Car show, lots of cars, lots of girls and lots of camera otaku

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This is famous car event, “Auto Salon”. it is famous as custom car festival. so lots of car come together. and not only car, but lots of beautiful girls also. and lots of camera mania too !

Lots of girls are not protected by security guard.


  1. Andrew Hartline says:

    Wow Masa, I like this one as much as your pics of people taking pics of cosplay girls. It’s cool how the first half is just the hot car show girls, and then you switch to examining the photographers. Japan is interesting.

  2. Genious says:

    Must Fcuk them! 😉

  3. Masa the man says:

    Lucky japanese guys….

  4. Dutchy says:

    Bigger breasted Japanese women plz.

  5. (´д`;)ハァハァ・・・

  6. cow_2001 says:

    This post is boring, and I’ll explain why:
    Every woman you see here was paid to wear these cloths and smear themselves on these cars.
    It’s not like when fans wear costumes of their favorite characters or favorite band members.
    They do it for love, not for money.
    They do not make profit out of it but actualy spend money buying the materials for these costumes.
    That’s why I think these pictures are boring, please forgive me Mr. Masa.
    ============================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your message. No problem, sir. Actually, Japan is nomally boring country. not always so exiting things are happen. It is really difficult to find out the happenings that deserve posting.

  7. Factory says:

    “Like admiring a beautiful rock, then turning it over to see the pale worms beneath..”

  8. this is actually a page with many girls from the motorshow last year, in case you want to compare with the girls this year… 🙂

  9. kaudio says:

    I like a car as well as these girls. I was wondering if engine hood is dented by their hip.

  10. Dollar Bill says:
  11. Bangkok says:

    What is the market price for patronizing such girls in Japan? Any of these girls offer hourly rates?
    =================from MasaManiA
    They can get the right to be fuck by producer & sponser and paid cheap sallary.

  12. Will says:

    What happens to the car swith no girls? Does no one patronise them? Are all these girls tired? Since I only see them leaning on the cars I assum so. Don’t their stilleto heels scratch the finish? And don’t their rubber souls mark the finish? I saw one girl in there leaving oily butt smudges on the side (haha). Seriously… what is with Japanese car shows? And why don’t the small guys with little money just skip the girl instead of getting not so pretty ones?

  13. someone says:

    masa looks like a camera otaku too. 😛

  14. Brent Cooper says:

    It seems as if people care more about the models than they care about the cars! The model’s don’t mind that a bunch of guys sit and film them? What do these guys do with there videos of models? I have never seen so much camera mania before!
    This is my favorite website. You bring Japan to me in Arizona!
    ===================from MasaManiA
    They film models for their masturbation. Jerking off is seriously one of poular sports in Japan.

  15. Philstert says:

    At US car shows you can touch the models (on the butt and stuff), can you do that in Japan?
    ================================from MasaManiA
    If you touch model, you will be touched with feet bottom by security guard.

  16. garran says:

    really fuck man!!!
    that’s lot gal i like n never see in hk!!

  17. katten says:

    I looked through all the pictures, and then I noticed I hadn’t seen one car, so I had to go through them again. 🙂
    But seriously it looks like most there just came to take photos of the models, and not look at the cars. On a car show, its ok because “thats the way it is”, though if you take away the cars, those same men are now pigs and perverts. (not to insult other pigs or pervert, or your former job)
    You got to love the modern social laws.
    Rrrrr (the car)
    (seriously, the car)

  18. JAG says:

    Damn perfect asian girls! They should be spread for all over the planet so I could have big chances of marrying one asian woman!!!
    About the cars, I´m only of the few men on Earth who have no admiration of them. But the J-GIRLs is another story :D.

  19. Tokyo Lover says:

    WOW, Japan sure can be sexist. I love this website, but this post just makes me feel bad for all the women, and all the loser men they are laughing at. You should be giving them the finger!

  20. bunny2002sg says:

    Beautiful bodykits… 😀
    Super job as usual, Masa!

  21. car pol says:

    Hi Masa,
    Japanese are wacky when it comes to cars. Check out these bikini clad babs car pooling together:

  22. Lewis says:

    Your a kick ass photographer Masa! My compliments dude.

  23. Lewis says:

    Nice pics man all I can say (cars and babes).

  24. Don says:

    Beautiful women and great cars. What could be better.
    Keep up the good work.

  25. HaPpOhAnZ says:

    like that old old song said… “Big in Japan! All Right!!!!”
    Great girls, and great car names… Funky Carrot!!!
    GreetZ Masa, props to you, keep on.

  26. spinkick says:

    are there ANY ugly girls in japan?
    even the ladies that clean the men’s room at the airport are babes…
    no wonder jap men are jaded…
    ======================from MasaManiA
    I think you maybe have problem in your eye ball.

  27. spinkick says:

    hahaha…. in fact i did have laser eye surgery, so perhaps my eyeballs do deceive me…
    i stand corrected.
    there are ugly girls in japan….

  28. mjh says:

    over all i like to say to was a good post of pics. but i do have to say that the market for car shows now in days are more then going for just the cars. it has come to seeing these young girls exposing themselves. every guy out there sees them beautiful, but if it was someone like your sister or maybe someone you truely cared about i have to say don’t lie… i know you think differently.
    i’m very big on cars and amired such great engineering to design such art, i just wouldn’t want people to come see the girls i would want it to be for the cars.
    anyways it was good overall…

  29. Troll says:

    Homegurl wit da Austin Powers bra is sweeeeet. She looks damn good. hit me back masa man. btw, masa in spanish means Doe like in bread doe, cookie doe, etc. no pun intended of course. keep up the kewl werk. u might also wanna check out

  30. James R says:

    great feature….I always enjoy the Japanese women!!

  31. Scott says:

    most ugliest fucken bitches i have ever fucken seen! what the fuck are you thinkin fucken putting them on the cars!!! they make the car look shit house! fucken ugly scrags! there should be a restraingin order on them keeping them at least 100km away from cars like that! for fucks sake get your eyes checked out if your allowin them to sit on somethin like these cars you fuckes

  32. hei says:

    I like the women on this site:

  33. TKY says:

    I wonder what those girls are thinking as they pose for the cameras. Might “Horny bastards” be one thing they think even as they smile oh-so-sweetly for these otaku? ^^

  34. LyWingGing says:

    Not bad i guess, but i would like to see better yuonger looking models and more of the car aswell cant even see it >=p

  35. Gara says:

    there not cosplaying to the post all the way above, there dressed to sell the cars Otaku does not always mean Cosplay

  36. giantrobo says:

    masa, i love your pics, well, mostly.
    don’t take any more pics of people shooting other people. that’s just wasting pixels.
    unless, while shooting those pics, masa, you get an even cooler pic than what those cameramen were aiming for.

  37. Knighthawk says:

    I think the women were Gorgeous, but how in the world do they not scratch the cars with their heels, and smudge the was with their hands?

  38. Dc says:

    nice womwn but remember guys driving around only cuts you off from women

  39. mr bastard says:

    Damn good photos.
    Tell me – why is that idiot waearing a facemask in one of the shots?
    The car engines wern’t running; theres no ploulltion; there’s no medical emergency and theres no sterile field.
    Quite honestly these people scare me!
    Medical man

  40. bg says:

    out of politeness people in japan wear masks when they are sick… he probably just has a cold.

  41. Alexander says:

    Cars and girls. I have a BMW (Bus, Metro, Walk) and didn’t see any girl in front of my BMW yet. I just understood the trick. I’m crazy and you?

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