Stylish sports car man forget more important thing


He ride a fucking nice classic sports car. It’s guy’s dream to own such car. He got his dream.He is enjoying his dream. He wear fresh white shirts. he listen music with head phone. and wear caps back to front on the sport car without roof.
Judging from his appearence, he is completly sporty !
but he stcuk in middle of crowded narrow Japanese town in fucking dirty air polluted by bad gas. somehow he seem vacancy. he need something. He seem to need something more important thing than car roof. He didn’t noticing that. I noticed that. So something urge me to tell him the important thing for this sporty guy.
Please Click the “READ MORE” link ! if you want to know what he fucking need.

Hey, You ! Why you are so peaceful in your dream car ! fuck you !

He startled my sudden midle finger !

But he was just laughing in nose. What’s a pitty man ! Notice somethig !

I keeped fucking him.

after several minuts, he seem to notice something.

And he fuck you back to me. Yes, you need such a fucking sports mind !

Sports car man need sports mind ! Now he also become sporty by fuck me back.

Yes, his fuck you finger seem not complete shape, but I belieave he try to fuck me. He is just a amature fucker yet.

Sports car man ! Now you deserve your sports car ! because you have sports mind !

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  1. this was great. this whole site is great. you do a wonderful job/thing. i like all of this very much, its nice. thank you.
    are japanese pizza lovers?
    FUCK YOU@!
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    Thank you and it’s depend on pizza and people.

  2. I’ve been reading your site for quite a while now, and even though all of your articles are very entertaining i have to say that this is the most funny one you ever wrote. 😀
    Gweepings, Xenofur

  3. What a looser, that is not even an original car, is a kit car. You can buy the chass and the body for $5000 dollars and put some crappy engine there. Just take a look at the seat belt and you will notice is a kit car, also the driver is a fucktard, driving with earphones on, fuck you, fucktard!
    Masa great middle finger!!

  4. Wow, people here notice quite fast when people “fuck you” them.
    You most certainly are very advanced in “fuck you”-ing people.
    You must have trained fingers.

  5. Hahaha… very nice!
    Do all Japanese guys keep cool when you’re “flippin?Ethem off??E
    Flippin?Ethem off = Give them the middle finger = Fuck YOU

  6. I’ve always wondered why they get these fast cars in Japan that they don’t export to the US. I hear Japan has like really low speed limits everywhere and the streets are really narrow.
    In the US you can’t wear headphones while driving, but it’s allowed in Japan?
    ================================from MasaManiA
    THank you always. Yes, it’s really mistery why people like fast car. and we also have lots of Hallery Davidson eventhogh our road is too narrow. and of course wearing headphones while driving is ilegal in Japan except hearing disable people. This driver must be hearing problem because of full of shit in his ear.

  7. hey Masa…/
    FUCK YOU!!? Your site is great!/
    Hey what do you do for a living?/
    =========================from MasaManiA
    You know I sometime change job many times. and now I am making effort to become journalist, sometime write for magazine.

  8. Hi, I´m brazilian, who absolutely loves Japan, japanese people, culture, traditions, places, and almost everything else from there. I spend a lot of time “connected” to Japan-related things.
    Well, I think your site is great.
    But I´m starting to fell about something. I think that EVERY ONE in this planet is becoming IDENTICAL. Now even in Japan, this really lovely perfect freaking land, people are starting acting like the rest of the world. Just like americans or brazilians for example. They say fuck you everytime to anyone. They want to fight and act like animals. But not just these 2 countries, no, much more. I think that everyone will be like this, what really scares me. Will we all be like fucking zoombies, being so identical?? Well, I just started to fear about it.
    But please continue to do your job. I love to see the fantastic photos of the amazing land that Japan is.
    ================================from MasaManiA
    I think the most fearful people is the priest who never say FUCK but doing fuck children.

  9. Felipe, that’s because the world is totally detached from the religions that our species is supposed to be based on. Study the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, etc. and see how different the average human being is, when you compare. It’s always been like this. Many follow the wrong path, but the strong follow “the way”. Live and let live.

  10. “I think the most fearful people is the priest who never say FUCK but doing fuck children.”
    All too true, Masa…
    BTW, can take more car photos? 😀

  11. Hey, “Fuck you” is the best international expression ever. If we’re going to send out another satellite which will go out of the Solar System, let’s paint a nice big “FUCK YOU” on it instead of some stupid signs, messages and markings.

  12. Hey Masa!
    I really enjoy your site.
    I have visited Japan a few times.
    I go back again soon.
    I like your style of journalism and wish you best in your career.
    Canadian fan, here!
    PS- What part of Japan do you work out of?

  13. Rich mid-life-crisis asshole in his expensive car with his trendy backwards hat. Fuck him!
    Sweet site, Masa! Keep it up!

  14. hmm..
    I’m sorry guys (and girls ?) but i think u r all insan in the brain.
    this guy just enjoys his toy-car. nothing more.
    u r not warped or just loveless ?
    don’t forget :
    Fornication Under Control of the King !
    the King

  15. Omg – I think youre all fucked up -> U wanna fuck this guy for ridin a car you can’t have ? Ok – go on and fuck him – Maybe your lifes r gettin’ better then…
    Oh – and don’t don’t forget to fuck your stars for havin anything you can’t afford !
    Keep on Fuckin’ !!

  16. >Omg – I think youre all fucked up -> U wanna fuck >this guy for ridin a car you can’t have ? Ok – go >on and fuck him – Maybe your lifes r gettin’ >better then…
    >Oh – and don’t don’t forget to fuck your stars >for havin anything you can’t afford !
    >Keep on Fuckin’ !!
    >Posted by: xwtz at November 11, 2004 07:59 AM
    >what the fuck is this bullshit? what a shitty >site.
    >Posted by: fuckthis at November 5, 2004 08:10 AM

  17. It’s not a “sports car,” it’s a classic car. It’s not meant to be practical because it wasn’t made recently… it’s old. So, flipping him off for not having a roof on his car is kinda… stupid.

  18. That’s a pretty funny “Fuck you”, well done. Sportsman is doing a British “Fuck you”, no?

  19. >>Omg – I think youre all fucked up -> U wanna >>fuck >this guy for ridin a car you can’t have ? >>Ok – go >on and fuck him – Maybe your lifes r >>gettin’ >better then…
    >>Oh – and don’t don’t forget to fuck your stars >>for havin anything you can’t afford !
    >>Keep on Fuckin’ !!
    >>Posted by: xwtz at November 11, 2004 07:59 AM
    >>what the fuck is this bullshit? what a shitty >>site.
    >>Posted by: fuckthis at November 5, 2004 08:10 AM
    >Posted by: MASOMOON at November 12, 2004 05:24 PM

  20. My Dad was captured by the Japanese and went through the Baatan death march and prison camp in Japan. (He was on the first train through Nagasaki after the bomb.) My Uncle was shot down and killed in the Coral sea. My old man had no problem with Japan-loved the food, liked the people but not the government.
    Growing up I always thought of Japan as faceless and grey. I was always reminded of the atrocities when I was growing up so Japan was just kind of a shadow land to me.
    Now, after MasaMania, I see it differently. I think the Japanese are a bunch of clever and cool people that are unique to the world.
    ======================from MasaManiA
    Your story is very sad fact. But I think Japan maybe change already. So please be friend with new Japan people.

  21. Personally, I think you’re just jealous Masa. So what if the guy has a sports car. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was just driving by.
    I bet you probably want a car like his and I don’t think you’d like it if someone flipped you off just because you had a cool car.
    Just my 2 cents
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Sorry but I sometime become dengerous.

  22. I agree with you Mas. I lived in Japan for 16 years and know these types of guys well. They are just show-off fucks who have nothing better to do than to spend all their money on cool cars and clothes and try to look cool for the ladies.
    They remind me of the guys in Japan who never skiied or surfed, but always had racks on their cars with skis or surfboards on them. I even knew of people who used to ride the Odakyuu-sen with surfboards, but never went surfing. They just wanted to be “kakuii”, cool.
    Sadly, they were usually alone and had no ladies. Just their cars or clothes, or surfboards. I guess they can fuck them at the end of the night!
    Great web site!!

  23. In the USA mainly New York if you just go off going fuck you! to fancy sports car people you get ass kicked.
    Just a word of advice if you plan to come to New York.
    =================from MasaManiA
    hahaha, same as japan.

  24. Hey I live in New york city and fucking around with people like that will leave them to kick your ass and fuck you up. Because sometimes especially in the trainstation people are very pissed off at times, and are ready to fight you if you disrespect them for no reason. lol
    But wow i would definately like to come to Japan, i was friendly with a girl from Japan that came here, but i would like to come there. With help because i dont know anybody there a classmate of mines wants to come along too.
    keep up the good work.
    What about the trains, and technology thats what we like to hear about. the people are good topics too..

  25. “In the US we have “ricers” that are made to look fast but are slow and look like toy cars.”
    SG also got, mostly Honda Civic…
    Dun understand them, why put so much money on bodykit when you can upgrade engine?
    And also, the bodykits/spoilers add weight…

  26. where I am from this man is known as a “poser”
    a poser is a shallow person that needs material shit to feel a sense of security and conectedness to others, and to make up for their lack of intellect, among other things

  27. Hi from Manchester UK,
    I like wearing brothel creepers & love camp disco. Would you like to play with my pubic hair?
    Love from Sam.
    PS Your English needs work fatty.
    =========from MasaManiA

  28. I don’t get the point of this site..
    another japanese, let’s do something first thing?
    I’m not stereotyping.. just think you are strange =)

  29. “I don’t get the point of this site.”
    I think it’s to have a bit of fun and show a side to Japan that a lot of people don’t see.
    I think it’s great.

  30. Yeah, you flipping off the car man made me laugh.
    I’m up late because the fucking union, lay
    me off.
    So fuck me.
    Now I cruise on web.
    So fuck them for me!

  31. The car is not a Super 7. I agree that it looks like a replica of something else.
    I think his problem is that he wants to have something different so that others will notice him. It also seems that he wants to send a message to others like that he has so much money that he can drive something totally impractical. Driving something just because you want to tell everyone how rich you are, or just to stand out, is not a good thing. If he drives it because he likes it and it’s fun, and he does not care if others notice him, then that’s fine.
    But, somehow I think that he is just showing off. What is with the stuff he wears? It looks like he is trying to look like he is from California. That cap he has is the worst; he just needs to get rid of it, or at least don’t wear it backwards! The headphones he has are also stupid looking, I hope a police officer finds him. People wear headphones when driving are a public danger to everyone and should have their license taken away! Cellular telephones are also just as bad, and I believe it is illegal to use it when driving in every state of the USA. Still, people do it and think they can react with one hand! I see them hold onto the phone and try to make 90 degree turn with one hand! INSANE!

  32. fuck you all you jealus bitches. He worked hard and made lots of momey he has a right to show off. SO FUCK ALL OF YOU POOR ASSHOLES


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