Kamikaze cosplayer gallery, 2004 winter comike report 02

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Thanks god, Second day of 2004 winter comike was fine. but fuck god, it’s still too cold. if you carefully see the pictures, you must notice that all camera man wear many clothes. do you know why ? Because it’s too much cold. and then, you maybe start to admire some Japanese cosplayer. lots of cosplayer endure the coldness to play the character fathfully even if that costume is not appropriate for fucking cold winter open air.
They must have kamikaze spirit. our war is still going on at cosplay event.


  1. ales says:

    legal as fotos…

  2. TEMEI says:

    eerrr..isn’t it 2006?? or is this old?

  3. Danny says:

    kazmikaze shtuff here! it’s cool ..

  4. Cristo says:

    Wow!I’m the first!
    Great Masa!

  5. pm says:

    I’m surprised the guy in the first pic didn’t get hypothermia.

  6. jules says:

    first comment on this article? yeah!
    .. but there are enough cosplay pics over the web, go for some interesting posts!

  7. Duane says:

    Thanks for putting up with the chilling temperatures, Masa and everyone at Cosplay Days!!!

  8. Beth says:

    I love your photos! I’m having a good time looking at the diverse types of people in Japan. So real, so cool. We Westerners have alot to learn about people in other countries. I think each student should read your blog. Just to get a new perspective on human culture. As westerners, we don’t put alot of importance most of the time on outside influeces. Your blog gives us a chance to experience life outside of our own bubble. Good work! You’ve helped to inform a world, as much as many anthropologists have thought to do! Keep it up! You are more than just a journalist! Your doing scientific work in the the field of Anthropolgy! Well done!Masa!

  9. Da Ma says:

    Hey Masa why do u always take pictures of the cos-play event but never the mass orgy that happens afterwards?

  10. Erik says:

    You should bring out a book… i’ll buy it.
    PS: hope you keep this up, i’m a big fan of your work. Greetings from Holland

  11. balex says:

    2004, post in 2006? Is displaying 2 year old stuff suppose to be cooled? Yes, I did not saw that in CNN, so I guessed that must be cool. Thanked you for showing us what is cooled.

  12. Samuel says:
  13. McIver says:

    Thank you for the update Masa.

  14. haruka says:

    great pictures as always masa

  15. jfk says:

    your engrish keeps getting better bro

  16. The animator of Valpraiso says:

    Well….i don’t have much to say but….those desguise are cool…i would like to buy one of this:
    :love: *__* that character is one of my favorite *_*
    by the way this disturb me a bit:
    http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/wp-content/uploads/comike2004win02-73.jpg <—-it seems a guy to me who shave his legs to cosplay argh!

  17. boombasstic says:

    Hey Masa why do u always take pictures of the cos-play event but never the mass orgy that happens afterwards?
    maybe because there is no such orgies

  18. reader says:

    The guy wearing underwear on his face is hilarious! I have the comics and am suprise someone cosplay the character.
    Theres ugly and pretty,but they have fun.

  19. Pepper says:

    My God!…i really like ur page…really..im going to mention it on my space…can i??….thanx ^^

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