Just a human more than any other people

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“If you experience bum’s life at least three day, you cannot help stopping it.” this is very popular phrase is Japan.
I cannot imagine people who willingly become bum. But there are certainly people who become bum willingly longing for bum’s life.
Recently this maybe go for the strict Japanese society. and this is famous fact that lots of really enlightment Zen monk willingly choice bum’s life style.
You could be meet with enlightment monk in Japanese street ! or he could be GOD !
But in this case, he was just human. He is more human than any other person.
See the following pictures that shows his humaness.

Hey, Look ! He is shining ! He must be GOD !

No, see precisely, shining is not him. Neon is shining. He is just in the neon. He is just a human.

But, look him from front, He seem GOD.

No way, He is smoking, GOD never smoke. He is just a human.

But Hey ! He strike a imperial pose. How can you explain he is not GOD ?

He just is sweating in his arm pit. So he is just ventilating. He is just a human !

He is just a human. GOD is not on earth. GOD is in heaven.

But for me, he seem GOD by all means. I remember GOD’s hair style. His is just it ! and look his whisker ! GODlike whisker in the morning light !

Don’t joke me. Don’t insult GOD !

GOD never drink beer in the morning !

and GOD never stick out little finger while drinking beer !

He is smoking, and drinking beer in the morning.

He must be human.

He is more human than any other business man who go to office at sunny joyful moring.

He smoke, drink and enjoy his human life more than working business man at the morning.

He is not GOD. but his eye see the GOD in sky !

He is just human !


  1. frog says:

    if i was a god i’d be drinking a beer in the morning 😉
    ==========from MasaManiA
    If so, you are not christian nor muslim GOD.

  2. Jonas says:

    Thats what I strive to look like. Only 2 more years of University left and then I can be a bum.

  3. jf says:

    being content is much better than being happy. japanese business men are not happy because they are not content.
    Masa, keep giving middle finger and make us content with the truth.
    i hope you understand what i am trying to say (my english i mean)

  4. Skull Rabbit says:

    In the last picture, he looks like he wants to pee on the garbage. 🙂

  5. Gray says:

    I love your articles, you see the world in a different way then normal people.
    Maybe this bum is a god in the business mans world. He isn’t stressed by deadlines and he has no responsability. The bum is free and the business man is a prisoner.

  6. Eep says:

    The Christian version of God doesn’t mind if you drink, only the muslim Allah.
    =============from MasaManiA
    but I dont think Christ drink Japanese beer

  7. hardyandtiny says:

    That guy likes to look up a lot. He is where the fashion comes from! Ten more years and everyone will dress like him!

  8. hardyandtiny says:

    Always looking up at the sky. Trendsetter. In ten more years everyone will dress like him.

  9. d0m says:

    poor guy is just skin and bones

  10. Jane says:

    The Christian version of God prefer drinking wine 🙂
    But, nice story.
    He’s more human than eveyone here…
    =============from MasaManiA
    so I dont think Christ drink Japanese beer

  11. Cyril says:

    You are right, he is surely more human than lot of Japanese. And surely more human than my ex-girlfriend. I am sure this one chose his way of life by himself. Fuck you Japanese tradition, fuck you Japanese wedding, fuck you 28 Japanese girl that think they have no more time for love.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Yes, she need fuck.

  12. Leeza says:

    ==============from MasaManiA

  13. Martin says:

    God has two huge dreads? That´s awesome!

  14. rolly says:

    He can’t be too poor. He’s drinking Asahi Super Dry. I’d expect a bum like this to drink happoshu instead, it gets you drunk just like beer, and costs much less.
    Still, you can’t beat a nation with no “open container laws”. In most states of America, it’s against the law to drink an alcoholic beverage in public. Likewise, alcohol sales are restricted to certain hours of the day. Not so in Japan! God bless the Japanese, even if He does dress (and smell) like a bum.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Yes, even me, I drink Happoushu that is cheap beer. but this bum drink expensive beer ! He enjoy his life.

  15. Psycho Bun-Bun says:

    God drinks beer, you know he has to be an alcoholic to create such a angst ridden pansy like Satan.
    =============from MasaManiA
    I dont think beer have such strong power. God think he must got more strong one, you konw. Because God

  16. jeff says:

    I work in Shibuya and see that guy around the station all the time.
    Masa, did he mind you taking photos of him like that? I’m guessing you bought him the beer. ;-P
    ============from MasaManiA
    Not only him but also I always strugle wheather I should take photos or not of every person.

  17. karan says:

    yoyo this site rocks my ass off lol hahaha

  18. tom says:

    I think one can achieve a type of enlightenment by shedding all material possesssions the way this bum has. A sort of detachment from society and people gives the bum a unique perspective.
    As to this bum, what the fuck is the black shit on the tops of his feet? And is he wearing a jacket wrapped around his waist as pants or a skirt?
    Nice narrative and photo series.

  19. Andy says:

    I think Christ drinks Japanese beer. でもこだわりがあるがら。。。ドイツの方いいね。。。

  20. R. Elgin says:

    Regardless of status — businessman or bum — no one escapes the consequences of existence.

  21. Cyril says:

    You are right, we can’t escape from our human condition. We can just fake to not see it. But in the end we will all be the same. Rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, bad or good, we will all feed worms. I say fuck to our fucking conditions. And I say again fuck to my lovely ex-girlfriend.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Dont say fuck, it’s hate. just do fuck. it’s love.

  22. spooner says:

    アサヒ スーパードライ

  23. nuna says:

    I love your photo-stories!
    You write wonderful comments, funny and deep at the same time!
    I got interested in Japan after reading books of Mishima Yukio, he’s probably my favourite author now. Is he very known in Japan?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    yes, he is also one of genious.

  24. Mookie says:

    wow… I actually felt very moved when I went through this journal, and the comments were interesting from the other readers. Keep up the great work Masa!

  25. Jane says:

    “He can’t be too poor. He’s drinking Asahi Super Dry. I’d expect a bum like this to drink happoshu instead, it gets you drunk just like beer, and costs much less.” From rolly
    Don’t you think God must drink the more expensive beer?
    You’re God when you can control your destiny :p

  26. R says:

    seriously, your site is so fucking awesome!

  27. Philstert says:

    Man, I really like your site. It makes me really understand someone’s position in life.
    People who say that he’s not too poor just because he’s drinking a certain drink, come on! Maybe something happened where someone gave him that specific drink, or maybe it’s his absolute favorite drink, maybe he found it…so many possiblities. Just leave him alone man. Sad story.

  28. cyril says:

    You are right, I should do fuck but I don’t know if she’ll agree. Else it’ll be my pleasure to do so. And if you read again my previous message I said fuck to my lovely ex-girlfriend so there is love also in my message to her ^_^ I am French lover after all.

  29. Song says:

    There is nothing entertaining about unfortunate people. There are people like this everywhere. I see no reason of calling him genious or god. What is your point?
    =========from MasaManiA
    Could you please read crrectly ? I never say he is GOD. I say he is human. and why you say he is unfortunate ? rather I say he is happy man. You misunderstand text.
    and about genious singer, before saying he is not genious, see the movie of his performance.
    and you say There are people like this everywhere. it is really so ? Each person is different with other people. There are no same person. Each person have each story.

  30. Kuraiza says:

    Jesus turned water into wine. He drank very very cheap alchohol. So maybe this bum is not God.
    But then I thought, what if he found an empty Asahi can from a business man, filled it with water and turned it into beer. Then he must be God.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    I understand Jesus made wine. wine sound GOD. but Beer dont sound GOD. Beer is for human not for GOD or God people. I cannot imagine Jesus who drink Badwiser light

  31. Cyril says:

    “and you say There are people like this everywhere. it is really so ? Each person is different with other people. There are no same person. Each person have each story.”
    You should explain this to the Japanese people. most of them don’t seem to understand that. Impossible to explain to them that there is not only one way to be happy and that perhaps the road decided, for them, by their family and tradition is not the best one. Anyway, all over the world it’s same, people are often not able to build their own reflexion and philosophy of life. They prefer to rely on their country ideology, religion ideology etc. and are to not able to look at it with an objective eye. But Japan got a so sucky culture in many fields that it’s really a drawback to make evolve your medieval society.

  32. Suchi says:

    If I happen to reduce to this state when I reach my middle age year (and my mentality is OK enough), I would prefer suicide 😛
    Masa, if you like taking photos of bums, you can come to Thailand. There are plenty of them here. Are you in anyway doing a research on poverty and homelessness?
    =========from MasaManiA
    I lived in Bangkok beforetime.

  33. Digimon says:

    so here is again another story of a bum and a businessman. but there is nothing special or what we can do to help because in this world the nail that sticks out get hammered down, but those who sink too far just get ignored. Looking forward at how u fuck businessmen and photo bums

  34. brett says:

    masa i am very impress by your storytelling. you tell story in polite but truth style! this is one of best story ever, please be proud sir!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Thank you. I have more stories to tell you. please come to see again sir.

  35. Chabu says:

    Hey dude, is your name Junpei Otsuji ages 26. Because I happen to browse in Japan Today and found out they interviewed the interviewee and one of name said:
    “I don’t see them differently. Homeless people are no different from anyone else just because they live the way they like. Everyone has different values and thoughts. Being homeless must be the most idealistic way of living, it must be utopia. The real Buddhists live like that. I have heard that once you live like a homeless person for three days, you won’t be able to get out of it. If they want to get away from their past, that kind of lifestyle must be the only way. In this world, it is very difficult to say what is right or wrong. The only true equality provided to all of us is that we were born and we will die.”
    Hey nude, that guy must be like your clone or something I don’t know. But is that you anyway?!
    Hey eveybody check it out Junpei Otsuji dude hahaha
    ==============from MasaManiA
    No, It’s not me. but this text is quite similar ! and that text seem to write more beforetime. it’s sad ! But believe me, i have never seen this. it’s really coincidence. this is first time to see it now ! and I am more nice face (I think) !
    and I think his phirosophy is also influenced deeply by Zen. because I am so.

  36. carter says:

    i love that mother fucker. i live in st helens in the uk and so dose a fella just like that mother fucker. the first time i sor him he walked past me and saide take no notice of none of them the all mad. it blow my fucking mind. some shady cunt chopped his hand off for begging if i new who it was i would kick his fucking but. any way as for him being god i think god is in every one. peace dode s
    ========from MasaManiA
    It must be slang ! right? Completely ununderstandable.

  37. kattaze says:

    God like neon very much, also maybe we are ball inside ramune by god eye

  38. Craig says:

    Masa, I think you have a lot of talent as a photojournalist. I enjoy doing photojournalism part-time but I would feel so uncomfortable photographing someone like this. We are all taught not to stare at strangers and especially people who society looks down upon. Most people don’t like to be stared let alone having a stranger pointing a camera in their face. I think it makes people feel helpless and even “violated” since they don’t know what the photo will be used for. I would also be worried that someone like this thinks I’m looking down on them. I think you are very brave to be able to take pictures like these! I also like your captions which show you see things in a different way than most people.
    I am curious though, did you ask him first if you could take pictures or did just start taking them without asking?
    My hats off to you and your great site!
    – Craig in Oregon (USA)
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your message. Yes, it is very difficult for me to take photos even if I take a photo of anyone.
    I sometime ask them whather it’s OK or No to take photos. but sometime dont.
    anytime, taking a photo is scareful thing this is the reason I run away after shooting before caught and kicked by ass. Please refer the top banner’s phrase. It’s really serious matter.
    THank you

  39. Paulo Miranda [BRAZIL] says:

    I am an Industrial Brazilian Designer. I like to study the cultures and the behavior of the several nationalities. Japan, your people and your culture fascinate me. You healthy truly special.
    Synonym of high technology and of strong culture. You are charismatic and very legal.
    He/she would like to want congratulations for the exhibition that you do of Japan and it would like to correspond more with you to know more.
    He/she/you would like to suggest your approach on the design in Japan. How the Japanese people, does your youth see the industrial design?
    I am Paulo Miranda, Brazilian, Industrial designer, Master in Engineering of Materials, teacher of the School of Design of the University of the state of Minas Gerais.
    Order me an e-mail for us to talk more about our cultures! (Paulo.ed@quatter.com.br)
    Paulo Miranda

  40. Jon says:

    hey i stick my little finger out when i drink.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    So you are not god

  41. NelC says:

    MasaManiA, I love your site (even though it loads so s l o w ), but today you’ve outdone yourself. Poetry, sheer poetry.
    And, hey, a God worth worshipping would drink only the best beer while pretending to be a bum in Japan.
    ======from MasaManiA
    Sorry for my slow site, and thank you for your message!

  42. ken says:

    i drink christian beer… and
    I am God
    (just thought id let you guys know)

  43. brett says:

    you cannot be god if you are pained by unvoiced desire!

  44. ken says:

    the only desire i have is youre mom in tights… and a case of beer

  45. Cyril says:

    I have readen what Junpei Otsuji said and it sounds like you, it’s true. But I am thinking the same way. So finally we are quite a lot to have this way to look at life. Is this way to see life zen philosophy? It would mean that I am a zen French.
    BTW I have forgiven my ex-girlfriend, I just love her, let’s do fuck.
    And again great site MasaMania, I just love it, it is helping me to rebuild my broken heart.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Do you know how many girls are there on the earth ?
    Yes, I know there is only one girl to love, but anyway, we have lots of fucking girls.

  46. Christ says:

    Begone, Satan!!

  47. Sir David says:

    I met that man.I was as a tourist in Shibuya and he asked me with gestures for a sip of my juice.I gave it all to him.It tasted like vegetables,not like fruits as I expected.
    He didn´t seem violent at all.

  48. Cyril says:

    Yes, I know about it, billion of girls on earth (my range is 18 to 45 years old, it let me plenty of choice for just sex). But I was just dealing with feelings there, I am just deeply in love with her. I’m a romantic guy 😉 But anyway I am out of the topic.
    Anyway, I loved that bum’s story. I love this site. and I am keen on seeing the next updates. Could you do one especially for broken hearted people :)?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    It’s difficult task for porn director sir.

  49. Just another day in Shibuya, I’ve seen that bum before too. Japanese bum and American bum are similar, both drink beer in the morning and smoke ciggarettes all day.
    When it rains, I see that bum sleeping inside shibuya station, until the JR employees wake him up and make him go outside.
    Good photos.

  50. Cyril says:

    But you are a very good narrator, very touching style. Perhaps because your English is very poor 😛 So I think you could do some kind of funny touching love pictures theme. Anyway, if you were porn director I’d like to see some of your work. Could be really interesting 😉
    =========from MasaManiA
    As a porn director, I can make touching one. but the word touch is maybe different meaning.

  51. Dan says:

    Masa, you should get an award for this website. Your articles are great, and your humor carries over to the English speaking world very well despite any cultural or language barriers.
    You remind me of an American, except you’re not fat or obnoxious like the rest of us.
    =============from MasaManiA
    Your comment is award for me. thank you.

  52. Holiday says:

    That’s weird.
    So many people have noticed this bum at Shibuya before. But who ever would recognize some of the businessmen around at Shibuya?
    The lesson is: If you wanna attention from people around you, become a bum.
    ========from MasaManiA
    And I take a picture. and make a story.
    It must be perfect promotion.

  53. Jenny says:

    Your website is AWESOME. Your fuck-you attitude is great. Pursuit of the truth!
    I went to Tokyo last year, and I didn’t understand it, but now I understand better.
    I added your website to my favorites.^-^
    ======from MasaManiA
    Thank you.

  54. bullshiite says:

    There is only one thing in the world he needs, and that is a plastic Japanese toy sword with a paper or cloth scabbard to go along with his beer and smoke. It would finish off that pose he make perfectly 🙂
    The only thing I would not like if I were a bum is time. There would be too much of it, and all I would do is get as drunk as possible in order to forget about how much time I have.

  55. Cyril says:

    To have free time is good to think. Why do you fear that much to have free time? Meditation and contemplation are essential to better understand yourself and the world surrounding you. People don’t take enough time to question themself, to wonder about life and society.
    Why do people fear so much to face the reality of themself and of our society. Open you eyes and see the truth. That is the message of this website anyway. Great job Masa 🙂

  56. oliver says:

    yes, i would not like to be a bum. i work so that i will never be a bum. i have friends and family to help me when i need it so that i will never be a bum. it must be terrible to not have friends and family to help you when you fall, or maybe he likes to be low? some people like pain, and would rather feel pain all the time than just sometimes. they wallow in self pity and don’t care about the world. i know people like this, they cannot be helped. never feel ashamed for the bum, he makes more mistakes than average man, this makes him more human. nothing wrong with that, we all die in the end, yes?

  57. zaru says:

    I saw some chicks from ALBA ROSA – you know – the KoGal’s with funky hair and white eye makeup — they were giving him head in YoYoGi park. He’s hung like a horse — that’s where he gets his beer — from horny OL’s and GKoGals.

  58. Dr. Emmanuel says:

    The message to improve human relations accross the world is still very unclear. You advocation is not clear. Want everyone to be like him or want people to pay more attention to careless carefree or homeless or real revoltants of societal norms? Whe do you happen to be? Website from the stars asking for help from planet Earth? Come clean.
    Take care. You got mt attention.

  59. Legolillas says:

    Why the hell God must be “perfect”? What’s perfection? not drinking nor smoking? living like a king in his throne? Being pure and white? That’s NOT God. God is everywhere and in everyone. If i need to look for him i’ll look inside this man first (go an see Kevin Smith’s Dogma ^^)
    Another question… Why the hell there must be a christian or a muslim god? Doesn’t sintoist have the right to believe in God (they’ve allready have some)? nor the hindu(idem)? There’s only one God and “privatice” it a nonsense. (notice i used “it” ;))
    Changing terms.. i’ve been in japan and i don’t mind being a bum in there, they’ve got “residential complex” xD (i can’t remeber the name of the park, but it was near Fine Arts, Arts museum, and a market)
    ========from MasaManiA
    Tell the truth, almost all Jap dont care the GOD.
    We think very flexiglly about GOD.
    And this is the reason Jap is dangerous and fucking.

  60. Legolillas says:

    Dangerous and fucking xD I’ll love that expresion ^^ U’ve never been in spain don’t u? ^^ As a society i think japanese got a lot to teach to the world, and also need to learn some humanity too. Don’t fuck japanese, fuck humanity, fuck the world ^^?
    ‘Bout God, i do not believe in God as people use to, and japanase flexiglly (????) thought it’s better than fanatism on an unique and global god. (i think japanese god in history was it’s own country and proud, that’s it’s what it’s dangeours for the human being (we need to be proud but not over humanity))
    I think you’ve got an extrange way to express swearing around and fucking off, but i like the way u think ^.^

  61. Chronepsis says:

    I’ve been trying to decide wether or not to visit japan for some time… now that i have found your site i’ve decided i will go; seeing for myself that there are at least some people that can see past the conformaty and are angered by it makes me much more interested in going.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Lets come

  62. bumstone says:

    did you work for TBS, about 3 years ago and then get fired for
    taking ninjashot of female coworkers?
    I read something about a journalist that this happened to
    in Japan Today website
    If this was you I am glad it happened, because now you can work on your own, true form of freelance journalism, and share your creative vision with the rest of the world on your own terms
    also I want to see more ninjashot, but be careful
    ==========from MasaManiA
    I am not that man.
    I have never been TBS staff. rather I have been to be pissed off by them actually several time.
    I will update ninjashot also.
    thank you

  63. kindpastor says:

    so then the bum stabbed you and took your wallet

  64. La La Ru says:

    Karan, you totally missed Masa’s message. He wasn’t making fun of homeless people.

  65. kasi says:

    haha this bum tried to talk to me something when I was walking in shibuya. even in english I guess. But my friend said don’t talk to the bum so we walked away

  66. Mazetto says:

    he made a choice to drink beer in the morning and he is much more knowledgeable than a business man look at his hair a hair of ancient ones he is a god for me

  67. zino says:

    masa i think u should go to algeria der’s lot interesting stuff to see

  68. Ameko says:

    To me he is God.
    Christian God and other Gods too, they always tell us to stop things that make us feel good, like drinking and sex and such stuff.
    Shouldn’t a real God let people do what makes them happy?
    He does, he lets everyone do what everyone wants.
    And he is doing what makes him happy too.
    He is better God that cristian God.

  69. pm says:


  70. Saylor says:

    dosen’t it just make you want to stop and wonder who they are, I would’ve bought him a huge dinner no matter the cost he looks so thin and hungry
    reminds me when I was in Italy for a school trip outside the 16th Chapel was a old woman missing a leg and arm, unable to move, she was blind in one eye and looked to be in horrible shape I tried to reach my passport holder and give her money but the damn tour guide wouldn’t slow down so I gave her the only thing I had, a partially drinken bottle of water and she looked at me and smiled I think she said god bless you but I only know english, I only wish I could of done more

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