1. DaRk_sOuL says:

    wow… i’d like to be one of them… but here in Brazil this is very difficult!!!

  2. [e]-lan' says:

    yeah, so the one spinning the fuzzy balls–
    i’d do her.
    the chick with the V sign on the right–
    i’d do her.
    girls eatting noodles–
    do them.

  3. Akira Nagao says:

    aint that the truth

  4. zip says:

    wow they certainly seem entertained with all that puff ball spining stuff lol but itz cool i respect em for thier uh …ways?…. and for some reason all the girls looks atractive lol. and the guys seem like jamaican asian ppl its a strang combo for me. (i hope im not insulting)

  5. #toKyo` says:

    hippies suck ;P
    give them the middlefinger XD

  6. Phaedrus_The_WolfBoy says:

    They all look far too clean to be hippies. I used to be a hippy. I lived in a tree and didn’t wash for two years. I lived off of wild herbs and raw rabbit meat. I am now a top trader in the London Stock Exchange. It is all a part of my plan to sabotage the evil system of global capitalism from within. When I have done that, I will go back to my tree and eat some more rabbits. All the kawaii nihon onna in your pictures are welcome to join me there and we can start breeding a new feral humanity.



  8. Kyosanshugi says:

    The girl spinning the poi can’t be a hippie; her pits are shaved. Shennanigans!

  9. CrazyMike says:

    At least they seem cleaner than the hippies here. I have hippy neighbors, cool people, just dirty. Hehe.

  10. aslkj says:

    please…they are just dressing like that because it’s fashionable. they don’t give a shit about anything bigger then they are. fuck fake japanese hippies!

  11. Bee says:

    There is a guy that plays with that same thingy out the front of a game centre nere where I live. He does it all day every day (but hes not as good as that chick). Get a job you bum!

  12. jason says:

    It’s pretty sad when even Japanese hippies look cool.

  13. Lewis says:

    Tell me when hippies/Woodstock hit the Japanese. Dude Japanese hippies are totaly far-out man.

  14. sob says:

    Japan’s culture is from “SARUMANE”
    Sorry. Words of mine is poor.
    becouse I am japanese.
    But, They (and I) have no ideas and cultures of hippie.
    They are only copycat.

  15. hippystone says:

    I like hippies
    in my city the only way the police can disperse a crowd of hippies is to throw a bar of soap into the middle of the crowd
    and the hippies run for their lives!
    the soap to hippies is like kryptonite to superman

  16. dirt says:

    you rock masa!!!! your english style helps me learn japanese. Your pictures of perspective & FANTASTIC EARTH PEOPLE!!! HAHA i love it
    Wow when i die i hope i’m reincarnated japan earth people!!!
    maybe a happy one….
    but then again…. all of the other ”earths” that could be included in this universe – you could be put on – you and me – all of us!!! all over again!!!…..
    earth people here we are – !!! YES!
    btw i see a marijuana leaf on the front of the bus, how popular is this in japan? or is the government harsh and strick – and crushes down with an iron fist!!!!!
    =========from MasaManiA
    It’s quite difficult to get good quality marijuana in Japan.
    They just satisfy by showing marijuana image.

  17. La La Ru says:

    I think that’s cool. They seem very open-minded, happy and friendly.

  18. lloydyboy says:

    Beautiful report, Masa. Which do you like better, hippie girls or lolita punks? I think both styles are interesting.
    ========From MasaManiA
    I dont care the style. I care only boob

  19. Im stoned says:

    Just thought I might say a word or two.
    First of all, I dont know how these images came across to, well, people who are responding, but all I’s know is that there are REAL hippies in japan, who are all about being one with the earth, peace and love and Phish and smoke some very “dank shit”. I’ve seen ’em and they are very cool people, but honestly I dont think these photos capture those people. Just from these photos, I myself also get the impression that ” they are just dressing like that because it’s fashionable.they don’t give a shit about anything bigger then they are.” This is because these photos were taken in the middle of Tokyo, shinuya, a park called Yoyogi park,,,, so its like finding real hippies in the heart of NewYork or something. Of course they all seem boogee and just for the fasion, because they are, but trust me, go up to Hokkaido and shit, you will find some awsome people… so, I guess thats it.

  20. myrgine-aga-rahulik sneik says:

    who cares, a hippie is a hippie.
    at this point i’d like to let it be known that i’m here to satisfy everybody’s hippie-extinguisher needs, at low prices too.

  21. stephen says:

    Where were these pictures taken

  22. Stephen Leig says:

    I thinks its great, everyone is having a good time. Where were pictures taken ?

  23. lmgray says:

    Kyosanshugi, very good….great observation!!

  24. jahjean says:

    Living in Woodstock,NY, I love going to Rainbow Gatherings and hippie events and seeing Japanese
    Hippies. As a tour guide in Jamaica I showed alot of nice Japanese People the Island we love very much. I would love to have a Japanese Hippie girl penpal if possible. Or a guy is cool
    too. JahJean
    517 Bandcamp Rd
    Saugerties,NY 12477
    845-246-1625 One Love

  25. pablo says:

    Smoke marihuana every day and every night!!!!!!!
    Legalize it….Marihuana

  26. Al~Bandi says:

    Let them be who they want to be. They are not trying to be old-dirty-slimy-hippies but I think this is the Gen-x-Stylish-hip-hopies of my generation. Whats wrong with that? absolutely nothing.
    p/s: mama says: dont compare.just be!

  27. deVision says:

    Wow, not bad really! Here in Lithuania we have a lot of hip-hop’ers & rastafari’s, but not hippies.. but I really like it. =) I would love to have a Japanese or other Hippie girl mailpal if possible. goo bless you..

  28. Curtis C. Ball says:

    Masa, man. I have come to love this site so much, that I am thinking of making it my home page. 🙂
    The “earth” chicks are cute, and so were the old hippie chicks, too. Down to earth women are just hot.. period. I remember the hippies of the Woodstock era. I’m hoping the new Japanese hippies don’t make the same mistake of thinking that sex, drugs, and music are all that is needed to bring Peace and Love to the world.
    Thanks again for the great pics… and the social commentary is even better.

  29. Greetings! My name is Natureboy. I will be forming
    a tipivillage just outside Woodstock, NY. I would
    like to invite Japanese hippies to come and visit
    and stay if they like. We are working on back to
    the land and wilderness survival living. There are
    room for more tipis.
    517 Bandcamp Rd.
    Saugerties, NY 12477

  30. zino says:

    japanese ppl r losing there control the reason why things are happening der in japanese is because lake of spiritual wisdome, same with western country many things wiil worsten in a years a head becarful life is not abt fun it’s something else u should know

  31. teepo says:

    too clean to be hippies.
    another reason to fucking bomb japan.

  32. BEAUTIFUL says:


  33. Jean-Marc says:

    Japanese so called hippies are for the most part pot heads. I know so as one of my ex-girlfriends was part of these groups.Most of those who join these groups dress the same, smoke the same shit, talk the same language, and think they are spiritual.
    I see just another conformity trend and a desire to belong. Some of them may be into organic farming, self sustainable life-styles, traveling to places like Thailand and Laos where they can smoke pot all day…
    Unfortunately, by going on the marge of society and escaping reality, these people have little to contribute to society. As such one may call them selfish and deluded.
    Who can, in the 21st century believe that we can just escape society and go live our life and forget about it? It can be done; but pollution, overpopulation and habitat loss will catch up with them soon or later.
    If only these people could join their force and enlighten themselves a bit, they might be able, for instance, to stop the concrete industry and the corrupt politicians bent on concreting every inch of remaining natural coastline in Japan.
    Unfortunately, one needs to care to become an activist, and to care one needs to be spiritual, something very much lacking from most of these people who think drugs will open their mind.
    Personally, I have been around these people and really don’t want to be around them at all. I found most of them were conformist, lacked an intellect, were egotistical and too attached to their “hippie” image which they try to convey through their dress and hairstyle. The result is that they fail to see the big picture and most importantly to see themselves as who they really are.
    To sum it up, most Japanese “hippie” types became so to find an alternative to the overwhelmingly conformist, spiritually and intellectually void and suffocating Japanese society. However by joining another group, and adopting their sign and language, they’ve just found a way to cover up their discontent with society and do nothing about it… Except maybe for smoking pot, getting a new hair style, buying hemp clothes, and going to techno trance events etc…

  34. samu says:

    The hippies are to fucking clean. Real hippies are very dirty and look like they’ve been smoking something! Cosplay playing nihonjin trying to copy dirty american hippy.
    Your site Rules!!!

  35. bong! says:

    bong along to the bongity song. bong bong bong along. nihonjin bongushiteru. BONG! smoke bongs with japanese hippys! crazy! crazy nihonjin no hippii!
    mainichi mariwana wo sutte!
    smoke weed everyday! and bong along to the bongity song.
    bong bong.
    bongity song!

  36. 42 says:

    You are the perfect example of why parents tell their kids that smoking pot is bad for them. Have fun watching static and telle tubies on TV.
    …such depth to your lyrics @@

  37. bob says:

    to bong, yeah man, like.. yeah, as 42 says static and teletubbies ^_^
    Pretty Hippies, but as everyone says, real hippies would be smeared in mud, if the hippy girls in the photo’s did that I’m sure more folk would be appreciative 🙂
    Ps, masa, long time no update??, and forum blight? it seems to be gone? Hope you’re ok man, hate to see this site fade away.
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you, i will update soon

  38. 42, curiouser and curiouser says:

    Oddly enough, I used the name ‘bob’ on some of my older posts. This new bob is not me.
    Strange, especially after watching ‘Butterfly Effect’ again.
    “…It scares me so, like I scare myse-e-elf…” (TMBG)

  39. bob says:

    I don’t remember posting as 42 when I last posted here some time ago, so I guess this 42 isn’t me either. Haven’t seen butterfly effect, I always think of “A Sound of Thunder” when hearing this title.

  40. 42 says:

    I haven’t seen A Sound of Thunder, so I guess we’re even there…

  41. eric hr smoot says:

    japanese hippies are very good to the envierment

  42. Stephan says:

    Oh, my world. It is ok

  43. aash says:

    woah like id never have the confidence to go out in public dressed like that. like omg come on! i’d soo rather go naked or something. teehee. oh my gosh. weirdoooss!

  44. Stephan says:

    Oh, my world. It is ok

  45. Skinhead69 says:

    manno das es bei euch auch hippis gibt, so ein dreck, die sollen arbeiten gehen (ich werde nie in english posten, weil ich die sprache erbarmlich finde)

  46. Neal Warner says:

    I was one of the original hippies in California. I wrote a novel based on people I knew called The Haight ( and Kindle).

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