Fuck fcuk is not trendy in Japan

Even though I have never seen people wearing fcuk’s cloth yet, I don’t know whether fcuk is trendy or not in Japan.
But I can definitely say that fuck fcuk is not trendy in Japan. I think fcuk should change their name because lots of people misunderstand fcuk as fuck.
But I know this is their business strategy. They make use of this misunderstanding for prevail their brand name to get more profit. So I think they maybe don’t angy to be fucked you.
In many ways, middle finger really deserved fcuk.. fuck FCUK.
This picture is FCUK, Shibuya, Tokyo.

This is FCUK, Omotesandou, Tokyo.

This is FCUK, Santa Monica.

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  1. I assume that FCUK stands for “French Connection, United Kingdom”.
    Or it stands for a one-eyed monk vomiting milk, while resting in a heart shaped box. Fnar.

  2. Masa, Santa Monica ni kimashita ka? I live in Santa Monica, would have loved to have showed you around strange LA.

  3. I gat me an fcuk underwear, chicks think it has been autographed by Eminem. I got no ass for a month coz ma bitch thought i was too rude, fuck on her face?

  4. Fnord, anyone?
    Watch the last episode of ‘Retarded Animal Babies’ on newgrounds (www.newgrounds.com) if you want more fuck. (Puppy IS the fucking fucker, lead fucker of Fuck.)

  5. hahaha… fcuk is not a hard words to say for me..
    im indonesian, at surabaya city that is..
    in my city…
    jancuk/cuk = fuck
    hahahaha… no offense ^^

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