Jap children's reading life

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Japanese society is still setting a greater value on the academic career of an individual than on his real ability or career as a actual working.
This means that if you can enter more named school and higher class university, you are more easyily qualified to enter the bigger mojorer company.
What happen after joing such fucking huge Japanese company ?
Their life become like a American rap star. They can fuck girls every day. They can get high paid, respects. and authority. and how about the job ? Hey, job is also like a American rap star. No toil no skill, no intelligence.
Just keep saying something that seem to have meaning even if their pronounciation is strange. THis is the reason lots of Jap children study fucking hard. Yes, really hard. shit hard.
Actually, at first, children dont know what happen after studying. but they are forced to be compared with other children by parents to be able to enter the named high leveled school.
Japanese children don’t understand the reason why they must study. so they memorise meaningless date, math rule, english words, science theorem to get high score at examine. Japanese urban children dont have no time to play or time to rest on the train !!!!
Japanese urban elite children must study as possible as he can !

As soon as he sit on the sheet, he open the book to study !

and start to read. Hey boy, aren’t you tired ?

Yes, actually they are really tierd.

They need rest. They should rest.

Enen thoug they are little children, but they are weak-sighted. because they must read tons of book to memorise tons of meaningless things.

Japanese elite children must study again, even if they are sicking tired.

Japanese urban elite children keep studying on the train. they never have time to spare. Just study until being Jap elite. But……..

Not all children is like that.

Country boys have no time to spare because they must read manga. reading manga is very popular past time in children.

If you are mania of Jap culture, you already know this manga boy’s reading is JUMP that is most popular manga magazine for children in Japan.

He never stop reading manga. Reading manga is also not so easy going in Jap children. They read manga very seriously.

Lots of parents scold child who read manga. Lots of parents prefer studying child to reading manga. Country children never stop to read MANGA in bus.

I don’t know what is good, bad, right or wrong,
but I certainly know there is the truth ! and I also know it must be fuck !

Dont ask me what is truth, if you want to know, just study shutting your mouth like Japanaese children !


  1. Mookie says:

    It is upsetting to see children spending their whole childhood studying alot, and when they turn into the adults… it would be more depressing when they look back and reflect. I have to admit that I got myself in that situation once, but now things are alot better.

  2. brett says:

    study too much have bad effect! they have a boring school mind instead of usefull sporty mind!

  3. Edo says:

    Hey Masa, another great series of posts.. Always an interesting read. Thanks.
    I live and work in Beijing and the kids here (kids of the elite, that is) are the same. Study all day and night, all weekend. No rest. No play. And their rich dumbass parents spoil them with too much junk food and crap, so while fucking up their social skills they are also fucking up their health….

  4. R. Elgin says:

    Masa, you have descibed many Korean kids very well too. It is very similar here. Studying useless information just to pass tests and reading Manga have the same result: it kills critical thought and dulls creativity.

  5. Masa — you’re my hero! I’m addicted to your site.
    That poor kid on the train looks as world-weary as the middle-aged man sitting next to him! And for what? So he can grow up to be like the business men you photographed in another segment? So he can look forward to spending his adult life working REALLY hard to fund his daughter’s costume habit?
    Thanks for the laughs, Jen

  6. Toshio says:

    I recently heard the news about a japanese kid who stabbed a teacher to dead. His motive was due to the worry of his inability to enter the university. Masa, did you remember the day when you’re going through the “exam hell”?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Oh, dont say that ! I dont want to remember it.

  7. tom says:

    This post described my wife’s childhood – all work, no play. She went to Waseda, graduated, went to the US and is completing a PhD. She’s very happy here. She doesn’t even like to return to Japan b/c of all the social pressures.
    But women can’t hold such positions of power in big companies in Japan.

  8. leet says:

    Masa, you have been using the word sheet repeatedly. I want to help you now. The correct word is seat.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you. I should study hard in childhood

  9. rolly says:

    Funny-ass remark about rappers…and coming from a foreigner’s blunt prose it’s even funnier.
    Don’t worry about these children. The Japanese do not have an idyllic view of romantic C.S. Lewis-type childhood as the West does. These kids work hard now, but as Masa clearly states, the work pays off handsomely in later life. They will have the best of everything until they die. Compare this to the destiny of the kid who is reading the comic book instead of studying.
    A graduate of Waseda wouldn’t be holding a position of power anyway. It’s a decent school, but hardly first-rate.

  10. tom says:

    I don’t think it pays off handsomely for many. Lots of Japanese toil for years only to have a small apartment, a wife to fuck at night, a child, and not much else. Hard work alone does not manufacture success.
    Also, my wife’s father graduated from Waseda and, after starting from entry-level at a large tech company, rose to CEO, retiring a few years ago. Thus in fact a graduate of Waseda would hold a position of power.

  11. emma says:

    hey masa, i m emma from france. i just like your fucking web site, maybe i will come to tokyo one day thanks to you, i just wannna take a look at this crazy japanese life.
    anyway, keep on going with the good fuckin

  12. Morihei says:

    Studing is essentail for kids these days for they now have to not only compeat with other kids in their own country but top noch kids from other countries. This is on one hand cool that you are compeating with kids your age around the world but on the other hand extremly tedious with the constant competition. Man I dont want to have to expirence the competition and need for success in the schools of the soon future.
    PS: I hate seeing the American youth of today in such a slump its has become that most of these brainiac kids that are springing from these dirt poor countries are taking the jobs that the kids born here should be striving for; soon we’ll have to move to the dirt poor countries for work!

  13. Psycho Bun-Bun says:

    Hey Masa, don’t you think they should just close the books and say FUCK YOU to the jap elites?

  14. kenji says:

    i remember seeing boys that age on the train practicing kanji i’ve never seen before. it made me realize how much they have to study and memorize from the day they shoot out of their mom’s womb.
    i love asia.

  15. Sir David (Spain) says:

    Great web and funny contents.Masa,if it wasn´t for your pictures,probably now I would hace cutted my veins.
    Your English gets better and better every week.
    Keep going!
    =============from MasaManiA

  16. hardyandtiny says:

    That’s why Japanese suck at basketball.
    ===========From MasaManiA
    but you know, we can win basketball tv game.

  17. Nikki says:

    that first kid is SO CUTE.
    and Rolly said, Waseda isn’t first rate? I thought it was one of the best schools in Japan? Waseda and Koei or something…

  18. Cyril says:

    The truth is Fuck it all. You are right Masa. And studies are good only if it opens your mind. If it’s to be closed on ourself or on our own culture, it’s fucking useless. I fuck Japanese closed minded people, I fuck any closed minded people in the world. That killed my love.

  19. MW says:

    Cool blog! Can i link to yours? I just did!

  20. magurogogo says:

    Hey, this is not JUMP, fuckin’ V-JUMP. It’s totally different. Different magazine although company is same.
    =============from MasaManiA
    Sincerly sorry. I am not so good knowledge in this erea.

  21. AeroDog says:

    “Hey job is also like American rap star, no toil, no skill, no intelligence”
    You got that right.
    ========from MasaManiA
    And unusual pronounciation, you konw. it like completely Japanese businessman.

  22. Fuck Hello says:

    yeah, but japanese big-time company employee buisness-men have important roles in japanese society:they pay highschool-girls money if they go to Love Hotels with them, thus providing the teenager-girls pocketmoney, so these girls can afford Gucci and Prada handbags…
    These kids will also grow up and make highschool-girls happy!
    Think about that, and study more!
    ====================from MasaManiA
    Yes, now fucking is big bisiness in Japan. but strangely there are no big company dealing with fucking.

  23. Masa Fan says:

    I love your site. I think you do a great job detailing every day life in Japan that many do not hear about everyday. Keep up the good work!
    Do you think you could do a story about the hidden society of Japanese massage parlors or spas? Or have I been watching too many hentai videos?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    massage parlors or spas is not hidden society. it’s quite open only to Jap. and it’s quite usual matter.

  24. RealHeadcase says:

    Whoa! Screwy. Masamania you blow my mind!!! And maybe I will link to your site
    =========from MasaManiA
    thank you and if you use HTML in your message, I sometime misunderstand that it is spam message and I add IP ban list mistakingly. Please be careful.

  25. Ark says:

    I think if a kid wants to read manga all day and be a truck driver when he is an adult that’s ok, I also think it’s ok if a kid wants to study all the time and become a CEO when he’s older. As long as kids can decide their future I think it’s good.
    Also, American business men also have the habit of saying things that sound like good ideas but also have no meaning (especially in marketing and adertisements)

  26. against all says:

    This is what I think of the whole deal:
    (I could be fuck or I could be right who knows)
    Hey theese children does not choose what they think is best, because the whole system is manipulating the people into slavery…WORK!
    Theese children is not aware of another existence, nor alternatives, their only option is to move up in the hierachy!
    How about fucking the man above you, and act like your own boss huh?
    The reading, no matter what crap, is all brainwash…make your own thoughts!
    Its an evil circle

  27. SubMerged says:

    Ark, that would be a big stereotype/generality. there are many, many people who did poorly in school (or i should say studied only what interested them) and grew up to be ‘successful’.
    maybe the manga reading kid could grow up and own his own manga company. did you think of that? this one tract thinking of placing an academic career over an individual’s self worth or interests (traditionally academic or not) as Masa says is starting to get old. it’s an attitude prevalent here in the US, even more so in Japan, and i think it may start changing soon.
    or, it could remain the same and only visible to those who realize it. who knows?

  28. Fuck Hello says:

    Acctually Masa, you say that there is no company dealing with fucking in Japan: That might be a good idea.
    Start a company! Fucking IS BIG buisness!
    You could call it: FUCKING COMPANY.
    You would make loads of money and get a lot of friends, you know…
    ============from MasaManiA
    What’s a fucking idea !!!

  29. bullshiite says:

    There is nothing wrong with education. But until you’re in high school, it should be every kid’s right to have fun after school. No studying, no reading, writing, and arithmi…arithmo…. well, you don’t care how I spell it. This happens everywhere in the world because many parents have a mania about education for their children.
    The most important time as a child is the free time you have to do what you want. People that take this away from their children want their kids to be the same boring sheep they have become.
    No fun.

  30. Kaivoo says:

    maybe evangelion can cure them.

  31. chaser48 says:

    THis MasaMania site is fucking hilarious!! The photos of the sleeping Japanese businessmen and these two japanese kids — one studying his ass off, falling to sleep and then the other kid who doesnt give a shit except for the Manga comics (that I do not allow my students here in California to copy — they can read it but not copy – I teach Art) that he is reading is a crack up!! I have always had a love for Japanese ever since I first came to Los Angeles but you guys leave me laughing – You are a-o fucking kay by me!! I have noticed too that your English is improving — please!!! Do not try so hard — leave the poor ass spelling and the silly syntax errors — I love it, High comedy!! Of course were I to visit Japan ( as I intend to marry a lovely Japanese woman named Natsuko from Osaka) and adulterate the language, would the police come down on me and try to kick my ass?? Funny stuff keep it up!!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Oh, you find nice Japanese girl. Osaka is the most interesting city in Japan. And Osaka people is also very interesting.

  32. bookstone says:

    Eisenstien was a highschool dropout

  33. asyouwish says:

    Everything in life is a matter of balance.

  34. basil says:

    not everyone can be rapstar
    day of sadness upon me when i realise i not rockstar, but fuck hard sararyman
    elite middlemanagement,not not everyone can be sararyman 2,but nobody fan sararyman middle manegmen no groupie panty sniff fuck,
    just google 4 porn…..i blame my parents for sending me to school
    ========From MasaManiA
    It’s sad

  35. asdf says:

    Wow. I guess we all know why they study so hard. They don’t want to end up like you.
    Is fuck the only word you can use correctly in English? Because it seems to me that is is.

  36. pm says:

    he sais fuck so he will be more highly ranked in google,right masa?
    ==========From MasaManiA
    anyway i must tell him that fuck is not to say, but to do. See michel jackson or crinton, they never say fuck, but they enjoy fuck !

  37. bob says:

    Yo masa that does not answer my ?
    ====from MasaManiA

  38. Moe says:

    How do people remain sane in a country so insane? all my jap friends are cool people that are easy to talk to. they dont take manga THAT seriously

  39. bor says:

    cmon, thats like comparing star trekkies to normal people.
    then asking how u can get any sane ppl in america. huh!?

  40. CuriousMonkey says:

    Study hard, study hard, study hard… what if they fail exams? spanked? scolded? grounded? no food?
    ========from MasaManiA
    Depend on how much hard

  41. T_shay says:

    the different between cultures of different countries always amazes me i mix race but british and the the lazy ass children here (lol including my self) do absolutly nuthing wid there lives for most of there lives. the japanese do seem crazy tho i could neva handle doin so much work but on the other hand i guess when all your life you have been told that studying is right its not as hard :s
    i do love japan tho i want to go there for some of my schooling life lol but i dont think i could handle the fomality and curtacy of the country, but i would try for the sake of respect 🙂
    masa arigatoo gazaimasu i love your site
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  42. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hola Masa
    Another interesting report…
    Seeing that studying kid inside the subway, remembers me my childhood (about 7 -8 years old, im 24 now ;D )…remember how many time i was ordered to study fuckin math, remembering math theorems and other school matters…and all, certainly, against my will…
    Today i still wondering me what was all that study wasfor? absolutly NOTHING…. in my childhood i grew up seeing TV, seeing tons of anime (like galaxy express 999, dragon ball, dr slump) and reading “bande dessinee”( french comics) , becoming a grafic artist was always my dream since i was kid, becoming a cartoonist or an animator was my dream… since then, i don’t really give a big matter of school….always drawing, making sketches in school, teachers saying me, that “becoming cartoonist” it’s no job, you must study, study fuckin hard to become a profesional…fuck that!!! i never study math, never memorizing fuckin math theorem, or chemic or biology in school….that’s why i passed grades in basic and high school with awful marks…yes really bad…because in fuckin school they make you study math, languages, physic, biology and nothing to express yourself as a grafic artist…they don’t instruct you to be creative, but memorizing like idiot (just like jap education) meaningless things ( by the way, as i was raised in switzerland, educational swiss system is pretty like jap educational system, it’s maybe for that because japs love so much switzerland…memorize all you can…it sucks!)
    every day, every year i was sketchin, tryin to raise my dream to become an animator, school sucks, they bound you to study hard, with that poor and pathetic apologize “study hard to become a profesional” and see me, im at college, living my dream, being a profesional animator really soon…. just 1 year to get my animator title ;D
    So what’s the deal whit my case? just that, sometimes you don’t need learn o memorize fuckins gramatical or math theorem/rules… no need to study hard when you believe what you wanna get for yourself…and if that you re not forced to study hard like me…you can reach everything….
    By the way…if i livin in jap, definitively, i chose country boy life…reading cartoon/mangas or seeing animated series…because studying hard? what for? just burn up all your neurons and become a robot when you grow up…one more of fuckin society…who takes you off your creativity…
    No child deserve to study hard in his childhood….i think it s more important let them all play with other kids, read mangas, share time with his family, playin PSX or something like that, recreate themself…
    Well…if we compare jap childrens with chilean childrens…i think jap childrens are the hard fuckin study masters and certainly they become like “Study Geeks/freaks” and they make fun of them…but maybe swiss kids seems like japs kids…
    How was you childhood Masa? studying fuckin hard too? memorizing meaninless matht heorem(like me)
    well…taht’s all…
    Chao Masa
    PS: Masa, inspiring by your j rockers cosplayers report…i take some pics(just like you ;D) of kids dressing like j rock bands from your country…like visual key style and gayless style like…would you like to see them? can i send you those pics to your mailbox? hope you answer me soon U_U

  43. leo prieto says:

    Just an “Hola” to “The animator from Valparaiso”:
    Cool to find someone else from Chile!

  44. Ophelia says:

    I’ve here once reading article about girl with wrist cut. Well, thanks to Masa. Now I know some sad facts about Japan that are not mentioned in mass media.
    Masa, never give up!!!

  45. lolomfg says:

    dude u type too much Valparaiso oh and wtf do u mean with country boy the one where u said here is country boy only reading manga and pretty much saying he was dumb and shit.. what do we put children in categorys now

  46. waffleninja says:

    I read the Naruto translations from Jump sometimes. I hate reading, but that’s alot of fun. The first boy reminds me of when I used to read on the bus home from school, trying to be an “elite child.”

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