Hot-rod of Ayumi Hamasaki's fan

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They are the fanatic fan of Ayumi Hamasaki. in addition to the fanatic fan of car tuning. Please click following link to see more picture of their car even if you are not fan of Ayumi Hamasaki or Car tuning.

Car of Ayumi Hamasaki’s fanabout Ayumi Hamasaki, see the bottom of this page.
About Hamasaki Ayumi
She is Japanese singer.She sing a song very well.
Her face is very beautiful but small boob.
Her official site

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Ayumi Hamasaki fan site in the world

Sorry but I am not fan of her, because breast problem.
but I hope this links help her fan for having good relation with each other 😉
Ayu][Kult Forum>
Ayu my goddess Ayumi Hamasaki Fan Site >

Ayumi Hamasaki . Org

ayu-mi-x vM.1>

Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai>


<Ayu Laputa

Naturally Ayu unofficial fans site>
Ayu Sky

(official website from Taiwan avex)

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  1. cow_2001 says:

    She looks so swarthy!

  2. bunny2002sg says:

    Super stylo-milo vans! Very cool!!
    Masa, can take GT-R, RX-7 pics? I wanna see!

  3. Gordon Ramsey says:

    i would f***in’ well do her up the wrong-un any f***in’ day!

  4. Chris says:

    I heard a lot of Yakuza drive these type of cars. Is this true? and also they get pissed if you take a picture of them but was this at a car show?

  5. Kieth Myeth says:

    What exactly is the breast problem?

  6. selectivebeef says:

    that she has really small ones

  7. Spawnie says:

    Who cares about the boobs, she looks great. If u were standing a foot from her and a chance to talk I dont’ think u would care about the breasts. I’m sure she has a very simetric body, especially her arse. Even Naomi Cambell has small breasts and noone seems to care, she is just happy with what her momma gave her.

  8. duff_o_josh says:

    you guys are dorks, and those vans are awsome

  9. ayu_kenshin says:

    Is that what all other people think? 😛
    Good singer, not fan because of small boob? LMAO
    Haha, its kewl :P:P:P
    Hamasaki Ayumi rules!
    Go Ayu!

  10. Jess says:

    I don’t know you guys. I appreciate the time and effort that went into each vehicle, but I the whole mobile shrine thing is a bit much. Tad obsessive you might say. Then again, western girls modify their bodies to match those of celebrities under the guise of “self improvement”. To each his own I guess.

  11. Kg says:

    Those are the most god awful vehicles I have ever seen!!! My eyes will burn for days. Overkill to say the least.

  12. ILoveBlondesLongTime says:

    I wonder if she is Ayumi is a natural blonde?
    mmmmmm yummy!

  13. lol says:

    Tricked out vans… hahahaha chicked out shit boxes… I wouldn’t drive those if you payed me…

  14. j says:

    wow, i must say that those are the most rediculous, retarded looking cars i’ve ever seen. what a terrible waste of money…damn

  15. chinese guy that like jp music says:

    i am 15 this year man it kick ass seeing the car like that when i go 16 i will do the some with my car and ayumi rules!!!!!!

  16. Ron Jeremy says:

    Bullshit, your just some stupid ass nigger who thinks he can do lots of this shit with his own car. hahahah, you make me sick mother fucker. Your not going to have a car because you dont have a job, house, or daddy. Even if you did have a mother fucking car you wouldn’t do shit with it because if you did all of your stupid nigger friends would turn on your ass and steal your shit. Those thieving ass bastards.

  17. toxico says:

    Your cars are very horrible

  18. LOLlerskater says:

    I have seen some ugly body kits, but those are plain nasty. You should be castrated with a rusty jagged knife for showing them in the first place.

  19. kokopix says:

    anyways it shows that Japan is a free country. In my country we cannot do so with a car for some stupid reason of road safety.
    My country?
    Fuck France!

  20. phil hart says:

    whats with all the vans having the same funky front style and wings in the back?

  21. djm says:

    What the hell..
    by far the most ugliest cars I´ve ever seen in my live. How sick must somebody be, to spent time and money for mounting auch a shit onto ugly japonese vans. Tey are in use for prostitutes?

  22. anon says:

    what the fuck?
    whoever thinks those cars look good are fucking morons.
    whoever made those cars are even worse than the people who think it’s cool
    whoever thinks it’s cool and wants to make one like that is the worst of the worst.
    fuck. that’s some fucked up shit.
    ps. fuck.

  23. Khang Do says:

    Those car Are so……ROCK!

  24. grijze says:

    these cars are even more ugly than the original!

  25. Me says:

    The girl is hot the vans are not.
    What was someone thinking when they were dumping money into those things.

  26. Ugoff says:

    Please. I am Ugoff.

  27. anyone says:

    These Vans are dreadful!!!

  28. 45YLM says:

    Got Rice?

  29. Blabla says:

    mental… no wonder u lost the war

  30. LuGo says:

    Cool photos, i think thats a new style in future tuning. Yeaaaahhh !

  31. nanikore says:

    I had a ton of fun making fun of these vans…
    and there’s this driver’s cockpit that says “Love & Peace” on the outside that looks like a freaky SHRINE on the inside that a driver could barely even SIT inside much less DRIVE

  32. jvx says:

    i don’t give a fuck who that singer is, but the cars…they ain’t bad, at least you like tuned them, but all those other bitches, who said, that all them cars suck, please show us all your all-tricked-fucking-out cars!!!!

  33. Sepp says:

    These cars are so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so sick of these “cars”!!! Have you guys (or gays :D) ever seen a good tuning car?!?
    It’s so funny, you japanese guys can build really nice cars (Toyota Celica, Subaru Impreza, Mazda RX8…), but it seems nobody drives them in your country…
    Greetz, Sepp
    PS: You Guys arent gay – it was only a bad joke. I’m sorry 😉
    …and yes, my english sucks!!!

  34. champaloux says:

    nice cars , nice people , beautiful girls ! are you the happiest men in the world ?? hope for you ! thanx for the pictures !
    salut de france !

  35. Alexander says:

    great site… wow.. funny… in germany i´ve never seen one kind of this cars

  36. KLE says:

    Crazy Cars – may I copy some of these pictures to our gallery – I would set a backlink to Your page…

  37. baka says:

    SMALL tits? who the FUCK cares???
    id fuck her!

  38. Sore Eyes says:

    Maybe on a Scion xA or xB that cladding would make sense, and even look halfway decent, but fullsize conversion vans? Ouch.

  39. type x says:

    you guys are a bunch of mother fucking cunts. stop complaining and fuck yourselves.
    and that nigga talking that nigga shit, chop off your dick and shove it up your mouth you fucking cacoon.

  40. What Are "Boob"? says:

    I like the…option… of customizing with something different. But when everyone else does the same thing then it’s not different anymore. It loses it’s uniqueness.
    Yes, I agree that these body panels would be illegal in some areas, especially where other vehicles are driven (every where!!!).
    Actually, these are not really vans. They are dead sheep from the planet, “Oops! We grew’em with too big horns!” Yep, them’s is dead sheep painted to look like vans. You can tell by the big horns comin out the backs. …..Wait a minute. Aren’t the horns supposed to be on the front??? Oh yeh. They’re from the planet, “Oops!…”. That planet’s name needs to be longer. How about, “Oops! We grew’em with too big horns on the wrong end!!!”
    No, I’m not dull of brain. I’m just writing like this to have fun.
    Sheese!! My computer can’t even load all of these photos. Oh well.

  41. ethan says:

    for some strange reason i like the white colored vans. maybe they just don’t seem like such over kill in a very plain color.

  42. BooBoo says:

    This is a good definition for japanese kitsch. If you know what this means 😉

  43. FATMAN says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thats cool for like ramming other cars but thats it!

  44. Yury says:

    what a great cars…..
    i dont like this pics but the cars… OOoOOoO

  45. BUCKSTUD says:

    Only a fuckin’ slope could come up with something this ridiculous looking!

  46. Just another gaijin says:

    There’s only one word for these things: goofy.
    The thing I can’t figure out is–the paintjobs, wheels, tuning, body kits, and especially those airbrushed murals–must’ve cost a fortune. What kind of goof would spend so much money just to end up with a van with some fiberglass doohickeys and a mural on it? Why not spend the money on a cooler car instead? I doubt that Ayumi (or other cute girls) are much impressed by muraled minivans.

  47. Deg says:

    Money and time well spent, judging from the looks of the vans and the murals of the chick. Anyone whos ever tried to radically customize a vehicle could surely appreciate the time spent on these. Nice work. The world is full of drop dead, do nothing critics! Maybe see these vans on tour in the USA someday? Thanks for posting the pics.

  48. ha says:

    those cars suck and your comments are so funny,
    i laugh my brests off

  49. youran says:

    those vans are laughingstock cars in holland but the work that went in to them makes them cool in there own way.
    crazy japanese yellow mini dicks.

  50. test says:

    tres bien fait 🙂

  51. AyuBoi says:

    mother fucker if i ever saw you in public i’d chop off your dick…dont ever say AYUMI has a breast problem you fucking dirty piece of trash womanizer. Shes not an object for you to judge.
    Ayu’s fan’s rock, as well as ayumi. these cars are awesome.

  52. !~ says:

    We of the planet oooops want our dead sheep back.. they are being desecrated. Long live the sheep of OOOPS, return the sheep bodies of face wrath!!

  53. maan dat brauchte niet zaagen, deese caars sucken weerklik!

  54. Bob Davis says:

    I thought I had seen it all in an issue of ‘STEP WGN’ but DAMN. This puts a lot of other obsessive hobbies to shame. Combining car tuning with Ayumi Hamasaki fetishism is an actual SCENE in Japan.
    Every time I think America is getting weird, I just have to look to Japan. You guys get weirder stuff than we have in America in your breakfast cereal!
    To the kid who said he’s 15 and will tune up a car and put a fuckin’ picture of that bitch on it: I will fly to Hong Kong to personally kick your ass if you do. I don’t want to offend you or anybody else, but STEP WGNs are fuckin’ retarded to start with, tuning them is worse, but tuning your minivan and then airbrushing your favorite pop star’s picture on it is so wrong that my feeble American brain can barely cope with the situation.
    I would also like to apologize in advance for the next four years of Bush. I didn’t vote for him.

  55. bad boy says:

    Ayumi Hamasaki !i like her,the car is ……

  56. kanjiwaruine says:

    I’m totally humiliated as a Japanese. Those cars suck, fans suck also, and I dare to say Hamasaki sucks as well.
    Their(naturally including Hamasaki) senses of beauty are ABSOLUTELY weird.
    Such ridiculous people….
    konnna gazou dakede Nihonwo gokai saretara
    tamattamonja naiyo!

  57. noname says:

    mingid m6tetud pasad autod ju 🙂
    mingi k6ik sarnased pmst
    te olete ise ka ullud asjatundjad?
    ehitage ise selline auto korrax
    sa tunnexid uhkust sellie yle
    tra peab ikka eriline idioot olema kes tuleb p6hjuseta s6umama
    maha lasen!

  58. Har Poen says:

    yes, this is the real car of me! I’m Har poen! Hengggg! Check out my new soloalbum!

  59. Har Poen says:

    This is great! This is my car! I’m Har poen and I’m Bryants uncle. Hengggg!

  60. EvoVIIIFL says:

    This better not catch on in the US

  61. Gals says:

    Vive Ayu!
    It’s beautiful!
    All these cars, maybe on my own??? \(^o^)/

  62. Diru-san says:

    I knew Ayumi was big in japan, I mean what the fuck. I still can’t not believe my eyes. The cars looked cool. But to make your own personal rolling billboard for an artist is just plain sick.
    To me Ayumi is not that good. I will listen to BoA first, she is much better.
    Mesa rules…

  63. graykitty says:

    Are you guys nuts? This is the best thing ever. While your bread and butter car fans (tuners and hot rodders) spend heaps of money copying each other, these people are actually spending heaps of money copying each other with truly awful ideas (and they are probably not putting the Japanese script upside down on their Acuras either…or putting R-type badges on Pontiacs).
    Imagine that!

  64. Shawna says:

    This report is from awhile ago, but…ayu 🙂 I really like her, she is my idol 😀 I want one of those vehicles :D!!

  65. p dirty says:

    hahaha! wild shizzle kids! i think ill airbrush george bush’s daughters on the back of my lumina van! then ill chop the ground effects off my neighbors 240 sx and install em. seriously tho most of it is a little over the top for me but i appreciate whats goin on here,alotta american 70s american van alotta japanese tuner and alotta mexican lowrider influence rolled into 1 big package. i bet girls love these things over there, all they see is many yen and a bed. id get pussy in it i get it on a 20 inch freestyle bike.

  66. Shiyupantsu says:

    These are awesome vans.
    Masa, have u any other pictures of modified vehicles? Sportscars maybe?
    ========================from MasaManiA
    No, I haven’t. sorry.

  67. STREETWERKZ says:

    holy giant wing, bat-man!

  68. TALULU says:

    I love ayumi! my site for all fans!

  69. Jelly Jellian says:

    Bravo! In England we have to keep old cars because they always get stolen or vandalised. My own car is more rust than metal. I have enlisted the help of a Neuro Morphic Inter Sentient Entity named the Jelly. The Jelly is holding our cars together using dark matter interference bonding and non matter valency involving the cross reduction of atmospheric ions to route the negative matter to our house.
    P.S. There is no need to be upset! Live in peace!

  70. King R4 + Little Shaun says:

    Masa, I never knew you read these messages! Oh no! I just gone and wrote about the alien entity helping my car stay in one piece. If I knew there was a possibility you may read it I would have wrote something like, ” great cars, great fan base, great star appreciated in the middle of cold, wet U.K.” Sorry about that. If you and your mates are in Stoke-on-Trent anytime call in on me and my sons for a cup of tea and a nice chat; if you like. Sincere respects yours sincerely, Shaun
    ========================from MasaManiA
    thank you

  71. Micky says:

    What’s that??
    Driving Tupperware???

  72. nuclear-shoe says:

    haha ayu looks like an old horse.
    the fruit-vans compliment her perfectly.
    and waht’s with people posting in estonian, italian and whatnot language? if i write finnish here, nobody will understand. you make a comment to tell others what you think, share your opinion.
    mita jarkea siis kirjoittaa jotain mita kukaan ei kuitenkaan ymmarra?
    ==================from MasaManiA
    Exitingly confusing

  73. c00ties says:

    i respect ayumi, but those cars go waay overboard.
    it’s like some scary overdone shrine that doesn’t do anything but creep people out.

  74. SW says:

    thoose stupid cars can get my middle finger

  75. Boogerdog says:

    Wow, Mexicans and Japanese have more in common than I thought. I guess they’re no more ridiculous than any crappy little car thats been all freaked out.

  76. Marloniusthunque says:

    *I* wouldn’t do *those* mods, but they are pretty incredible. I like the mini-motorhome concept, and all the flash is incredible. Not for me thougth.
    The artwork is quite a ways away from the Sword and sandal fantasy murals of the 1970’s.
    May custom vans around the world ROCK on!
    (enter music: “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter…)

  77. 41x says:

    OGO!!!!! its great!
    Охренеть, мега тачки, у них чё этот весь обвес свободно продаётся =)

  78. Daniel313 says:

    I don’t even know who Ayumi is. I found a link to this site in a Yahoo forum for people who live in their vans full time here in the states, so your site gets around! Good work and ignore the haters — some people can only stop feeling small and unimportant by trying to make others feel the same way.

  79. Me Luv Ayu says:

    Ayumi Hamasaki rules and picture/painting at the car is awsome but the car is damn ugly!
    It’s too much… it’s ok to have poster or whatever in the room but this… naah, if it was a more cooler painting on the car like Nissan Skyline etc it would be more nice

  80. Ayumi_4eVa says:

    Ayumi hamAsAki jpop QueEnzzZ 4eVa ~~!
    u will get 2 c how power e cAr is if u gwt to c it ..
    someppl dun even noe e internal n judge e car b it cover … fcuk alll those idiot ..
    AyuMi Rox …

  81. Trucydae says:

    one word: wow O.O

  82. SUPADRE says:


  83. La La Ru says:

    I think Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most talented and beautiful women I ever seen in my life. ^_^ I think these cars are very impressive, and the devotion is incrediable.

  84. vanner says:

    hello great vans ,anybody know of a website or shop selling toyota townace/liteace body kits or mods thanks

  85. Pectral says:

    My assessment: These so called fans are completely whacked out idiots. They need to do drugs. Some very good quality Marihuana or hashish. And lots of it!

  86. mcken200 says:

    not sure about the over dressed cars but those pciutres of Ayu are so sexy,i want to have an ayu car!

  87. SakuraCiel says:

    This is just sick! How can you be such a hardcore fan of someone that you even rebuilt your car like this? YUK!! >.<
    Even I’m a very big Larukufan, no way I’ll have a Larciecar. T_T

  88. zui says:

    I love her more than I can say.
    Nothing can change my love for her.

  89. Sabacc says:

    What the fuck was with all those dick chopping off coments? i mean you call people gay then you talk about there dick, what the fuck! by the way those vans are crazy

  90. lafrya says:

    that’s verry fun !

  91. Sean Bettley says:

    I am a huge Fan Ayumi Hamasaki and HOW DARE YOU Hate ayumi Just because of the size of her Breasts she is WELL PERPORTIONED and I don’t like people who don not like Ayumi Hamasaki so do NOT be DISRIPECTFULL to her.

  92. Natha says:

    I actually enjoy listen to Ayumi Hamasakis music…..but those fans are just to much-.-

  93. drop by says:

    yo does fuckin car are pretty whicked.. most of them are pretty decked out.. its tight.. not really a fan of Ayumi but shes kinna hot.. used to be but not sure about now.. and im sure u knoe Morning Musumes rite Masa?… one of Morning musume impersonate her.. its pretty funny…
    =======from MasaManiA
    I will report about fan of Morning Musume when time come.

  94. Jendi GW says:

    OMG….THOSE CARS ARE SCARY,they are realy overact 2 build a car like that (norak..tau gak !) but i have 2 say: it’s an eye caugthing stuff !.
    Mmmm..Ayumi?, just 1 word 2 describe her :
    ps. thanx 4 this site that inspiring me to make an artbrush on my CPU.

  95. Dee says:

    i think the cars are generally alright but i think the ‘A’-looking icon speaks louder than pictures of her (we all know she’s an ever-changing clotheshorse). i’ve been a listener of many genres of music and her nasal singing pales in comparison with Utada, DOA and Namie. in fact i dun like the fact that she’s not using her real voice but her possibly-surgically-altered NOSE. I rather she play a Maori nose-flute than hit the high notes with a nasal falsetto. Her lyrics are quite thoughtful but she’s lucky to have great song-writers & musicians churning out great and catchy melodies for her. if not why are those who don’t even understand japanese (other parts of asia) lapping up to her songs like hot cakes? She’s also blessed with a superb production team who designs her album covers and product packaging. In conclusion, I think her achievements today are not just hers alone but partly that of the production team of Avex. To make someone with a doe-eyed face who doesnt sing that well, without a supermodel figure, become Japan’s arguably most powerful and most recognisable(outside Japan) billionaire celebrity and possibly with the most number of DJs mixing her songs, I take my hat off to those guys. Cheers.

  96. The Punisher says:

    Those vans are gay, the micro-dicked geeks that make and drive them are gay, and any peckerhead that thinks they are cool is…you guessed it…GAY!!! GAY!!! GAY!!!

  97. Miyako says:

    Waw… It’s… So strange o.O
    In France, you will never see that !
    I like Ayumi but i don’t think that a day i would have a similar car…
    Ayu is made advertising lol

  98. evan says:

    i would be more interested to see pictures of who drives these vans?? Also aren’t the gaint wings on the back a driving hazard. Though it kind of reminds me of oakland, ca because everyone there puts expensive car rims on their scrappers(junky cars.. for those not down with the bay area slang).

  99. Ayupan says:

    The cars are very amazing, haha ^^
    I am a fan of Ayu, and I don’t see what’s wrong with people customising their cars like that. They love her so much that they had to customise their car. It’s like you support something so much that you keep on wearing it or make it stand out and all that to show people that you love it. What’s wrong with it? And people can do what they like with their money. I would do something like that if I had the money. Or maybe something even more big than that. I dunno. Haha.
    And whatsup with her boobs? Even if they are small or big, what’s the point? Do they show anything? O_O” I don’t see how her chest affects anything. Some people like small some people like big. Don’t understand. Her figure is great, I think. Haha. ^^ I guess people have their own opinions, but she does look alright? Does someone have to look exceedingly good looks and all that be a singer? She’s singing. She’s selling her voice and talent. You don’t like her looks, fine. You don’t like her singing, fine.
    Ayu has talent. Or she won’t be here. She has to work hard to get there. Someone lousy won’t go further or improve. Anyway, I think she’s amazing and cool =] Her lyrics are thoughtful. Unlike some others which don’t even say anything.
    People like and hate what they like. Accept that. But don’t go crashing in and start dissing and all that crap. It hurts the lovers and the haters are wasting their time.
    Love you xxx

  100. uhax0r says:

    The cars are ugly and the girl too and some pics are blurry as hell.

  101. magoichi says:

    I one of ayu’s fans but I don’t f**in’ care about what people say,they heve difrent opinion about what they like&dislike.As long as they not mess up with me.

  102. Woooooow, man, i really love her and those guys that take their time on tuning their cars, I am a huge fan of her, and i´m mexican by the way, so if u can tell her i will really apreciate it jeje 😉 By the way,i´m agree with the breast problems, but i still love her. And for second time your site is amazing, congratulations
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  103. k E n says:

    Ayumi Hamasaki is a babe!….

  104. Szech says:

    I wonder what Ayumi would do if she was forced to be with any of her fans for a protracted length of time.
    Also, respect to the fellow Stokies, and to Masa for his genius.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  105. thedude says:

    Why are the Ayumi fans only driving vans? No sportscar or motorcycle? Why???

  106. I think this statement not totally correct

  107. Mery Mulia says:

    Ayumi Hamasaki is my family…..ha…ha
    I actually enjoy her music…

  108. squiggles says:

    Hey masa, its me squiggles.I have a problem.See I love your web site and everything but everytime I get on it I see that topless girl.Now don’t get me wrong I think its hilarious about your constant middle finger sign but I don’t like seeing that and i don’t think my mom would either so can you pleeeeeeaaaassseee consider taking it off please.You don’t have to if you want. But thanks for at least reading this.

  109. happy monkey says:

    those r sooo cool It sucks that they don’t have those in america.

  110. Hebitsuikaza says:

    Only Hamasaki would have an entire fleet of vans with her pictures posted all over them like this…
    Well, who knows? Give it a few more years and you might see Matsuura fans doing something similar.

  111. Batman says:

    Ayumi Hamasaki blows donkey-dick. Her small boobs aren’t the only problem…

  112. A loser says:

    I respect Ayu!!! Those who hate ……….. Get ready to DIE!!!!!!! MuhrHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………….LOL………………Syke!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Chinkygal says:

    Hamasaki ayumi is cool, and just because you guys think thats ayumi ahs small breast dont mean u cant like her. The people that like her.. are most likely because of her songs maybe.. and her voice O.o. you’re S.T.U.P.I.D or you’re just being lil twats and being a perv about it lol. and yea about the cars.. i think its quite nice… but i wont really ever drive that around places cause its just too over done.. i like the way they designed INSIDE… lol not outside. Inside looks groovy with all the lights and sh*t. but the outside is just too chunky for my liking and it just reminds me of Gundum >.>. I’ll seriously hate to drive in that and plus.. even if you did drive it.. wont the stuff inside all fall out =|… gah i dunno lol :P. and people who hate her for no reason… u suck pig arse more like =>.
    cul8as xx

  114. AYUMISTALKER!! says:

    HA! Ayumi hamasaki is SEXY!!! OMG! she is so pritty and I love her music… OMG! YALL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ”IS THIS LOVE” ITS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS!!! ^^!!!!~~~ Also download ”my name is women” Ok, I swear she has big boobs in that one! LOL!!! OMG! I love her!!! HAAAA!~~~~ OMG! she beats all the english singers… Did you know here dad walked out on her when she was a kid? and her mom and grandma had to rais her… and they had no money so she has to work as a kid??? I KNOW THAT CUZ I STALK HER~!!! LMAO! joking… I love Japanese, Korean and Chinese singers… BoA, Koda Kumi, Ai Otsuka, Utada Hikaru, Fay Wong, Aaron, Gackt… OMG! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! OMG! FORGET AYUMI CARS… I WILL HAVE A HOUSE IN THE FORM OF HER HEAD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! …if you like me add me on msn, my email is
    toodles!! ^^

  115. Naomi says:

    Those cars are…messsed up, man…kind of makes me question whether or not I still wish I were full Japanese, instead of just half, lol.
    But Ayu kicks ass! (Her super-speed singing in “Evolution” is AWEshum!)
    I mean, she is not my fav., fav., favorite-est singer, but she is one of my favorites.
    She does have that ‘nasal’ sort of problem in her singing, but that’s okay.
    Most of her tunes are pretty damn good rock songs; I am currently obsessed with “End of the World” and “Real Me”.
    I must say, I prefer Hikki (Utada Hikaru) MUCH more, and Shotaro Morikubo is THE BEST MOTHER FRIGGY, FRIGGEN SINGER (no-coolest person) IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, and a lot of BoA’s songs and that “Sakuranbo” song from Ai Otsuka beat out most of Ayumi’s work, in my opinion, but she stills rocks!
    As a female, I cannot really accurately judge her beauty, probably, but I think she has a cute face (not to sound weird-I am straight), and, for her height and the rest of her proportions, her breasts are about average.
    So, there’s my two cents…
    Sho.Mo.-san frickin’ rocks!!!!!!!
    His voice is INCREDIBLE SEXY, so check out his songs if you haven’t already, ya?
    (Especially “Lazy Mind” and “Invisible Hearts”; just. Plain. *ahhhhh <3*!!)

  116. NightFly says:

    f***k, are you so horny that you lok people by their breasts….lol…sick people I tell you…grow up…

  117. Joe Shmoezer says:

    lmao! WTF! That is the faggiest thing alive in the whole world. If I ever see that sheeit in the US I will personally destroy it with a sledgehammer, that is if I’m lucky enough to get to it first.

  118. Well, what can I say?
    Ugly cars, but everybody can do whatever they want with their own cars.
    I guess Idea is not bad… but the finish is not good quality.. they need more work… cars looks like made it fast. Need to think more on armony.
    In Mexico that style we call NACO

  119. BRETT says:

    wow what’s a cool tuning style! lets achieve such style! ayu is kawaii!

  120. Takara says:

    i think ayumi hamasaki kicks ass. who cares about her boobs lots of people in japan have small boobs. those vans would be better looking if the didnt have the stuff on the front and they didnt have the wings on the back and all the light on the inside.

  121. Bad Boyz says:

    woooow that’s was cool mate….hope i can see more…how u do that…whatever it’s cool…

  122. sara_90 says:

    Go ayu!!:)

  123. miya says:

    These van kick ass! wOOt! Go Ayu! Yea, and who in hell really cares what her boob size is…In fact I think it makes her look all the more cute =3 She’s a great singer! I love all the vans, especially the wings! xD

  124. Wei says:

    What you think is ugly, someone else may find attractive. I’m not saying these are the coolest cars I’ve ever seen, but hey, they aren’t mine so whatever. The owner(s) may not even be going for style, besides. As for the size of Ayumi’s breasts, that’s not what she’s famous for, dorks.

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  127. ayumiaki says:

    wow……..!!!it’s so beautifullXD…i love it..i also wants to make a one like that,since i’m Ayu’s fan^^”seriously….they all are so nice…>.<indeed!^^”

  128. BiG_bLuE_HiPpO says:

    those vans are Damm!!!! Good!!! But ayumi, got no breast!!! how to fuck her? got no assets!! just voice and some talent…. for what?
    funny but true….. she got notning…. no breast….hahaha!!!!but woman… breast!!!

  129. Benoz says:

    If you want a definition of rice, look at those vans lol never seen a car riced out so much.
    But it was an interesting report masa, i used to listen to ayumi myself. man…. those are some hardcore fans 🙂

  130. orange says:

    i like ayu’s songs, though i admit that she is not a good singer and she has had WAY too much plastic surgery. she doesnt even look asian, and she needs to go back to her original black hair. and what’s wrong w/ all of you? BoA sucks. she is so ugly and has a terrible voice and all of her songs are meaningless and sucks

  131. hee sung says:

    what the hell “orange” ??? u’re just jealous cuz she’s better than you, and dont even touch Boa there !! she’s just a “celeb” and in order to do that they have to be unique and pretty, if she look like everyone : black hair, fat ass, and doesnt have to be beautiful then everyone CAN be teh next AYumi Hamasaki…..u have to focus on how talented those people are not becuz ya’ll have a lil problem with them…..gosh haters…

  132. Antuan says:

    It’s really informative!!!
    Very interesting site.

  133. Nana says:

    damn why do people like her so much?
    she’s fake!
    she got eye surgery to make her eyes look bigger, I saw this picture of her before, man she was ugly as hell

  134. Sally says:

    Ayumi is the best. I really like her. Do you know that Ayumi’s album miss understood is really good???

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