Head seeker never answer


I don’t know what he is doing. I don’t know why he is doing so. I don’t know what happen to him. I tried to ask him. But he never answer me. I call him. but he never reply. at that time. I noticed that he has no head. He has to seek his head to reply.

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  1. I remember seeing that same guy four years ago… was this taken in Shibuya? Amazing, he hasn’t changed one bit.

  2. this seems to me to have waaayy deep philosophically backgrounds. this is kind of genius – masa, were there any movements or was he frozen? there seems to be more Performance-Art happening over there in Japan, could that be? I wish there would be more like this over here in germany. it pisses my off when ppl start to talk gossip bout things thy dont understand. Even if the guy was drunk or sleeping – doesn’t matter; matter does the things what it could mean by your very own interpretation. And there r always more than one intentions to do something.
    I’m addicted to ur fucking Site, Masa. thanks 🙂
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your message. Anyway he is beyound my understanding. the only thing about him is taking a picture.

  3. You know, When you look at him sideways, He looks like those cartoons you see about a guy having his head up his ass.(i.e. an asshat)

  4. Trapped in his own world. Are there many mentally disturbed people hanging around on the streets of Japan?
    ======================from MasaManiA
    For me, every Jap seem mentally disturbed.

  5. Maybe he’s high on heroine. In New York City you see people on the streets sometimes in their own world just standing in one place with their eyes closed slowly going down as if they were falling, but right as they are about to lose completely balance they spring right up and start the whole process over. Where I come from those type of people whose use heroine are called tecatos. I think this is an extreme case of this.
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Oh, NY sound interesting ! I wanna go.

  6. someone should give him a pumpkin.. or something head-like… maybe.. there will happen something amazing!! ^^

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