Tokyo Damage Report by American Jark

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When I go to the Punk rock live, I happen to see Mr.Steaven, yes, he is the web master of Tokyo damage report.
He is American, but live in Japan. and He report lots of interesting thing about Japan from foregin eye.
His report is really interesting for us, Jap also. I recomend you to check his site.
Tokyo Damage report
and not only his site, he also interesting man.

When I got to Punk rock live, there is strange foreiner in audience.

When music start, he start to take a photo. what a strange foreginer !

Yes, he is American jark, Mr.Steven

he keep taking photo

Suddenly singer dive into audience. Mr.Steven startle

And he start to takeing photo again ! What’s a fucking jark ! and you can see his interesting photos in his web site !

He also konw about punk rock well. check his site.


  1. hapa says:

    i found out about masamania from tdr.
    yeah, steven’s shit cracks me up.
    masa, steven needs a girlfriend badly…
    can you help him out?
    maybe you can introduce him to the razor
    wrist-cut girl with the smeared lipstick
    and twisted sexpot smile.
    fock yoo, hapa.
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    I hope she is still living

  2. Itsmmeeeee! says:

    Hey, i love Tokyo Damage Report. And I love MasamaniA! I love everybody!
    Why does his hair change in the middle of the punk show? And did you hurt him for being a fucking jerk, is that why hes on the hospital bed?
    I have seen a Japanese pussy. I will come to Tokyo in three days and see one again. And probably have sex with it.
    I love Japanese pussies!!!!!

  3. doomquake says:

    I fucking love the tokyo damage report, just as much as I love you masa.
    I’ve always wondered when I’d see pictures of you two running into one another. This is double-cool.
    Japanese punk shows seem incredible. Compared to the very boring bands we get here you seem to have a huge variety of insane off-the-wall bands.
    Seeing footage of bands like El Nudo really makes me want to visit Japan!

  4. Lewis says:

    That guy is a cool foriengner.Are there many foriengners like him in japan?
    =================from MasaManiA
    I don’t know

  5. Burbster says:

    Steven is great. I read his blog all the time.

  6. steven says:

    hi Masa-san! it is me Steaven! thanks for your page. Ha ha I am a 変な外人!!なんだろう
    二週前僕はカレフォニアへいきました。 カレフォニアのプレセントを持って来ました。  i want to give you a present — please call me, ok?

  7. Another satisfied customer says:

    Masa and Steven, you are my two favorite Japan bloggers!
    It will be very interesting if you join forces more often. Like, you can report on the same event from two different perspectives: Weird Jap and Henna Gaijin.

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