What is it people want to know truely ?

masamaniaHi, this is masamania, Happy new year. Thank you for your comming last year. and Hello for new commer.
sorry for my slow new year greeting. and slow posting.
last year, I got lots of message, and i can reply to some message, and cannot replay to some message. I am very sorry. Please forgive my unpoliteness. and please give me your message again. I am really glad to get any message except message from online casino, and penis enlargement and online pharmacy. fuck you spam message.
and thank you for your voting to Asian blog award. Your vote push me to No2 prize in Japan blog award section. ( No1 is sushicam.com. this site is no relation with sushi restaurant or camera shop. it’s not joke, I think.)
This year also come new year again.
For you who come to my site, I tell you what happen in Japan. because it must be what you want to know.

And this year also maybe happen lots of surprising thing in Japan !

Do you want to know what happne in Japan ?

Do you really want to know what will happen in Japan ?

How can you know what happen in Japan ?

From TV ?

from News paper ?

Hey, they just tell you about celebrity’s marige or divorce.

They just tell you tamed sopisticated boring story.

THey are afraid to use the word, fuck. what’s a coward !

They are afraid to show boob and pussy and dick !

I tell you, I show you the real Japan as it is directly.

Sometime it make you disgusting.

Sometime, it make you angry,

but sometime it make you exciting !

Because it is truth.

Do you want to know what happen in Japan truely ?

fuck you ! If you want to know what happen in Japan, you must keep checking my site ! If you make effort to see, I make effort to tell you the truth of Japan. Because I am mania of the truth, MasaManiA !

This year also, Please come to my site, and let’s stick out middle finger with me for the truth.

I am with you always as long as you give me finger.

Happy new year !!!

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  1. huuaa, you waited so long for you to post after you said check for yesterday (T-T
    haha, but it’s a good post. We must continue to give our finger for truth in 2005!! Now, we must make that slogan into posters and post it at all major cities. Good idea, ね?

  2. Happy belated New Year’s to you! Thanks for what you do! I enjoy visiting your site always. Keep up your good work!

  3. Oi oi. Hey Masa~ Happy New year and keep up the good work! 平和に住みなさい、 真実を見なさい。 明けましておめでとう

  4. You look real handsome with white shirt and tie! 😉 If I were you, that would annoy the living s*** out of me.

  5. Shame about the blog awards. I don’t have anything against sushicam but I really wanted you to win it =\ Better luck next time.

  6. I’m checking this site every day although I’m Japanese. I’m enjoying these pictures and comments. Masa, I think this site is slow recently. So I can’t see some picture because time out happened in my browser. Power up please!
    ===================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your comming. I am just a poor middle class dude. so I still have no enough money to power up. Sorry but I will power up my server in future.

  7. Fuck yeah! Here’s to another year of more fucked up entertainment! Love your site Masa, keep it up!

  8. yeah man, happy fuck to 2005
    hopefully it’s going to be happy time and not another year closer to world war 3

  9. Hey Masa, great site. I always love to read your stuff. You really have a great outlook on life.
    Just wanted to let you know that you are mentioned in the January 2005 Playboy, in their “Year in Sex” section. They talk about Mickey Yanai’s helicopter fuck and give your URL. You’re becoming famous!
    (If you would like a scan of that page, I can email it to you.)
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your help. I am just wanting it really. thank you.

  10. Hey here’s the answer: It’s Asakusa Carnival, the Brazilian Carnival that’s held every summer in Tokyo. How did I know? I’m not telling!! Just go look at my website.

  11. Masa, what are all of those people looking at!?
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Please keep check my site, and you will find the answer in future post.

  12. this site should have won 1st placing in the Asian Blog awards…it kicks ass..Happy New Year n keep up the excellent reporting of the REAL japan! FUCK YOU! 🙂

  13. I have not had a chance to comment on all of your other postings… but happy New Year to you.
    This site keeps getting better. Thanks so much for all your hardwork.
    Fuck you 🙂

  14. Aaargh, the buttocks of the petite Jap girl on the second pic are too much for me.
    I am amazed you didn’t drop your camera while making the pic. Don’t forget to post a front pic of her soon. I am really counting on you, dude. Fyou as always.

  15. I finally get to see the face behind the lens.
    happy new year Masa
    PS, lovin’ that chicks ass in the second photo.

  16. ohhhhhh man !
    i discover your site today oh man you are the man . you are the man .
    i am french i am mathieu from france
    fuck u and fuck everybody and me too …. fucking happy new year ……………..
    mathieu from france .. if any japanese know me … i give you some help to remember me … coctailmathieu ….
    we love america and japan and my fucking county france ..
    see ya

  17. Hi Masa,
    I have a Wagyu/Kobe Beef question for you.
    Kobe Beef is a legendary Japanese delicacy, a type of beef that is so well marbled that it goes right off the charts for Prime grading in any other country. The meat ends up looking like it has been left out in the snow because of the intensiveness of the white fat marbling.
    Each animal is pampered like a spoiled child. Their diets are strictly controlled and during the final fattening process, cattle are fed hefty quantities of sake and beer mash. Each animal gets a daily massage. The theory is that mellow, relaxed cows and bulls make good beef. In addition, the sperm of these animals is believed to be some sort of super Viagra, giving a man increased sexual drive and stamina. I heard that Japanese men suck the dicks of Kobe Beef bulls both to give pleasure to the bull (to better relax the bull) and to drink the sperm for all of its benefits.
    Masa, do Japanese men suck the dicks of Kobe Beef bulls and if so, is there any special technique they use?
    こんにちはMasa 、 私はあなたのためのWagyu/神戸のビーフの質問を有する。 神戸のビーフは他のどの国のも主な等級分けのための図表を離れて正しく行くこと伝説の日本の優美、タイプの大理石模様をつけられるとても健康のビーフである。肉は白い脂肪質に大理石模様をつけることのintensiveness のために雪でそれのように見えることを去った終える。 各動物はだめにされた子供のように甘やかされる。食事療法は厳しく制御され、最終的な太っているプロセスの間に、牛は屈強な量の為及びビールマッシュに与えられる。各動物は毎日のマッサージを得る。理論は熟したそれ緩められた牛であり、雄牛はよいビーフを作る。さらに、これらの動物の精液は人に高められた性ドライブおよびstamina を与える種類の極度のViagra であると信じられる。私は喜びを雄牛に(よりよく雄牛を緩めるため) 与え、利点のすべてのための精液を飲むために日本の人が神戸のビーフ雄牛のdicks を吸うことを聞いた。 Masa 、日本の人はその場合、神戸のビーフ雄牛のdicks を、あらゆる特別な技術そこにいる使用する吸うか。
    ===================from MasaManiA
    We eat bull dick but it is first time to hearing about sucking living bull’s dick. But I know American girls suck dick of president in America. Does it have any governing aim ??

  18. This site is amazing. I found it through reading a playboy article, keep it up you crazy fucker :].
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  19. Goddamn, Masa, what a great site. I’ve been reading it for a few months now and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for all the reporting and dry humor. I especially like the articles on the homeless (tho’ they’re not as funny.)

  20. Masa, how old were you in that picture? 17…? You look younger than I do. (^^); No offense.
    ====from MasaManiA
    Now i am 30.

  21. woah…you are super cool. You are my portal into just not Japan but everywhere, everyone’s society it seems is the same. someone should put your picture all over and make it seem you are super famous but its all in their heads…freak em out!

  22. whats up with the tie?
    are you trying to look like a japanese salaryman?
    or do you dress like that so that you can get good photos without drawing too much attention to yourself?
    ======from MasaManiA
    no intention

  23. I’ve seen your photos and I love them. I really like your style!
    And Masa…ummm…I could teach you how to use that pretty finger in a better way!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  24. Masa, my question is totally off the subject(I’m sorry) There are plenty of Japanese and Japanese-American men where I’m from. Everytime I aproach them to flirt they either answer me with short words or ignore me. I’m white, 5ft 2inches with waist length curly red hair( no freckles) green eyes, big breasts, small waist, nice big ass. I don’t understand why I am ignored. Hey, my personality is good too I think. I wonder if Japanese men are turned off by my looks or if they just think I’m too forward or agressive. Can you tell me what you think, please? What do J-men want anyway?
    =========from MasaManiA
    I dont know
    =============from MasaManiA
    I dont ikno

  25. Oh, Ok. Thanks. Maybe I’ll just let the dream die. Thank you again. You are so sweet to put up with my silly question. I was afraid of getting a bad reaction from you. I know its probably not a subject you are interested in. I didn’t have anyone else to ask. I really am a big fan of yours and love your site so much. I love truth. Even if it hurts. LOL.
    ============from MasaManiA
    You can find good man. Just keep to finding. THe important thing is “Dont stop”

  26. Elisa,
    Since you didn’t list your weight, you probably are fat. Japs don’t like fatties. Please list your weight so we can better evaluate you.
    Also, Japanese believe that red hair is the sign of the devil: 赤い毛およびそばかすは悪魔の仲間である Translation: “Red hair and freckles are the devil’s mates.”
    Try dying your hair blond. Jap men love blond haired women (since that is want they don’t have at home). Keep the carpet red, however. Japanese men are freeky — they like to eat out the devil.
    As for flirting, keep your sushi hole (mouth) closed and let your big breast do all the flirting. Jap men love big breasted women (since that is want they don’t have at home). Wear a white, thin, short sleve top that hugs your breasts and shows off all the curves. Don’t wear a bra — it’s important that the Jap man can see the out line of your nipples.
    If you follow these guidlines and walk up to a jap, it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds for you to determine whether he is interested. If he’s interested, he’ll lead the conversation and work to keep it going.
    Please keep us Masa fans posted as to your progress.

  27. I am guyjin. About 20 years ago, my Japanese girlfriend asked me to give her an abortion, which I did. I’ve been disturbed by this to this day since it was our child together. What even disturbs me more is that she insisted that our aborted boy was sent to Hell because he brought so much sadness to us. She said something about the kid having to build rock statutes over and over again in Hell, but that Jism would protect him. I always thought that Jism was semen fluid discharged from the penis during ejaculation. Masa, why do Japanese worship Jism?
    ============from MasaManiA
    I dont know. anyway its scarely.

  28. Please post fuck you photos and explain NHK man to readers! Have you ever been hastled by an NHK man?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Yes, I will

  29. Please post photo essay about JR charging the families of those that commit suicide by train with the costs JR incurred by the delay in train service. This is wacky shit and unique to Japan!
    =============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your advice

  30. Hi Masa,
    Love the site. If you are looking for photo essay ideas, here is a list of Japanese things that I think are wacky. I found them at http://www3.tky.3web.ne.jp/~edjacob/saq.html
    I’m sure your readers would love to see photo essay on any of the below:
    In anime and manga, a boy acts like a pervert and is pictured with blood gushing from his nose since a nosebleed means that a male character is sexually aroused — he is so aroused that blood not only fills up his sex organs, it starts coming out his nose, too!
    Japanese school girls wearing sailor suits
    Japanese people removing their shoes when they commit suicide.
    Japanese people cover their thumbs when a hearse passes by.
    Japanese people turning red when drinking alcohol (a gene producing acetaldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme is defective in Japanese)
    Japanese women walking pigeon-toed
    Japanese cats having only half a tail or only a little stumpy tail.
    Japanese people throwing water on the pavement in front of their houses and shops during the summertime
    Japanese toilet slippers
    shiri ga aoi: Japanese babies having a blue spot (moukohan) on their butt when they’re born.
    Japanese people line up for hours in front of new pachinko parlors
    ‘So-su gao’: sauce face fad
    Japanese ghosts do not have legs
    Sukebe isu (perverted chair) – a little stool in the bathroom having a U-shaped hole in the seat. and it is very common in Japan’s love hotels and red light districts. The customer sits on a sukebe isu just like a regular bath school, but the U-shaped hole allows the soap girl to “access all areas”.
    Japanese turning off their headlights, or at least dim them down to parking lights, when stopped at traffic signals
    Japanese people making that ‘Karate chop’ gesture (tegatana o kiru) when they step in front of someone or want to sit down on the train.
    =============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your great advice

  31. To Ummmm, I think I mentioned slender waist and no freckles…can you understand what you read? Thanks for your advice about blonde hair and leaving the pubes red. Hate to tell you, I’ve been blonde before and I’m not naturally red-haired. I’m dark blonde. I will try the shutting of my sushi hole (sooo funny) and the white shirt to let my titties do the talking! I’ll keep ya posted. Wish me luck!I don’t understand about eating the devil though. Maybe you can explain. Are you Japanese?

  32. Thank you, Give until it hurts. My breasts are that size maybe bigger, but no scars underneath because they are real! No fake titties here, dear. I have what I am given by the gene pool. Thanks anyway! (She’s cute) Wonder if she’s your girlfriend, I wonder if your worthy? I guess I will shut my (LOL) sushi hole for now. No wonder Japanese men ignore me. I have too many fucking opinions!

  33. Masa! It’s been one year and you never told us what these people are trying to see!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    That answer is in your mind.

  34. Masa!
    is your name Masa? who cares!
    I am from Mexico and I read you everytime I can. I love Japan culture, stylelife and sexy girls.
    Stop writing, you are the best! Please say “Hello Corpus”… you could make happy to your reader No1.
    Corpus Martinez

  35. hey i will be touring japan over the summer and it will be great if i get some advice from you. please email me so we can chat. thanks

  36. hello masa
    i know i’m commenting on a old article .. but i like looking through your site a lot, its always very interesting and i love the pictures. you are a genious. 🙂
    is that you? if so , i think you’re very good looking. ^_^

  37. Times when the language barrier should have made someone keep their sushi-hole shut…
    I once told a KATUSA (who was studying Spanish at the time) about how I had ordered a chorizo (spicy meat) breakfast burrito that morning, but my order had gotten seriously fucked up. He said, if it were him, he would have made sure he delivered a chilito burrito to me. I told him to never do that…I would not want him small dick wrapped in a tortilla for breakfast. I explained that he had used the slang term for a small dick instead of saying spicy meat. I had never seen a Korean turn so red before.
    Another KATUSA (chaplain’s assistant) asked if he could come to my room so we could ‘play’ together. He meant pray, not play. I thought he was being a little too forward.
    A Korean woman was talking to an American man over dinner at the house of one of my old KATUSA friend’s. One of the dishes made for that Chusok dinner was made from fish. When the American asked what she was eating she tried to tell him, but had forgotten the English word for fish. So, she tried the closest word she could think of…’I’m eating sea men’. He was rather shocked that Koreans eat ‘semen’ for Chusok. Of course, my friend was embarassed about having to explain the misunderstanding in front of his whole family.
    The last story was from my old friend Suh (or Suh-Joo/Soju-our nickname for him).
    Of course, the Koreans get a good chuckle when I tell them my first name-it’s similar to the Korean word for ‘fuck’. Needless to say, I usually go by my Korean nickname while in Korea.

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