Expensive cosplay deserve greedy french brand sock, 2004 winter comike report 03

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Cosplay is just a imitation. Imitation could not be creative. but their enthusiast for successful imitation is really creative. They must think up the three dimension real imitation costume from two dimension character image. there are no manual nor ready-made costume. they must make their own costume by themselves. it need lots of time. it must be hard work. and it certainly cost lots of money. it is really really lots of money. it’s incredibly fuckin expensive ! but surprisingly, if you spend same money to such french fashion products, you can just get only summer sock without its fellow. their expensive effort deserve only french fashoin brand sock.
ironically main customer of such greedy french fashion company is same Japanese.
But at least, it’s more fan to see cosplay people than fashionable model who wear French fashion brand gorgeosly.
Enjoy seeing Japanese expensive more cosplayer’s costume !


  1. Erik says:


  2. Red Ruin says:


  3. boombasstic says:

    great report.
    i am french, and i dont know frensh fashion brand socks. i think what japanese people consider as fashion french products, do not exist in france
    greets from france masa!

  4. meichu says:

    i also attend coscons here in the philippines. there are only a few really expensive costumes like these.
    but the winners are usually the girls who wear less. its like the more skin, the better.

  5. TraderX says:

    Is this thing inspired by Manga and Anime characters?
    It’s a little surreal. Kinda like Star Trek fanatics who play dress up in the U.S.

  6. Antipika says:

    Hi 🙂 Nice update and pics ^^
    I’m french too and i don’t know any famous brand of french sock here 😮
    I’m living in Paris and never heard about one brand name :>
    As boombasstic said some french fashion product are just made for japanese people.
    [It’s like Eurobeat music, most of it is made in Italy but it’s only famous in Japan…]
    Keep up good work masa, we love your website in France ^^

  7. ALC says:

    great Masa, but are there larger pictures you would put up in the future?

  8. bob says:

    those guys in that picture are my heroes!!
    I’ve no idea what they are meant to be but yay for big green things with giant heads! 🙂

  9. MukeChin says:

    Those are cosplayer of Keroro Gunso, the frog-like, Earth-invading, Gundam-model-building alien. The big headed one is the real Keroro, and the small headed one is cosplay of Keroro in his human suit. Keroro Gunso is probably one of the most popular manga/anime in Japan now. They’re decent but not the best Keroro cosplayer I’ve seen.

  10. MasaMania!
    I love your website! in MEXICO many people love your website and we also love COSPLAY. I think is wonderful. I want to be in COSPLAY I hope some day
    Corpus Martinez

  11. Rebeca says:

    I live in mexico too…and i dont believe “the people love the cosplay in this country” that is a big lie! (a big lie only outside the mexico df i think) because…the “other” people discriminated the people when they cosplay…hohoho mi english is pretty bad too >)

  12. 42 says:

    You’ve even got a Jack Skellington cosplayer in here…sweet. I really need to go to Japan someday. I’d have to go on vacation in Japan-it’s a bitch trying to get stationed there.

  13. Mr. Hankie says:

    Proof of cosplay in the US…

  14. Nanori says:

    nice to see some handmade costumes
    usually japan cosplay looks store bought

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