Dir en grey is fantastic but fans are more !


these girls and boys are fan of Japanese rock band ” Dir en grey “. I’m sorry but I don’t know that band or I think almost Japanese people don’t know this band yet. But this band have already lots of fan and yes, lots of fanatic fan people ! and not only Japanese girls, but also sweeden girls are also there.
Their fan enjoy this band music and I enjoy taking picture of this band music fans. and please enjoy seeing pictures of this band misic fans.


this is “Dir en grey”‘s official site http://www.direngrey.co.jp/


  1. takumi says:

    hey masa, do the japanese have a height disorder? i mean boys and girls alike seem to like wearing heels that make them look really tall?
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    It’s difficult question. because I cannot understand your question.

  2. He’s asking why both Boys and Girls that like Dir en Grey wear high heels.
    And takumi, you mean there’s more than one guy?! O__O
    Sweet lord I better start worrying, I only saw one…
    ==============================from MasaManiA
    Now I understand. and I can just say I don’t know. I think it is part of cosplay.

  3. Wow! That was a fast response! 😀
    Just another comment to let you know how thoroughly I enjoy your site. Even in a place as faroff and disconected from Japan such as Mexico, your journalism is enlightening and entertaining.
    Masa-san no Mekishiko no imeeji wa nandesuka?
    (Fuck You! = Chinga tu Madre!)
    ==============================from MasaManiA
    My image of Mexico is Taco bell

  4. JEff says:

    which park did you take this pictures from? yoyogi?
    =======================from MasaManiA
    yes, and hibiya

  5. Cody in Tokyo says:

    another fantastic piece of fucking photo jarnalism. Thank you for the pictures, I think dir en grey has been around for a long time, just maybe not as popular in the past.

  6. Aquila says:

    I missing boys in almost of your costume fotoseries…
    What are doing boys in Japanese?
    ====================================from MasaManiA
    It’s mistery.

  7. jarred says:

    >My image of Mexico is Taco bell
    It’s like taco bell but with more drugs and guns. wait. now that I think about it. It’s exactly like taco bell. nevermind.

  8. noname says:

    There are so many things utterly wrong in those pictures, no wonder this kids kill themselves.
    I would probably also do it if I find myself doing those fucked up things so I could end my misserable existence.
    Could we blame the raw fish or the earthquakes? maybe a big tsunami could solve the problem by sweeping the whole island away.
    By the way, make some pictures to pachinkos and to those arcade.

  9. 7 says:

    I used to be concerned about the youth of japan, but now I am not anymore. nice job

  10. Rahvin says:

    fan-fucking-tastic! nothing hotter than androgynous skinny japanese boys dressed as dir en grey. except, maybe, dir en grey themselves. i love that band! thank god for ebay and bit torrents, or i’d never get any of their music (i live in canada).
    masa, you kick ass. fuck you!

  11. Joe Lebowski says:

    in france too we have some Dir en Gray fans, but their cosplay sucks so they’re quite ridiculous (soory I have no pics ^^ )…
    Fuck the french visual kei otakus

  12. Roberto iRAe says:

    che… la verdusqui que unas chinitas estan guenasas… otras ahi safan… y otras la verdad que bastante guacadosas

  13. Beans says:

    Compa, segun esto, entre todas esas chinitas que dices hay mas de una buena cantidad de batos.
    Asi que puede que una de las que creeias que era una morra bien buena fuera un bato! 😐

  14. Vidar says:

    masa what the fuck is wrong with those people?????
    nobody is doing fuck you! you must teach them how.
    fuck you!

  15. Nickerson says:

    I’m guessing thick shoes are for Japanese as big belt buckles are for Texans. Not everyone wears them, but more people should.!

  16. Medievalist says:

    I dig the ones that are smiling… but if you dress like this and can’t do anything but frown, then – FUCK YOU!

  17. Mike says:

    Thats why I love Japanese people they are so willing to take things to extreames. Not like the half assed bullshit you get in NZ

  18. Li-chan says:

    Though American, I am an avid Dir en Grey fan. I was suppised at how authentic some of the costumes looked…if I hadn’t known any better I’d think that it really was Dir en Grey. Your images were taken very nicely and I liked this article a whole lot.

  19. dodo_bird says:

    where are the sweedish girls?????
    ===================from MasaManiA
    this is sweedish girls

  20. Bob Chow says:

    Masa, you have a very cool way of writing [or maybe this is just because of your English?]. I have the feeling of not understanding what’s going on with all those girls dressed like dolls. It’s seems that after those costumes there’s no time for sex.
    Masa, great photographic and informative job!
    greetings from Argentina.
    =============================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your message. and I don’t know why I do these things for nothing.

  21. Ohmz says:

    These kids are there at the bridge outside yoyogi park every sunday I dont think that der en gray or whomever have any effect. them gathering there is a regular thing, as I said every sunday.

  22. j says:

    dir en grey is popular in america, but the cosplayers here often don’t look good.

  23. Hot. Fucking hot.

  24. GTO says:


  25. GTO says:


  26. Cliff says:

    Those are great pictures Masa. It makes me want to visit Japan and see great shit like that. Those girls are fucking hot too 😉 but it would be cool to see people enthused like that — so many people here in USA are apathetic. So I learn some new languages and see the world 🙂

  27. Rotary says:

    hmm I dont know Dir en Grey, but I must say alot of these girls mind me neo-nazis that are here :/

  28. Trip says:

    Whoah, looking good! Looking rebel! 🙂
    Greetings from Finland btw 🙂
    Check my tunes if you like (link)

  29. NinjaSasuke says:

    Awesome! Great photos of great fans of an even greater band! I’m and American fan and I LOVE Dir en grey! Keloid Milk is my favorite Dir en grey song.

  30. shouldIwriteaname? says:

    Masamania, good work!
    (… I need to learn japanese. One year of this I will be here ^_^ )
    One question… Which is the average stature in japan?
    Greetings from Spain, EUROPE.
    ================= To Roberto iRAe & Beans:
    Son JAPONESAS. Culturizaos solo “un pelin”. No es lo mismo China que Japon.
    p.d.: Aprended a escribir.
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    Sorry but I cannot understand your question.

  31. Filthy Bastard says:

    Who are all these clowns? Was there a convention of clowns somewhere in Japan?

  32. Zuhenia says:

    Wow Masa, dude You are cool!!!
    This is the best damn pictures I have seen for a long time!!!
    Awesome !!!!

  33. brandon says:

    hey masa…i just designed a new website and forums call http://www.lostgaijin.com i would love it if u came to the site and posted some stuff on it. I think ur style is so cool…
    ====================from MasaManiA
    thank you, I will.

  34. Lyme says:

    Awesome pictures. Dir en grey is very popular with visual kei fans around the world. There are some really good cosplays in these pictures.
    To the people who are running around talking about clowns and idiots and stuff – don’t put it down just because it’s outside your comfort zone.

  35. theproffet says:

    You are a great photographer
    I hope to show you some pictures of American girls dressed in fetish costumes from in town here. Some are Gothic, some are just sexy . . .

  36. Nat says:

    They all so kawaii i love Dir en grey also you should look at Psyco Le cemu and Mana sama

  37. Lindus says:

    So you found a bunch of Dir En Grey fans. Or are they? To me it looks like the Gothic & Lolita (and Cosplayer) people who regularly gather on the bridge to the tempelgrounds in Harajuku during the weekends.
    That some of these might like Dir En Grey is most probable, but definitely not all. Interesting site otherwise. With hopes they all fare well…
    ==============================from MasaManiA
    Of course I know Gothic & lolita ( and Cosplayer ) people who gather in Harajuku.and I have pictue of them also. But definitly these picture is fan of Dir En Grey.

  38. globe says:

    Hey thats tight… you dont really see crazy stlyes like that in the US no more.. its all hip-hop now..

  39. whoknows says:

    a friend was telling me about dir en grey and i became very intrested, i checked out the website and there are some awesome pictures. they are really COOL!!! 🙂

  40. whoknows says:

    hey these pictures are freakin awesome!!! 🙂

  41. Wogger says:

    Wow Masa
    And to think that someone might want to stick his dick in these horrible bitches. They look disgusting!!
    No wonder other countries are having a laugh at Japan.

  42. coolusa says:

    Japan is original and does not forget to have fun in their lifetime. Great looks.

  43. tenshiaoi says:

    Dir en grey has been around since the late 90s…and the majority of those girls were indeed dressed up as band members.
    Also the band is becoming pretty popular in the U.S.
    Thanks for posting the cosplay pics.

  44. yeah yeah yeah says:

    Dir en grey has a lot of fans, world wide.
    Dozens of them fly from all over the world to Japan every year ,just to see them play live ,not just people from Sweden .

  45. Kokorou says:

    Just plain beautiful! ^^; Much better costumes than in Europe.
    I’m from Finland and I love Dir en grey!!
    Good article.

  46. Akai says:

    Hey, the pics are really cool! xD
    But, what has makes a Gothic Lolita there? xD (I mean, between the pictures, and _not_ in Harayuku on the Oyogi Bridge..or how this bridge might be called)
    I’d like to cosplay like them… *____* That’s so fantasic…
    I can’t wait see Visual Key Cosplayer live. (and, of course, Dir en Grey! xD)

  47. Dave says:

    I was in Japan recently and very disappointed I wasn’t able visit Hibiya on sunday. I’m not sure who Dir en grey is but sounds like a powerful scene. What are their shows like? Any photos of a show?
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Sorry but I have never seen their show or heard their sound.

  48. Esneka says:

    Yay!! cool pictures anr report ^^
    I like Visual kei. Dir en Grey is not my favourite band but i like them.
    Those people cosplaying Dir en Grey, used to be at Yoyogi Park (at the bridge) all the sundays. There are not only csplayers of Dir en Grey, there are cosplayers of a lot of Visual Kei Bands. ^_^

  49. Akiha says:

    WOW! Those photo’s you took are uber cool!! I love Dir En Grey so much, all the cosplayers did such a good job!

  50. Lauran says:

    AHHHH.. OMG, YOU TOOK PICTURES OF LIKE HALF OF MY FRIENDS… Thank you so much, I will show them your website, it will make them happy ^_^
    I am wondering, did you take these at Hibiya or Shibuya AX?
    =========================from MasaManiA
    It’s my pleasure for your enjoyment. THese are taken at Hibiya & Harajuku. I have also other visual kei fan photo. I will post it. Thank you

  51. Lauran says:

    Ahh.. Its meijijingubashi and hibiya. So I assume you went to the lives? The new songs are awesome ^_^ New album around March! New tour in March :excited:
    And FYI, none of those are guys.
    You might have seen me there, I am pretty sure I am the only white girl Kaoru cosplayer, so I sorta stand out, depending on if I forget to wear my contacts or not O_O.
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Actually, I don’t know anything about Dir en grey. But I like to see the fan of visual kei. It’s really great. I really like it.

  52. Lauran says:

    Ahh, I see. Yes, Dir en grey cosplayers are very interesting to look at and take pictures of, ne? Before I was a cosplayer, I used to take as many pictures as I could too ^_^.
    Again, thank you for the pictures!

  53. Tiiu says:

    Wow…some of them really looked exactly like the guys from Diru! Amazing…really great cosplays…but noone in Dir en grey has never dressed up as a pink lolita…NEVER!!Ya hear??

  54. garran says:

    so ugly n disgusting !!!

  55. Linda/Minikui says:

    Weh, nice pictures! Fun that you mentioned that even swedish girls like them, because I’m one of them even though I haven’t had the opportunity to go to Japan yet ^^!

  56. Talia says:

    hii…I randomly found this site, but I’m glad I did!
    I love all the outfits…so dark and pretty ^^…there isn’t any good cosplayers in the U.S. (or at least not in New York…)

  57. Rei-san says:

    Konnichiwa, WOW! these pictures are amazing! the costumes are great! I’m american so we hardly ever have any conventions like this. My friends and I went dressed up as Kyo, Kaoru and Die for halloween, compared to these cosplayers…our outfits, sucked. I plan on coming to Japan very soon, I’ve been studying up on my japanese with a friend who lives in Tokyo, so I hope I can get through a day without embarassing myself there! once again Fantastic! great job masa,Jane!

  58. Ashe says:

    Nice cosplaying. The majority of Dir en grey cosplaying I see looks like crap.
    And there’s certainly nothing wrong with cosplaying visual kei. There’s nothing wrong with cosplaying anything. Dir en grey doesn’t mind and the kids have fun and get to meet other fans of the music. What’s the big deal? Get over it. It’s not like they’re wearing a petticoat made of fetus hands.
    One more thing:
    Long live Dir en grey!

  59. tamika says:

    ah..i envy the japanese diru-fans. not only that you live closer to dir en grey (^^) you also can cosplay them easier. see, i don’t look a little bit similar to one of diru because i am german >.>

  60. Diru-san says:

    I haven’t yet seen your whole site. But, I have to say this is very cool of you to show off your pics of these cosplayers of Dir en grey and the likes.
    Eleven pictures down the one on the left looks like a deadringer for Kyo, singer of Dir en grey.
    Dir en grey started as La’sadies back in 1996 and changed to what it is now in 1997. Just a little trivia on Dir en grey. Big fan of Diru in the USA.
    The Asian music scene is coming and will not be ignored.
    Thank you Mesa

  61. NaeNae says:

    I agree, I was stunned how much the “Kyo” in the eleventh picture looked just like the real deal. I LOVE their outfits, man, I’d wear that everyday if I could! lol. Wonderful pictures!

  62. Sweedish gals says:

    Yo man! We’re the Swedish girls in your picture.
    Omfg, we look like shit there ;_;
    But the pictures are nice though, brings back a lot of Dir en memories.
    Mata ne^^
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Oh ! It’s great, fantastic! thank you for your help. you are the most cute girl ! see you next time again !

  63. agnes says:

    Shit! They’re all so incredibly hot!
    They look amazing!

  64. monkeyboy says:

    Hey, I found this site pretty much randomly through a search trying to find Dir En Grey merchandise. Those pictures are great. A lot of those costumes are amazing. I have a few questions for you. First, how do these people get the clothing for their costumes? Are there lots of stores that sell “goth” clothing in Japan? Second, I like the flag that those people are holding in that one picture, any idea how I can get one (a link to a website would be great, as I’m in the US). Thanks a bunch, and, again, great job on those pictures. I think I’ll be frequenting your website now. 🙂
    ==================from MasaMasaA
    Certainly there are lots of shop that sell goth loli cloth, but lots of visual kei girls make their costume on their own.
    I will post more more these kind of pictures in near future.

  65. samchan says:

    alligato! konichi wa! its fantastic picture thank u! ya personne qui parle francais?

  66. vir-jin says:

    Masa I love you!
    This bridge is the greatest place to hang around and meet cool Japanese!

  67. Hantei says:

    A lo que vamos, que Die esta muy bueno y que Kaoru tambien esta como para hacerle un favor y darle las gracias y… !que narices! y a Shinya tambien le haria un favorcillo… !Que se vengan para Espana leches!

  68. Somebody says:

    I think its a little fanatic to try to look exactly like them but the whole visual kei style is soo frikkin cool…
    Im a boy and I wear make up thats similar to visual kei but im n0t trying to look like a band member…you should be yourself..

  69. Laura says:

    Thank you for this very clarifying and inspiring site. I think it is time for me to cut my hair and dye them blue.
    ps. You said you haven´t heard of Diru? I can truly recommend this band. Kyo is such a strong voice. And so iroppoi and KAWAII!
    ========from MasaManiA
    Yes, now I study about Dir. they are really interesting band.

  70. Leah says:

    I love dir en grey…and the fans seem so dedicated…I wish I could make a costume to imitate them also…

  71. La La Ru says:

    Masa, would you like me to give you some Dir en grey music? ^_^ Please, just try.

  72. Sasayaki says:

    Yay. This is a reeeally cool site, I got many ideas for my own Kyo-cosplay ^^ Thanks. And those cosplayers, oh my f**cking Gackt aren’t they beautiful. <3____<3 *loves*

  73. ronan says:

    sUPER LES FILLES ELLE M’EXITES grave la je masturbe !

  74. Mrs Hara says:

    Hey.. there are some pics here that are not cosplays flor dir en grey.. is this on purpose? ^^
    ========from MasaManiA
    sorry, it must be my mistake.

  75. omg!! the pics rocks!!!
    the costumes are great!!!
    and i could be here ‘cuz i have three kyo costumes xD

  76. DUde u got sum kewl pix. Nice job. Good 2 c a lil slice of J-punk/Goth life. Im hea in L.a. and we c that shit all the f’in time. Funny 2 c ur peeps pickup the way they do.

  77. joel77 says:

    zajebiste cipki macie w tej Japoni!!!
    pozdro dla wszystkich…

  78. Vincent says:

    Haha LOL it’s meeeeee ^__^ haha! I’m the guy wearing withe clothes and blond hair ^________^ omfg

  79. Nagi says:

    Wow, in Japan they really know how to show their love,and apreshiation, for different Japanese rock stars ^ ^ (They actully look like them too, very cute.)
    In America we they try ,but the photos i have seen, are just… “Blah…”
    any way every one good job.
    America keep trying

  80. elle says:

    dir en grey rocks… i think they are the greatest band ever!! i just love them…

  81. ЮмЁEEMAIL: poisongirl_13@rambler.ru says:

    вооо даюсEяпонсE

  82. David says:

    Creo que van, los japoneses, unos 10 o 15 anos por delante de nosotros, los occidentales. Me encantan.

  83. -_- says:

    i like Japanese girls, but more usual Russian… but type what i like is rare… Japanese girl who please to me more often are Japanese…

  84. Shin-e says:

    I am japanese myself, and I have to say a lot of those people looked good, especially the quality of their costumes! I love Die-sama!!! There were some cheesy ones though, but hey at least they tried. Ps. I go around in cloathes like that all the time! and usually get pulled over by the cops!

  85. Eden says:

    I love Dir en grey, but Cosplayers scare the hell out of me +_+
    Uhm…are there two Pikachu on this picture?
    I think, they’re lost…
    Whatever, Diru’s great.

  86. maga says:

    thank you for posting many good quality photos, you are a great journalist, i see you have many international fans..like me, i lived in japan one year ago, reading your website makes me remember about japan , and it´s interesting how you see things in japan, t´s a very different point of view, it´s like you weren´t japanese, in conclusion, i think you´re cool boy!!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  87. DeeChan says:

    waah!! Diru Rocks!!
    I Lovee Their look XP
    i wanna go to japan to
    here in holland you cannot wear what you like to wear,,everybody Laughs at you and says your a freak..but i know for shure when i wear in in japan people dont even look at me becouse its just normal..T_T I loveeee japan!!

  88. 42 says:

    People will call you a freak anywhere you go. Some people (I imagine the people in this thread’s picture would be a few) don’t give a rat’s ass about other people calling them freaks. Why should they care? No one can ever please everyone, so why bother trying? Just wear what you want to wear, whenever and whereever you want to wear it.

  89. Pachi_pachi says:

    There´s no magic at Japan.

  90. Markus says:

    Dir en gray 😀
    Someday i hope to travell to japan were i can go to one of there concerts. There is no good bands here in Norway …

  91. Ophelia says:

    What do these 2 fingers the majority of the youth shows mean?

  92. Gara says:

    I love Dir en Grey cosplay’s they look so good. Alot of cosplay in America isnt as good as the one’s in Japan.

  93. Kiko says:

    Dir en grey is my favorite band. And many of those cosplayers did wonderful jobs! *-* But, a few of them aren’t Dir en grey cosplayers. o__0
    29, 39, 54, 57, 59 are the ones I am absolutely sure without a shadow of a doubt are not Dir en grey cosplays. Two or three of those are Lolita. Or were you just shoting fans, in general? @_@
    Either way from what I’ve seen of this site so far within the last 15mintues, it’s wonderful! It’s so very true, and good to see Japan without a vail of politeness. ^_^!

  94. saNdru says:

    hIiIiIi, im a spanish and youuuuuung girl, i love dir en grey. ahora en espanol, k digo k me gusta mucho dir en grey y ke nunka jamas dejare de eskuxarlOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo i k las fotos estan wapisimas, ojala yo pudiera acerme un vestido tan wapo kmo el rojo, i eso, tengo 14 anos and good luck for all

  95. Bais says:

    It’s cool CosPlay photos !! -_^
    Dir en Grey FOREVER!!!

  96. pinkkiller says:

    I’m also a fan of diru but…phew…O.o lotsa bad cosplayers there..

  97. Mei says:

    Amazing photos! ^^

  98. Kyo says:

    Hello diru fans!
    this photos are teh best!I love Kyo!
    I love Diru!

  99. Elizabeth says:

    It’s just cute that they are dressing like their band!

  100. Bianca says:

    My boyfriend is in 5 cosplay pics x________x

  101. PinkPoison says:

    Great pictures! I love them.
    I wish i could go to japan. It’s my dream.
    I love Diru<3
    Im myself is a little diru cosplayer/fruit girl from Sweden. But my cosplay sucks compared to these girls and boys *sob*
    Thank you for this site masa, its really great and have given me many cool ideas!

  102. zaraf says:

    i am a Dir en Grey fan, and the pictures here are really good, very good cosplayers too.

  103. Chyeko says:

    HEY people!
    I’m a spanish Dir en grey’s Fan and I went to Berlin to saw the first Dir en grey european concert… it was great!! in Spain the are famous in the japanese fan circle!!
    They are great!!
    And Masa your photos are reallt realy great!! I take all of them, you are amazing doing this type of photos!!
    Great Work!!

  104. porn_goth_barbie says:

    Gorgeous photos! Keep them coming, I can’t wait to see more.

  105. kazuki says:

    dir en grey is the best band of j-music.
    I am of Chile of latin america. Iam great fan of all the songs and of KYO,my favorite songs are mitsu to tsuba,decadence of mazohist,drain away,
    obscure,saku,child prey,mr.newsman,umbrella.

  106. Therese says:

    Dir en Grey is my favourite band!
    Ok,they have never bin to Sweden, and 9/10 doesn’t know how they are… it is horrible!
    But they got a huge group of fans in Sweden to!
    There were great photos!! I’m are going to send this seit to many others!

  107. Suke says:

    Wow, I feel so normal….xD
    just red an black hear…oO
    maybe some of them are a little bit crazy, but all are so cool…>.<
    Like to see more pictures!

  108. I think you need to be japanese for look like a freak and feel good, cool. Well, I know in all the world are freaks, but japaneses are the best!
    I enjoy watching you pictures Masa… can you say “Hello Corpus” ? thank you, see you

  109. MONKA=^_^= says:


  110. 多?EEMAIL: kacusi0910@hotmail.com says:

    i like jp like it even though xxxxx…um
    i like dif things
    world is like that

  111. Noru says:


  112. Shin-chan says:

    Aaw, there should be more boys dressing up like boys dressing up like girls, why aren’t there any? >..<
    Greetings from Sweden!

  113. rukichan says:

    oh my god. that’s is the first reason when i heard their song and saw their personal. how can be kyochan wrote a greatest song like he was do? i love his lyrics on all his song. dir en grey is the J-rock king until the death!

  114. kaira says:

    I think Dir en Grey is a good band, but…I would never cosplay them. Cosplaying Dir en Grey is cool. The band has amazing music. Masa, Your pictures are amazing. Did you ever take photography at a university?
    ================from MasaManiA
    No, i majored American literature. this is the reason i am stupid.

  115. 42 says:

    Well, I finally found some DeG videos on the internet…I thought I’d watch just one…then maybe another…next thing I knew, it was 3:45 AM. The music (and watching Kyo) is highly addictive. ^.~ I wonder what’s wrong with Kyo, though…”Someday I will fuck your parents”?!

  116. KyoOtaku says:

    I just re-read this thread…
    Shin-chan, Shinya is only one of the five members of DeG, so, of course, fewer boys dress up like ‘boys dressing up like girls’.
    Masa, hehe, look what I found…
    I guess the one picture wasn’t a pink lolita, after all…she’s a strawberry lolita. I don’t think Die and Kyo think too highly of her outfit…
    As for the end of the interview, I’ll pass on the eggs, but otherwise, I’d take a front row seat. >:) Also, I prefer Kyo’s voice to the translator’s. 🙁
    The site also has 855 other DeG videos.

  117. KyoOtaku says:

    If you watch the same video a couple dozen times (refresh or come back to the same page each time, don’t just replay), it loads much faster. I watched a couple 5-6 minute videos of DeG that only take a couple seconds to load, now.
    Just stick ’em in your favorites or a playlist for quick-reference.

  118. Lea says:

    Hey ^^
    I’ve just found out about MasaManiA and I really feel like kicking myself in the butt for only finding it now.
    MasaManiA is one of the things I’ve always been searching for in my life. I’m not trying to flatter you here. It’s just that I KNOW there are so many more uglier stuffs about Japan than what’s been shown to my eyes, but I can’t find ANY means of knowing more about the ugly sides of Japan.
    Don’t get me wrong, even though I’m a non-Japanese, I’m still a big fan of many Japanese things or simply Japan in general. But.. yea.. You get what I’m trying to say, don’t you? ^^|||
    Why do I comment on this entry of yours and not any other else? Well.. Maybe it’s because I’m a Dir en grey fan. ^^ =P
    @ KyoOtaku — Uhm.. I’m guessing you were trying to say that Shinya’s the only one in Dir en grey who dress like a girl? (or -used- to dress like one) Actually, they’d all dressed in very feminine styles before. Especially Shinya and Toshiya. It’s just that Shinya had been dressing like a girl for a longer period of time. (Gosh, Toshiya’s styles during the GAUZE era is just.. I wanna do him *¬* And his fake boobs in the MACABRE era XD)
    Back to what I want to say about MasaManiA.. ^^;
    Since I’ve only found out about this site a few minutes ago, I really have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve read several entries already and they really enlighten me a lot about what’s going on in Japan “behind the scenes”.
    About your english, I know you don’t particularly like people commenting about it but I’m still going to be frank with you here =X
    Actually it’s not as bad as you might think ._. Trust me, I’ve seen waaaaaaaay much worse ones coming from native western english-speaking people.
    At least, you put in an effort on using proper english. I’m not a Oh-My-God-WHOA type of english pro but I must say, the way many english-speaking people speak and type can be seriously asthma-inducing.
    The english mistakes I spot on MAsaManiA are generally just some typos (which EVERYBODY is prone to), plus a few grammer errors here and there and that’s about it. O_o
    Not to forget, with every journal update, your english seems to be improving yet again. O___o
    I babble too much =XX
    Today’s the first day of the Chinese lunar new year so I wish you a happy Chinese New Year! Hope this year would be healthy and fruitful for you.

  119. KyoOtaku says:

    I’ve been to a place where some dress were actually designed for the male figure. Shinya’s dresses don’t look like they were designed for men, but the outfits the other members wore COULD have fit in that catagory, for the most part. Also, as you said, Shinya wore dresses for the longest period of time. Much of the dress-wearing could have been fanservice oriented, but Shinya seems to have preferred the style.
    Happy New Year to all from me, as well.

  120. R III says:

    sugoi…0_0. I like how they put in their own flavor coming from the opposite side of the world. Don’t know much about the band though ;_;. Mina no commento wo yondda XD.

  121. DeeJay says:

    i love the way they dress^_^

  122. Indonesian_fag says:

    oh fuck, i listened to dir en grey – obsecure right now.
    if you see the video, you’ll became their fans forever.

  123. Thanks, Indonesian-I only had 3 or the 4 links says:

    If only I could find the CDs and DVDs for sale in any Korean music stores…they only have a Jpop section, which usually contains only 3 groups. Gackt, Ayumi H., and Mariah Carey (how Mariah Carey ended up under J-anything is beyond me).

  124. kazuki says:

    hello I am kazuki and dir en grey is the best band of rock of world.
    I am cosplayer , in the events in Santiago city in the country Chile (cosplay of kyo macabre and the drain awway)
    POR FAVOR import dvd cd of DEG to Chile
    por fa sony japan

  125. Lisa says:

    hi, I’m a Korean living in USA…and guess what? I hab never been to ANY cosplay or conventions in my life TTTTTT_____TTTTTT (b/c there isn’t any where i live…or…i haven’t heared about it) and I really really really wanna go to one~ eeeeeeehhhhhhh… I’m really looking forward to the Dir en Grey “Whithering to death CD” that should be coming to america soon ^O^ and hopefully, Dir en Grey themselves will be coming~ ^O^
    Diru Rocks!!!

  126. Indonesian_fag says:

    i must say that DIR EN GREY is the BEST JAPANESE BAND EVER, here’s the link to page’s the has any of their video.
    i warned you though, if you seen this…… you’ll become their fans FOREVER! and i meant FOREVER!
    yap, im such a faggot after all…
    PS: there’s more at Bastu.org, i forgot where but they had a special section for it.
    Out of topic: yay! i’ve got the lucky 7! how lucky i am!

  127. indonesian_fag says:

    listen mesa, i’m really sorry for the fucking double posting, but this is the better link to the video. GOOGLE ROCKS MY ASS LOOOL!!!!!!!!
    I cant help myself drown by the OBSECURE VIDEO ITS SOOOO COOOOOL DAMN IT!!!!!!! YOU GOT TO SEE IT! YOU HAVE TO!!

  128. remi says:

    haha! the stupid girl with a nazi uniform!
    im sure she never heard about hitler and she dont know the million of peoples he killed.
    this girl and this band is so fucking stupid

  129. McIver says:

    Hey Masa, does Guitar Wolf and The Michelle Gun Elephant have cosplay fans too?

  130. KyoOtaku says:

    remi, you have no idea why the band used a nazi uniform as part of their visual kei, do you? They know, and I’m sure she does, too. It’s not about glorifing Hitler, if that’s what you thought. Listen to DeG before you judge their music-all the visual kei they’ve used can be pretty confusing.
    I’ve found translated lyrics at http://www.direngrey.us, but there are plenty of other sites for translations-just do a search.
    I hate Neo-Nazi bullshit, too. If that’s what the band was promoting, I wouldn’t listen to them…

  131. Kamizuki says:

    I love Dir en Grey – they’re really fantastic! Kisses from Poland! :*

  132. Bikoto says:

    Dir en grey is not a small band. Diru is one of the biggest band in Japan and many of those pictures are not diru cosplayers. I’m sorry.
    And the nazi sing, in japan it has nothing to do with hitler, but it’s a thing that protects you from “dark spirits”.

  133. KyoOtaku says:

    You may be thinking of a Buddist symbol. It’s similar, but the ‘arms’ go in the other direction.

  134. Lady Drusilla says:

    Great pictures.
    I so love Dir en Grey! Specially Kyo ^^
    Unfortunatilly I live in the Netherlands, we don’t get concerts of Dir en Grey here :'(
    And it’s very hard to even get their cd’s and dvd’s.
    So, does anyone know where I can get that flag?
    Is it Dir en Grey logo?
    Did you also know that there is a Japanese girl who gould be Kyo’s twin?
    I will post a link as soon as I find it again 😛
    Greetings from Holland!

  135. Toshiya_Diru says:

    huhuh nice ^^
    I like it

  136. le reine a pois petits says:

    i just now have heard of Dir en Grey but i find their music contemporary and great. i have one question…why are there no bands like Dir en Grey in America?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  137. KyoOtaku says:

    Well, le reine…we’re to busy drooling over Kyo ;P. Actually, I think you’ve got a good question there. I wonder that myself.

  138. mitsuki_shi says:

    I’ve been a fan of Dir en grey for a little over six years now. (I first heard of them back in 1999). But I thought they were getting popular now no? They recently had three concerts in the US. (Sadly I live no where near those cities, so I was unable to go.)
    None the less, I like those cosplayers. (Didn’t Malice Mizer have alot of cosplayers too?)

  139. Toshiya_Diru says:

    oh is so cool!!
    I’ve had posted, but I want to post again xDD
    waaa is really a grat job!! I like t produce like them *-*
    They’re amazing cosplayers!!

  140. Lynette says:

    cool website. Really love Dir en grey!!!!! I went to this site to order Dir en grey’s new album before it’s even in stores. You guys should too!!!!! It’s even a dollar less online than in stores! Gettig a amazing music ealier and cheaper than most. Doesnt get much better than that!!!
    Preorder here:
    Pre Order Here

  141. Sorek says:

    Heloo!!! I’m Sorek!!! I love dir en grey. I’m a boy from Poland. I love Dir en grey. I’m looking for people from Japan (because i love this country)and other coutries. Write to me ro DIE 😀 beast wishes ^^

  142. aash says:

    do you call these people punks? cos i would. like omggosh. they look scarey

  143. Mary Box says:

    You can’t be 26256 serious?!?

  144. bmw87 says:

    Ah dir en grey cosplayers….those outfits are pretty good though. I can tell some of them spent a lot of time making them.

  145. Nana says:

    everyone seems to like Dir En Grey in the US too, I totally don’t like them, at leastI don’t like Kyo, yuck!
    but I do like Miyavi, D’espairsRay, Gazette, you should check em out, and An Cafe, they’re Oshare Kei lol

  146. shinya says:


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