Aimless mindless young generation

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When I walked around park, I heard strange shout. I thought that it must happen something strange thing ! So I rushed to that spot ! and I witness surprising secene !

After shouting each other, they suddenly start to run ! but, but !!!

After suddenly starting to run, suddenly they change their direction !! yes, suddenly !

after sudden changing direction, they start to run their new direction. Now they are in full of energy ! but

but , I don’t know why but they suddenly change their direction, AGAIN !

What the heck, guys !! THere are no road in your new direction ! Stupid !

after all, they are no advance in their energitic activity.They are aimless young generation who have no actual aidea.

Hey guys, Think before running.


  1. Pangloss says:

    I am a little disappointed. You should have been flipping those morons the finger the whole time! Otherwise your usual great work of capturing ephemeral strangness of Japan.

  2. Mookie says:

    Hmmmm… the first picture looked like that guy was going to take them on one by one in a fist fight. Did you ask them the reason of their performance?
    ===================from MasaManiA
    No, I run away from there as soon as possible. I am sometime bussy.

  3. Bangkok says:

    That girl looks bootylicious.
    Four eccentric guys.

  4. katten says:

    Oooo, irony Masa? Perfect contrast to the previous article.
    But even though they are doing what they want, and not whats normal, you should have given them the finger for wearing those yellow sweaters. 😀

  5. rasputin says:

    as for the girl.. yeah I would insert
    maybe they are dance time but very very bad Masa.. no middle finger 🙁

  6. dan says:

    don’t listen to them, masa. you just keep giving the finger only to people who deserve it.

  7. Homelandz says:

    They aren´t morons!!! In fact, they are the smartest people Masa have ever pictured. It´s just that you haven´t got the idea.
    It´s a metaphore, a low scale example of what the whole Japan is doing right now: running fast… to nowhere.

  8. Pangloss says:

    Their actions may have deep meaning…but i’m pretty sure wearing matching yellow hoodies is an international distress signal meaning ‘Help! We’re morons!

  9. rolly says:

    Bootylicious? Ecch…that chick is nothing.
    Masa should do a photo shoot of nanpa artists outside train stations.

  10. Talia says:

    lol…what the heck are the doing??

  11. An-Pan-Mania says:

    I could not stop laughing at this one because … because … ? What are they doing?
    I think they are artists of Dada art movement who rejoice in absurdity for no reason. If nothing else, at least they have great ENTHUSIAM for living! even if it goes nowhere. Meanwhile, everyone else is doing meaningless things too, but they are lackluster and depressing.

  12. duck says:

    Japanese people expressing their individualism, that’s always a good thing.

  13. Dollar Bill says:

    They should be learing their ABCs via

  14. katten says:

    Specially when it don’t include a costume 🙂

  15. blablabla says:

    did people stare at you when you shooting them??
    it’s strange.
    i mean, group of friends do stupid things and then you stand around them, and shooting them?
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    There are lots of thing happen in Japan that i cannot explain even though I am Japanese.

  16. Shawna says:

    Those pictures look weird, since they have no shadows, they look cut and pasted, so strange 😀 But I know they aren’t.
    I really like your photographs. I have just stumbled upon this site a couple days ago, but I always try to find something new. (maybe not so soon because I look at lots of stuf..) 😛
    Have a good day~

  17. Sensei says:

    I think they are playing tag?

  18. Andy says:

    Maybe they’re a group of flash-mobbers?
    Btw, love your blog, Masamania! Haven’t come across a gem like this in a long time! =)

  19. kikkomaso says:

    Maybe they were trying to audition for this Japanese commercial:

  20. Kuraiza says:

    Were they really dancing?
    When I leave work on Monday there are lots of aimless youth dancing in front of windows so they can see their reflection.
    But last week they brought their young sisters and brothers or children. And I think they are so terribly sad.
    I wish I didn’t have to run to my train on Monday night, I want to stop and take photos of them.

  21. brett says:

    action may seem strage but maybe they have hidden meaning?

  22. R says:

    we have those weird kids in my country (taiwan), too
    i heard its somehow popular in jp… therefore, some moronic taiwnaese kids just blindly follow you guys’ trend

  23. yellowstone says:

    I think these people are dog-leg wrestlers in training
    or maybe they are sarin gas religous cult?
    they look very suspicious!

  24. I think they are practicing a dance number

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