hop were Black. Black people invented Jazz, Rock and Roll, Rap, Reggae, Techno, Funk, and all kinds of things and America loves it all… so why can’t America love Black PEOPLE?

  46. Schalk says:

    Hello do you know of any names of japanese hip hop artists? I want to listen to hip hop now ha ha!

  47. Muro says:

    Schalk, good place to start would be http://www.cultureuniversal.com/
    A lot of stuff about jap hip-hop there, i recommend you to listen to King Giddra, Muro, Douji-T, Nitro Microphone Undergound, Aquarius,
    Rhymster, Rappagariya. If you like more pop stuff, you can also check m-flo. This shit is rather hard to find, but soulseek surely will help ya! ^_^

  48. Skitzarella says:

    Topknots are hot.

  49. wais says:

    Chiggers suck.

  50. Atreus says:

    black hip hop in America is #1 we started this shit so give respect where its due. But i do like your hip hop to. Keep it trill baby.

  51. Mada says:

    Although Japanese hiphop is very ok, I think Korean hiphop rules over any other country in hiphop.
    Check out MC Sniper, for example. It’s like Korean language was made for hiphop and rap.
    I have to say Japan has truly awesome and talented rock-artists, rock-bands.
    And the more mainstream Jpop has also very good songs, singers, groups and artists like Chihiro Onistuka, Gackt, etc.
    I’m now watching the Jdrama ‘Ichi Ritoru no Namida’, which has great soundtracks. I love the two songs by Remioromen ‘Konayuki’ and ‘3gatsu 9ka’. And the girl playing Aya is one beauty.
    Have you watched it too?

  52. SugizoStyle says:

    Cool pics masa!
    I have never heard Japanese Hip Hop!
    If anyone haves Hip Hop japanese plz send me!
    msn : D_A_M_S@hotmail.com

  53. dr.kkk says:

    i like hiphop.
    i like dragon ash.
    and hate other hiphop in japan. it’s suck because they try to be black american and also hiphop in thailand, it’s suck too(but some bands are good)thier voices aren’t good enough to rap and sing like hiphop singer
    about hiphop’s clothes, it’s hard to wear(if you like old school)because thailand is hot all year.
    however i prefer sek loso, do you know he’s got a new album?

  54. Ben says:

    It’s just like what Paul Mooney said, ” The American Black man is the shit.”
    No disrespect to my Japanese people, because you all know that people of color (Asian, Indian, and African)are the shit. Whites are just jealous that they’re not as unique and as creative as Blacks, Asians, and Indians when it comes to culturalistic identities and products. We invented the fucking world that these white people are partially in control of (for the present time being).
    And Masa, be sure to tell these jealous ass anglo saxons to kiss your ass when they try to tell you different.
    Because the little dick motherfuckers are probably enjoying the same Japanese products (Hondas, Playstations, Anime, JPop, Japanese Hip Hop, and etc) that they claim they are so disgusted by.

  55. Face says:

    I like Japanese hip-hop, it seems much more friendly. American hip-hop is very violent, and really just kind of scary, so I’m glad that Japanese kids don’t kill each other just because songs tell them to.

    They don’t, right?

  56. bon says:

    Hey “ben” fuck you! whites are not jealus of blacks, blacks have no culture they are stupid criminals. Fuck you you stupid nigger.

  57. pandafresh says:

    the only white people with culture is italians, i dunno why you people think they look “silly” in the pics, they look normal to me, maybe hip hop people dress different where your from, but this looks pretty standard to me. japans got some real good graf. artists too, you should do some more on the jap. graf. scene masa

  58. Shadow^^Guy says:

    Hey , guys ! u r really COOL

  59. jung says:

    Japanese hip hop stay underground…That’s really nice .Very different of this fuckin gangsta rap.
    Nice mc’s in japan, with novating beats.
    Breakers are better in korea 😉

  60. jung says:

    Japanese hip hop stay underground. That’s so good, far far away fuckin gangsta rap.
    Good mc’s on novating beats, funny.
    But breakers still better in korea 😉

  61. honk31 says:

    how come, everbody gets rasistic in ere? some dudes tell, that hihop is black nigger shit, and some other homo tries to tell us that black one are the hottest shitand whites are all stupid.. hey dude, im not gilty for my color or race. i dont like oder dislike music/culture cause its white/black. and i love hip hop, wheather its ‘real’ or its a sellout, as long as its good music. i like that poetic nas, kweli, guru shit. i like that gangsta dimaond d, jadakiss stuff and i also like fiddy, snoop etc. i dont listen to german rap, cause they are not authentic, they did not find their own way, i think. but the japanese rappers did that by sipping that culture and remixing it. and it is true that black people have founded that culture, but look by yourself, its the coherence of all that lovers that makes hiphop strong. and now shut the fuck up all you haters

  62. honk31 says:

    how come, everbody gets rasistic in ere? some dudes tell, that hihop is black nigger shit, and some other homo tries to tell us that black one are the hottest shitand whites are all stupid.. hey dude, im not gilty for my color or race. i dont like oder dislike music/culture cause its white/black. and i love hip hop, wheather its ‘real’ or its a sellout, as long as its good music. i like that poetic nas, kweli, guru shit. i like that gangsta dimaond d, jadakiss stuff and i also like fiddy, snoop etc. i dont listen to german rap, cause they are not authentic, they did not find their own way, i think. but the japanese rappers did that by sipping that culture and remixing it. and it is true that black people have founded that culture, but look by yourself, its the coherence of all that lovers that makes hiphop strong. and now shut the fuck up all you haters

  63. travwell says:

    “Hey Masa, if hip hop is for Japs too, why are they all pretending to be black?
    Posted by: Hexxenn”
    To Hexxenn…I guess they’re all pretending to be black, because all black people dress like this?
    Oh, and if they were Lacoste shirts…they’re pretending to be white?
    From when did clothing style or musical taste ever define one’s skin colour?
    Also consider this:
    Masa took many photos, but not EVERY Japanese hip-hopper can be represented…I’m sure he just took pictures of people wearing “Hip-hop influenced” clothing styles, because what would be the fun in looking at photos of people who look like you or me? I’m sure a lot of Hip-hope enthusiasts actually don’t dress like this!
    Even if this might not be the “real, underground” hip-hop scene, this is what Masa decided to record because it’s obviously popular enough a trend…and that’s his goal, isn’t it?
    I also love how people can judge another person based on what they wear, or their musical taste…I for one don’t enjoy classical music or hip-hop (hey, maybe I have bad taste) but that doesn’t mean I’m going to hate anyone or think anyone as stupid for liking it!
    I’m not saying we should all like eachother, but we should learn to respect eachother, at least.

  64. thundercat says:


  65. Cheryll says:

    Hey Masa, thanks for showing us a little bit of what the Hip Hop scene is like out there. Was this a b-boy competition or something like that? It looks like there were a few dance crews in matching outfits. We have a ton of events like this in America and it’s cool to see similar things going on across the ocean.

  66. 42 says:

    panthaz tc,
    I’ll give you that writing lyrics and having rythym is something. Maybe it’s the subject matter.
    All I hear from hip-hop is fuck the police, my basketball shoes are cooler than yours, and I’m a bad-ass just because I say so, my car is better than yours, my skanky bitches and hos are better than yours, etc. Not a lot of artistry involved there.
    I’ll consider liking some hip-hop (the English-language variety), once the lyrics reflect something other than over-inflated egos.
    I’ve started to like some Japanese and Korean hip-hop, mainly because I don’t understand the lyrics.

  67. earthman says:

    where are the niggas? this is not hip hop with no niggas, in other contries you can find ppl who try to do hip hop but is obvious that they cant so is not called hip hop you fail moonies

  68. kokusu says:

    So . . . so many of you think skin color is important? You think you can tell who you will like and who you will hate by the production of pigment in their skin? You think the way a person’s skin reflects light defines their very nature, the character of their being?
    How about I poke your fucking eyes out so you can’t tell the color of someone else’s skin? Would that help? How would you judge people then?
    To Masa and everyone else with a positive mind . . . keep being you.
    Oh, and, Masa, do many people in Japan still listen to Dragon Ash?

  69. yessi says:

    thanks a lot for all the japanese street fashion info
    i’m doing a very important work for school(baxillerato, trabajo de recerca) about subcultures in japan, europ and spain and all your info is very useful.
    i love your page
    (sorry for my very very bad english)

  70. Samu says:

    These nihonjin are GHETTO! Its not as bad as hakujin dressing as kokujin. Hip hop and rap are cool and weird, so I dont know what to say *_*

  71. Cristo says:

    Hi Masa, I’m from Italy and I don’t know jap hip hop; please, if you know, tell me the name of some good jap rappers that sing in your language.
    ============from MasaManiA
    sorry but i dont know No1

  72. ケビン says:

    Hey Masa thanks for your website.
    I’m studying japanese at the university, and i’ll soon go to Osaka for holidays and to Tokyo to study.
    I come from France, were the best breakers and hip-hopers are :p (I’m from the same town than the Pokemon crew :D).
    Anyway i love west coast rap music, and I didn’t know if some japanese could know this, because I’d like to see / hear / feel a little bit of what I love in Japan 😀
    And I’d like to tell to all the stupid guys who posted stupid posts : there is no music better than another one, because music is just a matter of personnal feeling. There is no universal music, because you can always find someone who doesn’t like what everybody likes. Well maybe that’s the way american people were used to think 😀 (sorry, jokin’)
    Anyway thanks for making me discover some underground japanese culture. That’s why I’d like to see in Japan because that’s how i use to live in France.
    PS : Gomen for english mistakes :X

  73. Insanity says:

    masamania = good ish, i never get tired of your reports, fav one was the penis shrine earthquake shit; hilarious.
    Anyway, yea some people posted up have said it before you hafta know the difference between true hiphop culture and mainstream bull shit. Talib and Loyd was a good example; talib, Black Star days, i dunno bout now.. hes kinda commercial but still rocking it.
    I already knew hip hop cutlure was big in japan but cool to see its still kicking with masa’s report. All i gotta say is Spartanic Rockers held that shit down,back in the day winning the breaking world battle in the uk.
    It’s either you hate it or love it, you guys gotta cut the bull shit remarks like niggerish culture; cause so far if your anti hophop your just a white boy under a rock; who cant appreciate diversity and whos got no style.
    Just to let you know masa,majority of asians in the US, adopted the hiphop culture in one way or another.

  74. wissam says:

    This is the must funny website on the net .. I may start a local site like it ..

  75. jm_ecko says:

    hey masa, what up, From Puerto Rico
    big respect to japanese and keep this style the only real style
    here were created a Reggaeton
    check out the riddim is good for rapping

  76. Coco says:

    Some of yall are so racist. Black people are the $h*t. and so are japanese people. their style is hot so stop hatin.

  77. Getlost says:

    I can’t stand the look of this scum.
    Each time I encounter those subpeople, I have to get the shit out of them. I’m gonna erase them from Japan.

  78. pauleyethnic says:

    i love all people and see us as equal,i consciously manifest peace in my life and write lifes next sequel,
    smash those who come with racist evils
    mayday revolution rebirth and rise with upeviel
    life is hard but we rippin’ it
    hiphop flows around the world like liquid is
    i am living in osaka ,i am a signed american artist who has true eyes from my youth for hiphop
    i love japanese folkz like they are my family,my son ,and my wife.because they are if anyone would like to collaborate you can reach me at pauleyethnic@hotmail.com hear me at burnin.net

  79. Pepper says:


  80. VERSETTI says:

    Coming 2 japan real soon!! ASK ABOUT ME

  81. little g says:

    i think f**kin amazin but i from scotland and their hard ly any hip hopers how come???

  82. Berk Atterk says:

    that is weird scotland doesnt have any “hip hop-ers” ive always wonderd that myself but i hear you have your share of “moshers”

  83. msc says:

    I give respect to the Americans for starting the hip-hop culture, but Japan is taking it to another level. So many original acts (especially in the abstract scene such as DJ Baku, MSC, Asa, KK Khaosist, Tha Blue Herb, Origami, Shibitto etc..) Anyone who says otherwise needs to go check up more on Japanese hip-hop and their history before making blind accusations. Hip-hop is an artform, a form of expression for any individual. Nobody ‘owns’ it.
    In the words of Afrika Bambaata ‘Hip-hop is colorless’ and you better remember that! (If you dont know who Afrika Bambaata, don’t even think of calling yourself a ‘hiphop head’)

  84. Some things were never meant to be. says:

    I hope the Japanese hip-hop that was playing when you took your pictures was better than this.
    Don’t try this at home.

  85. tataka says:

    yo men ! i like it men ! yo jap hit hop is great men ! weldone !

  86. emma says:

    hey ….
    we are 2 young french photographers coming to tokyo in september to work on the japanese hip hop scene … and would love to meet you !!
    let us know if it would be possible !! thanks … and great job !!
    emma and laura

  87. Indonesian_fag says:

    lol…some people are not used to this O_o…
    anyway, i heard those japanese lyrics, i had no idea but it was some kinda… funny……

  88. dinkytronic says:

    No hatin’ here Mas. Nuthin but love for you and your crew. Keep bustin fresh moves. I will suggest a nice piece of cardboard if you fellows will be spinnin on your head.

  89. Gimic says:

    Hah! Japs think their black! Re-invent, don’t implement, or try and vent on the shit that I spit. American black culture invented the hip-hop scene, and MTV perverted it. No one truely even knows what true hip hop is these days. If you guys have your own version great, but why not rename it? Why glorify something that is not your own? You are like children who dress up as their fav cartoon char on haloween. Make your own genre and leave hiphop to it’s roots.

  90. It's called doing research before posting... says:

    Music is music…nobody OWNS an entire genre. Are people so insecure that they feel threatened by another ethnicity enjoying a type of music so much that they create their own in the same style? The Japanese aren’t stealing your skin color or your ancestry, they are complimenting you in a way.
    ‘…imitation is the sincerest form of flattery proverb copying someone or something is an implicit way of paying them a compliment…’
    taken from:
    maybe, they like hip-hop so much, that they want to make their own version, too.
    Besides, hip-hop has it’s roots in other music.
    It shouldn’t take a ‘white’ to explain this. And it’s Black History Month…damn.

  91. Maybe not ALL 'white'...no, I'm pretty mixed, actually, just MOSTLY 'white' says:

    Mixing and scratching techniques eventually developed along with the breaks. As in dub, performers began speaking while the music played; these were originally called MCs;
    (from the previous link)
    Beatniks had been ‘speaking while the music played’ before the existance of hip-hop. Beatniks were mainly whites. They spoke while jazz was played.
    For the origins of jazz:
    Sorry about posting twice in a row, Masa…

  92. kanneth emma says:

    i can see very well that u are the hip hop guy, for that i we like to have a big dill with u,bout befor going on to tell u the type of the dill i wana do whith u, i am the neger that shifted some packeg to many contry’s, likewise to your own contre i we like to have u as my rell guy.
    see i am not joking bout only if u are seriose,pless give me text back touday today.
    mr, kennath

  93. James says:

    Whether it comes from Japan, England, USA, France, Sri Lanka, wherever; good hiphop is good hiphop and bad hiphop is bad.
    For that guy who said there is no good German hiphop, I suggest you check out BodenStande 2000. Cool human beatbox group who were a big inspiration on Bjork for her Medulla album!
    I love your site!

  94. craig says:

    masa, i think you are gay

  95. mciver says:

    Do they have the crips and bloods in Japan yet?

  96. if you enjoy this trend visit GANGURO FASHION on my website. it is cool fashion.

  97. This hasn't been allowed in the US for decades says:

    Don’t try ganguro (or any of the the other styles ‘ilove masamania’ mentions on his site) in the US…anyone who does will be considered racist, and since it would be considered a crime by many, you may also get arrested. Obviously, the people who do this in Japan are just doing it as a sort of fashion statement, but US culture is quite different in this area.

  98. mstasty says:

    Awwww! They all look so cute in their over-priced black trash wear. I could put them all in a little basket and they would be my adorable little pets.

  99. soto says:

    i very much AGREE!!..hip hop isnt just for ONE group of people…its for anyone who is DOWN with it…its a CULTURE…and anyone in the WHOLE WORLD could relate to it! the people who feel they know who hip hop IS or ISN’T for, doesnt know hip hop @ all…so to all hip hop heads out there in japan…:peace: and ROCK- ROCK ON! V^_^;V

  100. 14th Century says:

    Word up to Masa.
    Keep doing your thing for Nippon homeboy.

  101. hip hop equals rap says:

    I agree, Jap hip hop doesn’t suck any worse than regular hip hop. At least posers are funny. People who make the “ghetto style” their life are the ones who are really pathetic.

  102. eyetooth says:

    Wow, is there anywhere on the web safe from ANUS?
    Anyway, yeah. As said above Japanese nigger-adulation at least has funny poses and bad (as in humourous) English going for it. Funny little Nip bodies just aren’t made for gyrating.

  103. AntiSleep says:

    “Not all art is equal”, eh? Is that so?
    And yet… how does one establish a heirarchy among art forms/works, which can only (that’s right, ONLY) be judged on subjective terms?
    Art becomes the property of all who experience it – how can it “belong” to a country or culture? Is it wrong for me to enjoy Kurosawa because I am not Japanese? To enjoy Rushdie because I am not Indian?
    I don’t think Jackson Pollock’s crap is art… most art critics disagree with me. I think Masa’s writing is poetry, and his pictures the supreme art form… almost no one agrees with me.
    Blow them cramped little skulls open, folks.

  104. aaron says:

    hey hip hop is hip hop no matter what race you are im black and respect what tha japanese do with it

  105. bboy ro-b says:

    The real hip hop are worldwide in this moments…but the biggest schools of real hip hop are in USA and Europe too…i will go to Japan this summer? break dance battles in Tokyo? i wanna know!

  106. aaron says:

    i respect tha japs for what they do wit hip hop im a black american but its funny wy do japanese were durags and wave caps u dont even now wat it for wy do u were it it suppose to keap tha waves in your hair nice japs cant get waves

  107. Adrienne says:

    I just started Harlem Hip-Hop Tours. We provide unprecedented access to New York’s Harlem and hip-hop cultures. You can meet hip-hop artists, music producers, etc. and learn the latest hip-hop dances. Sign up at http://www.harlemhiphoptours.com
    I used to live in Japan for 3 years so I know firsthand how powerful the hip-hop movement is. Hip-hop is for everyone and you can check out the hottest and latest NYC hip-hop action on my tour.

  108. Yasney says:

    hello i’ve seen this website and i concluded that it’s very cool. I would like to talk with japanese boys or girls. I’m french and I’m 15 years old. Ispeak english,french and a little german. Please write me back everybody!

  109. zen says:

    Some people are saying Whites are superior, some are ranting that Asians and Blacks are superior. Most of us recognize these viewpoints as being completely devoid of inteligence. Personally I think the majority of the people in these pictures look silly, but I recognize thats just my perception which varies for each one of us. Actually we all copy a “style” whether we wear a suit everyday or jeans regularly. Who cares? We all have the freedom to wear whatever we want. There is no superiour or inferior style.. just.. styles.

  110. GLAZE says:

    I would like to see some japanese graffiti.

  111. john says:

    In my opinion youg japanese should FUCK this kind of US-subculture. Even J-monkeys have more interest than these J-US-Copies.
    US-culture is a weapon to destruct native cultures to contribute to the New World Order. I wish Japanese will understand the have to preserve their culture and specificities : they should hijack the Uncle Sam propaganda.

  112. Lena says:

    I love Crystal Kay she is my idol and I like a lot of the jp rb singers
    Ai, moflo, def tech, bennie k etc

  113. Madge Novoa says:

    working on sequel to “eat pray love” called “shit cry die.” sort of a glass half empty take.

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