Tokyo street life is after all, homeless

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One day there are street life.
Certainly there is life of one man.
He is not homeless now because at least he have home. but Is he really not homeless ?

THere are living in his home certainly.

He seem to have his philosophy. He tried to insist something.

One day, I go to his home. There were certainly home under the walking bridge in the past. But now everything desapear.and it seem that nobody notice it.

This is Tokyo homeless life.


  1. abstrakONE says:

    Wow, the first entry that doesnt include a person in it.

  2. Dollar Bill says:

    Not only did all the belongings disappear, but (from the last photo), the area seems to have been cleaned up. I also find it odd that even Japanese homeless are so neat and clean. The homeless are not neat or clean in other countries. Yeah Japan!
    所有物すべては消えたがただ、(最後の写真から) 、区域はきれいになるようである。私はまた日本のホームレスがとても端正、きれいであることそれを異様見つける。ホームレスは他の国で端正またはきれいでない。ええ日本!
    ========================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your help. recently my english become more bad.

  3. Machi says:

    Hey, “dollar bill”, here’s a free tip. No-one likes people who correct other people. My recommendation to you, is try to not be such a dick.
    Good luck in life.

  4. Dannier says:

    Could you help us to know his philosophy by translating what he wrote? At least give us a general idea about it. Thanks
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Even Japanese people, this homeless message is ununderstandable sir.

  5. somone says:

    Like alot of homeless people in developed nations in japan, the reason why your homeless is because of mental problems or drug issues than poorness.

  6. shii says:

    “Even Japanese people, this homeless message is ununderstandable”
    So is he just writing random kanji?
    ======================from MasaManiA

  7. Trip says:

    No wonder we have mental problems as the world around us is simply not human friendly.

  8. rolly says:

    I always liked how the homeless people in the train stations had their little sheet of cardboard to sit on. And their shoes would be off, neatly placed outside the cardboard. Not exactly a proper genkan, but charming.
    Acutally, the homeless in Japan were the best ever. They don’t smell too bad, they don’t demand money, and they don’t bother anyone. In China you get bands of street urchins who grab your clothing and don’t let go.

  9. Shahram Akbaroff says:

    Life in all the big cities have same problem more or less.

  10. bunny2002sg says:


  11. forcefilm says:

    Being homeless is not something to be ashamed of and neither can it be considered it a problem. Many people choose to be homeless because they are unable or unwilling to deal with the pressures of having to live a “normal life”.
    I think if we were brave enough, we might try being homeless for a while. It would certainly sharpen our perspective on life and teach us that there is more to life than what we know now.

  12. sascha says:

    i think your site is very cool b cause its good to show the people wht diserves a finger and i think there are so much funny things you can make photoes of i think me and a friend (marc)
    are going to do the same in frankfurt
    ========================from MasaManiA
    THank you. I hope I can go to frankfurt someday.

  13. MasaMania!
    Cool pictures! but where is the owner of….. that home??

  14. Nana says:

    u should see the homeless in my country Puerto Rico
    too many here livin under bridges
    and pleadin for money in the stop lights O_o

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