Crystal handler is completely mysterious

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Crystal has a misterious power.
Fortune teller say he can see the fortune more clearly by being helped by crystal. Crystal seem to handle us by its mysterious power. and he also seem to be handled by crystal.
But in case of this person, No, He handle crystal.
It’s completely mysterious street performance !
This time I ready for movie for you. See the movie of his performance, completely

this image is photoshopped. but movie is not.
Here is movie
misterious Crystal handler ! Quick time 2.99MB
Thanks to Mr.Buko for help !!


  1. Mookie says:

    An intressting entertainer, but does everyone believe a word he says when it comes to the ‘powers of his crystal ball’? Quick question, are people in Japan supertitious?
    =============from MasaManiA
    I dont know

  2. Kane says:

    whoooo MASA! THAT ROCKS! You should take more pics of street performers~! ^ – ^

  3. Morihei says:

    That guy is no “Cleo” I bet he cant tell the future with a Jamaican accent when he is not Jamaican! Loser!

  4. trish says:

    thanks masa. I’m really glad I got to see that. I’m gonna go practice now ^_^

  5. ranting sweed says:

    theres a guy named Micheal Motion (real name) that has actually gotten quite famus with that type of thing. only i’ve seen him do it with up to 8 crystal balls at once….. (in part of his act any way)
    ==================From MasaManiA
    Thank you for your information !

  6. viral says:

    Crystal Boy is CUTE!

  7. Alan says:

    If you go check out you’ll see another crystal juggler. He also does statuism too ^_^.

  8. Kitfox says:

    Wow, that’s really amazing! I agree, he’s a cutie!

  9. gleep says:

    now if that guy was dressed up as david bowie from the labyrinth…

  10. A says:

    That guys hat makes him look like an asshole

  11. ranting sweed says:

    woops i got his name wrong. its MICHAEL MOSCHEN
    a pic of him with crystal balls
    ============-from MasaManiA
    WOW, thank you for your helpful information !
    It’s really realy amazing !

  12. ranting sweed says:

    yeah the guy that did that in labyrinth was michael moschen

  13. Manx says:

    I had some friends back in Seattle that used to do that. They called it “contact juggling”

  14. Fuck Hello says:

    This.. guy.. don’t happen to have an email-adress? Me like him. *nosebleed*
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Yes, I want to know too, but I dont know.

  15. seth says:

    I saw this guy in Harajuku a few weeks ago and he is amazing! If you’ve ever been to a rave and seen someone do hand flow movements then you know what I mean. Clever usage of an object that is symetrical in shape and color.

  16. gremlin says:

    Cool preformance, foxy dude, I dig it muchly.
    Oh, and Masa your English fucking rocks.

  17. Mode says:

    That’s very cool masa. thanx.
    hmmm. I noticed he has earphones on. I wonder what he’s listening to…
    =========from MasaManiA
    Me too

  18. あゆみ says:


  19. Peet says:

    Wow. I practice this (contact juggling) at home, too. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Japanese person doing it. I should go to Harajuku and check him out. I was actually in Tokyo that week, I could have seen you taking his picture.

  20. roundstone says:

    I once had a jewish girlfriend that used to rub my testicles in this manner, with a very similar impassioned look in her eyes as she would rub and stroke me, she was very talented, but sadly very psychotic as well, but very good in bed though!
    =======from MasaManiA
    Why you tell me such things ? Do you want me to do that ?

  21. La La Ru says:

    That is awesome. ^_^ Wow!

  22. Junsoto says:

    It is contact juggling, also called sphereplay. See – Increasingly popular in U.S.
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information

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