Cosplay team for perfect csoplay, 2004 winter comike report 04

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Wearing perfectly imitated costume is certainly important thing in cosplay. but it’s not enough for successful cosplay. you must play a role as a cosplayer who imitate character as if you are in anime, comik and game. this is the reason some cosplayer make a team. such team is consist of one anime, manga and game. they play their each character in their team. Enjoy seeing cosplay team !


  1. balex says:

    Very prodigious update this time. I look forward to your posts everytime.
    So cool. I like cool stuff.

  2. skmt says:

    Very prodigious update this time. I look forward to your posts everytime.

  3. Red Ruin says:


  4. Nerdlicious says:


  5. msbreastner says:

    It still seems dorky to me…

  6. eggtoffee says:

    did they use black-face for one of the cyborgs?
    great work masa!

  7. ALC says:

    “If Americans did this we’d get beat down in the streets. Or at least we should. It’s cute when you Japs do it though.”
    I think the US equivilant, or the closest, would be fat out of shape guys who wear jerseys of football athletes, or go to games shirtless and painted or something.

  8. Yatta says:

    I think those cosplay teams are very impressive. And everyone has very good costumes also.
    Here in france theres some cosplay too, but not that much (of course anime/manga event are smaller here !). And the quality of the cosplay is not as good as japanese cosplay.
    But lately, I noticed our cosplayers are improving … Behave Japan ! Here we come ! \o/

  9. Imran DeRoy says:

    Japan sure had better watch out for Frnech bastards and their cosplay. After all they’ll start frothign at the mouth at the sight of the foreign Japanese and start tearing away at costume headpieces like the hypocritical dogs did with headscarves.
    Here’s to the French choking en masse on grenouille testicles.

  10. Julie says:

    There is lots of CosPlay in the US, you just have to look for it.
    You guys do it better of course, but some of our Cons are really awesome. Masa, you should come here and take pictures for your site! Or maybe I could send you some…we tend to show a bit more skin…..

  11. priscilla says:

    i think these are the best cosplay photos you’ve taken masa. 🙂 i really like the characters from the hayaoi miyazaki film ‘howl’s moving castle’ and it looks like lots of people cosplay from it!
    i admire your photography and reporting. great job!
    are there anime conventions all the time in japan? we only have one where i live, it only happens once a year…

  12. Nanori says:

    a lot of US cosplayers hand make their costumes. i think its neat.

  13. Black Pearl says:

    I posted this on another cosplay thread…
    American cosplay…
    Captain Jack Sparrow roams around US Navy barracks searching for a girl and all the rum.

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