Gorgeous Japanese anti-Bush demonstration parade

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Judging from elected congress member, we, Jap seem not to think political seriously, let alone US president, BUSH.
Of course, there are lots of anti-Bush people in Japan also. Usually right wing group and left wing group never agree on political policy. But this time, interestingly lots of both groups protest Bush in Japan..
So anti Bush demonstration parade should be more big scale. But I must say this anti Bush demonstration parade was shabby…omparing to police security.
Japanese police take it seriously so much. Police try to control demonstration parade. They surround demonstration member completely. Full equipped police car lead demonstration parade successfully. Secret police keep taking picture and record demonstration member lairy.
Ironically it seems that police was doing anti Bush demonstration parade gorgeously.
As a faithful tax payer, I must say that police’s security is too much. Do you know who pay their overtime work wage? I pay, we pay, Jap pay !
I think police should make an effort to arrest more cunning economical criminal politician who live richly by illegal money than poor political act member. At least, nobody mourn death of politician.
Can you imagine what happen when actually Bush come to Japan ? there must be more more big security. But at that time, i never say that security is unnecessary. We, Jap need big security when Bush come to Japan.
Not for protecting Bush, but for protecting Jap from Bush.
Because he maybe the most cunning economical criminal politician.

At first, police wagon appeared leading by lots of police.

and plice 4WD car also appeared with police on the loof.

Police block intersection conpletely. What parade is this !

Agitator appeared with shabby car screaming, “fuck Bush”

Yes, this is anti-Bush demonstration parade.

They scream “Fcuk Bush”

They protest Bush comming to Japan. (and Japanese primeminister, Koizumi known as a Bush follower..)

But it seemed shabby.

it seemed shabby comparing to police security.

Police completely soround anti-Bush demonstration parade.

and police completely followed anti-Bush demonstration parade.

Plice follow anti-Bush demonstration parade with police bus.

Police lead anti-Bush demonstration parade.

Police show up anti-Bush demonstration parade with strong light !

They give command anti-Bush demonstration parade group with loud speaker to lead them correctly.

Police sorround gorgeously

Police follow them. anti-Bush demonstration group is shabby but police make it gorgeous parade.

I must explain that people wearing sash belt with red light bar is not anti-Bush demonstration group.

You belieave or not, but they are police.

But you must misundestand that Japanese police do anti-Bush demonstration parade.

and Japanese anti-Bush demonstration parade is not so big scale comparing to police security.

Japanese police take it seriously too much.

Dont forget, he is the leader of anti-Bush demonstration parade.

This is Japanese anti-Bush demonstration parade. or it could be Japanese government political humor.


  1. CapsuleCorps says:

    I laughed at the amount of police officers. I am a young Amerika-jin that lives in Nihon, we need to meet up…so I can watch you tape porn! Ha ha :^P! Japan’s a cool place though. You know what it reminds me of? America. Hard pill to swallow, but you’ve got a problem with America policy and how we’re taking over Japan? I’ve got a problem with Japan keeping an iceblock on its people. Japan *needs* “fucking” gaijins.
    Anyway, great site Masa, I get my laughs :).

  2. radu says:

    it looks more like gay parade

  3. redhead says:

    YAY you have updated! awesome pictures especially of all the police, till next time

  4. Clover says:

    much love to you camera man!
    you are extremely talented, we are lucky to have you
    never stop wonderful pictures

  5. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hi masa!!!
    it seems you take a long rest time…update is finally here 😀
    Well….what can i say, Japan is restricted including to make protest parades….unbelievable!!!
    In Chile, in 2004 or 203 i believe…. When bush came, Anti-Bush protest parade was an huge chaotic mob of people…throwing molotov bombs and stones to police, seting up fire on cars’s police and moto’s too…it’s pretty scary…people became in berserk mode (very very angry against Bush’s visit) :S and everybody shows up his anger about Bush.
    But, this parade, my friend looks so pathetic >_<, I mean, *EVEN* a birthday party’s kid is more violent than this poor protest parade…I mean, where is violence? where are fliying molotov bombs? where are fliying stones hiting cops in their faces and bleeding to death??? nothing!!! very pathetic…And thousand of cops everywhere? what for? that protest parade is so small and innofensive that it won’t hurt a fly….
    Next time, Masa, tell to the manager’s parade to get in touch with a chilean manager’s protest parade, he can give a lot of tips to make goods and succesful protest parades, specially agaisnt Bush ;D so that way maybe, protest parades against Buch could be better and even funnier than this parade.
    As you said, Police should be more concerned about corrupt politicians than a small and meaninless protest parade…
    You know, now i see clearly, police do same thing here, arrest some criminals but no corrupt politicians who live of our tax-money….
    well…that’s it…
    once again, nice report… i would like take picture in tokyo once in my life…should be very ecxiting…
    Saludos Masa!

  6. pm says:

    Well the obvious reason there is so many police is to stop a riot from happening, but look at it this way, maybe the police are there to protect the protesters from violent pro-bush anti-demonstrators……………

  7. j says:

    Thanks for the update. I think Japanese people are mad not at Bush but maybe because they can’t be like Bush with big military and take over Korea or China again. Because we all know Japanese people want more land, power, and money.

  8. Remy says:

    You finally updated Masa!! I started to believe you have finally found a girlfriend… anyway, after the angry mime this is the best laugh I have had, thank you very much! (You are one of the reasons that make life worth living it)

  9. ヘンア外人 says:

    Worse than tax money (also mine!!) to the police is tax money to the imperial family!!
    They should get less or work for money (how about guided tours thru the imperial bathroom or something?).
    Anyway, nice to have you back, Masa!

  10. TKY says:

    Wow, Masa, you’re right. In these pictures, it looks like the police is also anti-Bush. Ironic indeed.
    I hope your money and legal problems are over now. Take care and thanks for updating.

  11. Wow, that is a LOT of police. Do protests ever get out of hand masa?

  12. Kenji says:

    you always take beautiful pictures. especially night ones.

  13. Brian says:

    Two words: Fuck Bush.

  14. kurisu says:

    Yes, FUCK BUSH! ^o^

  15. Sanjay says:

    There are more policemen than protestors? Muaahahaha

  16. xoxomdmc says:

    Now Argentina can throw a protest!

  17. mimi says:

    Japanese police are a joke. Their uniforms are too cute to take them seriously.

  18. xvampire says:

    in my Indonesian newspaper said no anti bush demonstration like this. but heyyyyy~~
    masaaaaaa you just reveal the truth!!

  19. gordon says:

    God Bless President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi — Liberators of the Enslaved.
    Very good pix – demonstrations are so ’70s. Bloggers move millions in seconds. This site is part of the decentralized future.

  20. killjew says:

    What the hell are a bunch of japs protesting about a US president going to accomplish? Hopefully death upon themselves in a stampeding riot. Finally, why the hell bitch about the US president? He isn’t your president.

  21. shendehaizi says:

    its politician that make war not people so we should not hate each other no matter where we are from

  22. renata says:

    at least Japan have low criminal rates. you should complain about what is not efficient. if you lived in a place where you need to hold your bag thigh or couldnt go out at night your complains about police would be suitable.
    anyway, i admire the fact that the protest was peaceful.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    I agree with you but i dont know why we cannot stop cmplaining to police.
    i think to complain police maybe one of journalist job.

  23. Gaijin #5 says:

    As if its bad enough having Bush screw up our own country, now he has go to other countries and spread his lies and dumbassedry…

  24. Sechs says:

    For being an antibush protest, there are only a few people considering that japan is one of the most populated places… Bush it’s a big criminal, but he’s the owner of the world (every USA president is) so he can do whatever he wants. There’s no use on doing protests, he’s just not listening.
    Terms apart, about too much police and taxes to pay them, i surely prefer them, as Sendehaizi said, at least criminal rates are very low (and though that most of them are mafia related) here in spain (day by day more near to USA way of life) u live scared everyday, i can’t go with my PSP by the street or the underground UU. When i was in Tokyo the most i liked was the safety i felt, even going through homeless “residences”
    The differences about complaining to polices here it’s that people prefer not to waste that time, because the now that police are not going to do anything.
    (Here for a 20.000 population village there ar 16 policeman…)

  25. renata says:

    I understand. Everyone needs something to complain about. Here we complain about the president. I mean, most of the people.

  26. BushInMyPants says:

    FUCK BUSH, i couldnt agree more, BUSH should be assasinated…someone needs to do this job.

  27. ScareBabyForDie says:

    Tee hee. The police look like Mr. Mcfeely from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood…Mail call!
    Love the site, you crazy masa!

  28. Allison says:

    Why should Japanese protest against Bush when he’s not their President?
    Because his government’s irresponsible actions and depraved foreign policy have an impact on the rest of the world. Everyone should be protesting him, everywhere. Not that he cares.
    Nice photo essay as usual, Masa. Not earthshattering but an interesting “slice of life”.

  29. hardyandtiny says:

    Bush wants more Japanese female police officers.

  30. Atreus says:

    Masa not only is Bush a problem to the world hes a problem to the american people. He didnt win the elections in america he stole them twice! He also uses propanganda to get the american people on his side to justify wars. And he even had a hand in the 9/11 attacks but he blamed it on the muslims. sounds like nero from ancient rome. The united states government doesnt care about the american people they only care about their own agendas.

  31. dr.kkk says:

    wow!! nice shots and lots of police (i like the lights they held in thier hand)
    very funny masa thai prime minister is bush follower too.
    fuck bush!
    fuck taksin!!

  32. Droopcat says:

    Bush is a poison to the world. He radiates stupidness and he does all BUT fight terrorism with his policy! Too bad the whole world sees how dumb and arrogant he is but not enough americans… Calling themselves the biggest democracy, what a joke! So torturing and locking people up without a process is democracy? I’d like to call it hypocrisy and that’s exactly what he is. I wish the whole world would protest him everyday.

  33. randy rock says:

    watch what you say about bush, he have big bombs!

  34. simon says:

    I wouldn’t mind working as a policeman in Japan, especially if I get to use lightsabres like the police in these pictures. 😉

  35. twocs says:

    Bush laughs at the many police with no guns march for the Fuck Bush parade. Bush says lightsabers are no match for his cunning. Koizumi is wondering about clever gift ideas, Bush wants one lightsaber.

  36. McIver says:

    Man, cops in Tokyo must either be really strict or simply have nothing to do. I’ve been to a couple of anti-war demonstrations in New York City and the protesters have always out numbered the cops.

  37. Andre says:

    This is the first time I see the pictures you take. It seems like you’re always in the right place at the right moment!
    It’s fine art reportage.
    Do japanese cops use the same swords as in Star Wars?

  38. Pacifica says:

    I am surprised to see many people anti bush here. when i spoke to americans, I understood that a number of them support bush. They claimed since thousands of innocent Americans died in 9/11, someone HAS TO PAY, they dont care who. As regards the killing of innocents its too bad. Eversince then I have developed anti-american sentiments too… and I dont pity the people in 9/11 since their families think that way. US thrives on violence and slaughter, now their currency is getting weak I believe Bush wil declare another war, and then the USD will rise again It’s all politics. (notice the trend folks? If u are in forex u will)
    In news here, they sau Japan LOVES Bush, but I am glad Masa showed otherwise

  39. Gimic says:

    Hey man, I’m American and I agree with their ideology. Bush is a prick, and it is amazing that there are no demonstrations here in America. Well, with the laws he is passing(Patriot Act II) the ones who do demonstrate can “disapear” and no one will even hear about the little endeavor. Our government is locking us down and will eventually hold us hostage. Tell your prime minister or whatever your political leader is that bush intends to ask congress for 480+ billion dollars to build more bombs this year. If he only used that money to feed poor or pay for their college educations this country would be GREAT! But no, he just wants to kill more people!

  40. You'd probably guess that I'm Republican, but you'd be wrong. says:

    Are you sure that’s 480B for bombs? I think you may mean for the military-to include paychecks, parts for equipment, equipment used to destroy IEDs so US Soldiers, Iraqi police, and Iraqi civilians alike are NOT killed, programs for American Soldiers to meet with Iraqis (such as ‘adopting’ ophanages in Iraq, etc.
    By the way, the wiretapping was around BEFORE Bush as well. Hell, it’s been in the news before, but since the Democrats hate Bush so much they brought it up again, now, as if Bush was the first to do this.
    As far as disappearing, I wouldn’t consider people going HOME after a demonstration disappearing. Even Cindy Sheehan was released after the State of the Union address. She got more publicity getting told that the State of the Union address was not the right place for her to wear her T-shirt. In fact, no one said she couldn’t wear her shirt elsewhere at any other time.
    I’m not saying I think Bush is necessarily the best man for the job, but think before you spew such crap again. If you want to hate him, fine. Just come up with REAL reasons, not fabricated ones.

  41. MustellaFuro says:

  42. FAlcone says:

    Im happy to see japanese hate him as much as i do.
    you understand that hes not just fucking up America but the whole world.

  43. Stuppid americanos says:

    bUSH IS ANTICHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Saylor says:

    yes Bush can be a dumbass…. most of the time

  45. snappy G says:

    yo why u guys bitching anyways it dont affect u so u know what u guys should just shut the fuck up k bush is pur problem hes hurting us not u u have no right to say anything let the real victims handle it

  46. G says:


  47. Lena says:

    wow I find it amazing that so many Japanese people even care about the American president lots of Americans had Bush protest too but you will NEVER see an American protest of a Japanese president or any other country’s president for that matter

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