alla cappella street singer earning money by selling snack

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Who decide she is singer or not ? Please listen her song. I upload her song.

One day I heard sweet voice with melody and rythum while walking street.

I ask her very politly, Excuse me, What are you doing, Madam ?
At that time, She stick out her middle finger, and say.
fuck you !

I explain her, I am not bad man. I am MasaManiA who is Mania of the truth. I just take a photo for true Journalism.
and then she start looking for something.

While looking for something, she tell me the hanging one from her waist is snack for sell.
She say She bought it 0.5 daller but she sell it 0.8 daller. because she need money.

She look up her casset tape very very carefully

And suddenly she say, I find it !

She have not only casset but also have portable casset recorder.
But she don’t know how to use her own tape recorder !

This is her song (60 sec limited)
If you want to listen more, I sell copy of this tape US $15 including shipping fee. for order, send mail to

She say wait, please.
and serching something in her bag again.

and pick up rhythum macine !
I ask her why this have only one bell ?

She say hard usage make it like this.
and she start singing with it.

She sing sweet melody, she sing so hard.
But nobody pay attention to her sugar voice.

Sometime people stop to see her but not Japanese but fulligan.

Can you see her left foot finger ?
Yes, she is pollex valgus.
She is handicap little bit.

She is bit handy cap people. but she keep singing.
She say she is singer. She selling shack for keeping to sing.
Nobody don’t pay attention. even though, she keep singing.

My friend say she is not singer even after hearing her song.
And I understand him.
I don’t know who decide she is really singer or not.
But I belieave she is singer.
Her name is Penty. I never forget your pretty smile.


  1. guri says:

    Her song is somehow strangely beautiful.

  2. L. H. Yuval says:

    If only she were an american, then she could be a contestant in American Idol and become famous for her lack of talent.

  3. Hou says:

    so she sells both shacks and snacks?
    i’m confused

  4. Chaya says:

    What a sad and beautiful story. I wonder, what snack is she selling?

  5. sturdy himself says:

    She looks like Nightporters mucky windowcleaner who make hovercraft fuck

  6. mr. reed says:

    i thought that penty’s song was beautiful, and your comments that you believe she is a singer, even though someone else might not think so was great. thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures, i will look at your website often.

  7. Addiso says:

    If there is truth out there, you have an eye for it !
    A lot more people should see you site, these pictures are really emotional.
    Never thought Japan had such a vivid and tragic
    Hail to MasaManiA !

  8. Phaeton says:

    Penty’s song is hauntingly beautiful yet also uplifting. I do not know whether to weep or smile.
    Please MasaManiA is it possible you can translate Penty’s song words to English. I am sure the words Penty is singing are an important message to all humanity. If only you could tell us what the words mean.
    Also, does Penty sell her snacks on the internet? I am quite hungry.

  9. Pestka says:

    I like that song !!! I don’t know the words but it is realy beatufull. If only she can sing let her do it!!! She is not baetufull for U, but all u peaple, what is a beauty? Maby U are beauty? Hahaha. Look in the mirror. Regards from Poland 🙂

  10. baka says:

    shes selling SMACK!?
    aka the BIG “H”
    white horse

  11. AeroDog says:

    Masa, you keep me sane. Please post more pictures of Japanese women.
    ======from MasaManiA
    hahaha, OK

  12. La La Ru says:

    I thought that was very touching. =)

  13. Alex says:

    I like her song more than Bjork.

  14. mando says:

    hey masa- your sight rules, its the best i’ve ever seen. I’ve been in japan for a year now and everything you point out is totally true and insightful. Your style is sublime – please dont ever change. This lady looks like my mother-in-law. Please tell me where you saw her so i can go and give her 1000Yen. To hell with those lying bastards in the media, you can see how they present the Iraq war- what a joke, the government calls ALL the shots in ALL of the media takes on Iraq in the U.S.A.
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you and I have more report about this lady. be looking forword to seeing it. it will be amazing.

  15. Morty says:

    That is some trippy shit right there! What a song!

  16. Fuk jap everyday says:

    Fuck jap@!!!!!
    Use my dick!!!!! Give u a lesson!

  17. Datsun says:

    You know, with a decent recording studio and some musical accompanyment, she could really make it big! Her singing reminds me of songs that are in movies or anime. Someone needs to be her agent and alert someone in the music industry about her. Maybe send a recording company a tape?
    Odd that crappy singers like some of so called “pop stars” in Japan and America make it without really even trying or being able to sing, but people, like Penty, that really should make it seem to fall though the cracks.
    If only the world were a fair place…

  18. waffleninja says:

    Can you tell me what her song is about Masa?

  19. juicio says:

    I really like picture 8, the one where she finds her tape.

  20. MasaMania
    I hope you have pay her the rights to distribute her song… I hope few coins or something. She need help.
    ==============From MasaManiA
    wait for my anther report of her.

  21. Milkthief says:

    I saw this lady doing her thing on the Harajuku goth bridge last year in march. She scared the hell out of me.

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