Don't use mobile phone while driving and scrach your arm pit

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Japanese taxi driver’s driving skill is really good. I think their driving technique is in top level in the world. I recommend British royal family to employ Japanese taxi driver to avoid car accident. They never occur accident. They are always nearly accident. I always nealy hit them with my bike. I get angry, and I try to say something to warn them, but they run away. because they are high driving skill. They are highly trained in extremely crowded city and strict traffic regulation.
They can stop everywhere everytime when they find customer. If you just raise your hand on the street, taxi driver soon stop near you. If you scrach your armpit on the street, Japanese taxi driver stop near you. they think you are looking for taxi.
Their tecniqtue is very hingh especially when they charge taxi fare. They know the route very well. This enable them to drive as long as possible to chage the fare more in accordance with the taxi meter. Their stop technique is also great. They stop always after taxi metered fare charge one more. Always one more. This enable them to live in high cost city. and they spend money to their car tuning to run away from angry man also.
But they should not use mobile phone while driving. It is illegal and dangerous.. the meaning of my middle finger is that
fuck you, taxi driver who use mobile phne while driving.


  1. Max Kobayashi says:

    Yeahhh! Taxi drivers almost hit me. ALL the time. I scream “MOTHERFUCKER!”…but they drive away. Are they scared? YES!!!

  2. Brandon says:

    You have taught this gaijin the liberating feeling of a hairless nats’ sack! Thanks!

  3. tom says:

    Yes, those Tokyo taxi drivers are motherfuckers, indeed. They’re motherfuckers in Detroit, too.

  4. dogcome says:

    i think u should tell the police first!

  5. boombasstic says:

    in france too , taxi drivers are motherfucking snails eaters skilled in hitting hookers with their cars

  6. scrottie says:

    “I recommend British royal family to employ Japanese taxi driver to avoid car accident.” – hahaha!

  7. bunny2002sg says:

    Yah. Also got this kind of bastards here in SG.
    Not only taxi drivers, also got other people doing it…

  8. Shigoki says:

    If I were a taxi driver, I’d deliver pizza at the same time to make extra money. Maybe if passengers paid me extra, I’d let them eat a slice or two.

  9. bunny rabbit says:

    Shigoki that is brilliant!

  10. bingo says:

    The only problem with being a man of leisure is that you can never stop
    and take a rest.

  11. barf says:

    In New Zealand I call taxi drivers seagulls. Because at midnight on the weekend they swarm around drunk people on the street like seagulls after a scoop of deep fried potato chips

  12. Talia says:

    It’s Illegal in New York too…

  13. Slant Eyed Missy says:

    Man…im half 日本人 livin in nz and hey… SO RIGHT! should check out our indian taxi drivers…shit driving, go really slow to make u pay more, take the motorway in heavy traffic and always ALWAYS smell like old curry!

  14. 41x says:

    It’s illegal in Russia too (it’s illegal in many countries)…. But fines are too small, and all GAI officers are big fucking bribe takers. (GAI is the road police dept.)

  15. Texwiller says:

    I´m a taxidriver in Finland and you all can go fuck yourselves. It´s a really hard job, try it. But remember you are in great danger to become an asshole… P.S. Don´t forget to take your bulletproof vests when you are ready to try cab driving! It´s that easy. Dickheads.

  16. dahmer says:

    Yep, man! You are right. it’s very hard to be a taxi driver evrywhere in the world. And becouse of it they all dirty jerky assholes!
    IDI NA HUY!!! (it’s FUCK YOU in russian)
    ==============from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your rusian fuck you, IDI NA HUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. dahmer says:

    You are welcome, dude! If ya want to know other HOT phrases just write to me. Russian like explicit lyrics very much.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  18. SAr says:

    same here too in singapore. but seldom use hp. just reacklace driving. but those normal car driver uses hp. i once in a taxi. n the driver fall asleep soooooo fast once the car stop. ….. i was like WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake UP ! IDIOT

  19. cabstone says:

    in the middle east, prostitutes are known as “taxis”
    because you have to pay a fare for a ride, and the meter is always running
    there is a drip of fluid that is always running from the tip of my penis now because of my last taxi ride

  20. Pectral says:

    Shaving his ass, pits, and balls will cure the problem. No more ass, pit, or ball scratching.
    This applies equally to woman, too! Although, they would shave their pussies, and not their balls – I hope.

  21. There are places in the Middle East that are a little strange when it comes to taxis. Don’t sit in the front seat…the taxi driver will think that you are paying by spreading your legs instead of paying the fare on the meter. This was explained to us before my Navy ship came in to port in Jabal Ali. It was later tested by ‘Kat’, one of our resident skanks. It was true! I’ll bet that cab driver was happy…
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report

  22. thefamilyman says:

    haha, i am also from NZ, the taxi drivers are really bad, i hate them so much, i even try my best to hit them with my car!
    but when you are really pissed on a friday or saturday night, they are your best friend. (but i still hate them) ><“

  23. honka says:


  24. Datsun says:

    Maybe D1 teams should look into finding next top driver from the ranks of the Tokyo taxi drivers!
    I think by now it is illegal to use a phone when driving in every state of the USA, but I see people do it all the time and even here I have seen taxi drivers use them and drive at the same time. Where are the police when you need them?

  25. waffleninja says:

    I’m curious, is it customary to give a tip (extra money for doing a good job and sometimes no reason at all) to the taxi drivers in Japan?

  26. pm says:

    Has any one seen the taxi drivers in D.C? They are fucking crazy!

  27. Taxis in Seoul when they find an open spot out of the traffic jam…
    “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Watch out for that…ummm, bus or three. (Turning back to the front) No, not the trash truck!”
    From this ‘city’ to the middle of Seoul, 30,000-35,000 Won. (How the hell can I have a Hanguel/English keyboard made by LG that won’t let me make the Won symbol?!)

  28. 古兵 says:

    ほんと!ちくしょタクシ!!私わ今歩きなす 0____0

  29. Stephan says:

    Oh, my world. It is ok

  30. Stephan says:

    Oh, my world. It is ok

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