Extreme Inuyasha costume player

Suddenly he appear in crowded street.


Why does people surprise him ? Because his costume is extreame ! Really ? It seems not so special costume.

which part is surprise point ? Heck !

Hey, open your eyes again, please.


This is the reason why people surprise him !!!!

He is strolling in the town. Why ? I don’t know.

He go somewhere, Where ? I don’t know

So, Why are you taking picture of him ? I don’t know,

I ask him what are you doing. He answer that he play Inuyasha. Why are you playing Inuyasha ? He say he is costume player. I ask him what is costume player ? He say costume player wear costume. and he say that he make his costume by himself. so I ask him why did you make your costume ? He say he is costume player. I ask him carefully what the purspose of costume playing ? and he just say, I am costume player. that’s the reason. Costume play is the reason. he must be a extreme costume player. because he beyond reason.

extreme INUYASHA costume player

What is Inuyasha ? Inuyasha is Anime. Japanese catoon.
If you want to know the detail of Inuyasha, see this site.


I don’t know why he stroll in town with such costume. but you need not to understand it. That’s Japanese style. Yes we have no reason.

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  1. its a chick right ? confused…… o well hey let him/her do what he/she will. he/she wont get his/her butt kiked the japanese ppl arnte like that…… r they? uh oh….

  2. al trolo de las fotos le falta un par de jugadores
    y los suplentes y los referis y asta el aguatero…(esta loco y posee salidas para los fines de semana)

  3. I love the costume.. Looks great. BTW, that is Sesshomaru, Inuyasha’s brother. Only thing is missing is Jaken, his servant.

  4. He/She!? is stunning, but seems cost quite a bit to make that? I rather go eat macdonald instead.

  5. It’s fun, it’s harmless, it makes people look and that makes the person wearing it happy because they become the center of attention. I don’t see a problem here.

  6. Nice Outfit! Does It Come With Insurance If Someone Steps On The Tail?
    =========================from MasaManiA
    Of course every body try to check it, but nothing happen except this guy get angry.

  7. Thats a really good Sesshoumaru costume, I was Inuyasha for Halloween and my friend was Kagome. I don’t think I’d ever do it like that, were I’m the only one in costume.

  8. one of my ladies is a vietnamese/chinese who speaks pretty good engrish, but is always getting her pronouns mixed up…
    so i never know the sex of who she is talking about and sometimes that makes the conversation VERY interesting…
    so who cares if Inuyasha is he/she… enjoy the story… 🙂

  9. Thats alsome!!! I also do costrums like that! but never wear them out like that. I also dress up different and it feels good to be different and builds confidents. Plus everyone looks at you and it feels good. 🙂 keep the worled werid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps Im listioning to Inuyasha music right now! it kool

  10. Of course it’s a girl, which guy in their right mind would wear those shoes…
    Also the costume rocks!

  11. Du~de! That guy is awesome i wanna bf like that. ^___^ i could be Rin, cuz Sesshoumaru’s freakin HOTTT and so is that guy cosplayin him!! ^^; Masa, why didn’t you join in and cosplay Inuyasha? Instead of asking him why’s he’s wearing his con costume i would’ve asked for his #. suteki~! >_< kare ni yaritainda~! ::dances:: xD
    ======From MasaManiA
    I just take picture.

  12. yeh!!! go sheshumaur!!! he rocks!! he is inuyasha’s half bro!!! that person must have a lot of confedence.

  13. oh,that’s awful!! his costume is like those shirts from carbage can! please dont b angry, its true anyway…………………….

  14. aaaaaawww!!! KAIWAII!!! XD I luuuuuuuv Sesshomaru what a cute costume but that fuzzy tail thing was really long i’ll bet he/she bit tons of ppls heads off for stepping on it in the time it’d take me to notice someone in such a cool costume I would’ve already be on the ground from tripping on that thing but it awesome!

  15. dude is that a dude or not? what ever shesshomaru rocks but that costume is awful that would freak me out if I saw that coming down the street i would think some crazy person that was freakishly obsessed with inuyasha got away from the insane place

  16. ok kids, lighten up. enjoy it for what it is… entertainment value!! is way cool. i loved it. but then i’m a costume freak myself. but keep mine in the bedroom. HA HA.

  17. damn here in england he would be arrested for carrying that huge FF7 style sword, also he would be sent to hospital to have his brain examined
    but i think he looks amazing!

  18. was that a he or she i really waht that costume and you people have it all wrong thats not inuyashas costume thats hes half brothers.DUMMYS

  19. SESSHOUMARU MUST DIE!!!! *throws sharp pointy objects at cosplayer*
    ..anyways… *prints out some of these pictures to use as dart practice*

  20. That is so kick a$$. I love doing that so much, though I only do it at school. Did you make the costume your self? If so How? Please e-mail me. Thanks.

  21. Wow, that costume is amazing! The details are all incredible and they got everything about him right ^_^
    If I were gonna be picky I would say Sessy’s ‘glamourous’ long hair needed a touch up and should be a bit longer, other than that though, it’s the best cosplayer’s anime costume I’ve ever seen (honest!)
    Also, where’s Rin and Jaken? ^_^

  22. I think that Inu Yasha is a great show and that Inu Yasha and his brother are hot even if it’s a cartoon!!!!!

  23. why is this person strowling trew town trying to look like shoshoumerew!!! Thats really weird! with really big boots on for some strange reason thats really weird… whos idea was that i wonder?

  24. It’s not crazy. My friends and I went to a
    Anime-Con Dallas. We road the Dart bus there…You should have seen the looks on those peoples faces…..That was hilarious! Anyway 42 you are wrong. That is not the closest thing to cosplay in America… Cosplay is the closest thing to cosplay in America.(If that makes any sense) Well, awesome outfit sesshomarou, You’d win a lot of prizes at Anime-Con!

  25. Cosplay is not close to cosplay; it IS cosplay. It has to be different (but only slightly) to be close. 😉
    Edward IS Edward.
    -Cowboy BeBop

  26. I”M A VERY BIGG INUYASHA fan i bought a inuyasha costplay and 1 day at school we have a dress up like were from some were elas well i had my inuyasha costume in my closet
    well hell why not dress up as if i was from old japan every 1 was like were did you get it and some were like you are the biggest inuyasha fan
    i undress before lunch and every one was cool about it even the teachers and if any one moched me the teachers were like what are you talking about hes more creative then you

  27. I think people here are putting to much into this. lol
    One being if this person is a guy or a girl, WHO CARES, I mean seriously anyone who knows cosplaying as I know I do, knows a person male or female can dress as anything they want being male, female, etc related.
    After all theres no real sex discrimation in the anime/cosplay world seeing how it’s about dressing as something you like, kinda like you see the star war fans do.
    Also the fact is theres always guys and girls that dress as there favorite characters even if there not the same sex type as the person there cosplaying”dressing” as.
    Personally cosplaying is like everything else, either you like it ot hate it.
    If your into anime, good chance your curious about cosplay or least from being on here heard or know something about it.
    Cosplaying is basically dressing up as something you like beign super heros, anime characters, vidoe game characters, just wahtever you can think of.
    If you ever done it you know it’s real fun, mmost cosplayers typical dress up at anime conventions, a few here and there like this person does goes out and do it more whenever he/she wants.
    Personally it takes a lot for someone to dress up as something and being able to accept whats to come from it, and to be happy with doing it being yourself.
    I know some people think its gay or stupid, but my thing is this if you haven’t learn what it is and haven’t tried it then you can’t say its tupid, because thats like saying you hate the guy whos president of the united states but you being to sorry to vote for the other guy to make sure you had a say in it in the begin with. “see what I mean”
    Anyways cosplaying is, fun different and to some strange or wierd, but it’s better then doing drugs, getting yourself drunk or getting yourself arrested for something stupid but maybe thats just me that thinks that.
    Personally I see cosplaying as away sharing your interest, showing you love for something you like, and being able to be yourself even though they might be some that sooner live to be unhappy, depress and angry and alone people to everyone then be with people and enjoy being yourself around others with a comman interest like anime or/and cosplaying.
    This is long enough so ill just end this by saying I hope you all found this interesting and I personally think cosplaying is just one those things that makes are life more interesting after all this person took the time to cosplay in public clearly shows here in the replies of interest of it as living proof of it being!
    thanks for your time everyone ^.^

  28. why is it that i can no longer see your pictures on your website? technical difficulties? i’m a fan of the inuyasha anime myself, its pretty big here in canada, and i like cosplay. i would like to see this! PLEASE FIX YOUR SITE!!!!

  29. …That’s pretty strange but cool. If I saw Sesshoumaru(Him/her) I’d follow him/her.
    It’s not stupid…maybe obsessive but not stupid.
    And to the person who doesn’t like Sesshoumaru. You’re the one who sucks!XD!

  30. Karna nan! A true Sesshomaru-fan! It’s a really well-made costume, and what guts, to walk around like that! I surely will try that some time!

  31. you are a bold but cool person my friend. in your pictures dressed as sesshomaru you looked realy confident and cool. This college girl suports you!

  32. Very nice costume. I was thinking about doing something like that, except with Naraku’s bamboon suit. It’d be super hot. XD

  33. …wth…
    thats sooo awsome!!! i wanna do that tooo!!! im gonna do that right now see ya on the streets!!!

  34. Wow I just wasted a half hour reading all those comments.. Alright 🙂 Hi! I have a few things to say, yay! First of all.. Inuyasha Acc.. Appreciate the approach, but some of things you said just didn’t make sense..
    “I know some people think its gay or stupid, but my thing is this if you haven’t learn what it is and haven’t tried it then you can’t say its tupid,”
    Okay true.. But this next part..
    ” because thats like saying you hate the guy whos president of the united states but you being to sorry to vote for the other guy to make sure you had a say in it in the begin with. “see what I mean””
    You could have done without that part.. Or atleast given a better example =/. Perhaps a better way of putting it would be not to judge of a book by it’s cover or atleast know what you’re talking about. If you hate the guy who is president, that must mean you obviously ‘know’ about him and his political views and ways of handling the country. You stated in the previous paragraph (basic jist of what you said) that if you don’t know about something then you can’t particular say anything bad about it until you try it. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but could you clearify this for me?
    And um here too lol..It made sense, just seemed out there :p.
    “Anyways cosplaying is, fun different and to some strange or wierd, but it’s better then doing drugs, getting yourself drunk or getting yourself arrested for something stupid but maybe thats just me that thinks that.”
    Maybe it is oO..I can think of millions of other things to do other than get drunk, arrested, or hurt myself besides cosplay :p.
    But I do agree about the sex part. It’s annoying in itself that people keep asking “he/she? his/her?” etc… Again, you should probably look up on cosplay and learn more about it so don’t look like an ignorant fool on here critizing something you only think you know. 🙂 Doesn’t mean you’re stupid, just means you’re choosing to ignore the fact that you hardly know anything about what you’re talking about ^_^.
    😀 Okay! Man that’s an awesome Sesshomaru custom. I was actually searching for pictures of Inuyasha ;p. 🙂 Awesome, but yea, those boots really take away the effect T_T. Oh well ^.^ Nice job 😀

  35. wow! thats some really wonderful costume man! i pray and hope but i may never be that good to make something that cool for cosplay… ganbatte ne~

  36. oO Haha…..Sesshomaru in girls shoes XDDDDDD and that is a girl. How do i know? Well… 1)The shoes 2)The face 3)You can see the boobs(NOT THAT I WAS STARING!)4)The body(Sorry i have a BIG problm with that ;_ _ )Ok well see ya!
    Love:Kason Karappo Drin
    Ps: You are a Sess fan to do that^^

  37. i thought sesshomaru looked cool in modern day japan but i think its weird to most japanese becausenot alot of people wear kimono outside in public even though that girl did wear a kimono.

  38. that was so cool !!!!!!!!!!!
    no one would do that here in washington there all like . dude were my wide hahaha i smoke it all dude. and plus sesshoumru is so cute

  39. i am sesshomaru! therefore that girl is a me-imposter! which is perfectly ok after all i am stunning…

  40. I really hate it when they make Sesshy-kun look like a straight up fag!!! that really ticks me off!!!!

  41. is that a guy!?? lmao! so funny. inuyasha is the bets anime ever and he’s HOTTT! *licks finger and touches butt, sislin.*

  42. My name is Ansa Nail i’m 17 years old, and i’ve been looking for a costume of Raven from Teen Titans. So do you have the Raven costume? because i’m trying to get before holloween comes. Please email me back.

  43. This costume is absolutely awesome!!! We love Inuyasha and Sesshomaru is great! Shame they don’t sell costumes like that over here. My son wants to be him for Halloween, and that costume would probably blow people away. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about this, but what people really don’t understand is that this is big over there (like Star Trek over here). And beleive me, I’ve seen worse and crazier stuff here! I think it’s a great get up!

  44. thats the best one of sesshoumaru ive seen ..ive been to all the anime conventions ,but ive never seen some-one have one that good

  45. sesshomaru is a guy not a women you desacrate his name with that female imatater!!! And if it is a dude sorry but you look like a fag

  46. wow…nice costume freak!! wow whoever is wearin that costume looks like a freakin idiot!! ha ha!! i prefer the cartoon instead!!

  47. sesshoamru costume is good but if you put a part of the secon costume and the sword of the 6 costume it will be ok

  48. hey, its i nice costume, but d colour is wrong right…
    (ie: sash=yellow, not gold! sleeve ends red, not purple…)
    s aosplayer, its rather impt to get at least d color n shades rite…
    oya, its a waste to simply let the ‘tail’ trail ard everywhere… gets dirty…
    but, kudos anyway…
    n nice ‘tail’ though…

  49. Inuyasha es el mas popular etc.
    El es el mejor de todas las personas.
    Seshomaru, su hermano, tiene mucha mas experiencia que Inuyasha, pero es mejor Inuyasha.
    Pues, Seshomaru es feo.

  50. thats so cool!!! my fav char from inuyasha is sesshoumaru! so that justs means that that guy is a freakin genuis!!!^.^

  51. wow I actually like that outfit. that person did a good job to. I give that person two thumbs up for wlaking aorund int hat costume in public.I should try that sometime.

  52. that is awsome she got all of the parts to the sessoumaru costume sweet i wanna go as either sango or kikyo that kicks but!!

  53. I just wanna say that it is wonderful that she (and it is most definitely a she) can do that where she lives and not get her ass kicked.
    Also…what does it matter if she is a she and fluffy is a he. It’s just a costume…I think the only thing more extreme that this chick dressing up like fluffy in public is people actually getting upset because she has undermined the dignity of there fave anime character.
    P.S.-SESSHOMARU IS NNNNNNNOOOOOTTTTT UGLY. And spanish dude…Sesshy es no feo. Sesshy es muy bonito!

  54. xDDD
    I am a Cosplayer (costume player) too, but the main reason is I love so much Dragon Ball, that i wanted to “bring to life” the characters.
    That guy, is an extreme and DUMB cosplayer!!
    But the costume is pretty cool ^^

  55. Cosplaying is fun, but the shoes aren’t right for this Character, if the pants were longer to hide the silly shoes I would like this much much more. It is a girl! I would swear it, but then again one of myfriends is a guy and everyone swears he’s a girl. Anywho, it’s good. Thanks for the pictures, good amuzement.

  56. Awwww Fluffy 😛
    That chick would look more like Sesshoumaru if she was taller. She should’ve worn some high boots. And where’s Rin? You can’t have Sesshy w/o Rin. And ofcourse his annoying ass servant, Jaken ><
    I would dress up like Sango or Kikyou. I LOVE KIKYOU ^-^

  57. I think he is pretty. I like his golden claw-hand.
    One of my dreams as a child was to have white hair. I guess I should ask him where he bought his wig…?
    I <3 Masa!!!
    -Ling Ling

  58. Why? Why did she dress up as Sesshomaru? Why? She wasn’t going to a cosplay right…? Just wandering around town?

  59. I meat this hot japanese girl here in the states and she was a exchange student, she said people that get too addicted to anime and dress up like them are dorks lol……. so true, anime is good but.. dont dress up like them..

  60. Hey do you know were i can get that outfit in china town? Because i live in ottawa and there isint much here. Thanks

  61. I hate the fact that japanese cosplayers ALAWAYS wears those dumb plataform shoes ><
    I’m really precise, exact with my costumes, if I’m gonna cosplay a naruto character I made the sandals but not gonna wear plataform shoes
    I remember this girl who cosplayed juunana-gou with bhuge plataforms, when is so obvious juunana wears converse sport shoes…

  62. I think she did a wonderful job as Sesshy. Im a huge fan of the show and he is my very favorite. And anyone who cant see that is blind and stupid. Its called ROLE PLAYING you fucking retards. Grow up and realize that.

  63. Wow!
    I love japanise and i do cosplay too! I’m planning to cosplay sesshy this years animecon so i try find good pics and pop here.. wahahahaha!
    That cosplayer is good! In japan most ppl may just cosplay for fun. not to only some competitions but just to go mall… for fun.. it’s they hobby as any of you play, read or write!
    I got this friend who says cosplayers are from otakus(anime fans<—obsessed ones)but I i think anyone can do cosplay without being an otaku. All who thinks cosplay suck or something like that…SHAME!!
    Let them be and they let you be the freaky way you are..
    Soory of my english grammar. I know it sucks but I try my best. It is not easy to be foreign you know….

  64. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! that costume rocks my sockes!!!!! ^_^ its the hottniss i wish ppl would do that around where i live haha in fack i would do it but i haven’t the fabric for it ::cryes:: Hey Sesshy E-mail me k i wanna see if you can help me with costume makeing i need work at it and i’m going to Tekkoshy con in a few monthes
    PS. sorry i can’t spell worth shit ^_^;;;;;

  65. what the…um thats real interesting. i really don’t understand the artistic veiw. but whatever flots your boat.

  66. ok umm…the first thing i would like to say is that was really umm…let me think of a nice way to say this…there is no nice way so i will not. anyway sesshy is sooooooooo sexy and i love him but i would never dress up like him that’s just not cool in america plus i woul get my ass kicked. any way if you love sesshy to e-mail me i love e-mail

  67. crazy people like you need to be in the ages of
    japan to see how hard it was to live back then.
    and then see how hard it was for Inuyasha to live
    every day I’m in the ages where Inuyasha lives
    putting up with my boring family.
    incloding my sister and the way my mom pays more
    ittchen to my sister it’s like i’m was never borne.
    THAT SUCKS!!!!!

  68. OMG that is the best Inuyasha costume I have seen lately! For all the people who doesn’t know this is Sesshomaru from Inuyasha who happens to be a fuul demon and Inuyasha’s older brother. (Inuyasha is a half demon though) It would be cool to see Rin and Jaken in the pic too.

  69. I think she’s wearing the shoes because Sesshomaru is tall and she is short. Great Sesshomaru costume by the way. Best I have ever seen!

  70. I love it!!! That is soo awsome! I would have really liked to have been there when that person was walking around!!!!

  71. everbody knows he doesn’t carry his sword around! duh… hes gotta sheath! duh… everbody nows that!

  72. Wowww~~!!he or she’s so …cool~!!
    The character that he or she costume is called Sesshomaru. I’m a big fan of him~!!! >///<
    If there are a chance, I think I will go to Japan and do this, too.

  73. I like it. Hes bold and his costun is good, so hell why not ware it? i think its cool and you who falowed him my ancer 4 cosplaying is its fun. you need no reason at all. just enjoy yourself.

  74. That guy is not a guy, it’s a woman, you can see it in the bone structure and in one of the picture you can see “he’s” a little busty. The character is lord Seshomaru and for the main part of the series he’s the bad guy and Inuyasha’s brother a full demon, Inuyasha being the good guy and a half demon. Its a good series, worth watching on adult swim in the US. Or rent them on netflix.

  75. Way cool!!! Buy why aren’t cosplayers embarrassed to walk around in public like that? Don’t people ever make fun of him?

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