Jap unconcerned collapse hulligan


Jap unconcerned collapse hulligan


If Japanese people find collapsing people, they come to help.

Japanese people have warm heart Yes, Jap is kind people.

But you know, Japanese people care only Japanese people………

Report from Spain

Jap unconcerned collapse hulligan.

fuck JAP, Help fulligan !


Suddenly Spanish man breakdown on crowded floor in Japan. But Japanese people unconcerened him.


His name is SaveR , He collapse again,

But Japanese people pretend unnoticing him. What’s a fucking Japanese !

Help him !

He needs help. Yes, he need helps in many ways.


He collapse again on the street. but this time, some people come togher.Oh, He will be helped ?

NO !

they strike a pose before cllapsing Spanish, SaveR !Japanese people is strange !

and I think the person who take this picture, Morg Also should help him insted of taking this picture.

from Spainfuck unconcerned Japanese, from Spain.



Please send me your report !


Thank you,?SaveR !!!






  1. Rose says:

    >jap care only about jap people
    do you think so ?
    i think jap noticed that he broke down on purpose, and they thought it was kind of performance. I think.
    Jap is not so cold, don’t worry 🙂

  2. pash! says:

    What happens whit japanese? Are they afraid of our big gaijin members? 😉

  3. haha says:

    yup… the japanese are very afraid of your floppy and soft gaijin members indeed. LOL

  4. fucken idiot says:

    all this shit is probably fake!
    there is no way people would take a picture of themselves smiling on top of a guy lying on the ground!
    u saying japanese people are selfish, but that goes with every fucken countries!!
    over here in america, white people calls us chinks, gooks, japs, n etc. There is hate crimes which asians are killed just because of their color!!!! Be happy that u are living in japan, u fucken idiot!!!
    if a weirdo like u that point middle finger at children ever come to U.S. u will get ur fucken ass kicked!!!!!!

  5. MorG says:

    This is not a fake, Japs were really scared and tried to do like “nothing is hapening”, “this is not my bussines I keep on walking…” etc, SaveR really made the performance. Japs don’t mind about gai-jin, just care about japs

  6. zip says:

    well its some what the same here in the us in some plases for instanse the north side of sanatonio ppl are nice with white ppl cause the north side consist of white ppl so if I fell down theyd ignore me cause im mexican. in the east side there are black ppl but mexicans there too so if you fall some ppl will laugh others will help. on the west side they will help and try to make a joke but in a nice way and say becareful. i know cause i did the same experiment with a friend of mine and there were the results. later.

  7. rarirari says:

    I think Japanese ppl thought he was not a real sick person, cos although I dont know his situation I think he just pretended in the front of photographer(it might be zer was a hidden camera thought…no one knows but the machine),so ppl arnd the spanish guy might have thought he have just been an actor to pretend as a sick.

  8. The truth isn’t clear but I could imagine that Japanese ignore the gaijin cos they are shy at gaijins. Except jp gurrls who are gaijin-huntin’, so hope there are some gaijin-huntin chicks close lol.

  9. pamutron says:

    i wonder if even japanese people are all that ready to come to aid of other japanese people. i was born in america but i have asian heritage and am sometimes mistaken for being japanese. since i’ve been living in the kansai area, there have been many times when i needed help when i was injured or being harrassed by hentai old men but no one offered aid, or either ignored me or looked irritated that i was disturbing their wa. there are so many stock phrases for “sorry” or “excuse me” in japanese but instances of sincere apology are all-too few and far-between.

  10. shitwhore says:

    I don’t think saver is a spanish name. Im spanish, so I should know that.
    I think people don’t help jim cos they know for fact that that guy is a fucking moron so he should die, that’s why htey don’t help.
    That dude is lucky I wasn’t there to kick his ass and face while he is lying down.
    fuck that moron, I’m sure he loves cock from behind.

  11. Need Help says:

    Japanese people don’t even help themselves, but use girl kindness to let japanese girl get molested on the street!

  12. soulpower says:

    i don’t like it when the term “gaijin” or “gaikokujin” is used. it really means outcast 「仲間外れ=外人」.
    i am not an outcast or the “outside person.” i am just from a different country. what is better is
    ikokujin 異国人 (different country person)
    takukokujin 他国人 (other country person)
    =================from MasaManiA
    Oh, you deeply understand Japanese lauguage !
    to say that only japanese are 邦人 but the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD IS 外人 is arrogant and pathetic.
    i hope more japanese stop using 外人 because it is an insult for some of us.

  13. ジョシュ says:

    自分のPOINT OF VIEWを書きなさいスペイン人の考えることがいらないでしょう。

  14. Oni says:

    I am totaly agree with soulpower, i’ve been living in many places and i never liked to be called an outcast or foreighner , above all these i am a person . This “gaijin” problem exists almost anylaca nowdays, especially where i live (Israel – too many foreighners – i used to be one of them not long ago), so dont speak only about nihonjin (Japanese), they were always very conservative as a nation , yet very polite (most of them),and what can be expected from a country so proud like NIPPOM (Japan), that was never counqered or threatened … no time left sorry, gonna late for work.

  15. Itchy Bon says:

    The 2 men in the picture are trying to look up the fainted womans dress…. They see dirty

  16. Hitokiri says:

    Poor spanish!
    No se k pasara el dia k vaya a japon y necesite ayuda :S
    Happy new year from Spain!!!
    ===================from MasaManiA
    Happy new year !

  17. J2xC says:

    I’m going to make a guess that the difference could also be because the first (japanese person) who was helped was female, and the Saver was male… You can’t tell how old or young the first person is, but people would be more likely to help either the elderly(which is good I guess, though people should help anyone) or someone very pretty(human nature I guess).
    =========================from MasaManiA
    But don’t forget that Japan has gay also.

  18. J2xC says:

    I wasn’t meaning it as an act because of some kind of sexual attraction(though this could sometimes be the case), but because there is still an overall belief that women are more vulnerable and need to be helped. Same as with old people… if it was a 60 year old foreign male, they would probably help(I hope)… But It is true that Japan does have a history of particularly disliking people with Hispanic features… A white man can get a job as an english teacher in Japan fairly easily, but if that man has(for example) mexican features, it is much more difficult.

  19. daifuku says:

    A common thing is to be designed 変な外人 while being a foreigner for holiday/living in Japan. The thing is, if you don’t play the gaijin as refusing every japanese manner, you get fooled at?!
    In many countries, proving integration is at your honor, but it seems in Japan, if you try to integrate, you’re only laughed at.
    It’s really bad because I believe at first Japanese people are friendly but I don’t know what to think…
    Anyway MasaMania! your site rocks in a fucking sugoi extreme way! I’ll keep on visiting! Keep up the good work!

  20. DamAgeD_ReI says:

    yeah it is weird why others are laughed at in Japan for trying to intergrate and be respectful. It shouldnt be that way but it is and u cant change that. But anywho…even in canada people will fall to the ground..no one helps them. In toronto an elderly woman fell between the gap..(subway) and no one helped her…they stepped over her to get on! If it wasnt for her friend she would of died!!! what is this problem in the world that we forget our morals and step over injured people to get to work on time!!!!!

  21. LMAO says:

    you guys are so full of shit. first of all. SAVER just fell down, then the picture was taken. no one can react in that short of time. so shut ur little hissypanissy asses.
    secondly, its so fucken obvious ur trying to prove something, especially with a cameraman nearby. and thirdly, with that yellow freak and the two gypsys, its called HEY CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH U GUYS, TRY TO WALK OVER ME AND ILL LIE DOWN. OK? and thats exactly what they did. u bought that upon urself. dont expect people to feel sorry for you or get the fuck out. fucken pussy.

  22. chr says:

    Jeez, calm down, it was just in good fun I’m sure…
    (sorry for posting in old topic, mr Masa)
    I had… kind of a similar experience in Tokyo, although I don’t even need to collapse to achieve the same effect!
    In fact, in Japan I suffer from ‘force field syndrome’. Whenever I’m in the train, no matter how crowded, Japanese try to keep a perimeter of at least one metre around me. Yet I shower and brush my teeth every day. I keep up a hearthy smile as much as I can. I do not suffer from incontinency. I have long hair, but other than that I share no visual resemblance to Tokyo university rock’n’roller(http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/archives/2005/02/tokyo_universit.html)
    I am baffled. Japanese are very xenophobic.
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you. If you have nice boob, Jap really close to you even in not crowded place.

  23. chedogg74 says:

    What in the hell is coming out of thoes dogs noses

  24. Chris says:

    More intriguingly perhaps, what do they have to do with the main blog?
    Is this SaveR person really an artist? I think it’s great performance art anyway, maximum effect with zero effort.
    =====from MasaManiA
    Yes, me too.

  25. Achal says:

    fucken idiot don’t even fucking play do you realize how many asian people are racist in america? Do you know how many people call us black people “negros, Or Niger” so what your trying to say is there’s no way shit like that could happen . Racism is all over deal the fuck with it
    ==============from MasaManiA
    lets dont care about racist

  26. 42 says:

    Sometimes, people see racism where there is none. I refered to someone as ‘black’ and they got in my face and called me racist, once. That person told me that they were African-American, not black. He also called me white, so I told him to call me Dutch-English-Irish-French-German-Italian-Native-American. He let me call him black after that. I told him we are both Americans, African-American should only apply if he had dual citizenship. Of course, then it should be country-specific.
    BTW, I’ve never heard anyone call someone else negro (except in OLD movies), and the only time I hear nigger, it is from a black person’s mouth. How do you expect people to respect you if you cannot respect yourself or others of your ethnic background? I would never call myself cracker or white bread. That would be insulting myself and it would tell the rest of the world that I should not be respected whatsoever.
    Maybe the situation in the picture was due to racism, but it could also be due to Nationalism (common in Asian countries).
    I drew quite a crowd, here in Korea, a while back. Many Koreans seemed to be amazed that a foreigner (American GI, no less) would help a Korean man to his feet and then help him collect what he had been carrying. I come from a much more mixed background, so it did not seem unusual to me. I have been told that Koreans are taught from a young age that many American GIs are only out to start fights. Some are surprised to see that we are human, not monsters.
    Sorry to post in such an old forum, Masa…
    ========from MasaManiA
    No need to be sorry for me. Thank you for your information.

  27. racestone says:

    you still dont “get it”, do you?
    you speak as though you have been sheltered and coddled far too long
    the last time I was asked to identify “my race” my response was “human”
    all children are born color blind, lets keep it that way-

  28. 42 says:

    I actually DO agree that the REAL way to to identify ‘race’ SHOULD be human. That’s way its called the human race.
    Coddled? Like a baseball is coddled by a bat.
    Sheltered? Only from all the mind-numbing children’s shows. I had to interact with other people when most of my classmates were watching TV. Think ’21st Century Digital Boy’ (…I don’t know how to live, but I’ve got a lot of toys…).
    Read closer-I said ethnic background where simpltons would have said race. As far as the word racism, check a dictionary. I am using the dictionary definition. Let the dictionary’s editors know that you don’t like the definition.
    Learn to read. I mean REALLY read, not just skim over the words and insert your own bias.
    Now, are you done insulting me? I have debated with you. You debated AND spewed out personal insults. I was willing to call a truce to end the name-calling that you seem to consider intelligent. You still judge me, not the arguement. Quit embarrassing yourself. Its getting to be quite pathetic.
    When you go back to read my previous post it this thread, you may start to understand that I think all people are born equal.
    You once said I could not understand other cultures. You know, its funny how I was called an honorary Korean by a Korean National. I asked him what he meant-his response? If you did not have a white face and speak English, but not fluent Hanguel, I would have thought you were a native Korean (his words). Apparently, someone from a non-American culture disagrees with you.

  29. racestone says:

    the point you still seem to be missing is the fact that you come across as a” flag waving separatist”
    your snide sense of superiority is your downfall
    it is ok to have a respectable amount of national pride
    but not to the extent that you tout it
    learn to humble yourself

  30. 42 says:

    Just because I’m not burning the flag, does not mean I’m a flag waving separatist. I don’t even understand what you think I want to separate from-your arguement on the matter is pure nonsense.
    I never said I was superior to anyone. I’m only saying, be objective, check your facts, and look at the big picture. Stop spewing insults-it makes you sound childish. You say you were in both Iraq both times we attacked…how old are you? Act your age.

  31. racestone says:

    you would do well to take your own advice
    try to look at the planet as the home to everyone
    and consider the fact that the u.s. is still in the sandbox culturally, and at times you sound like the mouthpiece of the infant nation caring on and throwing tantrums like a spoiled snotty little kid that needs to get their way
    it is evident that you feel the need to carry the flag for all the u.s. citizens; please speak for your-self, and not as an ambassador or representative of the rest of the nation, and stop feeling the need for all your flag waving
    it seems as if you are constantly looking for approval
    re-read your so called “objective” posts, and you will find them rife with u.s. military sentiment, as well as your own white-bread point of view
    but you are at least entertaining me

  32. 42 says:

    I will no longer waste time on you. Your inability to comprehend my words, understand even the most basic of concepts, and quickness to resort to name-calling (ESPECIALLY when none of your insults has fit me) makes it quite clear that the only thing between your ears is rushing wind.
    I entertain you? Lovely. At least one of us is entertained by the other.
    BTW, the only approval I need is my own, and I already have that.
    Remember, if you want to think all Americans are idiots (yes, that WOULD be stereotyping), you are including yourself.
    Goodbye, flamerstone.

  33. racestone says:

    -42- (I’m guessing that is your IQ)
    you seem over sensitive
    maybe what you need is a vacation (or at least a good fuck in the ass)
    remember that this is nothing more than a bunch of 0’s and 1’s
    strung together in the form of code
    just a bunch of bits and bytes
    not to be taken seriously
    try to enjoy life, you’ll live longer

  34. javier says:

    che pedaso de bestia, te escribo en espanol asi te vas a costumbrando.Asi que los japoneses son uns Fuck porque no ayudan a un mediocre tirado en la calle?, y que pasa con los americanos que estan matando gente en IRAk?, que serian entonces?

  35. Bob says:

    racestone, don’t you ever get that feeling that maybe she got bored with you? She did say that you ‘werent entertaining’ I think you are very self-centered.

  36. joeycapone says:

    first off, i came to this site by mistake but got sucked in on the message boards. i think peple are just people i’m from northeast america and here the only people that walk away from someone lets say that got knuckled down, is the people that dont know you….however i got freinds thats borecua/vietnamese/chinese/black/italian/irish/you name it. and theyll throw down for me anyday before someone thats “JUST” the color of their skin.the point here is that people are to scared to get involved with shit that dont concern them.i lived with this and wouldnt want it any other way. so dont blame a specific race for not helping you just cuz you so happen to be the minority and their a group of nihonjin just standing there minding their own business every nihonjin i met was always cool to me so maybe it is after all the fact that people are just people. -joey capone

  37. Daniel says:

    In Spain when a person fall down, the other person go to see what is happening, but not for helping, just for see the show. Spanish people loves to see a person dying, they even have bull fighting, they love to see bull tortures, they also do it with persons, they enjoy seeing how a person have problems and accidents as car crashes.
    Fuck Spain, fucking Spanish
    (I live in the fucking Spain)

  38. GcGaijin says:

    I was in Hiroshima last year and I got cut by a bush by the road… my arm was bleeding so bad and I was only 17 so i started crying really bad. Some guys came by to help me and one helped me get to the hospital… it was nice of them, they even stayed until they gave me stitches. That was nice, but when I was about to leave, all 4 of them asked for my email address and one asked me on a date…
    =============from MasaManiA
    Bush is bad man.

  39. cedsoe says:

    mais qu’est-ce qu’il ont dans la tronche?
    au japon ou ailleur les gens en ont rien a foutre de ta gueule,tu peu crever personne bouge…

  40. johnny says:

    i hope all of those fucking japs die.
    SUCK A DICK AND DIE!!! <—to all you japs.

  41. Curtis C. Ball says:

    Wow !! I see so many nice people of many races, creeds, and colors… and so many mean people of so many races, creeds, and colors.
    This is exactly what I have come to expect from ALL people. 🙂
    Fuck mean people. *middle finger*
    Thanks again Masa

  42. Pedro says:

    I was stationed in Japan for one year in Iwakuni… Japan is the BEST country I have been to (31 in total), great people… great food … now I know that God created the world in 6 days on the 7th he rested in Japan.
    Thank you

  43. Akira says:

    LOL! SaveR! Did he go out on an MSX hunt?
    I still want a Panasonic A1GT Turbo R! 🙁

  44. bill says:

    I’d like to put my little white weiner inside some nice soft jap pussy.

  45. Donkey says:

    America love asians. Without, we never dress in laundered clothes and take rail road train to buffet restaurant. Hunan Chicken Yummm.
    Happy Smiles!

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